November 29, 2021

Eyes of blood episode 31 – 32



( She’s a confessor oops she’s all in one, she’s wanted)⛔

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By Aishat kemisola (Three star)

Episode 31.


Oh no Jane yelled sweating profusely from her sleep one can tell she have a nightmare. “Not again this dream again, Ashley I hope you are safe.

Am useless without that book and I have given it to you. I just pray and hope you are fine jane said crying”

“darling why did you shout from your sleep, this is the second time you shout this morning Mrs Johnson asked touching her head”

it nothing ma just a nightmare have Jane replied.

“Nightmare? Hope isn’t about your mother or Ashley this time Mrs Johnson asked”

“no ma’am just some meaningless dreams Jane lied” “are you sure Mrs Johnson asked her” Jane nod her head signifying yes.

“Alright there you can go back to sleep it too sleep, is too early.

Or should I sleep with you Mrs Johnson asked” no ma’am I can sleep alone jane said and lye down. Mrs Johnson covered her well with the duvet and went out.


“Ashley you can’t do this to me king stoner said and carry Ashley on his hand” get me the local doctor king stoner yelled”.

“Your majesty give her to us let help you to Carry her, you also need some help one of his guards said. “Are you crazy did I tell you am tired,

or do I look tired king stoner yelled” am sorry your majesty the guard said.


Your majesty she’s no more breathing. She’s dead the local doctor said. Are you crazy do something king stoner yelled. Am sorry your highness there’s nothing,

absolutely nothing I can do the doctor said. I never knew you are incompetent until now king stoner said.

“Hey you take him to the other lady king stoner said”

King stoner ran into Ashley room maybe he can see anything that can help him to revive Ashley, cause he believe she’s not dead.

“She’s a great fighter she can’t just die like that, never not in this life king stoner said searching everywhere” his eyes met with a ancient book on the table.

“What’s Ashley doing with this he thought before he remember Jane gave them the magic book.

“Oh yeah he smile to hiself and took the book. He ran back into his room. He removed the arrow from her stomach.

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And flip through the pages of the book with his shaky hand. How to heal a healer he read aloud and smile to hiself.

“Breakfast is ready” one of Mr Johnson maids went to inform jane. “Am not hungry Jane said”

but madam said you should come with me the maid said and went out. “How will I eat,

when Ashley is there battling for her life Jane thought”

“Thank God you are here, am about sending another maid to come and call you Mrs Johnson said” “what’s wrong with you?

Are you sick Mr Johnson asked” “no dad am perfectly fine I don’t just have appetite jane said”

“just try and eat small I will take you to the hospital later Mrs Johnson said”

“hmm this people don’t know anything, cause if they do they won’t eat talkless of forcing me to eat Jane thought”

“Your majesty the lady is fine she’s asleep now the local doctor said”. “Fine thanks you may go king stoner said” not looking at him.

King stoner has perform the magic but still praying and wishing Ashley should stand up, but she didn’t.

Your majesty Lucas is awake what did you want us to do to him on of the guards said.

“You guys should leave him for now, I am not passing any judgement until our savior wake up.

As for ruth make sure you torture her until she confess why she betrayed me king stoner said angrily”


was surprised to see rope on his hand and legs like a criminal.

“What am I doing here I should be in my kingdom, I thought I won the battle Lucas and.

“Yes you won, it’s a pity that this is where you will leave the rest of your life Rita said”. “Rita what have I done to deserve this? King Lucas asked.

“Oh my dear king I have forgotten you’re not a king anymore cause the good people have taken over and there will be peace in the kingdom now Rita said”

“and let me answer your question, have you forgotten so soon,

you forgotten what you did to my parents, you f*cking make me an orphan Ruth said crying. “Am sorry Lucas said”

“You are sorry right, I knew you are sorry, but your sorry can’t bring my parents back to life Rita said,

and pray to your creator not to let Ashley die, cause if she did, I will kill you with my hand Rita said”

” And I knew you will be thinking how they defeat your armies easily,

Rita asked king Lucas, I drug there food with the help of Nora, yes I knew you are nothing without them Rita said”

Nora king Lucas said surprised. Yes your favorite maid, oh am sorry, she’s no more your maid Rita said laughing.

King stoner is in the garden thinking about his life,

“what will happen to me if Ashley died truly, what will I tell her parents king stoner said crying”

your majesty the maiden move her hand one of the guards said and was surprised to met there king in tears.” She shake his hand king stoner asked standing up on his feet”.


( She’s a confessor oops she’s all in one, she’s wanted)⛔

Don’t copy or repost ❎❎❎❎

By Aishat kemisola (Three star)

Episode 32.


King stoner rushed back into the house like someone that his pants on fire.

“Your majesty your will fall if you continue running like this the guards said’

“it none of your business king stoner replied him”

“I thought you said she moved her hand king stoner asked. “Yes your highness I saw her moved her hand not too long the guards said”

Ashley move your hands or your leg, let me just know if you’re still alive king stoner said crying.

Just moved your hands or your leg Ashley heard from her sleep. “Is that not stoner, why’s he crying Ashley thought.

Just stand up I need to take you back to your family, we have many things we will do together king stoner said crying. Why’s he saying that.

“But am not sleeping am awake, why can’t I see you Ashley said. Let me try and open my eyes Ashley thought. Stoner was the first word that left her mouth.

“did, did she called my name king stoner said cleaning his tears.


Jane locked herself inside the room, crying her eyes out until she slept off. ‘Ashley wait up where are you going to Jane asked.

“Jane just go back you can’t follow me to this place I wants to be alone Ashley yelled’

‘Ashley we need you at home, don’t go there that’s not your home Jane said’

really Ashley asked and turn back. Yes is not your home, your love ones are waiting for you,

or did you want to Leave us alone Jane asked. “Am sorry I thought that’s the way to the house Ashley said. No just let go back Jane said and hold her hand.


jerked up from the bed and smile to herself. “Yeah she’s alive I can eat now she said aloud”

“Am happy you’re happy now Mrs Johnson said” yes mum am very very happy, I can eat as many food as I want Jane said.

Jane ringing phone distract them from talking. Oh it mum age said happily.

Hello mum, Jane said. How are you my daughter and where are you Jane mother asked. Am at Ashley place Jane said. “Oh am back am almost home,

can you sent me there home address I wants to come and thank them for there hospitality Jane mother said”

“alright mum I will send it right now jane said.

“My mother asked me to send your house address she wants to pay you a visit Jane said”

no problem my darling you can send it Mrs Johnson said and went into her room.

20 minutes later.

Jane went inside the building to wait for her mother car.

Hey mum she wave her hand as Soon as she sight her car. My daughter is getting father and beautiful,

Jane mother said touching her cheeks. Mum let go in Mrs Johnson is waiting for you jane said.

Stella Jane mother said feeling surprised.


Stoner Ashley called his name. Did she just call my name king stoner said. Cleaning the tears off his face.

Ashley open her eyes and king stoner pulled her into a hug. Hush Ashley hold her stomach and yelled in pain.

Am so sorry, I really missed you king stoner said and kissed her on her lips.

Ashley was amazed by king stoner behavior. She wanted to talk but felt a shape pain under her stomach. Ashley yelled.

You don’t need to talk my daughter you will be fine king stoner said. And Ashley nod her head like a baby. Hey you call me the local doctor king stoner said happily.


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