Everyone Falls in love

Everyone Falls in love – episode 8

Everyone Falls in love

episode 8

Anita caught up with her half way through the car park. “Bimpe, please wait.” She said when she was a few feet away from the girl. She turned around, and the mean look on her face scared Anita for a second. “What’s wrong? Why did you…”
“He knew Tunde was going to commit suicide and he didn’t do anything about it.” She said, cutting Anita off. She was hyperventilating as she searched through the big brown leather bag she had on her shoulder. They were in between two cars now and Anita leaned on the car on the right as what Tunde’s kid sister told her sank in. The girl brought up an old looking Blackberry phone, with fidgeting hands; she tapped on the keypad very fast, and then handed it over to Anita. “Please read this conversation.” The girl said, standing at akimbo, looking up at Anita. As an afterthought, she added, “I came here to get a new phone case for his Blackberry.”
After a few seconds of staring at the phone screen, Anita’s hand fell to her side.
He exhaled smoke and leaned back in his seat. Just when he was having the best time of his life, things took a left turn. The pack of Pall Mall had gone with him everywhere for the last couple of days, and he just realized that before the cigarette stick he had between his l-ips right now, he hadn’t smoked since he reconnected with her two days ago. The tall and busty girl with the mini skirt that had served them drinks came to ask if he needed anything and he handed her a couple of Naira notes. The girl counted it and she would go and get his change, but he told her not to worry. She left with a smile on her face and he was happy that he could at least still make someone happy right now.
“Andrew.” He heard the husky voice he grown so found of over the days call his name. He turned to the side and saw her standing there, with no expression on her face. He would have even been more comfortable if she had a frown on her face. “Please, I want to get my bag from your car.” He wanted o ask her to seat, but the music playing in the background wouldn’t have made it the right place to talk. So, he picked up his park of Pall Mall cigarette and car keys from the table and got off the couch.
The walk to the car was the longest two minutes of his life. He thought about how someone’s actions can affect so many people negatively even after he is gone. He knew his friend was depressed, but he never believed he would actually kill himself.
When he was a few feet away from the Porsche, he hit the lock remote, and as the ‘Beep. Beep’ sound came on, Anita barked out, “He needed five thousand Andrew. Just five freaking thousand Naira.”
“Anita, I had sent him money on numerous occasions before then.” Andrew said in a low tone.
“He told you he hadn’t eaten in three days.” She said as she stood with her arms crossed, by the car’s trunk.
“Anita, you don’t understand. I had…”
“Understand what? He told you he was going to kill himself, and you didn’t reply him.” She said and he became quiet, lost in thought of the decisions he had made. He had thought his friend was bluffing. “Andrew, you read his message and didn’t reply him.” She aid with disgust in her voice.
“Anita, I understand how it must sound to you, but…I didn’t know he was serious.” He said as he fiddled with the car key in his hand. “I had just sent him fifty thousand a few weeks before then. And…”
“Andrew, I don’t care if you sent him a million Naira a week before. You knew your friend was suicidal and you overlooked it?” She said and he bowed his head in shame. When he didn’t say anything for a few seconds, she said, “Sorry, I can’t be in your presence right now. Let me get my bag and hat please.”


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