November 29, 2021

Eyes of blood episode 21 – 22



( She’s a confessor oops she’s all in one, she’s wanted)⛔

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By Aishat kemisola (Three star)

Episode 21.


Dad, mum I will be in my room Ashley said. Alright baby handover your result to me Mr Johnson said and Ashley handover it to him.

Goodnight Dad and Mom Ashley said and went out.

Mr Johnson strech the result in his front and look at the result with a lot of admiration.

Ashley has made him proud again dispert changing school everytime. Perhaps she has always make him proud.

Honey why are you smiling to yourself Mrs Johnson asked her husband.

Ashley never seize to amaze me I blessed the day we gave birth to her and thank you for giving birth to a blessed child like Ashley to me Mr Johnson said.


Yeah Jane shouted, what, what are you doing here, I thought you left Jane asked king stoner.

You don’t need to worry on how I get here king stoner said. But the door is locked now Jane said.

Jane you talk too much, sit down I mean no harm, how is school today king stoner asked. You dare not harm me cause if you do Ashley won’t spare you Jane said and king stoner smile.

Why are you smiling Jane asked him, nothing did you want me to cry king stoner asked.

No here is your result Jane said and give his result to him. But king stoner fold the result and put it in his back pocket. But why did you fold the result Jane asked.


my friend I need to tell you this,am a graduate I didn’t come here for this result, am here for someone special to our land king stoner said.

Your land I don’t get you Ashley said. Am here in search of the healer king stoner said.

The healer what did you need her for Jane asked. We need her for many things,

but thank Goodness I have found her king stoner said. And who’s she Jane asked.

Stoner what are you still doing here Ashley asked. Am here because Jane is still here king stoner said.

But Jane is a female and you’re a guy Ashley said.

I can be whatever you want me to be king stoner said. You’re very stupid. Anyway my parents have agree.

Your parents agree king stoner asked happily. Yes any problem with that Ashley asked.


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am just happy thank goodness king stoner said. Am lost here where are you guys going to Jane asked.

Oh we are sorry. Ashley is the healer am talking about king stoner said. Oh am not surprised,

so you people want to Leave me alone in Korea, it will be very boring, you guys should take me along Jane said.

We can’t talk you along with us, your safety matter a lot to me Ashley said. Please I need to go with you guys Jane pledge.

Jane I don’t want to hear anything from you again it an order Ashley said and jane smile.

Good morning My princess I have a surprise for you Mr Johnson said and enter her room,

he was surprised to meet Ashley, Jane and king stoner sleeping soundly on the bed.

This children are weird they’re not even afraid to sleep with a guy Mr Johnson said smiling.

Mr Johnson tap Ashley gentle, angel I have a surprise for you, and they all wake up immmediately.

Good morning sir king stoner greet, morning my dear how was your night Mr Johnson asked smiling at him. Morning Dad Ashley greet,

morning my angel I have a surprise for you Mr Johnson said and handover a package to her, she open it and found a key inside.

What’s this key for Ashley asked her father, go outside and check the surprise Mr Johnson said smiling,

Ashley ran out with the key, she mistakenly pressed the key and she heard the sound of a car. What don’t tell me that car is mine Ashley said happily.

Yes it yours my darling, don’t you like it, is the new model, but if you don’t like it I can change it for you Mr Johnson said. Dad I don’t like it I love it Ashley said and hug her father happily.

Congratulations girlfriend Jane said happily, congratulations my wife king stoner said and Ashley eye him don’t spoil my mood today.

You guys should come in let paint the town red Ashley said happily. Even if they’re many car in their compound Ashley don’t have a car of her own.


The next day.

Are you sure you will be fine Mrs Johnson asked for the untenth time.

Mum I promise I will be fine and you guys will also be fine. Jane will stay with you till her mother comes back Ashley said.

Thank care of yourself make sure you call us when you get there Mrs Johnson said crying.

Mum you don’t need to cry I promise you I will be fine Ashley said. Honey leave her let her go she’s running late Mr Johnson said.

Take care of yourself my princess and make sure you always call us Mr Johnson said.

When they get outside the gate king stoner hold Ashley hand and they disappear. What is this your kingdom Ashley asked king stoner,

no I don’t know what happen, I don’t even know where we are king stoner said. Is this one of your prank Ashley asked him.

No, you should know I will never joke with a thing like this king stoner said feeling confused. What do we do now Ashley asked.

I don’t know but let me contact my people king stoner said. I can’t connect to them king stoner said feeling dissapointed.

This is a forest, did you expect me to stay here in the forest with you Ashley asked.

Can’t you do something king stoner asked Ashley. Are you crazy how did you expect me to do something when I don’t even know the place we are going to Ashley said.


( She’s a confessor oops she’s all in one, she’s wanted)⛔

Don’t copy or repost ❎❎❎❎

By Aishat kemisola (Three star)

Episode 22.


How do we get out from this forest Ashley asked king stoner.


King Lucas burst out into laughter. Your majesty hope all is well the elders asked.

All is well and sure those fools will be trap in the forest by now king Lucas said. How your highness they asked feeling confused.

Hey get me the mirror king Lucas said to one of his guards.

The guards handover the mirror to king Lucas and he open it,

you guys should come and see the fools am talking about king Lucas said and the elders rush to check what there king is talking about.

Oh your majesty I must recommend you really tried one of the elders said. And they all burst into laughter.


I felt like someone is laughing at us king stoner said. Yeah it those bad people they cause this and I have a feeling help will come our way Ashley said.

Hmm how did you know I no stoner asked. I can feel it Ashley replied her.

Oh no Jane shouted from her sleep. Ashley in trouble Jane said standing up from the bed.

Trouble you mean my daughter is in trouble Mrs Johnson asked. No mother am not talking about your Ashley,

am talking about my mother. But how did you know cause you just wake up from sleep Mrs Johnson asked. I can feel it I need to get to the house Jane said.

Alright my daughter make sure you’re safe and go with one of the cars Mrs Johnson said. No mum am fine jane replied.

No if you want me to know you’re alright you will have to go with one of the cars and you need to come back before night fall Mrs Johnson said.

Alright ma’am the key Jane said and Mrs Johnson hand over one of the key to her.

Jane ran to their house and went inside the room she hide the magical mirror and book she inherit from her grandmother.

She open the magic mirror and check were Ashley and king stoner is I said it Jane said to herself.

She open the book and flip the pages. And some incantation and she met herself in the midst of king stoner and Ashley. What are you doing here, Ashley asked surprised.

This is not time for question I only distract them for some minutes this is the way Jane show them the way and went back.


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