Fancy Ballerina

Fancy Ballerina episode 12



🌻She’s my crazy dancer…he’s all I’ve got🌻

Nnenna’s campus series



I yawned loudly before opening my eyes,

It was morning already,

I looked around and found myself inside a very spacious room,

Very well furnished and beautiful too,

How did I get here?

I remember wandering in the streets and then I can’t remember a thing anymore,

So what am I doing here?

Am I dead?

I touched and felt my self to be sure if I was dead or alive,

I’m breathing arent I?

Whose house is this?

I hopped out of the expensive but soft bed staring at the whole room,

So spacious and accomodating!

But hold on! Did I wander into a hotel by mistake!

Oh no! That can’t be! Was I drunk?

I wasn’t, I just took a sip of what Max offered me when I passed by his pub,

Did I really get that drunk and then come into a hotel?

I’m really finished! How am I supposed to pay when I don’t have money!

I can’t even call Riele, it will be a burden on her,

She had done enough for me already.

I ruffled my hair over and over again before the door creaked open and I hid my face to the other side so I won’t see the person who came in,

“Mr. Guitar guy”I heard a familiar voice,

Riley’s voice by the way!


What am I doing in her house?

I came back here?

Oh the fuvk!

“Won’t you turn your face? You drunk! “She kinda ordered while I turned my front to her really embarrassed.

After all my egoistic behavior last night, I came back here!

I couldn’t look at her face, I faced downwards while she stepped closer to me.

“I don’t know what made me save you yesterday buh… “She sighed while I still kept my gaze downwards.

This is so annoying and embarrassing!!

“How can you go about drinking and calling my name? ”


I looked upwards to her face to see those mocky angry look on her face.

I was shouting her name around ?!

“Did… Did… Did I do that? “I asked nervously while she scoffed turning her back to me and walking out banging the door behind softly,

What? I just took a sip! Only a sip!

I can’t believe this,

I followed her out of the room till I ended up in her heavenly kitchen,

A kitchen was like a house of its own!

Why is she so rich?

“Why did you follow me in here?

Can you cook?… I mean… I’ve been trying to make some em…. omellete and… ”

I scoffed.

“You can’t make food? And you don’t have a maid? ”

I scoffed again.

“Well.. “She cleared her throat rubbing her nose,

“So why did you follow me in here then if not to cook”

She shrugged,

I looked at her closely, her hair tied into a loose bun and a short flayed red gown she was wearing with a red wovy slip-ons she was wearing on her legs suited her so much,

She’s a model!

Everything about her smells model!

“Why are you looking at me like that? ”

“i wasn’t, I was looking at your crazy idea… I mean you thinking that am gonna cook for you”

What I said earned me a smirk from her as she rolled her eyes putting her two hands on her waist,

“I asked why did you follow me into my kitchen and you’re saying another thing “she shook her head sighing,

“Uhm.. Yeah! You said I was drunk last night so I came to know if its true”

“You doubt me? Gosh! I helped you into my house only because…. You saved my life and I think I’ve returned that favor even more than required cuz you slept in my house ”

“Meaning?? ”

“That you have to cook to return the favor also”she snapped,

Is she listening to what she’s saying at all?

How does it make sense to her?

I smirked.

“I’m talking to you Mr. Guitar guy ”

“My name is not… ”

“I know, your name is Carson, you kept calling your name last night and telling me about your crazy home,

Psst! Never seen such a talkative like you, do I look like I care about how your family treats you?

If you’re a blockhead, unintelligent how’s that my fuvking business??! ”

Oh gosh!

How much did I say last night?

About my family!

To this rude girl!

I’ve got to be kidding myself!

I said all these she’s talking about?

I gulped.

I’m done! To this rude girl I spoke about my self!

“Is… How… When… ”

“Psst! Mr. Guitar guy…. “She was interrupted by the sudden appearance of an aged woman by the door of the kitchen,

“Aunt! “She waved at her without shifting from where she was,

She was smiling at her aunt without showing atom of respect to that middle aged woman who came visiting,

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As it may be, my phone which I never knew was in my pant pocket began to ring,

I brought it out,

It was Riele calling,

πŸ“²where are you?

πŸ“²I’m coming home anytime soon,

I hung up and then tried telling her that am leaving but it seems like her attention wasn’t on me anymore,

So I left without saying a goodbye…


“Aunt you good? “I asked as she came into the kitchen helping me with the food I was trying to make earlier,

“Yeah and who was that guy? ”

“Some guy who can’t stop talking and can’t stop making himself pitiful “I scoffed,

“He’s cute “was all she could reply as she stirred the egg,

“Cute my foot! I don’t care! I hate guys like him so much!

They sulk and stink! “I made a disgusting face,

“I thought you were coming yesterday? ”

“Oh… Urm.. I changed my mind ”

She passed me a glare and sighed now frying the eggs,

“Riley I came to tell you something and that’s why I came”

“Go on am listening”

“LANX wants you to dance the ballet for them”

I gulped.

“L-A-N-X!! “I exclaimed.

“Yes, they said that… They want to know if you really are mad or that you can’t dance anymore ”

I was taken aback,

I thought I had hidden from the public,

I thought I’ve got away with everything.

I’ve come to accept that my legs needed to heal before I can use them again and here they’re bringing up my dance issues again so as to show the audience, my fans and… Gosh!

“You’ve got to try this time, I told your mistress to help you out with your legs”

I shifted closer to her hugging her from behind,

I appreciate all her efforts towards me, she’s the only person I can trust and lean onto as of now,

I know she wants to support me this time and I understand that she’s just trying to make me feel good.

“Aunt, I won’t disobey you again this time,

I won’t dance till my legs are okay ”

“No, “she turned her front to me holding my two hands tenderly,

“You have to dance”

“I will be disgracing myself if I try to, the last time I disobeyed you I…

“Riele is dancing too”she cut into my words taking me off balance,


I stiffened.

She’s dancing too!


Then why am I saying that I won’t dance?

I will!

Riele! Dancing for LANX!! I’m fuvking gonna dance too!

“So you’re going to dance? “She asked me again while I nodded already determined to do it,

She smiled rubbing my hair,

“I am solidly behind you and I will help you in any way I can”

I nodded but then frowned at the thought that Riele was gonna dance with me….


“What took you so long? From coming? “I asked immediately Carson stood infront of me,

He smiled briefly at me and I stepped closer to him,

“Your brother came to see me and told me that he’s… ”

“I know he wants to marry you,

I know”he interrupted me and I saw those pain in his voice and in his eyes,

“I won’t marry him, its you my heart flutters for”

He looked up at my face and I nodded,

“I know I’ve met you for a month and some days but….

I think I love you and I know you feel same for me right? ”

“Riele… “I kissed him wrapping my arms around his neck before I disengaged from the kiss while he only smiled at me gulping so hard,

“Let’s date then Carson ”

He shook his head ,

“Why? Don’t you love me? ”

I asked peering into his eyes which were rolling before he sighed,

“Look Riele, I don’t want problem with my brother,

I can’t face him, you’re his bride no matter how we feel about each other ”

What’s he saying?

“So… So… You don’t want to date me? “I stammered feeling a stab in my heart,

“I can’t, let’s just be friends okay? “He touched my face as he said so while my heart stiffened real bad,


Only friends? He sees me as friend only?

“Okay “I nodded hiding the pain in my voice as I smiled broadly for him,

He played with my hair while I smiled still,

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“Let’s go to school then “I suggested while he nodded pulling me foward until we broke into a run….



More is yet happen oo, so don’t get bored of the story yet πŸ˜”πŸ˜ŠπŸ™„

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