Esther My Landlord's Daughter

Esther my Landlord’s Daughter episode 6 – 8

*Esther My Landlord’s Daughter*
*Episode 6 -8 official*

When I beheld the sight before me, I couldn’t help but wonder how God bless a girl with all this assets. I looked down and found her ikuku looking straight at me as it’s inviting me to come have a taste😋. I gulped down load of saliva that had gather in my mouth just thinking how I could eat it up.

Why are you standing like a statue, my friend Let’s go and eat, I’m hungry, My already hærd and standing indaboski🙄 said to me.

I walked closer to her, I could see the heat building in,side of her, with every single step I took. I got to where she was standing and stood in front of her. I pulled her out of my way and went outside 🤣🤣.

She hid her self when I walked out her, what’s my business Sha. Well I went back in,side and found her crying on my bed. Saii I felt bad for her Sha, Like I said I’m in control of my body so no woman can use ikuku and do me shakara. 😏😏

I walked to her and sat beside her. She got shocked when she heard the sound of something being torn. In my hand was the helmet for the perfect ride. She looked at me in surprise. Brothers and sisters when I went outside, you think i went to do what? Biko I went to get helmet hidden in small drawer in my varendah (man no de form hærd again,abeg make i chop Ikuku small e don teh.😁😁

I planted a k×ss on her forehead and she grabbed me sharp sharp, planting her l-ips on mine.

Well I wore my helmet tightly, since this is going to be a long ride. indaboski met ikuku and the journey began. I rode back, front, front, back, up, down, in, out, deep, shallow, accelerate, decelerate, soon I could feel her ikuku dropping some fluid, I knew very soon she’ll be out of fuel, so I used my last fuel and increased the ride. Indaboski and Ikuku collided and every where bust.🧐

We collapsed on the bed gasping for air. She turned to me and smiled.

I’m so full, she said, while coming into my arms. I wish this feeling could last for ever, she added.

Me too, I said. Well, I said, let me go shower, I have some unfinished work to do, I added.

Let’s bath together, she said and immediately stood up from the bed. She dragged me into the bathroom and locked the door.🧐😯

I don’t need disturbance, she said, when she noticed I was looking at her in a confused way.

Let’s use the tub, she said, entering into the bathtub. I filled the tub with warm water before joining her. nothing happened, just a little jolly before we left the bathroom😉.

She dressed up immediately we left the bathroom.

I’ll see you tomorrow savvy, she said, pecking me on my cheek. You really made my day, she added, before going out.

I sighed and sat down on my ready. I took out some left over script and scanned through them. I could even concentrate, my mind was just thinking what just happened between Esther and I. I stood up and went to my bed and laid down. Oh God let nothing go wrong,I said in my mind before drifting off to sleep.

I had a dream where Nelly and I was just taking a stroll in a lonely street.
We were just chatting and she seemed so happy. now and then, she’ll take a look and me and say I’m handsome, which always made me smile sheepishly.
We got to a particular s₱0t and she stood turned to me immediately, before I could ask her what was the problem, she k×ssed me surprisingly. I was about reciprocating the k×ss, when she pulled out and gave me a very hærd knock on my head. Ewoh🙆🏽‍♂️.
You cheat, she said, landing me another hærd knock.I tried saying something and she knocked me again, h-rder than before. Then came knocks after knocks.

I jumped and woke up immediately. I was covered in sweat. I heard knocks on my door and I quickly picked my phone and check what was the time. It was 6:17am in the morning. Who will come to someone’s house by this time, I thought in my mind, before standing up and walking to to the door.

Who’s there, I said. It’s me came a female voice , I came to collect something, the voice added. The voice sounded like Esther’s but I wasn’t quite sure. I unlocked the door and boom here was Nelly standing in front of me.

I cleaned my eyes with my palms, just to be sure I wasn’t dreaming.

Good morning, she greeted.

Morning, I answered in fright.

Can I come in, she asked.

Oh my bad, I said, making way for her.

I closed my door and turned to find her kneeling on the floor.

I’m so sorry for yesterday, I don’t know what came over me, please find a place in your heart to forgive me. She said, crying.

I was touched, like seriously, do such women exist, I asked myself.

It’s okay, I said lifting her up, I’m also at fault and I apologise.

She hugged me, still sobbing.

I came here this early morning because I couldn’t sleep knowing she’ll be beside you on the bed last night.

She who,I asked.

The lady who came to pick you up yesterday, she said.

Oh about, let me tell you what happened, I said, shifting a chair in my range for her to seat.

I explained everything to her and she listened carefully. After my explanation, she hugged me and said she thought she’d lost me. I told her she didn’t and smiled.

I want you to be my boyfriend, she said.

I was surprised, can ladies this days ask a guy out, I thought in my mind.

Well Nelly, I said, to be sincere with you though I don’t have a girlfriend, I have a best friend and there’s a lot of benefiting going on right now, so I’m not sure that can happen, I added. You can hi Mr p on+2347038745119to read more
That’s me, I’m always open and straight forward, i don’t hide anything especially when it comes to feelings.

So far as you guys are not dating, let’s just give it a try and see what happens, she said. I don’t mind the benefits, so far as I get to know you and be with you, it’s worth taking the risk, she added.

I love your boldness, I said, but I don’t like love at first sight, it comes faster and wears off faster. I need love that starts from the scrath, so we both can nurture it and watch it grow, I added.

Your much more angelic and cute, than I thought, she said planting a k×ss on my l-ips.

Can I ask for a favor, she said, after breaking from the k×ss

Sure not why, I said.

I want to enter my Ikuku, I want you to give me the indaboski hærd and solid, she said.

To be continued…

Esther My Landlord’s Daughter

Episode 7&8

I looked at her and ask if she’s serious, and she said she’s really serious and she wants my indaboski raw and solid, no wearing of helmet.

My eyes open fiam, raw, I asked her and she replied me yes. She told me I shouldn’t worry that she’s doesn’t have any disease besides I’m the first guy she’s ikukulating with raw.

Though my nerves calmed, I wasn’t still going to do it.

Ever since I started riding Ikuku , I’ve never rode it without helmet, I explained to her.

She told me that we should go to hospital and confirm, if I’m still doubting her. Brother and sisters I love myself and I will Never put my self, especially my health in danger just because of ikuku.i can never be careless or rush for ikuku, never.

I agreed, stood up and changed into a nice wear. We both went out and she unlocked her car and got in. I locked my door, went to the car and got in. She drove and soon we were at the hospital.

She must be really popular because immediately we got into the hospital some female nurses rushed to her and greeted her. She responded and soon the directed us to the lab.

You must be so popular, I said and she smiled.

No I’m not, it’s you who is popular, she said.

What do yo mean, I asked.

Don’t worry, you’ll see it for yourself before we leave here, she replied.

Soon the lab scientist came and took our blood samples, he came back and told us that the results will be out in two days time and left.

Nelly sighed, picked her phone from her bag and dial someone. Soon the same lab scientist who took our blood samples came back and apologized to her saying he didn’t recognise her at first, that the results will be ready in the next ten minutes.

I just sat down, wondering what kind of power this girl has, that she can change things so easily.

Soon the results came out, and we were given an envelope each containing our results.

Let’s not open it here, let’s get to your house first, she said.

Are your afraid, I asked laughing.

No, she said.

We left the lab and went to meet one of the nurses, who she said is her cousin. We got to a ward that was filled with female nurses, some were running here and there, some were sitting, some were talking having conversations together.

This is their nurses station, she whispered to as we walked in.

Immediately they noticed our presence, they organized themselves.

Good morning, she greeted them and they responded.

I’m looking for…

I’m here, I’m here, a young lady said, behind us.

And you kept quiet all this while, Nelly said to her.

Oh I’m sorry, just that I was lost in thought when I saw who you were with, I thought I saw an angel, the young lady said, winking at me.

Don’t even go there, he’s taken, Nelly said boldly.

Nelly always get to have all the good things, she teased.

I’m Daisy, the young lady said, opening her arms to hug.

I’m Savvy, Nelly’s Boyfriend, I said, extending my hand for a handshake.

I could see how surprised Nelly was and also how embarrassed Daisy felt. Well I detest girls who flirt with boys, it irritates me and i’m not someone any girl can mess with.

Well looks like someone’s really got a real man, Daisy said throwing a gaze at Nelly. I like you, bold and outspoken, qualities I’ll love my man to have her, she added looking at me

Well in that case, I said, walking close to her. Don’t flirt with men, especially on your meeting with us, it irritates us, I whispered in her left ear and left.

With the way she way she was looking at me when I left her, I knew the thoughts the were running through her mind. Like is he human, I’m I dreaming, can someone be this outspoken and transparent. Well let her kill herself with her thoughts.

I walked up to Nelly and grabbed her by her hand, I think we’re done here, I said leading her out.

Ehmm pls spare me a minute, someone said behind us. I turned and saw a nurse with natural brown hair standing with her head bowed.

Yes, I said, friendly.

Are you really Savvy the one who writes all those interesting stories I and my colleagues love reading.

Yes, I said. And you are, I asked.

Sylvanus precious, she answered me, smiling shyly.

Are you for real, i asked. You never told me you came back to this part of town, I added.

You weren’t replying to my messages anymore, so I didn’t want to bother you, she said sadly.

I’m so sorry, how about I make you one of the characters in my up coming story, I said, will that be Fair, I asked.

Yes, she answered, smiling.

I walked up to her and gave her a hug, she really deserve one. I could see how shocked some of the nurses were especially Daisy. I broke the hug and she went back to station.

By the way, I said making her stop and turn. I love your hair, brown and natural, I added.

Thank you so much, she said and turn back and left.

Nelly and I got to the car and she unlocked it. We got in and she ignited the engine. She turned and faced me, she drew closer and closer till our l-ips met. I’m so happy I have you, she said after disengaging from the k×ss.

She drove out of the hospital premises and took a turn I didn’t understand.

Where are you taking me, I asked.

To an eatery, you haven’t had breakfast yet and so have I, she said.

We reached the eatery and she parked the car at the parking lot.

I’ll go get what you need, hang on tight, she said, getting down from the car. Hi Mr p for more lovely stories on 07038745119

When she left, I was still seated in the car when I saw her parent, they were talking to particular man and from their looks, I could tell it was something serious. I got down from the car and headed straight to them.

Good morning ma’am, good morning sir, I greeted them.

They turned and were surprised to see me.

Oh Thank God it’s you, her mum said. Have you seen Nelly, after you took your leave yesterday, Nelly came back home sad, I don’t know what happened, I tried asking but she ready to talk to me not anyone. She just went straight to her room and locked the door till this morning, I was at the balcony upstairs when I saw her driving out, I checked my time and it was barely 6am, she explained.

She came to me and told me, I was shocked, Nelly’s father said, I tried calling her phone but she wasn’t picking, we waited till 8am she still didn’t come home. So we decided to call you to ask if you knew her way about, but you weren’t picking up. So we came here because this is her favorite place anytime she’s down emotionally, he added.

Well first of all, about the call, I forgot my phone at home. Secondly you people shouldn’t worry, Nelly’s alright, she’s with me, right now as I’m talking to you, she’s in,side trying to get what we’ll eat, I said.
You see sir, this morning as at 6:17am if I’m not mistaken, I heard a knocked on my door, I was wondering who will be at my door by that time of the morning not until I opened my door and found Nelly outside.
I hate to say this sir, but she was really looking depressed, but she’s fine now, I added.

I could see how relieved they were. I was saying something again when they called out Nelly. I followed their gaze and turned behold Nelly was walking close to me with some boxes of pizzas and ice cream in a bag.

She got to where I was and handed everything to me.

I know I’ve put you guys through a lot this morning, I’m so sorry, she said. I just wanted speaking with him, she added turning to look at me, she smiled, I could see tears formed in her eyes. She turned back and face her parent. But I’m fine now she sniffed and her mother pulled her into her arms.

It’s alright, her mum said, patting her on he back.

He really made me happy mum, he really made me happy, she said while still in her mother’s arms.

She broke our from her mother’s arms and ran to me and hugged me, not minding what I was carrying.

I love you, she whispered in my ear and broke the hug.

Hmmm mmmh, he father cleared his throat.
Young Man you don’t know how happy and relieved I and her mother are happy that you were there when our daughter needed someone to talk to. Thank you, he said.

Thank you, from now on, your now part of our family, Nelly’s mother said.

Thanks a lot ma, thank you sir. I said.

We are running late for a meeting now, we’ll see you guys soon, Nelly’s father said walking to his car.

Take care of her okay, her mum said and I assured her Nelly will be fine.

Let’s go, I said to Nelly and we both went to her car.

We got into the car, this time I was driving. I no wan make person were the emotionally unstable drive me, I no wan meet God na, e too early.

By the time we got to my abode, it was already pass mid-day

I’m so famished, Nelly complained whole getting down from the car.

Dont worry, you’ll eat soon okay, I assured her.

I gave her the key to the door and told her to open while I get the boxes of pizzas and ice cream for the back seat.

She unlocked the door and got in. I was about closing the back seats door when Esther appeared from nowhere.

Good afternoon, she greeted.

You almost startled me, I said and she smiled.

Who’s that with you, she asked.

Come in and find out, I said and headed to my door. I entered in,side and beckon on her to come in. She hesitated a little before coming in.

Nelly was about hugging me the moment I got in, but she stopped when she saw Esther.

Don’t worry, I can explain, I said to her when I saw she wanted asking me who Esther was.

Esther this is Nelly, my very good friend. Nelly this is Esther My best friend I told you about.

Oh okay, the both of them greeted themselves and Esther excused us. (To my fellow guys out there, be real and transparent, it gives peace mind and make you realize who you are.

Immediate Esther left, Nelly went an locked the door. She stood there and undressed.

I want you to eat before you eat, she said, walking close to me.

She planted a k×ss on my l-ips and my indaboski responded by nodding.

She undressed me stylishly and soon I was in my Adam state. She was about servicing indaboski when something popped into my head.

The results, we haven’t checked the results, I said.

She sighed and gr0×ned. She quickly went to her bag and brought out the to envelopes. She tore both of the simultaneously and headed one to me. I saw her name written on it. I read through it and saw she was okay, I collected my and also saw I was okay.

Now that aside, come and eat, she said dragging me to be bed.

She laid me down on the bed and began appeasing the elders of my indaboski.
I felt I should return same respect to her elders also, so I turned and laid her down on the bed too. I began appeasing the elders, her’s wasn’t just elders, the were youths, ichie and ezenmour, infact the whole community.

I finished appeasing Everyone, now it was for indaboski to enter ikuku.

To be continued…

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