Everyone Falls in love

Everyone Falls in love – episode 7

Everyone Falls in love

episode 7

It just so happened that Andrew’s church was along the same road as Anita’s, and she was standing at the bus stop while he was heading home. She said it was a coincidence, he said it was fate.
He was thinking of going to drop her off at home but decided to ask her if she would like to go and watch the new Wolverine movie with him. With a surprised look on her face she said, “What? You were heading to the cinema?”
“Yea, why are you shocked?” He said and studied her for a while.
“Well, I was also thinking of going to watch Beauty and the Beast today.”
“That’s Interesting. We are really in sync.”
“What? You mean like the Justin Timberlake band?” She said
“No, I mean…”
“I know! I know!” She said excitedly, cutting him off.
“So…So, you will watch Logan with me?”
“Let’s watch Beauty and the Beast.”
“Beauty and the what?”
“Come on! Please! I am sure you would love it.” She said, and Andrew took a quick look at her. She was acting like a little girl but her husky voice was so s€×y it was driving him crazy.
“Okay. What do I get if we watch the movie?”
She smiled before saying, “I’ll watch Logan with you next week Sunday.”
“It’s a deal. Beauty and the Beast it is.” He said and revved up the engine of the Porsche.
After the movie they went to a bar called Rhapsody overlooking the mall’s car park. Anita took orange juice as usual. Andrew ordered a bottle of whisky after she made fun of his big belly and said it was filled with beer. They talked, and laughed at some silly things they did back in the past. And then the both of them became silent. He looked at her for a while and when she got uncomfortable, she said, “What?” and chuckled.
“Anita, I think I am falling in love with you.” Andrew said with a straight face.
Anita burst out laughing and some of her juice went flying straight at his face. She brought out her white handkerchief and cleaned her mouth before leaning in to clean his face while still laughing. “Andrew, I think…” She was saying, and stopped to clean a part of his face she had missed earlier and then continued, “…I think you are drunk.”
Andrew didn’t say anything; he just let his stare burn through her soul. She looked away after a while, and took a sip from her cup. She looked up and saw someone familiar heading towards the spiral stairwell. The person looked her way and smiled. She smiled back still not recognizing who the person was. Now the petite looking girl in denim dungarees was heading towards their table. Andrew looked sideways to follow Anita’s gaze and said in a low tone, “Hey, Bimpe how are you doing?”
The girl stopped when she saw Andrew, and the pleasant look on her face got replaced with that of disdain. She muttered some curse words under her breath, turned around and headed back towards the stairs.
“Andrew, who is she?” Anita asked, tensed on her seat. “Who is she?” She repeated louder this time when he hadn’t answered her the first time.
“She’s Tunde’s younger sister.”
Anita searched Andrew’s eyes for more answers, but he said nothing. His head was bent low now. Without saying another word, she got off her seat and walked up quickly towards the stairs.


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