Fancy Ballerina episode 10



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What’s happening? Riele? Is she getting married?

Does she know my brother to this extent of going into marriage with him?

Maybe I had been missing out alot since I left home,

I decided to keep it cool and act as if I was happy for him until he hugged me patting my back,

“You won’t understand what this means to me “we disengaged from the hug,

“What do you mean? ”

“Our family is going to be super rich! Wooooo!! ”

He hopped into the air like a kid and just then my little sister bursted into the house with her friends all in school uniforms,

“Hey”she cooed at me like I wasn’t there before she turned to Damien,

That unwanted attitude still,

Her friends were staring at me like I was some celebrity but I didn’t mind,

“He’s so handsome! Rudy never said she had a brother who is as handsome as him”

One murmured to my hearing while I shot her a glare,

“Oh my gosh look at his eyes”another murmured biting her finger while I scoffed turning my gaze to my brother and sister,

“Riele won! “He screamed to her while she chuckled,

“I know and am happy cuz you will be getting married soon”

I guess I should leave, I’m not noticed here at all, I stood up to go and then ;

“Oh damn! He’s so gorgeous! ”

Another murmur while I turned back to give them a stare one last time before opening the door to see my mom and dad standing there,

“Hi dad, hi mom! “I smiled greeting and making way for them to pass,

They acted like I wasn’t there and rushed to Damien and Rudy who were so happy with each other,

I gulped hard feeling so unwanted,

No one on my side, no one was really on my side…


No one is really on my side now,

I sobbed greatly, I didn’t want to go home,

I walked the long distance with my legs,

I was less noticed cuz my long hair was scattered all over my face with my trouser and a top,

I was really unnoticed,

I sobbed the more, for the first time in my life I felt like an orphan,

For the first time, I missed my mom and dad,

How they held me into the couch and asked me never to go anywhere until they’re back but never came back!

They never did! They abandoned me all alone in this harsh life,

Walking became too hard on my legs,

I had never walked a long distance before neither have I been so lonely.

Soon, I began to catch cold,the slim hands of my top couldn’t stop the cold weather from filtrating into my soft skin.

I looked up to sky to see the littered stars on them,

I recalled when I and Riele always counted it together,

I never knew that girl was this bad!

I hate her so much and I will surely make her pay for doing this to me.

Why don’t I just die? Yes! Die!

The road is busy and when I stand at the center of it, I will get what I want!

Foolish idea but really suitable,

I stood at the middle of one side of the lane and then a speeding truck blinded my sight rushing towards me with utmost speed.

I didn’t move even though I was shivering and panicking at same time.

I closed my eyes and prayed silently,

O lord, have mercy on my silly soul,

Accept me into your heaven if something like it really exist,

And take me to where my mom and dad is, I miss them and want to see them again…

“Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! “The truck’s horn blared as it got closer and closer blinding my sight from seeing anything the more,

My heart missed a bit and the next thing I felt around my waist was a hand grabbing into it and pulling me out of the road,

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We fell to the ground with me on top of the person who I later recognized to be a boy,

He coughed with his hands still on my waist,

“You want to die huh! ”

Gosh! I recognized the voice but not the person,

I got off him immediately while he tried to stand up but then fell back unconscious,

And who the hell was that?

I never asked for his help or did I?

Soon, ambulance surrounded us,

“What’s wrong with him? “One asked me while they pulled out a stretcher and then placed him on top of it,

“I don’t know what’s wrong with him? He just fell like a log on the floor”I replied really un concerned about this whole thing,

I began to walk away when I saw them taking him into the booth and I think that’s when he opened his eyes once again,

Our eyes met and he stared at me until the door was closed up and the siren blared away…..


He opened his eyes slowly and my beating heart began to increase all of a sudden,

“My gosh! Carson! What happened? “I asked taking his palm into mine and kissing it all over,

He sat up from the bed and then beat his head before bringing his gaze to my face,

“Riele?? “He called my name while I nodded already crying,

I thought I had lost him, the way I heard the news was enough to stop my heart from beating.

What was he doing out there last night almost killing himself?

“Its okay, stop crying “he mumbled while I crashed my head on his chest sobbing the more,

I felt his palm on my head and I cried the more,

I can’t believe he’s alive, all my plans yesterday on how to tell him that I love him was ruined by my dad yesterday when he told me I was going to marry some guy in his office,

Which happened to be Carson’s brother,

I thought I’ve heard it all in a day until I heard a strange call that Carson was admitted into the hospital,

I thought my heart would’ve stopped beating if I reach there and they tell me that he passed on,

I would’ve killed myself to follow him cuz he’s the only friend I have,

Only one I can trust and the only one I think my heart yearns for,

He patted my head still,

“Its okay now, I’m here and I won’t die”

“Don’t die, promise me you won’t die”I asked raising up my face from his chest,

He tucked my short hair to the back of my ears smiling,

“I won’t die Riele”

I nodded my head,

“Where’s she? “He suddenly asked looking around the room for someone he’s not seeing,

“Who? ”

“The person I saved last night ”

“Who? ”



My whole body hurts so bad!

My legs are just so sour!

Ouch! I climbed out of my bed going into my bathroom to take a bath,

How I came home last night?

I know you want to know how, well, I wandered home with my legs, cried myself into sleeping and just waking up now!

I washed, brushed and dressed up for school or maybe I shouldn’t go,

Yes! I shouldn’t, it will be so embarrassing to step out of the public now,

Its not safe at all so I didn’t go out, to anywhere until late in the evening when I won’t be recognized,

I decided to visit my aunt’s house maybe to pass a night,

I passed by a popular book store and stood :no one was in there,

I peeped in before coming in through the door,

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I’ve never been here before and that’s because I hated it with passion.

It reminded me of my childhood days when my mom always brought me here to read stories out loud for me.

I sat down on my usual position and looked around the whole place,

It had changed so much!

The chairs, tables, shelves are all glasses(except the chair) and in a modernized form.

I smiled standing up again to take a book from the shelf when a hand grabbed a book behind me and then sitting down on my position,

I didn’t mind as I took another and then ;

“Excuse me please, I was sitting here before”I said to the guy as polite as I could,

He looked up to my face and I recognized whom he was,

He was the guitar guy!

I covered my face immediately but he seemed to have seen me before hand,

“R-i-l-e-y!! “He called out my name and I shivered,

I recognized that voice too,

The voice that saved me last night!

“Yes so?? You’re sitting where I sat before”I covered up immediately pushing him aside and sitting on my position,

I wasn’t reading even though the book was open as I held it in my hands,

His gaze on me was making me want to shout at him to stop that,

I almost asked him how he managed to be okay real soon but resist that urge,

I cleared my throat while he smirked,

“Almighty Riley is at a book store to read books? “He kinda mocked while I looked to his face giving him a glare,

“Mr. Guitar guy, I bet you know am reading? So stop making a noise! ”

“Reading?? Are you really reading that? ”

I scoffed.

What a silly question he’s asking me!

“And do I look like am playing with this book? ”

“Then why is it upside down? “He snapped into my throat,

Huh? I looked at my book cover and the letters to see that my book was really upside down,




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