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Eve for their pleasure batch 3


°For their pleasure°
By Annabella.
Episode 4
(Miss Strumpet! )
Unedited I’ll edit later…
“You can’t be serious?” Philip growled, glowering at Eve.
“T-That’s a joke..” Eve stammered,her lips quivering amid dilating pupils.
“Will I be joking in a time like this..?” Hale muttered placing both hands akimbo while standing besides his brother.
“So this had been your plan all along,you did

this so you can get her from me.” Philip scolded Hale who scoffed.
“Don’t be ridiculous brother,I never had such intentions. I didn’t even think of anything like that, it’s just that something came up…”
“And you slept with her?, you disgust me..”
“You should be thanking me,I did something you couldn’t do in years. Your babe desired me so I gave some free services and I did ask for pay. Don’t I deserve a thank you.?”
“No, you deserve this.” Philip bawled, then hit Hale thrice across his cheek. Simply torqued off.
“You slapped me…?”
Hale chuckled rubbing his cheek.
“Yes and I’ll so do it again if you open your God damn mouth to say another word, I’m going to deal with you and by the time I’m done you’ll regret ever doing this to me…” Philip chided and taking a few steps towards the door he stopped,taking another look at Eve. “And you,I hate you. So go ahead and marry him.” He opened the door and left, slamming it shut behind him.
“Son of a gun…” Hale muttered under his breath amid staring at the door,then turning he rolled his eyes as he caught Eve staring at him.
“Hey you,what are you looking at.?” He queried his face expressionless.
“Uhm nothing….why will you do it.?” She gulped.
“Why will I do what?” He asked, confused.
“Marry me?”
He rolled his eyes. “Oh that…”
“Yes that..” she pointed out fixing her gaze to the man who stared back at her.
“To save your ass from shame”
“By marrying me,but we just met.?”
“And we had s£x..”
“It was a mistake…”replied, Eve ruefully.
“Well, it’s nothing to feel bad about. I guess we are all in it together..”
“So what happens now?”
“We get married, you won’t want your marriage to be cancelled right,so we’d just do a little swap besides I don’t want to have any trouble with my Dad..”
“So you’d marry me just because of your Dad,no feelings attached.?”
“What feelings are we talking about.?”
“You’re disgusting but I like you,so don’t make me change my mind.”
She went mute..
“The door to my room is open,you can stay there..” he offered but she didn’t say a word let alone budge,only stared at him.
“What are you waiting for?”
“Are you waiting for me to tell you what to do? or do you want

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others to see you like this.?” He sethed.
Eve didn’t reply,but instead she instantly wiped her face with her hands and climbed down from the bed.
“What’s wrong with this bitch?.”
Hale thought as he stared intently at the n@ked lady while she inched slowly in front of him and vanished out of sight,into the bathroom. He made a low scof and walked out of the room. Closing the door slowly behind him.
Eve sighed as the warm tub water hit her lukewarm n@ked body,and so many thoughts began to find their way in her mind.
A relationship she’s been

nurturing with love has melted because of her stupidity.
What was she thinking?
Why did she fall for the stupid game her heart was playing with her.
Why didn’t she think about all this, before giving her self so easily?..
Why did she let her desires take a greater part of her.?
She should have known Philip was coming back sooner than later. And now she’d have to marry a man she doesn’t even know.
Mother would be disappointed.
Rilly will be so mad..
Everybody would be disappointed.
They’ll see her as nothing but a prostitute,a whore,a slut,a trollop,a Strumpet…
Father Lord forgive me for I have sinned…”
She cried hysterically inside the bathtub for a while,then stepped out of the tub and drying herself with a small fluffy white towel,she inced away from the bathroom.
Standing in front of the full length mirror,she stared at herself for a long time. There was a fresh scar running round her right n!pole where Hale had bitten her in pleasure. She dabbed a small amount of petroleum jelly on the wound, then made a hiss and moved to the bed, getting her clothings,she began to put them on slowly, while slipping into her jumpsuit the door flinged open and Rilly rushed into the room. Perspiring profusely.
“H——-ey..” She stammered jerkily and held the jumpsuit against her chest as Rilly stood in front of her, daping off bits of sweats on her face with an hankie.
“Thank God you’re here,since I left you with Hale. I’ve been searching everywhere for the both of you.
Babe what happened where did you go, have you seen Philip he left the party annoyed and I saw Hale with his Dad who was speaking to him in angry tones.what happened.?”
She spluttered.
“Nothing…” Eve lied and went

on with her dressing,she wasn’t ready for Rilly’s judgement.
“Nothing,and you’re looking like this.?” Rilly asked staring intently at her.
But no reply from Eve who was done with putting on her clothe. She wiped her face with the back of her hand and went ahead in slipping into her shoes.
“Did anything happen?,you know you can tell me girlfriend” Rilly asked in an unfeigned caring voice.
“Nothing Rilly nothing..” she stated, trying to avoid her gaze.
“So why are your pupils dilating..?” She asked noticing the dilation of Eve’s pupils..
“Huh..?” She stopped and raised an eyebrow.
“Your pupils are dilating,and it can only make out one thing,fear. Something must have happened between the three of you,you and Hale went missing for a long time now and Philip just left looking angry.. something must have trans…..”
She trailed as she glimpsed the other side of the bed, blood had soaked a vast area of the bed but was hidden under the duvet while a little area peeked out and Rilly glimpsed it.
“Rilly…” Eve pleaded as she noticed what had caught Rilly’s attention.
“Oh my God, tell me it’s a lie…” Rilly murmured throwing a hand over her lips..
“Rilly I…” She started and stopped,then burst into tears.
Loud music blared out of hidden quadrophonic speakers as the DJ kept spinning; doing what he could do best. Many hands were raised in the air as their owners moved in rhythm to the deafening music. Perspiring figures crowded the enclosed space,their hips gyrated in prominence with the pulsating music which was reverberating around the open air. Couples were intertwined, waltzing in the dazzling laser lights which beamed across the tiled dance floor,but Philip sat at a less crowded corner of the room and drank himself to stupor..
He wanted Eve but he had to let her go.
He loved her. He couldn’t believe she did that to him on a day to their wedding,with his own brother.
All this while he had tried,proved that he loved her and she claimed to love him but she never did… He thought as he poured himself a stiff cup of whiskey and gulped down everything.
He gave her everything she needed,so she won’t look upon any man.
He showered her with love thinking she was a friend but all she’s ever been was an enemy,she never loved him.
He engaged her,so she would end up with him,him alone.
Yet she did this to him.
And his own brother turned out to be his worst nightmare.
“She doesn’t love you…” Ramsey spoke up, Philip glanced at his best friend and heaved a frustrated sigh.
Ramsey is black but he was the only one who could make him forget his sorrows instead of watching him brood over the incident.
“She’s a whore, how could she think of doing that with Hale. Someone she met only today,who does that if not a slut?.” Ramsey shrugged glancing across the table before them,which was ladened with bears and expensive wines.
“I can’t believe this,after everything you’ve done for her.?” Ramsey went on,Philip drooped on his seat and paid dull attention to his friend.
“That bitch isn’t loyal,I really don’t know why good men end up with whores like her,this is the reason why I don’t get attached to any bitch. fvck love I better do money love,I am happy with the life I live. I have no reason to suffer any heartbreak because of any bitch…”
“She had a certain je ne sais quoi about her..” Philip spoke up, raising his glass to his lips as he added. ” I don’t know what ate into her.”
“fvck je ne sais quoi gone are those days of wine and roses, I understand you love her but she just took you for a fool, I know she’s beautiful. Infact she must be the most beautiful lady you’ve ever seen but dude,do you think this will ever work out again knowing what she did?”
Philp heaved a frustrated sigh,his friend was right in everywhere. He loved Eve but will he ever live with her knowing she had something to do with his brother,if she could do this with someone she just met. How much more other men she knew,who knows how many she’s slept with. This is why fooling around is better,get attached to any lady and get your heart broken.
How could you love someone that hurt you this bad?.
How could he still love her?
“She’s always made me believe she was a virgin,more reason why I gave her the respect she deserved. But she just took me unaware.”
“Maybe it was all a lie,finding a virgin in this city is like finding a needle in a haystack. Very impossible to see but damn your brother didn’t do any good. It wasn’t cool at all. How could he.?”
“And she had every right to say no,not like he raped her and after everything he’s offered to marry her..”
“But that doesn’t mean I won’t deal with him, I’ll make him regret ever having me as a brother…”
“Man you need to take this slow…”
“I’m trying but I think I’m loosing it…”
“Buddy you know I cannot take pleasure in your woe. I’m sorry, really sorry…”
Philip didn’t say a word,he inhaled deeply and sat up on his seat then exhaled slowly.
“So what’s the way forward, what are you going to do now.?”Ramsey asked and Philip gave him a sharp look.
“How could you?” Rilly yelled at Eve who lowered her head,as tears trickled down her cheeks.
“I didn’t mean to…” she sobbed.
“You didn’t mean to?is that all you got to say?”She queried and Eve sniffled,then looked up at her.
They both stared awkwardly at each other for a while,then Rilly broke the stare and slapped her forehead.
“Come on babe I thought you knew better not to let your emotions get the better part of you..” she queried,arms crossed..
“It’s not my fault okay, he’s going to marry me after all…”Eve mumbled amid sobs.
“Even if he does,what do you think he’ll see you as, nothing but a Strumpet. Come on you know nothing about this Man, you just made him so how could you let a few minute enjoyment ruin a lifetime commitment. I know we get crazy at times,we both drooled over him yes he’s damn hot but I didn’t expect this from you …..”
Riley chided placing both hands akimbo.
“I told you it was a mistake..” she whimpered.
“Mistake? Not like you took him for Philip,you knew really well that it was Hale. Ugh babe I’m totally disappointed,You know you never told me you had a thing for him..” Rilly scolded and slumped into the bed, beside Eve who shut her eyes in pain,her friend had a point in all she was saying but she wouldn’t give up,she sprang up from the bed.
“You don’t have any right to judge me..” her voice was full of anger and confidence.
Rilly got up too. “Are you for real?,I don’t have any right to judge you?”
“Yes you don’t, I’m not the first person to be laid. you have s£x too don’t you?”
“Yes but not without having a relationship,and mostly not with a sibling of who I date. Gosh who dates a man and sleeps with his sibling?”
“No one is above mistakes..”
“And some mistakes are costlier than others.” She stated and Eve moved a hand to her face and wiped her tears.
“I know but you can’t judge me..”
“Oh hell I can, I’m your friend..”
“Rilly if you were in my shoe,you would’ve done more..”
“And I can never be in your shoe, infact we’re not the same size. Your shoes are way bigger than mine..”
“I guess we……”
“One more word and I’ll slap some sense into that dumb head of yours.” Rilly yelled cutting her off.
“I think you’re out of your elements.” Eve cussed.
“No, that’s my line. You’re the one who’s out of elements, how could you do that when you knew I liked him?” She sat back on the bed.
“I’m sorry..”Eve joined too..
“It’s alright..”Rilly shrugged.
A deadening silence crept up on them and Eve despised this moment. She didn’t know what was happening in her friend head.
She must detaste her right now even though she doesn’t show it.
“So did you enjoy it.?” Rilly asked breaking the silence.
“Enjoy what?” Eve asked narrowing her eyes at her friend.
“I mean did you enjoy it? Uhm the s£x?.” Rilly asked making a gulping sound.
“Spoilt brat..!” Eve spat, then hastened to add. “Anyway, I did sort of enjoyed it just a little bit. Maybe, whether I enjoyed it or not it wasn’t right.”
“You enjoyed it just a little bit. Maybe? Didn’t you?” She asked rolling her eyes.
“No,it was kind of painful and at the same time wrong,I don’t even know what came over me” she lamented.
“So do you still love Philip..?”Rilly asked giving her a stern look.
“I do,very much…” She affirmed,her voice clothed with so much affection.
“So what’s going to happen now that you’re getting married to his brother..?” She asked wriggling her brows.
She knit her brows. “I don’t know Rilly, I’m so confused. I just want……”
She trailed as she saw the door open slowly..
Philip walked in and the two ladies sprang up from the bed in unision.
“Ph-philip …..” Eve stammered as he pushed the door shut behind him and walk into the room,his face expressionless.
He didn’t say a word but only walked to the other side of the bed and plunged into it.
“Girlfriend I think I should step out now,you two probably need to talk..”
Rilly suggested glancing at Philip who sat with his head down as if admiring his shoe.
“Okay I’ll see you later…” Eve mumbled.
“Alright, I’m outside..”
She said and walked out of the room, slamming the door shut behind her and leaving the two in silence..
“Philip….” She called slowly.
No response.
“I know you must really hate me now…” She started and stopped..
No response.
“But that won’t change the fact that I’m really sorry…”
Still no response and that made her feel bad. The silence he was feeding her was killing, she hated this moment.
“It’s alright I don’t expect you to say something but I just want you to know that I didn’t mean to hurt you…”
No reply..
She blinked back the tears that had already clouded her eyes and walked into the bathroom, standing in front of the washbasin she clasped a hand over her lips and barked out a muffled cry. Then unclasping her hand,she sobed for a while and finnaly lowered her face into the washbasin. She turned on the faucet and watched her face with the water from it but while doing so she felt someone prescence behind her. Quickly she looked up and a gasp escaped her lips as she glimpsed Philip’s reflection in the mirror..
“Were you really in love with me..?” He spoke up and she tensed but couldn’t meet his gaze let alone turn back to face him. So she lowered her face and stared into the wash basin.
“Philip.” She begged knowing where that was heading to but did she really know where it was heading to?.
“Answer me,where you really in love with me or where you just playing me for a fool?” He rephrased
“I did,I did love you. And believe me I still do…” She muttered,face still down.
“So why did you do it?”he asked and she gulped.
“I’m sorry..” she slammed her eyes shut but quickly opened them as she felt his hands on her waist…
“P—-hilip…” She called,her lips quivering.

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