Fancy Ballerina

Fancy Ballerina episode 17



๐ŸŒปShe’s my crazy dancer…he’s all I’ve got๐ŸŒป

Nnenna’s campus series



What does she mean by what she’s saying?

Why those eyes?

“Are you telling me that this forest is your house? ”


I looked around my house to get what looked like a forest in here that made her refer to my house as a forest.

I found nothing!

Nothing in here was bushy!

Unclean too except for some few books scattered over the table by me and my friend.

Nothing else!

What does she mean by calling this place a forest?

He came out from the kitchen carrying a plate of food which fell off his hands as he looked at Riley.

She scoffed covering her nose,

“What the heck is here?

Forest or a dust bin?

I don’t know where you brought me, are you sure you live in here? ”

Is she kidding me or insulting me again?

“Riley, I don’t know what you’re talking about but this is my house!

This is where I live! ”

She widened up her eyes in surprise,

“You don’t mean this do you?

You live in here? ”

She asked looking at me as began to break into a huge laughter slowly until she cracked up.

What’s funny?

This is where I live, so?

What’s so bad about here?

“Gosh! This whole place is too small even to be my bathroom! ”

She cackled the more while we looked on at her.

I understand.

But she’s rich and am poor!

“Gosh! Everything squeezed up!

Why don’t you buy a big house not this small thing?

This little house!

Even *dwarfs or liliputs* can’t live in here!

Its too small! ”

“Like the hell!

Small or big, what’s your business? “I asked and she cackled up the more,

“I’ve never seen a small house before! ”

“Its not small! “I argued getting tensed by her annoying attitude again,

“It is! My house and…. ”

“Your house is your house!

This is my house and if you speak anyhow I’m gonna kick you out cripple! ”

She kept mute,

I sighed walking away while he followed me out of the living room to my own room,

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“Did… Did.. Is that Riley? “He asked pointing outside.

I smirked.

“Who does she look like to you? ”

He gasped smiling and patting my shoulder.

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“You’re the real guy!

Riele is your friend and this one!

You talk to any how them you want!

Jeez! You’ve made it already in life!

Show me the way please ”

I scoffed.

If only he knew how annoying that girl sitting over there is,

How foul-mouthed and egoistic she is,

He won’t dare speak with so much honor attached to her name.


I respect you now Carson!

You’re the real guy!

Two celebrities at your beck and call! ”

I nearly choked when I heard him mention *Beck and call*,

Beck and call?

Like that one?

Who’s not even appreciative?

That one that’s so annoying and her mouth as sharp as razor!?

That don’t even know what’s serious or not!

Or is he referring to Riele who had no time for me lately because she’s having a dance practice and probably dating out there with her would-be husband which happened to be my brother!

Which one is he talking about again?

I shook my head smirking as I changed my top ,

“You don’t know what you’re saying Max”

I said still smirking as I went out to meet her already sleeping,

I smirked again going over to her side.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned to see him smirking sheepishly at me:

“I am leaving this house tonight,

I’m going to sleep out”

I frowned.

“Why? “I asked.

“To give you more chance with your… “He pointed to her and I almost coughed.

What’s he thinking?

I opened my mouth to speak and clear off his minds from those devilish thoughts but he was already gone!

Why would he even think that am going to touch this one?

My mouth was wide open as I stared at the exit door which he banged behind him and then to Riley who was sleeping peacefully on the couch.

She tossed about on the couch and the neck of her coat drew away a bit baring her neck and I looked away immediately.

This is bad!

I tapped on her twice to open her eyes and she didn’t even bulge or move.

So she sleeps!


I thought queens who have bad mouth like her don’t sleep at all.

What if I slap her now?

What if I knock her now?

Will she know if I pinch those mouth of hers?

I looked at her cute but annoying face as she slept without a sound.

I would’ve said that she looks so beautiful in sleep but I won’t!

She don’t deserve it at all!

I sighed standing up to walk away when;

“I can’t dance,

I want to win at LANX, two days from now ”

She sobbed and talked in her sleep,

I cackled watching her sob with her face all creased up:

“Riele can’t win over me again,

She did this to my legs!

I won’t ever forgive her!

I won’t! ”


She’s really mad!

“I don’t want to be a fancy ballerina,

I don’t want to be a ballerina only in body but can’t dance when called upon to! ”

She kept mumbling until she stopped talking,


So she has fears too?

And that’s includes to her madness for thinking that her friend,

My friend too made her legs to be crippled!

She’s so mad to even dream of it.

I made to leave her side again when I felt something soft holding onto my arm,

“Don’t go!

Don’t go away!

Don’t go…. Don’t go… Don’t go… “She mumbled,

Is she sleeping or awake?

I peered into her face closely to see that her eyes were shut tight,

Does she sleep talk?

Does she sleep act and lash on people with her annoying mouth too?

I tried freeing my arm from her grasp but it was impossible,

I sat down on the floor facing her who was lying on the couch and sleeping,

Maybe I should get her a duvet,


She won’t let my hand go!

I hissed watching over her all night….


๐Ÿ“ฒShe escaped?

๐Ÿ“ฒYes sir! But..

๐Ÿ“ฒJust forget it!

I hung up heaving,

A simple job!

The job was so simple!

So fuvking simple!


“Dad”I heard my daughter call me,

“Yes my daughter “I replied turning my front and smiling cheerfully to her,

“And who were you calling? ”

“Some… ”

“After her again? “She cut me out,

So she was eaves dropping on me all along?

“Who? “I asked pretentiously,

“Don’t play smart with me dad! ”

“And mind the way you talk to me young woman!

I’m your father! ”

“I don’t think so,

Cuz you clearly don’t want my happiness!

You do things the way you want!

You treat me the way it pleases you! ”

Is she talking to me?

I stepped closer to her to be sure if those were really coming from her or someone else,

“Are you talking to me? “I asked as I advanced towards her,

She didn’t even step back or show a trace of fear on her young face and that got me more angrier,

“Everything I do! I do it for you!

Do you think you can win over her on your own without some help? ”


She is pointing finger at me!

At you! “She pointed at me yelling and that’s when my wife ran in,

“She’s almost not walking!

She’s in pain!

Leave her alone! ”

“And you won’t ever win over her!?

Isn’t that what you want!?

She’s an orphan and no one will care if she dies today or tommorow! ”

“What? “She exclaimed turning to her mom who hugged her staring at me murderously,

“Mom, tell me that being here isn’t my dad!

Tell me so!

I will believe you! ”

What did she just say?

“What did you just say to me?

What did you just refer to me as? ”

“A monster!

You paired me up with a man and I didn’t complain!

You are forcing me on someone I don’t like and you tell me that you’re my dad!

You hit and scar me everyday just because of nothing!

I hate you so much father and I wish I will never forgive you! ”

“Shut up! “I screamed closing in at them while her mom blocked me from hitting her,

“Its okay, don’t touch her! ”

“You’re listening to what she’s been saying to me just because am trying to be a good dad to her! ”

“You’re never going to be a good dad to me!

I hate you!! ”


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