Everyone Falls in love

Everyone Falls in love – episode 6

Everyone Falls in love

Episode 6

As she walked to the main road, she thought of calling up her Uber guy and heading to the mall. She had been longing to see the new Beauty and the Beast movie, and she felt like right now would be the perfect time to do so.
A bus pulled up right in front of her when she got to the bus stop, and she instinctively walked up to get in but stopped when she saw there was just one vacant seat and an old lady had been waiting at the bus stop before she got there. The lady said some prayers to her in Yoruba before getting on the bus, and Anita just smiled and nodded her head.
A few people joined her at bus stop, and minutes went by with no bus in sight. She removed her hat and fanned herself, hoping not to stain the collar of the white shirt she had on with sweat. A fancy looking car drove by and she instinctively thought of Andrew. A smile appeared on her face thinking of their time together yesterday.
Working in a bank, and dealing with strangers all day and having to be formal with most of her human intEr×¢tion had made her too rigid, and she had enjoyed being carefree with Andrew the last couple of days. But she felt it would be awkward calling him up to hangout when they spent the most part of yesterday together. And he would probably be with one of his girlfriends anyway, she thought to herself.
She pulled out her phone from her handbag, and scrolled through the recently called numbers. She was about to dial his number, but changed her mind and put the phone back in her handbag. Something cast a shadow in front of her, and when she looked up, the exotic looking car she had seen a few seconds ago was parked a few inches from where she stood. That’s strange, she thought to herself. She put her hat back on her head and took a few steps back. The car engine went off and the driver got out and leaned on the roof of the car. She looked at him and smiled.


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