Esther episode 9

Esther episode 9
“Oh my God! You mean to say that those girls are sleeping with Dr. Albert?” Angela asked, with her eyes wide open as Esther narrated to them what she had seen. David looked at Esther and shook his head. They were all having lunch. “I tell you Angela! I am still trembling at the thought of what I saw today. I have never seen such an abomination in my life. The man is old enough to be their father” Esther said. David, who had been quiet all along finally spoke “My dear friends, this is not news to me. Strange things are now happening in our generation because many people want free and quick success. They are not willing to work and endure in patience before eating the fruit of their labor. There are many students here who do all manner of things just to obtain results, especially ladies. You girls need to be very careful. Many temptations will arise, but you have to stay strong. I had a lot of friends when I came here, but because I refused to comply with their way of life, many of them discarded me from their friends’ list, but I care less because I know where I want to be” he said.
Esther and Angela shook their heads in dismay as David narrated to them how one of his friends who had entered into illegal trafficking of human body parts had been shot dead by the police. “What! Oh Goodness. May God help us!” Esther shouted. Their discussion went on for the rest of the lunch time before they all went back to class.
That evening, when Esther was seated in her room, trying to relax, Janet and Naomi came in making so much noise. “We are indeed divas! Jealous ones will have a heart attack!” Janet shouted. Immediately they entered, they both became quiet and looked at Esther scornfully. Esther looked the other way and pretended not to have noticed. Janet went straight to her and pushed her from the shoulder. Esther fell on the bed. “How dare you slap my man! Who the hell do you think you are? You lousy village, good for nothing girl!” Janet shouted.
Esther was afraid. She rose up and shouted back “Your man! An old man enough to be your dad! And anyway that is none of my business. I slapped him because he touched my behind. How can an old man do such a thing?”
Janet: Which behind? And so what if he touches it? Do you even have anything to boast of? No man can even look at you. You look like a slave. Your clothes look like rags!”
Esther: I don’t care what you think of me or my dressing. It is my life and I live it the way I want. You or any of your stupid friends have no right to tell me how I should live my life
Naomi: Heeeey, heeey, don’t you dare involve me in this wh0le issue, do you hear me?
Esther: I am not talking to you Naomi
Naomi: Oh yes you are. When you say stupid friends, who are you talking about? Listen young girl, just because I have been nice to you doesn’t mean you need to take me for granted. I am not your mate. And Janet is right. You have no right to slap a visitor we bring in our room. Do you know who that man is? All I need to do is to talk to him and you can forget about passing your exams
Esther: He has no right to touch me
Janet: Of course he has! You silly little brat. Who do you think you are? You are a nobody. Even that young man you are hanging out with knows that you look so ugly
Esther: Leave David out of this please!
Janet: I won’t. You think that guy loves you? You are deceiving yourself. He is an experienced guy and he is only waiting to sleep with you before he can dump you like a hot brick. I don’t think there is a man who can cope with your old fashioned lifestyle. Every man wants a pretty girl with class, not a village girl who only follows the ways of her stupid old father!
Esther’s anger was stirred up by these words. She went towards Janet and slapped her very hærd. Janet fought back and tried to hit her, but Esther was stronger than her. Upon seeing this, Naomi also joined in the fight and started hitting Esther from the back. She hit her so hærd with her bag that Esther shouted and fell down. They kicked her on her sides as she cried in agony. Some students who were passing by pushed the door open. They found Esther on the floor crying for help. One of the male students recognized her “Esther, what is going on?” he shouted, as others tried to stop Naomi and Janet from beating her. Esther could not talk. Her mouth was bleeding because of the kicks. The student helped her to get up, with the help of other students and made her to sit on the bed. Meanwhile, Angela who had come to bring a book for Esther, was shocked to see what was going on. She ran to Esther and shouted “Esther what happened?”
Janet shouted “This girl is a thief! She stole a huge sum of money from my friend Naomi some weeks ago.” Esther looked astonished. Everyone became quiet. Naomi also looked surprised. “W-h-a-a-a-a-t!” Esther shouted in agony, putting her hand to support her jaw because of the pain. Angela shouted “It is impossible! Esther can never steal. I know her very well”
Janet: Idiot! Stay out of this because it is none of your business. This girl that you call a friend is a liar. Try to recall if she did not have a huge sum of money a few weeks ago, on a Sunday to be specific. She even went out to town, I guess to spend it.
Angela looked at Esther and thought for a while. She tried to figure out if she had seen Esther with any money. Then she remembered the money Esther had used to clear David’s school fees. Her heart skipped a beat. But she kept quiet. She looked at Esther and said gently “Stand up, let me take you to the dispensary”. Everyone around them looked at her and shook their heads as they left, one by one. Esther struggled to stand. Janet mocked her and spat on her face. Angela wanted to fight back, but Esther forbade her to do so. Esther put her hands on Angela’s shoulders and off they went, slowly. People starred at them as they walked through the hallway.
David was doing some evening work at the Dispensary. He rushed towards them as he saw them. “Oh my God, Esther what happened? Who did this to you?” he shouted. Esther was not talking; tears were just flowing from her eyes. They put her gently on the hospital bed as the nurse did some observations. David and Angela stood next to her. “Angela, what happened?” David asked. The nurse also turned to Angela and asked her the same question.
Angela answered “I went to give back this book to Esther and found a huge crowd of students gathered in and outside of their room. When I entered, I found Esther being helped to sit down by one of the student. It seems to me that she was beaten by her two roommates, for a reason I do not know”. “What! Are you trying to tell me that they both pounced on her?” David asked. Angela nodded her head. The nurse sighed as she cleaned Esther’s wounds on the sides of her mouth. “Oh, this place is truly hell! Sometimes I just wish I could be posted elsewhere because I am tired of seeing innocent people being mistreated. Just a few weeks ago one student was stabbed to death by a group of other students” she said
Angela: What! Have they been arrested?
Nurse: Arrested? The police are still looking for the suspects. Even the few people who know the real killers are afraid of coming out to disclose it because they are afraid of being killed by the gang members
David: What a shame! I can’t wait to leave this place. We have so many animals in human form here
After giving her some medication, the nurse released Esther and asked her to go and take a rest. Esther looked at David and said gently “I am afraid of sleeping in that room with those heartless beings. They can kill me”. David felt very bad. He stood up and ran out of the dispensary. Esther shouted “David, where are you going? Please don’t do anything that you will regret”
David ran like a mad man. He arrived in front of Esther’s room and knocked hærd on the door with his fist. Naomi and Janet refused to open the door at first but when David insisted, Janet opened the door with anger. “What do you want here?” she said arrogantly. David resisted the urge to beat her. He spoke with so much anger “I don’t know why you did what you did, but I want you to know that you might end up being locked up in jail for assault on an innocent girl”
Janet: Haha. Innocent girl my foot! Has she told you the main reason why we beat her? Has she told you that she stole money from my friend?
David: You devilish liar! Esther is not capable of doing anything like that. Both of you are just a bunch of pr-stitutes that have no life. If you are not careful, I will report you to the University Chancellor. I will tell them of your disgusting relationsh¡p with the Dean and many other dirty things that you do. And the next time I hear that you have done anything wrong to Esther, I swear to God, I will hire some boys to beat you so badly that you will forget your home address.
Upon hearing this, Janet looked scared. Naomi felt frightened too. She came towards Janet and said gently “Janet, please close the door and let him go”. Janet tried to close the door but David pushed it back and said “If you really love your lives, you will leave this girl in peace. I know you think that you are so called divas, but the day I will hear any news from Esther that you are giving her trouble, you will both regret your actions for the rest of your life. I can trace your movements very well and just a single phone call would do to have your legs cut off so that you will figure out how to walk around, causing trouble. Idiots!”
Esther and Angela arrived. Esther looked at David carefully, trying to figure out what had happened. “David, leave this issue. I can handle it” she said. David smiled “My dear go and get some rest. If these good for nothing pr-stitutes try to do anything funny to you, please just dial my number. I am ready to commit crime. Now go and have some rest. I will pass by early morning tomorrow” he said as he took her by the hand and helped her to lie down on the bed. He looked at Naomi and Janet and sneered at them.
Esther found it hærd to sleep as she was afraid of what her roommates could do to her. However, she noticed that they had become so quiet. She wondered how David had managed to calm the ladies down, considering the fact that they were very vicious. She finally slept off as her body was quite tired

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