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Fancy Ballerina episode 11



๐ŸŒปShe’s my crazy dancer…he’s all I’ve got๐ŸŒป

Nnenna’s campus series



She stared at me with a widened expression on her face which I couldn’t help but laugh,

I can’t even believe that I’m seeing her here, this is a place I always come to chill myself each time I come home and my parents act all harsh around me,

Pstt! And here she was inside of here acting all proud like she is,

“Its not funny guitar guy! ”

“My name is not guitar guy, my name is… ”

“I didn’t ask you your name Mr. Guitar guy”she interrupted rolling her eyes at me,

I scoffed.

“You’re more than rude! You know it”I said smirking and she didn’t even utter a word to me,

She rather stood up and left the book store,

I followed her,

I don’t know why I did follow her but I just kept on following her,


I remember!

I followed her cuz I was stranded,

After being discharged from the hospital by Riele,

I didn’t want to bother her anymore,

It wasn’t right, I didn’t want to keep every burden on her head,

And to top it up, she’s not for me main reason is that she’s getting married to my brother.

I couldn’t go home too, so I came to the book store to read and pass a night only to meet her here,

She stopped turning her front to me,

“Why? What? People like you don’t follow me”

“People like you? Loser like you is even speaking”I scoffed putting my two hands in pant pockets,

She frowned,

“Don’t you dare call me a loser!”she groaned while speaking taking a step forward again,

I followed her still until she reached to her house,

“Can I come in? “I asked but she scoffed,

She pressed the button of her glass door which opened up after five minutes,

She’s rich!

Everything around her smells of richness!

Her aura, how she walks how she does everything talks about richness!

I looked around the whole house still expecting her to let me in but she didn’t,

She went into her house and closed it up on my face,

Oh gosh!

What am I going here in the first place?

I shouldn’t be here, didn’t I look at my background very well before coming here?

I turned my back to go back to the book store when the door opened up again with a head popping out,

“Come in but don’t talk! “She warned and I sighed even though she kinda hurt my pride with the way she spoke,

She’s rich and that’s how all of them talks,

I sighed and went into the house,


It was like a heaven on earth,

Everything spacious, our whole house can’t make up her living room alone and coupled with the fact that she lives alone got me thinking.

She lives alone in this whole house!

Doesn’t she feel lonely at all?

“Watch it! “She said as I almost stumbled into her cat,

“Meeeoooww! “It made a sound scurrying closer to Riley while she bent down to carry it up,

And for the first time I saw her smile,

“Mollie, where have you been these past few days? “She asked running her fingers into it’s pink fur smiling and touching her so tenderly,

“I missed you so much Mollie, I missed you”she hugged it closer to herself with her eyes half closing,

She’s really more than beautiful!

“Mollie have you eaten?

Psst! And there’s no maid here to make some food”she pouted looking at it before she turned her direction to me,

“Can you make cat foods? I can pay you for that”

What an insult! Cat food? Pay me for that?

Did I say I wanted her money?

I know am poor but does it mean she have to act all harsh?

Like a demi god?

What happened to her hands?

“I’m asking you”she spoke rudely while smirked,

“I can’t do that”

“I know you won’t, blockhead like you”

I grinned as my expression changed,

Blockhead?? Did she just call me that?

“Psst! I wonder what you can do,

at your age you’re still pleading for an accommodation in someone’s house”

I withheld my anger,

“can’t you be nice? I’m just… ”

“To you? I just allowed you in cuz you’re the person who saved me yesterday ”

What! It was… It was… It was.. It was Riley that I saved yesterday?

The girl who stood in the middle of the road was her?


If life was that pleasant to her then why did she want to die?

I didn’t know I was even saving a rude some one like her!

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I swallowed my anger biting my lips as I turned my front to the exit door,

“I didn’t ask you to leave yunno”she said with a lot of sarcasm in her voice,

I turned to look at her and met her flirting with her hair,

“I see why you couldn’t win the competition,

You’re too rude! So fucking rude!

You think you’re the only person who finds life difficult?

Everyone does so keep your ego down and get what you want! ”

“I never told you I needed anything, ”

I smirked,

“You need something ”

“Which is”

“You want to be loved!

You want to be loved by someone!

I know it and I feel same way too!

So stop acting like the whole world is gonna collapse if you die! ”

She didn’t speak again as we stared at each other until I turned and left the house…


“Mom tell dad that am not going to marry that man! I can’t! ”

“Calm down Riele, he’s your father and wants the best for you”

“Best for me! What’s best for me? I know what’s best for me!

I’m grown enough to know what I want!

I know what I want! ”

“At least, go and see the man, you might like him! ”

“I won’t like him! I won’t fuvking like the so-called person! ”

I breathed hard,

I wish I can run away from home,

I wish I can run very far away from this people,

I won the competition yes! But what did I gain?

Heartbreak! Untold heartbreak!

I’m never happy about it!

There’s no new thing that happened to me since I won!


“I’m leaving this house! “I announced leaving my mom alone in the living room.

I can’t continue living with them while they will keep on dictating my life for me,


That won’t happen,

I packed a few things of mine and then came back down stairs to see that my dad was already back home with Damien beside him.

They were conversing and laughing that they barely noticed that I was here,

With the mood of their conversation,

I knew they were talking about me but I didn’t care as I stood still looking at their backs which were turned to me,

Damien turned his head all of a sudden to see me,

“Oh hey”he cooed getting up from the couch and then my dad turned his head to see me too,

“Good evening dad”I greeted with a harsh voice while he smiled at me.

Always his attitude, smiling, hugging, pecking and kissing me all the time like he was really a good dad when he wasn’t!

“Sweet daughter! How are you? Look at your amazing husb…. ”

Sweet daughter indeed!

“Hey! “I interrupted him speaking to Damien who smiled at me,

My dad cleared his throat and left the two of us alone,

“So… ”

“What? “I cut out harshly,

“I urm… You’re beautiful ”

“I’m always even without you saying it”I snapped and he smiled stepping closer to me,

“I like how you speak”

“Really? Let me make this clear to you,

I don’t know what you’re thinking but you see me… “I pointed at myself “me, I won’t ever marry you!

I mean it! So you better stay clear off me! ”

“Huh? ”

I hissed moving away but he held my hand pulling me back to himself,

“Why? You don’t like me? Don’t worry about that cuz I like you so much”

“Tell that to some other person and not me!

I hate you so much! ”

“Is it because of my brother? ”

I gulped hard at his question as his gaze came directly into my eyes,

“And?? ”

“Cut that up! He’s got nothing for you! I have many things to….. ”

“Like what and what? I have everything a girl my age can want!

I have money! Fame! Name it!

So I don’t need your fuvking thing which you gonna give to me! ”

“You still need something! ”

“Something?… If I need something at all, its a good heart

Oh yes! I need a heart I can trust with mine! ”

“You’ve got me! ”

“No”I shook my head pulling myself away from him,

“I’ve got Carson”


She’s got to be kidding me isn’t she?

I’ve already told my friends that she’s even pleading with me to marry her,

I’ve posted on my ig page that she’s my would-be bride,

Its already making news in there and here she’s telling me that she won’t marry me!

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When I broke up with my girlfriend because of her!

This isn’t right at all,

“I’ve got Carson”she said and my head went numb,


Who the hell is Carson anyway?

Does he even know his future?

Does he even know his place?

Yes! He’s my brother but he’s so different from the rest of the family,

“What if I take Carson away from you? ”


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