Esther episode 20

Esther episode 20
“Hi David. I sent you messages and even called you a couple of times yesterday around 5Pm, but there was no response. I hope everything is fine with you. I got a little bit worried” Esther said to David as they met him at the dining hall. David looked at Esther and Angela who had come to join him where he was having his lunch and said firmly “Hi ladies. Good afternoon to you. I am sorry, but I need to get going. I have some urgent things to do” He stood up and left as fast as he could. Angela and Esther looked at each other in shock. “What’s up with our friend?” Angela asked. “I really don’t know. I hope everything is ok with him. He looks quite disturbed. Or maybe it could be stress related to the upcoming exams” Esther responded. They quickly had their lunch and went back to class.
After classes, Esther decided to go and check on David. When she went to his hostel, she was told that he was not around. She was told the same at the dispensary. She decided to go to his shop across the main road. This time around, she found him. He was busy going through some receipt books and doing some calculations. “Hi David. I hope I am not disturbing” Esther said with a smile. David looked surprised and angry “Hi Esther, yes please as you can see, I am quite busy right now. I am doing some calculations and I need to be focused” he said and continued what he was doing. Esther wondered what was going on “David, what is going on? Why are you behaving like this? Have I done something wrong to you?” she asked. David did not respond. “Peter, please give me the account book on top of those carton boxes” he said to his salesman, completely ignoring Esther. Esther was in total dismay. She was determined to get to the bottom of this. She was not going back to the hostel until she understood what was going on. She put her hand across the open counter and touched David’s hand “David, what is going on?”. David withdrew his hand as if something had bitten him and shouted “Will you please leave me al….” He did not finish his sentence when he suddenly fixed his eyes towards him, looking beyond where Esther was standing. Esther turned behind to see what David was looking at. It was Jacob. He came towards the shop looking so angry. Esther was trembling as she was not expecting to see him that week.
David shook his head and continued his work. Esther was motionless. “Hi baby girl. Are you buying anything here?” Jacob said proudly. Esther swallowed her saliva in fear “Humm, er-er-, I am buyin…” she tried to speak. Jacob interrupted “Let’s get out of this stinky place” he said. He held Esther’s hand with so much strength that Esther cried “Ouch, ouch! You are hurting me”. Jacob did not hearken to her cry. He dragged her along the road like a small girl and opened his car door “Get in,side!” he shouted, pushing her in,side the car. David was hurt by the scenario. His heart cried for Esther. Tears ran down his cheeks. He wiped them out, pretended as if there was nothing wrong and continued his work. His heart was beating fast as he thought of the pain that his friend was going through.
Jacob and Esther were both silent as he drove downtown. “Where are we going?” Esther asked, tears flowing from her eyes. Jacob did not respond. Esther cried even more “Where are you taking me?” she shouted with a cracked voice. Jacob shouted “Shut the hell up you undisciplined girl!” Because of the slow movement of cars due to heavy traffic in town, some car drivers starred at Esther as she cried. Esther felt so ashamed that she wiped her tears with her dress and kept quiet. They finally arrived at an isolated guest house. It was beautiful and big. “Now, I want you to wipe those crocodile tears and behave like a grown up person. Both of us need to talk” Jacob said, handing a face tissue to Esther. Esther wiped her tears and blew her nose. They both came out of the car and Jacob led her to the reception area “Hello Mr. Jacob. Welcome back. You father left successfully an hour ago. The driver took him to the car park” The receptionist said. Jacob smiled “Thanks my dear. Please send someone to bring us two cold bottles of coca cola and some chicken sandwiches” he said. Esther was surprised to hear it. She wondered what Jacob’s father had come to do in town. Jacob took her by the hand and led her to one of his room. The Receptionist shook her head and smiled as she watched them go. All rooms in the guest house were in form of separate and independent bungalows. Jacob removed his tie and threw it on the bed when they arrived. Esther sat quietly on the chair while Jacob went to take a shower. Room service staff brought what they had ordered and put it on the table. Esther was lost in thoughts. She thought of David and why he had reacted in such a manner. As she pondered on these things, she saw a shiny bracelet lying on the floor. She looked at it closely ‘This bracelet looks quite feminine. I know Jacob wears chains and all that but this one looks small and feminine” she thought to herself. She stooped down and picked it up. It was a nice, golden bracelet with some flower-kind of designs around it. “This is definitely a lady’s bracelet” she thought and put it back where it was.
Jacob finished taking his shower and came out girding himself with only a towel around his wa-ist as he wiped his head with another towel “Oh boy! I am so hungry!” he said as he opened the pack of sandwich and gave it a bite. “Humm, very nice. Baby, please eat. This is very good” he continued. Esther looked at him in frustration. “I am fine, thanks” she said. Jacob continued eating, humming a song. He switched on the TV and selected a music channel “I got a feeling, that tonight’s gonna be a good night!” he sang along, making some moves. Esther was speechless. She watched him behave like nothing had happened. After he had finished eating, he moved close to Esther and said “Baby, I really don’t like your behavior. How many times will I warn you not to associate yourself with that useless boy called David?”
Esther: Don’t call him a useless boy. David is just a friend. Why won’t you understand me?”
Jacob: I don’t want him to be your friend, d–n it!!! I don’t want!!! Why are you so stubborn? And you even have the guts to defend him! You are such a disrespectful girl. I used to think you are well mannered but I was wrong
Esther: I only became ill mannered because of you
Jacob: are you answering me like that? You stupid girl! Take a look at yourself. You need to even thank God that I can even ask you to marry me. There are millions of beautiful and s€×y girls out there that I can easily have
Esther: Then get the hell out of my life you proud, arrogant and good for nothing idiot! I have had enough of your stupidity. I hate you from the bottom of my heart. You are a heartless and useless pig.
Jacob rose up and gave Esther a hot slap. Esther scre-med and fell down because of the viciousness of the slap. Jacob lifted her up and covered her mouth with his towel. He slapped her on her head once, twice and the third time, he pushed her against the wall “How dare you talk to me like that!” he continued saying, pressing her against the wall. “Now, you shut the hell up before I kill you in this room” he said again. Esther stopped scre-ming and Jacob removed the towel from her mouth. She was trembling like a leaf, fearing for her life. “I will tell my father exactly what you have done to me” she cried. Jacob laughed “you are not serious. If only you knew what your father went through last week when I told him about your affair with David. He had high blood pressure and was rushed to the clinic. If it was not for God, he could have died, all because of your foolishness” he said. Esther opened her eyes wide in total shock “What? What do you mean? How is my father?” she cried and fell down on the floor. Jacob looked at her and said “Yes, you heard me right. He almost died because of you, because I told him that I was calling off the engagement. Do you know the shame you will put him through if I announce to the wh0le church that you have been sleeping around with another guy?”
Esther wept bitterly “Oh my God!” she cried. Jacob went to her and put his hands around her shoulder, but she pushed him away. He went the second time, this time around squatting beside her and said “Listen baby, I don’t know why you behave like this. I have told you that I can give you anything you want in life. Just be obedient to me. I am capable of calling your father right now and telling him that I found you with this guy again and believe me, he won’t take it well. Now let’s do a deal. If you don’t want me to tell him what I saw today, just accept to have s€× with me and I promise I’ll even call him to tell him that you have changed”
Esther lifted up her head and fixed her eyes on him “You must be joking! Over my dead body will I allow you to touch me!” she said. Jacob laughed “Hahaha. You are crazy. You mean you prefer seeing your father dead to having s€× with me?” he said, putting his hands around her. Esther pushed him with all her strength and because he was squatting, he fell down. She shouted “Get away from me you idiot!” Jacob stood up and took Esther by force, tied the towel around her mouth again and threw her on the bed “In that case, I will have you by force” he said as he tried to unbutton Esther’s dress. Esther tried to resist him but he was definitely much stronger than her. He undressed her and raped her ruthlessly. When he had satisfied his desire, he stood up and went to sit down, fanning himself with his towel. Esther lay on the bed, powerless. She closed her eyes in sorrow and wept within her. She trembled as she tried to rise up. Jacob threw his towel on her and shouted “Clean yourself up and try to eat something”. Esther was filled with sorrow. She took the towel and cleaned herself. When she looked at the towel, she saw blood on it. She fell down and cried with the little strength left in her. Because of the nature of the bungalows, it was quite difficult for people to hear what was going on in one of them. Jacob went near her and said “Listen. You don’t have to cry. I am your husband and I have the right to do anything I want with you. There is nothing you can do about it. And if ever you think of telling anyone about this, especially your father, I will make sure I deny it and call off our wedding, then ask your father to reimburse me every single coin I have invested in your family. Both of us know that he can never be able to pay me back in 10 years. And another thing you have to understand is that your father will not even believe you when you tell him because he does not love you per say. He is only interested in the money I give him. So my dear, let’s just make peace and continue our lives. We are meant for each other”
Esther could not cry anymore. She stood up and went to the toilet. She cleaned up and when she had come back, she looked at him and said “I am leaving. I need to go and revise for the first series of tests the day after tomorrow” Jacob smiled “I am sorry if I hurt you baby. I love you and I just want us to be happy, ok? Don’t be angry with me. Here, take 100Dollars for your food today and tomorrow. I might spend the wh0le day at the office tomorrow so I will only be able to see you the day after tomorrow” he said. Esther refused to take the money, but Jacob forced it in,side her bag.
He drove her until the main entrance of the university. “Good night my love. Take good care of yourself” he said as she got out of the car. Esther had pains all over her body. She walked to her hostel slowly, limping in agony. Tears gushed out of her eyes. She arrived in her room and found Angela studying. “Esther, where were you lady, I have beee…” Angela said. She stopped suddenly as she saw Esther crying “Esther, what is it? What happened to you?” she asked. Esther continued crying and did not say a word. Angela asked several times “Esther, please talk to me. You are scaring me. What happened? Did you quarrel again with Jacob on phone? Or is it David? Please say something” she asked. Esther sat on her bed and said “I need to rest. I am very tired. We will talk tomorrow. I am fine”
Angela tried to convince her to talk but Esther lay down on her bed and covered herself with a blanket, shaking. Angela looked at her friend and sighed “Oh God, what has happened again?”.

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