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Fancy Ballerina episode 18



🌻She’s my crazy dancer…he’s all I’ve got🌻

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Who does he think he is?

Coupled with the fact that I came back home really pissed off,

He comes to spoil and dampen my mood the more.

Seeing Carson carrying Riley just made me so angry that I managed to come home on my own.

Coming here and then caught him making a call to kill off Riley out of the way got me more angrier.

“I hate you father! “I repeated running into my room.

I didn’t want to cry,

I shouldn’t.

I swallowed my pain bringing up my phone and then gave Carson a call,

He didn’t pick up at first ring which got me curious if I should really go to his house or not,

I dialed his number for the second time and he picked up,


He called my name almost immediately he got into the call,

What am I going to say to him now?

📲Where are you?

I asked and he smirked.

📲I’m home,

A lie! Home?

He’s not at home!

He’s at Riley’s house and I know it!

First lie he ever told me!

📲Are you sure about that?

📲Do you miss me?

He asked me and I gulped not knowing what to say,

Do I miss him?

I think I do or maybe I’m just being jealous,

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I heaved nodding to myself.

📲I miss you,

📲you don’t sound happy, are you okay?

I’m not okay,

I really need someone to tell me that everything is going to be okay.

I want someone to tell me that am in a terrible nightmare and all is not real at all.

📲I’m fine.

I lied to him even though I didn’t mean to lie like that to him.

📲Okay, let’s go to school together tomorrow.

📲Okay, I will come pick you up.


He snapped almost immediately,


📲I… I…. Erm… I will come to your house instead.

What’s wrong?

Why did he cut me out like that?

Why don’t he want me to come to his house?

📲I’m having a clean up tomorrow and I don’t want you…

📲I understand,

I interrupted,

A clean up?

Why do I feel or smell something fishy about him?

Why do I feel like he’s hiding something from me?

📲Riele, I’m sorry,

📲About what?

📲For not loving you just the way you do for me.

I was short of words again as I gulped hard.

My heart was choking,

I sighed wiping my tears and then smiled to myself.

I should be fine right?

📲I’m not talking about that Carson,

How’s your guitar?

I asked changing the topic,

I wasn’t comfortable with that topic he raised up.

📲I lost it, I will get a new one soon,

📲Why did you lose that one?


I smirked.

📲Okay then, bye.

I hung up heaving ,

Why do I feel like there’s something off about him?



A knock on my head made me raise up my head from the couch where I rested my head last night before sleeping off.

My head already raised up, my eyes came in contact with Riley’s.

“What are you doing here beside me? “She asked rolling her eyes at me and I smirked bringing up our locked fingers which she did yesternight while she slept;

She gasped and removed her hand from mine fuming;

“How dare you… ”

“You did this to me,

I never knew you sleep talk until last night,

I even filmed you”

I told her and she widened her eyes looking at me,

I really did!

She’s so funny while sleeping,

“You what? ”She yelled and I smirked getting up from the ground and then rubbed my eyes yawning.

I noticed that she was following me so I stopped walking turning my front to her,

She stopped walking too seeing me infront of her,

“Why did you have to film me!

The only thing that came into your wretched head was that?

To film my pretty face huh!

Aren’t you ashamed blockhead! ”

“One more word and am going to post it online with this phone! ”

I pointed to my phone which was on the table beside the couch which she slept on.

Riele bought it for me,

One gift that I will never stop thanking her of.

“You won’t dare! ”

“I will! Sleep talker! ”

“Is that all you can think of in this your big blockhead! ”

She’s still repeating same thing!

I think using that as a threat don’t seem to move her at all.

She won’t change and its high time I adjust and get used to her foul mouth.

Cuz she won’t ever change!

“You think posting me online can scare me?

It won’t!

Try that and see”she said rolling her eyes and I shook my head going over to the kitchen to cook some breakfast.

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Is that really true?

That I sleep talk?

And infront of this dumb useless guy?


I can’t possibly do that,

Its so unlike me.

I followed him, so I will ask him about what I said only to meet him in the kitchen already preparing food.

The delight smell that warmed its way into my nostrils was so salivating!

I suddenly realized that I haven’t eaten the whole of yesterday.

I’m so dead hungry!


I need food!

“What? “He turned to look at me when I stood beside him watching him add some spices into the pot and then stirred it with a big spoon.

“What? “I repeated and he scoffed.

I gulped feeling like I should just jump into the food and eat to my fill but I restrained myself sighing.

“Wanna have a taste? “He asked smiling at me and then scooping some soup into the spoon and pushing it closer to me.

I wanted it!

I wanted to really nod my head and take the spoon from him and have a taste but;

“Hell no! You want to poison me!


I don’t want to die yet ”

“What! Riley you call this food poison?! ”

“Isn’t that what it is? Everything is just… ”

He glared at me and then at the food he was preparing on top of the gas.

“I don’t know… But I can’t eat that, soup?

Its too poor for my liking!

This food isn’t even met for my cat Mollie,

Krrr! I can’t eat that,

Its too poor! Just like you”

“And do you think I counted you into the food? ”


He didn’t count me into this food?

So he was going to starve me after all?

Is he kidding me?

“Good, cuz I wasn’t going to eat that anyway,

You will have to go down the road to any restaurant nearby or better still order food from online for me to eat”

I demanded rolling my eyes at him and he began to laugh,

A hearty laughter!

What’s funny?

I can’t find anything funny in what I said.

“What? “I asked when he kept quiet but it seemed to trigger him into laughing again.

“You mean I will go down the road to get you food or order it online… “He cackled repeating what I asked him to do and I frowned.

What’s funny in what I said?

He said I’m not counted into the food he’s cooking so he’s definitely got something special out there for me!

Or did he bring me to his little house to starve me?

“You’re so funny Riley”he complimented turning off his gas and then picked out a clean plate from a row in his little cupboard and then scooped some soup into it,

He shook his head looking at me as he walked past me.

“You’re really funny Riley?

I, Carson will go out and get some food for you? “he smirked walking past with a plate of food in his arms.

The sounds of his flappy-slip ons could be heard on the floor until he left the kitchen while I went to the pot.

I’m so dead hungry!

I want to have a taste of this no doubt!

The aroma is too strong for me to bear.

The moment I dipped my hand into the pot despite all odds,

I felt a hand slap my hand off from inside the pot.

“Not so fast Mrs”

It was Carson as he giggled carrying the pot away and holding them in his hands.

How cruel he might be!

The pot is hot and he managed to hold the pot away from me!

Why won’t he be a blockhead?

Tell me why he won’t be a glutton?

“I’m hungry”

“And you said that you don’t eat this,

Its so poor! Didn’t you say that? ”

I pouted.

Did I really say that?


Oh gosh!

Did I say that the food is poor?


“I didn’t mean it anyway,

But… ”

“You won’t eat this food! “He interrupted rolling his eyes at me,

“You want me to starve!

In my house!…. ”

“This is my house not yours!! “He cut in and I targeted his hands which held onto the hot pot.

“Isn’t it hot?

You might want to drop it? “I asked my eyes gazing so intently at the pot and how am going to grab it away from him.

“Hot? You don’t have to bother “he replied rolling his tongue at me.

I charged and tried grabbing the pot but he lifted it to his head immediately.

I wish it will burn all the hair on his head!

How can someone be so cruel!

“I mean it when I said that you won’t have a taste of it”he said smiling at me and I churned in anger mixed with hunger.

I jumped up so I could be able to reach to his head but I couldn’t.

“You have to grow taller before you can reach up and touch my head”he teased devilishly that I wished I can slap his face.

“I want to eat! “I yelled child-like getting frustrated about the whole thing.

“Say *please* and then *sorry* “he said in a child-like manner wanting me to imitate what he did.


Please? Not again!

I can’t say that to this blockhead!

I can’t really do that!

“Carson, this is not fair”I mumbled giving up on food and he smirked going over the gas and dumping the pot on top of it.

“You can have it cripple”

What did he just call me?


I no fit laff oo😂😂😂😂

Riley is so dramatic!

Four left!
Be counting oo!!

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