ERUKA (episode 14)

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Julio went to open the door for Dave to come in, she greeted him happily and I watch as he came in, he first looked at me and was filled with smile, he turned and looked at the third person, Mara who stood with a wide smile on her face,
Dave face changed into a frown, he looked back at me and then at Mara, who has not stop smiling ever since Dave stepped in, Dave seem shock on seeing Mara, he moved closer to her, maybe to be sure that she was really the one, he turned to me and asked with a puzzled face

“What’s going on here…Ruka do you know her…wha…how…
Mara spoke as she move so close to Dave
“David Johnson, our path has crossed again…I must say you look far better than way back…
“Mara…so is really you…you have changed greatly, is being years…how are you doing
“I’m just the way you left me…I’m doing better too…
Dave nodded before moving back from her, he came to me, stood beside me and drew me close to himself before saying
“Ruka , this was the lady I told you of, do you remember, the one I dated back in school. Mara, I guess you have already met my woman, Ruka, she is everything to me more than anyone could ever be…Ruka… how do you get to know her
I felt so proud as Dave said that, Julio who was silently watching laughed out as Dave introduce me to Mara, she danced and walked pass Mara in a mocking way, Mara looked pained, and before I could say anything she replied Dave while trying to still keep a smile so that no one will dictate if she was angry or not..

“Well I and Eruka bomb into each other months back and she needed help so I decided to help her, helping people is my goal, I never imagined that you will settle for someone with a low class, and by the way she has a boyfriend do you know that, his name is Bazil…I can give you more details of him if you want, you don’t need somebody like this in your life, she’s a nobody, Dave I’m glad that destiny has found us…whatever happened between us both was just a mare misunderstanding which we can both try to work on, we are giving another chance again to right our wrongs and I forgive you for leaving me, is all in the past now…remember how much of an item we use to be back then, we…

“yea, I remember Mara…everything, before you decided to cheat on me with my friend and other guys, you painted it to my face like I can’t do anything because your father has money and you were beautiful, and I thought you have really changed, they say years changes people but I can see you haven’t change one bit, you are still the same proud, bitter spoilt brat…is unfortunate that your beauty, money and class has not gotten you your type of man, and I already know about Bazil, yeah…I will not need any other details from you, I gave you a chance to be better, I wanted you to be the woman of my life but you blew it, I tried but you never get better instead worst, I don’t go back to my vomit Mara, whatever we had ended seven years ago, maybe meeting here, in Ruka’s house was for me to introduce a strong, beautiful and hærdworking woman in my life to you, Ruka is an entrepreneur, she never relents neither is she lazy, she does not even depend on me for anything but I try to give her everything, Ruka, is not bitter or proud, she may have other faults but I assure you is never like yours, Mara, yours was terrible and you were unapologetical about it…I never thought I will see you again, but is shocking to see you here…whatever reason that made our meeting to end up here is probably for me to tell you that you should loosen up…try to get more of life sweetness maybe with that you will stop being bitter, also try to come down from your high horse…you maybe able to kill the proud thing in you…

“you don’t really have to insult me this way Dave, even if you have to do so not in the presence of this poor people, people with no class at all, look at me, I am far more beautiful than all the women you might have come across, I drove my first car when I was still a teenager, I have had several cars, I live in my father’s estate, I travel with first class and visit other countries, men are dying to have me yet I have eyes for only you, but here you are insulting me and telling me trash that’s out of point…you cheated on me with other women, do Ruka knows that you are a chronic cheat, even your friend told me and I paid you back in your own coins by making out with your friend, and you were pained…you felt hurt because I slept with your friend, you move about with other ladies, laugh, gist with them and they even visits you, I kept warning you and even threatening them because I hate to share my man you didn’t take me serious, until I went down with your friend, well, that was a pay back for also cheating on me…

“I never cheated on you Mara…never, I had friends, both male and female, the female just liked me, and sometimes comes around, I also have cousins in schools that are ladies, who comes around me, but you threatened all of them, you were too violent and attack me even in the presence of guys, have you ever caught me in bed with another lady, even holding hands or k-ssing…when you say I cheated on you, what exactly are you talking about… I take time to fall in love and build a relationsh¡p and I don’t give room to other women that may distract me or make my partner feel bad, I had eye for one woman at a time, all my female friends knew you and respects you yet you will tear them into two if they smell close to me…
“cheating is of many types David Johnson, and for somebody like me, I am a jealous lover, I hate to see anything female close to my man, so whenever you talk with other ladies you are cheating, when you laugh and they visit you…you are also cheating… you knew what I hate and what I like yet you went ahead to do those things i detest…

Julio boast out laughing and everywhere was silent except her laughter, I told her to stop laughing that nothing was funny, she turned to me and said
“this is so funny Ruka, maybe not to you but to me, Mara said whenever Dave talks with other girls he is cheating on her, that means when a lady says hello to Dave, he only have to wave in respond because any word from him will be cheating on almighty Mara…hahahaha…Mara you are so difficult to please, how do Dave cope with you, anyway, your time has expired now you are an expired product, sorry, go and look for another man, Dave is taking, can’t you hear him say he doesn’t go back to his vomit, you had your chance but you misused it…I pity your next victim, Dave was lucky to have left you if not his life would have being so miserable…sorry darling, even with your class and beauty you remain a looser, do you see Ruka, Dave did not mix word when he said she is hærdworking and never relents, I am becoming a qualified nurse just because of Ruka, mother is a petty
trader just because of Ruka, my kid sister Mia, is also in school all thanks to Ruka, Ruka picked up two street hawkers and gave them a job, she pays them and cares for them as she cares for me, before one, Kuma tries to act smart and left, Ruka got another girl, Tara and she is happily working for Ruka…the same way she poured in so much on Bazil but he is a stupid he goat and took Ruka for granted, if Ruka wants to drive a car she would have but instead she invest, that’s what wise people do, they invest… well Ruka is back to the man who will cherish her and love her like she deserve, I can kill for her…because she has a good heart but hate to be taking for granted, so Ruka is the woman for Dave go and find where you kept your happiness, you are too full of yourself, if I ask you to mention two things you have achieved with all this your class and beauty you will start involving your father’s wealth..

“I will slap you…Ruka warn your sister, she shouldn’t mess with me, do she even think I’m her age mate, ask Dave about me if you don’t know who i am, if she insult me one more time I will so deal with her, Dave may say anything to me and I will forgive him because of what we once shared and what the future holds for us but if your sister tries that, I will beat the living day light out of her…
She picked up her hand bag from the chair and looked at Dave who was sitting beside me now unbothered and laughing at Julio’s reaction, as Julio dance and demonstrate all around the living room, indirectly calling Mara a looser, it was so funny and I try not to laugh, so that Mara will not feel worst than she was already feeling,
“I will go now but we got things to sort out, at the end we will see who the winner or looser is, I don’t play and loose, I play to win and this will be a big fight, and I don’t care but just wait until things start unfolding, I have money and am a lady with beauty and class, people like me don’t loose to commoners. As for your sister Julio, she doesn’t know who she is messing with yet…

“please, who are you, Mara, who are you really, oh, pardon me, you are the lady, so beautiful as the sun, classic and wealthy yet losses to commoner, sorry rich brat, you are already a looser, don’t console yourself, and as for dealing with me, no problem, i am not as soft as Ruka, nothing breaks me most especially not somebody like you, I have never driven a car or fly in an aeroplane, I haven’t visited other countries yet , while you were doing all this I was busy learning how to fight, I will wound you and treat your wound, that’s why I’m a nurse, I will treat both your internal, your damaged heart ever since Dave left you and also your physical wound, I will treat the both for you, please leave if you want to leave, we don’t need somebody like you in our means…bye bye…and remember, our next meeting will be accounting…hope you understand…okay bye for now…

Mara looked at Julio, the anger was written all over her, she return her looks to Dave before storming out.
Dave said I shouldn’t keep somebody like Mara as friend that she will corrupt my heart, like she did with so many ladies, I told him she wasn’t my friend, she just volunteered to help me recover my money from Bazil after I told her about him,
Dave said I should forget about the money with Bazil. We talked some more while Julio made food, her voice was so loud as she kept singing victory songs, if Julio was a man she would have being so difficult, a no nonsense person, she is so tough and never lack what to say. Some times I feel proud while another time I feel worried. But I’m so glad she is not as soft as I am. after eating, Dave left.
Me and Julio continued going to the market, and the following week Julio went back to school, Kuma came to see me in the market one day, she said she wanted her job back, I asked her about her boyfriend, why he didn’t open the shop for her again, she said they broke up, he caught him with another lady and he beats her up for attacking the lady she saw with him, and before then he was already saying he doesn’t have money, and the money he was expecting from somebody did not click again, so she is no more with him and she doesn’t have money again to sustain herself, that was why she came back,

I told her that there was no vacancy anymore, she should still go back to her boyfriend and beg him to open the shop maybe he will, she said she will never go back to him again, she was begging me to fix her up, I was so busy with my customers, I asked her to leave and come another day because today I don’t have her time.
Bazil called to ask for money for the phone, I told him to take it from the loan he was owning me, I asked him to deduct the money there because I don’t have a dime for him I ended the call and blocked him from disturbing my line
Dave sometimes stop by in the market to check me up, he takes me out and showers me with gifts, he even send money to Julio in school for her upkeep.
Is all rosy now but I do think of Mara, who knows what she maybe up-to, I was about opening another slot, which will be my third slot as my business keep expanding with the help of Dave, I thought of Kuma, she was ignorant and very stupid to have think she can outsmart me after I took her out of the street and gave her a job, she went to mingle with my ex and now she is back pleading, I am having a double mind if I should let her know her sins and warned her off or I should just give her another chance.
What troubles me most is Mara, she is capable of anything to get back to Dave. My fingers are crossed.
To be continued… 
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