ERUKA (episode 13)

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Dave drove down to see me, and spent some time with me and my sister, Julio even prepared something for him to eat and he ate happily.
Julio was jumping up and down that I was finally back to Dave, she was so happy. She said she will make sure that Bazil will not come close to me again, she was even ready to bath him with hot water, she will do anything that will make him stay away from me.
Dave kept on checking on me each day, and brings different things along whenever he was coming, there’s was enough to eat and drink, he sometimes calls to ask me what I will like to eat so that he can buy it on his way down.
And within days I bounce back to health and my relationsh¡p with Dave blossomed.
Julio came up with an idea that she does not trust Mara, that I would have told her before I start with my plans, she would have recovered my money from Bazil whether with fire or force, Bazil would have vomited everything he took from me, Julio said she will call Bazil and tell him that I’m pregnant and that I was willing to keep the baby, It sound funny but the idea may work because Bazil will never want me to keep any pregnancy for him.
Bazil called me one day and said that he has not hærd from me, he spoke like he cares and I told him I have being so busy, he asked me for the money that he gave me to buy the phone, that the owner was coming for it, and all the upkeep money I promised him, I said within me that he has not seeing anything yet, I covered my mouth and laugh before telling him that theirs no money but he should exercise a little patient and I will send it all to him,
Two days later Julio called him with my phone and put the phone on speaker
“Hello Ruka…how are you doing my love…
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“you are very stupid to call my sister your love…well is obvious that you already know that this is not Ruka but Julio…the one that will bath you with hot water if you don’t act fast and come and take my sister to the hospital before she dies here…useless fool like you, you have gotten my sister pregnant, and she said she was going to keep the baby because she loves you so much….she is outside throwing up and it has being like that for days, I just took her phone to inform you to do something…and any delay from you will be disastrous…
“I don’t understand you…you mean…you mean Ruka is preg…pregnant with my child…and I’m responsible…but I use protection on her…how come…oh shit…what the hell..
“Yes, that’s exactly where you will soon find yourself, hell, hell is awaiting you Bazil, you are asking me stupid question, so you don’t know that c-ndom is just a rubber which can easily tear during s€× or even have a leakage without you knowing, illiterate fool, all you know is to collect money from my sister and have s€×, common sense you don’t have, go and look for a job you are too lazy to do that, let me tell you if anything happens to my sister just be sure that you are going down, even if you hide in a rat h0le I will come and fetch you out, although Ruka said she was keeping the pregnancy because of the love she has for you, she doesn’t know that it will be risking her life, when I checked her ovaries, she can’t carry the pregnancy, because your sp**m is corrupted and can’t form a good child …and abortion is the only option to flush out your dirty and wretched sp**m from her…if you don’t do something quick I will personally come to your house with thugs, I have a lot of them as friends, and you will be severely dealt with, even your other girlfriends will not recognize you…Bazil just try me and see…he goat like you…
Julio quickly end the call and we fell on the ground laughing, we were still laughing when the phone rang again and it was him
“Before you insult me again I just want to ask where is Ruka…can I speak with her…
“Thank your stars, Ruka just came in now from outside where she has being vomiting since morning because of the pregnancy trouble…Ruka…Ruka your fake Brazil man want to speak with you…
I almost start laughing again as Julio called me, I was actually beside her but she shouted my name as if I was so far from her and when she said the last statement I try to hold myself from laughing, Julio is so dramatic, I wasted a little time before taking the phone from her
“Hello Bazil…
“Ruka…what’s going on with you…you didn’t tell me…wait is it true…is it true that you are…
“Yes, I am pregnant with your child, and I want to keep it because of the love I have for you…the child will b…
“Hold on…wait before you continue…you can’t keep it Ruka, your sister even said it will be risking your life…let’s do as she suggest, she’s a nurse and she knows better…take it off please…I know you love me and you want to keep the pregnancy just because is from me but that is not good idea Ruka…please you have to go for an abortion…how many weeks or months now…
“Bazil..i don’t even have money for abortion…and I just find out that aborting a baby at this stage is very expensive…is late abortion…I’m almost three months Bazil…my life is at stake…I didn’t notice it on time until I miss my flow again this month…is already late…I want to keep the child for yo…
“Ruka…Ruka…you have to listen to me please..i will do anything to get money for the abortion…is because you wanted to keep the child that’s why you allowed it to get to this stage, if not that your sister called me I wouldn’t have known..Ruka..i don’t want the child…I love you but I a child will interrupt our relationsh¡p and may even affect our love…please…how much is it..
I called a very huge amount for him Bazil scre-med with shock, Julio burst out laughing but quickly ran in,side the room to finish up with the laughter, i insisted I don’t have such money and I don’t want to take it off, he said he will run around for cash and get back to me that evening, after the call I finally help myself with some good laugh that I have being holding back since, I was already enjoying myself, Julio brought the idea and now I’m liking it all
That evening he called and said he has the money and he will soon be on his way to give it to me, he said it wasn’t complete but that’s all he ca
n gather, that I should find away to complete it, he swear that he doesn’t have another money again and the remaining money is not much for it to be completed. I told him that Julio will meet him half way to get the money because I’m in the hospital right now, I have not being feeling too well, he Said okay
That evening Julio went out and collected the money, I know that she must have insulted him more before coming back, she brought the money home and it was huge some, I told Julio that Bazil can finally go to hell, I will even call Mara to quit the game, at least I got tangible amount to hold onto.
I called Mara to come over and she said she will come the following day, and she later came, Julio did not even like her especially the way she was giving attitude to everything, she was very bossy and Julio wasn’t finding it funny and she did not even hide it from her, but I told Julio that Mara was nice and have being helping me deal with Bazil, Mara noticed Julio’s reaction towards her and confronted her
“I wasn’t put on this earth for you little brat or even your sister Ruka…do I look like I care if you like me or not…you can go to hell…I don’t give a dam…if not that I wanted to help your sister I won’t be sitting under this poor house, that’s not even close to the boys quarter in my father’s house…and I am far more beautiful than both of you put together, you maybe jealous of me but I am sorry darling…you can never be as beautiful as I am even in your next life..
“Ruka never asked for your help…you volunteered to help because of whatever you stand to gain But my eyes are on you big brat…and talking about house, why do you boast with your father’s wealth, this poor house was rented and paid by Ruka’s hærd work, what can you show that you have achieved by yourself without attaching your father to it…with all your fine face and empty brain…who knows what you have being doing with Bazil all this while, you refuse to keep to the initial plan between you and Ruka…it was all because I wasn’t around…and Ruka never told me…if I knew in time I don’t think you will be sitting down in this our poor mansion and talking trash with your smelly mouth…and who even told you that you are beautiful…at your age you don’t know the meaning of beauty, sit there and let those fake small boys to be deceiving you…you are just big for nothing, please hurry up so that you can come and give account to the real boss here.. Ruka…all the money you collected from Bazil me and my sister care to know how much it is, and we also want you to surrender all and be on your way so that you will not have anything to do with my ugly self and that of my sister or even sit under our poor home…mtcheeewwww
As Mara wanted to reply Ruka we hærd a car horn, Julio rushed to the window first to check if it was Dave, and she was so happy that it was Dave that was driving in, Mara came to check what we were looking at, she saw the car and exclaim out loud
“Wow…I love this car…who could that be…is he coming here…I don’t think so, what could such an exotic car owner be looking for in this poor place, when there is somebody like me living in my father’s estate, wow…but that car is lovely…that will be my next car…this is machine…oh my God…I love the car and whoever that is driving…
Julio looked at her and gave a deep sigh again, Mara was still talking when Dave stepped down from the car and started walking towards my apartment…she became silent immediately she saw Dave…I watched as she blinked and shakes her head several times, she w¡dened her eyes in shock as Dave came closer, Mara stepped back from the window
I asked her if she was alright, she didn’t respond, immediately, but later said
“oh my God…that guy look so much like my ex…the one I told you off…his name is David…but most people calls him Dave…he look so much like him except that this one is more huge and even more handsome…but i…
As she mentioned Dave…I was shock, I just remembered that the story she told me and that of Dave have been similar, I have waved it off because I thought it was never possible, but i just realized that Dave was the man in her past that she told me, she has said the guy hurt her by breaking up with her which made her to hate men and decided to deal with them.
Mara checked again from the window and shouted
“That’s him…is him…I can’t mistake him…that’s my D.D…is being over seven years…that’s Dave…oh my gosh…what is he doing here…that’s my ex…I mean my man…who left me back then…destiny has brought us together again…
i swallowed hærd and breathed deeply, my heart was already pounding as i hærd Mara say all that.
Dave knocked and Julio who was not taking what Mara was saying serious, looked at her from head to toe before throwing another long sigh at her, Julio cat walked to the door to open up for Dave.
To be continued.. 
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