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Fancy Ballerina episode 19



🌻She’s my crazy dancer…he’s all I’ve got🌻

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I dressed up for school.

Waited and waited for him but he never came to pick me up.

I tried his line times without number but he was forthcoming.

What’s wrong?

What’s happening?

What’s keeping him from coming to me?

Image of him carrying Riley on his back yesterday came to my mind.

How did he know Riley?

How did he come to know her to the extent of giving her a piggy ride?

The idea of him being in her house haunted me so much.

I waited for another one hour until I got tired of waiting.

I called and called till I got tired of calling.

I sighed and went to school on my own.

🗣She walks in,

🗣The great girl walks in,

🗣Whoa! She looks so cute but Riley is way more cuter.

🗣Her hair looks pretty shorter than before, did she cut it again?

🗣Those red heels on her legs is killer!

🗣Wow! Her short hair makes me want to cut mine short too.

🗣She looks hot in her short flayed skirt.

🗣She can catwalk but not like Riley.

🗣wow! She’s just cool unlike that cursed-mouth Riley.

🗣Her top is a new fashion in town!

I’ve seen it on my jumia app, but really expensive!

Those were what I heard from all corners till I walked into the class,

I sat on my desk,

The class wasn’t all that empty but my seniors littered the whole room.

I cleared my throat and all attention was focused on me once again and then;

Fingers began to point at me,

I didn’t get bothered at first as I brought out my book and got busy with it,

Murmurs began to fly into my ears,

🗣Oh my gosh!

🗣She’s getting married!

🗣Isn’t she way too young to get married?

🗣She’s always desperate all the time,

Isn’t she just twenty? Gosh!

I was alarmed,

What’s happening?

I strained my ear to hear more.

I turned my gaze to some groups who had their faces to their phones and then at me.

What’s wrong?

Why those look on everyone’s face?


🗣I wish her luck!

🗣The guy is handsome.

I cleared my throat and brought out my phone to check out what’s happening with my own phone since everyone seemed to be doing that too.

I unlocked my phone and went to my *news blogs* and my eyes bled,

My heart ached,

My nose itched.

What’s happening?

Damien have killed me!

What’s all this?

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I churned with hate reading the headline over and over again;



With a picture of me and him in a restaurant pasted beneath it.

Seems like the picture was taken yesterday.

What sort of nonsense is this?

Why did Damien do this?

What joy did he derive in pasting this on my school platform?

What joy?

I don’t love him but his brother!

His brother Carson and not him!

“Are you okay? “I heard a familiar voice before I felt someone standing in front of me,

Looking up,

It was Carson!

“Are you okay? “He asked me again and I kept mute.

Should I be angry with him?


I’ve been calling and calling and he pops in to the school all of a sudden and asks me if everything is okay?

Should I ask him why he wasn’t picking up?


He’s going to lie to me again,

He was probably having a good time with Riley so I shouldn’t bother him with that question.

“Are you okay? I went over… ”

“Oh… I didn’t want to wait at all”I snapped lying and gulping at the same time.

“Why? ”

“Its nothing “I smiled inviting him to sit beside me,

He did,

“What’s wrong? “Was the first word that escaped his lips again as he sat beside me,

“Nothing, I’m fine. ”

“You don’t look fine”

I made to speak,

To yell out the whole of my mind but I didn’t want him to pity me.

“I’m really fine”

He touched my phone and read the contents on my phone screen,

“Jeez! “He exclaimed lowly while I turned off the screen of my phone so he would read no more of what’s there.

“Why would my brother do that? ”

I didn’t speak,

I just didn’t feel like speaking to him.

I’m having double minds if I could still trust him again when he’s clearly friends with Riley.

Riley who hates me so much!

“Riele are you sure you’re okay? ”

“Yeah, I’m fine… I’m so fine ”

He smirked.

“You’ve been staring at me for close to ten minutes now”

“Am I? “I looked away.

His friend came around waving at me and then turned to his friend winking:

“Hey mehn! “They shook hands,

“How did it go? “He asked and he scoffed at him.

“What go? What actually went? ”

“Psst! Don’t play smart boy!

Was she so good? ”


Who’s good?

I was curious to know what they’re talking about.

“Ben, what’s wrong with you? ”

Ben smirked and then chuckled sitting beside Carson as they started whispering to the extent that Carson gave a loud shout.

“Ben! What’s wrong with you? ”

What are they talking about?

Let it not be Riley,

I really don’t want to hear anything bad or good about her anymore.

I felt that way.

I just feel that way and I wish everyone will keep to that rule.

“Yes! Like is She… “Carson pushed him away,

“What the… What’s wrong with your head?! ”

“What’s it? “I asked smiling,

“Its nothing! He’s gone nuts! ”

I smirked trying to believe that its true but couldn’t.

Everyone pointing at me,

Staring at me and mumbling anything about me because of my marriage outburst with Damien on the school plat form bothered me more than what’s going on in his life,

After all, he said that he never loved me.


Ben left at last with his books heading to library.

Always busy,

From the library to classes, no problems at all.

He’s such a free minded someone, else he won’t be bothered so much about books in this harsh society.

The harsh world where only the rich survived and the rich who survived must be powerful enough else he’d be pushed down.

And those people with power rarely had happiness in their homes,

Example me,

I don’t have happiness in my family!

I heard that family is the most precious gift to any human being cuz its the smallest unit of a state!

I totally disgree with that,

I don’t agree with that at all,

I don’t!!

All my problems seemed to have started at home,

So emotionally broken and no one seems to care at all,

No one cares!!

So why would I even bother to tell someone about how I feel?

Are you okay?…. How do I answer that when my smile isn’t even from my heart.

How can I say that am okay when I need pure love!

Someone who will love me without resentment!

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Someone I can turn to each time I needed comfort and when I’m lonely too,

That person happened to be Carson but he doesn’t love me!

Isn’t life being so cruel?


Hugged me!

He hugged me tighter to himself amidst everyone in here with us,


🗣He’s so broken now,

🗣She’s going to get married and leave him alone.

🗣that poor cute boy have my pity all the time.

🗣Oh no, I wish I can date that cute guy but he’s too poor to my liking.

He hugged me more ignoring what everyone was saying.

I felt relaxed and my mind stopped talking.

He began to pat the back of my head with his palm,

“Cry if you want to cry Riele,

I know you’re having a bad time but you will be fine ”

Will I?

I want to be fine!

“When ever I ask you *Hey Riele, are you okay? *tell me that am not fine even though you’re! “He said beaming at me and I smiled back.

Seeing him smile all the time warms my heart.

“Always be fine,

Everyone has his own problems even the richest man in the whole world has a problem!

No one is spared with that word PROBLEM,

All you have to do is tackle them all the time or worst still live with it and look at it as a kinda habit you’re used so it won’t eat you up! ”

I giggled.

“Who taught you that? ”

“Riley, she taught me that”

My facial expression changed,

“Riley? “I was frowning,

He nodded.

“Your mad friend, “he said giggling and I saw a sparkle I’ve never saw before dazzle deep inside of his eyes,

“She’s so annoying but lovely to be with all the same,

I see why you guys are friends”he chuckled staring into the space as if the so-called Riley was there,

“She is the only person apart from my family who insisted on calling me a blockhead and she’s really dramatic! ”

And I’ve never been dramatic to him before?

And I’ve never called him a blockhead before?

“Really? “I asked stating into his face which was all red as he spoke,

“Yeah”he replied nodding,

“And you seem to like her? “I teased with bitterness in my voice and he quickly denied it.

“Like her?

Who? That one?

That girl!

I can’t like her! She’s way too saucy!

And too demanding! I pity her boyfriend!! ”

He cursed on end but he’s yet to realize what I really saw in his eyes when he spoke about her…


Riley is suffering but will definitely give us a tough time from the look of things o😒😕😬

How many left?

I can’t wait to finish this last one oo💃💃💃

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