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Exposed – Nigerian Man Begs Wife For Forgiveness After His Ex Sent ALL His SMS' To His Wife

He sent an sms to keep up with his ex and she sent all the sms’ to his wife and now there is fire on the mountain
Dear Stella,

I am ardent reader of your blog.

I need you to help me post this. It is really urgent and important for me.

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My wife, and I have been together for about 18 months now. We have a beautiful daughter. We are both blog visitors,and this is one of our favorite sections.

So to the main issue.

I have an ex, i dated for about 6 years before I married my wife. I had a clear option of what and who I wanted, and i easily chose to be with my loving wife.

Sometimes out of the blue,i text my ex checking up on her, and a few times told her I miss her. We live in different states, I have not seen her since I got married. I am very happy with my marriage. All this texts, in all honesty i do not expect anything to come out from.

This morning, this ex screen grabbed all the messages and sent to my wife. Stating outrageous things that i did not do.

In the moment, I have prolly said things I did not mean, and things I cant probably justify saying. How stupid, and foolish was I.

Now to my darling wife. I know you might not believe me or feel I still like this particular girl. But I want you to know I am sincerely sorry. She has her plans to disrupt our home. Please do not give her a chance. I have learnt my lessons, and never in this lifetime will this ever happen. If not for anything, remember the day we chose ourselves, and promised ourselves eternity.

 The enemy has failed already. Please forgive me. BVs please help me beg her, you can deservedly cuss me out, but my marriage bed is still, and will remain undefiled.

I am very very very sorry.

Na wah..Oga cage your preek and thank God that she didnt lure you into bed to baby daddy you….

After dumping her to marry someone else,you still had the guts to send her message that you miss her….she is not the Devil,you are!!…Sty away from her since you know the kind of woman you wanted and after six years you decided she as not…..Wcked man!!!

Wifey,please forgive him for this one!!!

Please share until it gets to the wife! 
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