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Eve for their pleasure batch 10


°For their pleasure°
By Annabella.
Episode 15
(She is pregnant)

“Rose….” Eve called dropping all her bags amid staring at the dark damsel in shock.

She was tall,black as ebony and graciously adorned with tapered physique exceedingly curvaceous than her’s. Her hair was long that,but for her dark color Eve would’ve taken her for a Japanese geisha dancer. She wore a white fitting mid thigh level dress, static made it stick to her body and each time she tried to pull it away,the material leapt back clinging more tightly to her chest.

Eve’s eyes stared at her without a blink as she waltzed towards her,her glass heels clicking on the tiled floor with the regular percussion of a guardsman.

Not withstanding her dark complexion,she radiated elegance and was pretty and s£xy in a way that her rounded face was artfully configured into a unique African Beauty that radiated a harmonized confidence.

Indeed, Solomon’s description of his love in songs of Solomon would superbly fit the description of Rose.

“Wow Evelyn,look at you…” Her face took on it’s most charming look as she opened wide her arms for a hug.

“I can’t believe I’m seeing you right now..” Eve said as they unembraced.

“I know it’s uncommon to see Africans around here..” with the making of this sentence Eve noticed a set of snow white dental set rimmed by pursed pink lips and ebony black gum.

“Yes so uncommon,so what are you doing in California?” Eve queried staring at the dark lady who was a cynosure of all eyes in the mall.

“I stay here..”Rose started and stopped. “With my uncle..” she added looking Eve over.

“And I’m shocked!” Eve exclaimed.” You never told me you stay here”
Rosie was her Nigerian penpal, her chatfriend on Instagram. She was not in the country for some time and had flown in all the way from Nigeria two weeks ago.

“That’s because it wasn’t important and you,what are you doing here. Ain’t you supposed to be in America?” Rose uttered in a drawl twitching her upper lip.

“No, I stay here now..”she dilly-dallied where she was to add. “With my husband.”

She raised her brows.” Are you for real?”

“Will I lie to you?” Eve wriggled her head.

“Okay where do you live?,did you come here with Philip?, Where is he?” She mumbled breathlessly turning her head, insearch of Philip.

Eve fumbled for words but found herself staring wordlessly at Rose.

“How nice it would be to finnaly meet the man you’ve been telling me about..” Rose muttered jubilantly.

Out of guilt and shame, Eve evaded meeting her eyes..” uhm,I came here alone.”she stated,her pitiable face looking like that of a hungry baby about to wail.

“Oh bad, I’m sorry I missed the wedding..”

“That’s water under the bridge,I must admit you look nice. Even more cuter than you are on Instagram.” Eve teased and she gigled softly.

“This is just me being natural..”
Rose pointed out still gigling.

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“And the naturality is excessive. You do look good, I wasn’t expecting this..”

“And you don’t look bad yourself,I almost read you as a prima donna..”

“You’re flattering me..”

“No, I’m saying the truth. Any man who doesn’t appreciate this beauty is a fool. Rosie said that..” she teased and Eve found herself smiling freely for the first time in days.

“You again..” she squeezed her face under her arm.

“Yes me again, I’m here to stay. So how are you doing?” She asked reaching out to tuck some strands of Eve’s loose hair behind her ears.

A lie hovered over Eve’s toungue and she said it.”I’m good.” She lied,then raising a brow,she asked.”And you?”

“Great,you never told me you got a shopoholic demon in you..” Rose teased, eyeballing all the bags on the floor.

Eve opened her mouth to give a reply but suddenly she remembered Hale’s instructions to get home before 4.
How is she going to do that?

“Do you still have my number?” She questioned hastily.

“I don’t think so,can I have it again?”
Rose asked bringing out her phone from her clutch bag.

“With all pleasure”
They exchanged numbers.

“Thank you Rose, we’ll talk later. I’ll call you,I have to go now..” Eve said and began to pack up her bags.

“So quick,why don’t we go out to some where condusive and talk.?..” Rose said as Eve carried all the bags like she did earlier.

“I’ll love to spend some time with you but if I don’t leave now you might not see me anymore,I have to go besides you have my number and I have yours,sure we’ll always talk …” She said sorrowfully and began to walk away heading outside.

“Alright, I’ll be expecting your call..”
Rose replied and turned to take strides but stopped as she heard the clattering noise followed by a loud thud and scream. She turned and gasped at what she saw.

Eve had slumped and lay motionless on the floor,and people were hurrying towards her.


“She crossed her limits again!!” Hale snarled in anger thumping his fist on the bed.
“It’s 4:20 but she’s not yet back,I can’t begin to comprehend what I’ll do to her when she’s back.” He added querulously.
What stupidity is this bitch up to?

“Why don’t you try her number…” Ashley suggested seating at the other end of the bed.

“You think she will take my calls?” He pondered.

“Why won’t she, isn’t she concious of her time?”
Hale put a call to Eve and it rang but there was no answer.
After the third trial he turned to Ashley.

“You see she isn’t taking her calls..” he resented.


“Sure I can tell you this woman wants to get on my nerve..”

“She must have cornered somewhere else..” Ashley quiped and he gave her a sharp look.

“What!”Hale exclaimed in pure dismay.

“Don’t be surprised,she can be having fun with some random guy right now and you’re here killing yourself” Ashley crapped will a venom laced voice.

“How will she flirt around when she doesn’t know anyone around here .?”he flustered.

“Does she need to know a guy before wriggling under his duvet?” Ashley chided laughing in her head.

“Stop it Eve can’t do that,she dare not try me..” he snapped.

“Are you kidding me,is that coming from you?” She asked half, laughing.

“What’s funny.?” He shot back ignoring her questions.

“Eve can’t try that shit with me. She knows what she will get if she ever try a thing like that.” He sprang up to his feet and sat back on the bed again.

“So you think she’s that faithful?, remember we’re talking about a lady who slept with you just on your first meet,if she could cheat on someone she loves what about you.?” She queried narrowing her eyes at him.

“We both know why she did what she did. No one gives off her pride so easily except a fool..” He contoured, trying to put Eve’s face out of his mind.

Ashley got up and sat close to him, throwing an arm over his shoulder,she spoke in sotto voce.
“That doesn’t change the fact that she was so loose with you baby you need to watch this woman with clear eyes. You’re giving her the freedom so she can do what she wants,if only you handle her with firm hands I’m sure she’ll respect what you say..”

Hale eyed her clinically as she rubbed his shoulder slightly..”What are you trying to say?”

“What am trying to say is you’re not giving her the treatment she deserves, you’re too good on her look now she just disobeyed you. Try and be more strict on her,and I promise you you’ll notice a great change..” she advised wrongfully with a mischievous smile playing across the corner of her lips.

“What treatment are you talking about?”

She only smiled.

“So you don’t know what I’m talking about?” She questioned after a brief moment of silence.

“Yes I don’t..” He replied in falsehood.

“Okay I’ll tell you….” Came the sonorous voice.


Eve woke an hour later in the ward of a hospital with a throbbing headache.

A pair of dark twinkling eyes met her as she gradually opened her eyes.

It was Rose’s,she stood sagged against the wall with her arms
crossed around her chest, staring intently at Eve’s sleeping form obviously watching her sleep.

A smile flicked through her face as she noticed Eve was awake.

“Thank God you’re awake..” she smiled and walked up to her.

“Did you bring me here?” Eve questioned as Rose sat besides her on the bed.

“Yes I did. You’re safe now.” she replied patting her head maternally.

“Thank you so much,where are my bags?” Eve asked looking around
the ward as if in search of her bags.

“There are in my car..” Rose had hardly completed the sentence when her phone began to whine.

Eve probed herself on the pillow in wait for her to finish answering her call. When she was done,she looked at her and asked..”How long have I been out?”

“Uhm about an hour or so” Rose replied airily and her blue eyes flashed.
Did she say an hour?
Eve’s eyes shrank with fear,she had only seven minutes but she’s spent about an hour In a hospital.
What will Hale do to her?
Will he understand her predicaments?
Will he believe she passed out in a mall?.
She’s really done for!

“Is there any problem?”
Rose asked noticing the look on anguish on Eve’s face.

“Yes,I need to go now..”ignoring her headache,she made to get up but Rose held her down.

“Relax you just woke up now, you’ll do good with a little rest..” she advised Eve who shook her head in disagreement.

“I can’t rest now I need to go, he’s going to kill me if I stall further.” She said and helped herself to a sitting possition.

“Who will kill you..?”Rose asked and Eve gulped as she realized she’s said more than she had to.

“Never mind,I need to go..”She made to get up but stopped at the instance of her friend.

“Babe calm down,why are you always in a rush to leave..?”
She asked.

“I don’t wish to leave,but I have to..”she explained but didn’t budge.

“At least wait and see the Doctor before you leave..”

Eve raised a weak brow. “Is there any need to do that..?”

“Yes I’m sure he has something to tell you..” Rose replied darting her eyes to the door as if in expectance of the Doctor.

“Whatever that is,I know it’s not important. It’s just one of their many reports,even when you get a headache they’ll still give reports..” Eve gibbered with an eyeroll and got up,just then the door creaked open and a man of about fifty in a white coat walked into the ward holding a clipboard and a fountain pen. He is the doctor.

“I see you’re awake..” he acknowledged as he saw Eve,who sat back on the bed on seeing him.

“Yes she’s awake..” Rose seconded amids smile.

“I see,so how are you doing Ma’am?” He asked giving her a clinical look.

“I’m fine Doctor..” Eve paused her lips.

“Are you sure?,where does it hurts?” He flashed a touch in her eyes, touched her forehead and checked her pulse.

“Just my head…”she winced..

“Nothing sleep can’t do,all you need to do is eat enough food and have a good rest..” the Doctor explained in a duteous voice.

“I hope there’s nothing wrong with me?” Eve questioned, panic creaping into her.

“It’s nothing serious, it’s just stress.”

“Stress?”Rose cocked her head slowly.

“Yes, from my results she’s been under a lot of stress this days, both physical and emotional..” he said grandiloquently.

“Oh..”Rose narrowed her eyes at Eve.

“I know, I should’nt stress. It’ll only cause a breakdown but I can’t just help it.” Eve bit her lower lip,that was the only thing she could do to stop herself from breaking down before Rose.

The Doctor resumed.”Medically,i­t’s not advisable to stress up especially in a time like this it’s very dangerous..”

“The doctor is right”. Rose concoured. “I don’t know what is putting you under so much stress but I’ll advice you to quit it. You need to be treated with excessive care,in a time like this.”

Eve was beginning to think the Doctor and Rose were talking about something different.

“What time are you talking about?,I don’t understand all this,is anything wrong with me?” She asked, flustered.

“There’s no need to panic Eve you’re going to be alright.” Rose pulled Eve’s weak frame to her bossom and held her there.

“Is there something I should know?”
She asked slowly,still nestling in Rose’s arms.

“Yes,I found out something during my examinations. I Know I shouldn’t disclose it cause it just emerge but it’s my duty as a Doctor to inform you on whatever I find out during…..”

“So?” Eve cut in, lifting up her head impatiently.

“So?” The Doctor raised a questioning eyebrow.

“Doctor please go straight to the point…” She whinned.

“Well, congratulations Ma’am…”

“For what.?” Eve cut in, alarmed.

“You’re pregnant.. ”
On the making of this announcement, Eve trailed into a black out and collapse into the hospital bed again.

TBC ..

Two episodes as promised 🙂

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