Fancy Ballerina episode 25 – 26



🌻She’s my crazy dancer…he’s all I’ve got🌻

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I breathed hard.

I was too harsh!

I shouldn’t have!

I panted sitting down in my car seat with my head on my steering wheel.

I bit the steering wheel continuously with my fist.

Why does he have to remind me of dancing?


Its killing me so much!

I scoffed driving off when I saw him coming towards me making a call.

I don’t want to ever see him again!

I really don’t want to!

I drove home…..

I hate songs!

I hate music!

I hate dances!

I hate everything relating to dancing!

I hate them!

And what’s he trying to do?

To make me dance?

I churned in anger!

Is he trying to mock me?

What’s he trying to do?

Is he that a blockhead?

I drove faster to my house and in the next ten minutes,

I was home.

I climbed out of my car after I had parked it inside my garage and turned the car off.

I hurried into my house and straight to my room trying to calm myself down but I can’t!

I just can’t!

I held onto my head and my hair felt so soft in my hands.

I held onto them and ruffled them as it shook until it became unhevelled on my head.

I paced about the whole room,

Calm down.

Just calm down.

He meant no harm!

He was just…

Being what?… My other self flared up.

I closed my eyes briefly and everything passed through my mind like it was repeating itself again.

A tear dropped to my face and I found myself lying on my bed and soon I slept off…

Three hours later,

“Hey! “A tap on my leg,

“Hey! ”

“Riley”a shook on my shoulder,

“Riley wake up”a tugged at my hair.

“Riley, your phone is ringing ”

“Riley”tap continued until I opened my eyes and yawned before sitting up on the bed.

“Riley”the call persisted and I looked around for the caller to see Ella,

“Oh… What’s it? “I asked in sleepy voice rubbing my eyes,

“Your phone had been ringing for the past two hours now “she reported while I reached out for my phone,

Unknown number,

Was written boldly in front of my phone screen,

I looked up to her face,

“Did you pick my call? ”

She nodded.

“And who the hell was that? ”

She chuckled.

“He said… ”

“A he?? “I interrupted looking into my phone screen again before I transferred my gaze to her face,


“What’s his name? “I asked wondering whom it might be.

“Carson, his name is Carson and am… ”

I scoffed interrupting her by walking out on her with my phone.

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How did he get my number?

Why will he call me?

To tell me what?

Is high time he knows his place around me.


I went straight to my kitchen where I got a bottle of water from the fridge and poured myself a glass of water.

I drank from the glass and gulped belching softly afterwards.

Ella came in after me sighing,

“Is he the Carson I know?

I mean the one that… ”

“Yes, what’s it? ”

“Whoa? “She exclaimed chuckling while I turned to look at her.

“What? “I asked and she shrugged.

“Everyone kept saying how good he’s at playing guitar and piano….

He’s really good and being Riele’s friend… ”

Chapter closed!

Riele’s friend have soiled the whole nice words.


I walked out on her going to my living room.

I heard her steps as she followed me from behind.

“What? “I suddenly turned to look at her,

“Can you stop being rude?

At least, towards me and hear me out! ”

“What do you have to say? “I kinda yelled backand she heaved,

“For Christ sake!

Stop being rude?


Don’t walk out on me again!

I know… ”

“Ella… Please,

I don’t want to talk about anyone,

Please”I dismissed her coldly and her mouth was open just as she wanted to talk and I stopped her from doing so.

I sighed shaking my head as I went into my room to prepare for the library.

I heaved.

I was harsh again!

To Ella of all people!

I shouldn’t have.

I really shouldn’t have being that angry with her!

She walked into my room standing with her hands crossed under her chest,

“No matter how harsh you’re going to be,

I’m going to tell you what he told me…. ”

“Ella I told you…. “I interrupted but she was quick to snatch the words away from me,

“He said that he’s sorry if he upsets you that much!

And he’s waiting for you at that spot at the bridge where he met you many months ago!

That’s what he said with a please at every end of his words! ”

She yelled or rather snapped hissing and then walked out of my room.

And how’s he sure that I might want to come there?

He’s really silly!

I’m not going anywhere!



He said sorry.

He said that didn’t he?

And he said PLEASE too,

He’s really a blockhead!



Waiting for three hours straight without her coming made me give up hope of her coming.

Maybe I’m really going to go for Riele’s house party.

I don’t want to go.

I really don’t want to but it seems like I’m going after all.

I grumbled and turned to leave after watching most of the beautiful sceneries on my sight.

I suddenly saw her,

My eyes lit up on seeing her,

She walked towards me and stood without speaking to me.

Neither did I have anything to say either,

“I’m sorry “I mumbled and she turned to look at me,

“Its fine “she smiled and looked away,

I loved the way she looks tonight.

Her flayed short gown made her look like a real ballerina.

Her feet clothed in a pair of long boothe made her legs look sexy.

Her hair packed into a pony tail made her neck look so revealing.

She’s really looking beautiful tonight.

“You know… “I began clearing my throat and thinking of something suitable to say to her.

“What? ”

“There’s a popular song… ”

“Don’t talk to me about songs”

“Just hold on and let me finish before you get angry about songs”I assured and she looked at me with horrific eyes,

“Just don’t talk about it”she grinned and looked at the guitar I was carrying all these time.

“You called me out here to sing and… ”

“No! Its not what you think! “I defended shaking my head and dropping the guitar to the floor,

I intentionally let the guitar hit on my leg and I gasped in pain.

“Ouch! “I screamed jumping about in pain,

“What’s wrong? “She asked in fright while I ignored her faking my pain,

With my face all creased up and my limping on one leg,

I saw the fright in her eyes and face,

“Are you okay? “She asked in a worried voice,

I sat down on the ground blowing on my leg while she squatted infront of me.

“You shouldn’t have come with that!

Always carrying that about and you can’t play it! “She fired at me.

“I can! ”


By hurting yourself with it?

The last time I checked,

You almost disabled my leg with it! ”

“Your leg was already disabled already! ”

“Shut up!!!! “She yelled in a very loud voice and we both fell silent.

Only our breaths were heard.

I know she might be annoying sometimes but she’s kinda cute when she nags.

She touched my leg and I whimpered.

She felt the surface of the spot I wounded and gasped,

“Its getting swollen all because of your carelessness! ”

“I’m better off you who carelessly got into an accident and got your legs damaged! ”

“Shut up!

What do you know?! “She yelled painfully.

I didn’t know the gravity of what I said until I saw the hot pain in her eyes.

“Just shut up! “She yelled the more and I regretted saying that to her.

Silence between us,

A song popped into my head,

The song I wanted to tell her about earlier,

Marshmello’s song—-Happier but she never gave me the chance to talk about it.

I’ve been… I’ve been thinking… I want you to be happier.

🎶I want you to be happier….

🎶When the morning comes, Let me see what we’ve become… “I stopped staring at her,

Her calm face,

“When did you hear that?

Who sang that? ”

“Marshmello”I whispered and she smirked.

“Its really good and you have a good voice “she mumbled and I smiled broadly.

“You like it? “I asked and she scoffed.

“I can sing it if you want me to… ”

Buzz… Buzzz… Buzz… Her phone vibrated,

She checked it and then,


I have to go now! “She said in a terrified voice,

“What’s wrong? ”

She didn’t reply me as she ran away ,

The distressed sound in her voice tormented me that I had to run after her…..




Oh no!


It can’t be true!

Nothing is wrong with her right?

I ran faster panting.

My heart is so heavy!

I boarded a taxi and found myself in my auntie’s house.

I rushed in and gasped.

Relatives, friends filled the room.

I was scared.

So scared as I kept panting and gasping for breath.

I didn’t want to believe it.

I don’t want to at all.

I looked around and saw Ella crying,

It can’t be true.

I was shivering as I walked my way into the room.

Anna was sobbing and is under the care of an aunt.

I panted still.


Whoop… Whoop… Whoop…

Was heard outside the house and I turned to the door.

I gulped.

I was too dazed to even cry.

I opened my mouth to ask questions but no words were formed on my lips.


Some health-like looking guys ran into the room with a stretcher.

Oh no!

They came out later with my aunt lying on it.

Lying lifeless.

My mouth hung open.

I couldn’t even touch her,

Tears rolled out of my eyes as I quivered.

I’m finally alone…. Was the cold feeling that spread across my body.

My second mom is gone!

I found strength.

Some strength which I used into running after those guys carrying my aunt.

I wanted to be sure she was dead!



I caught hold of them and touched her.

She was cold.

Oh no!

I began to wail!

I haven’t really cried before,

I haven’t felt so hurt like seeing her lying lifeless and her warm hands so cold at my touch.

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i felt so alone again in this harsh world.

They pushed me away slightly and made away with her.

I was lost.

I fell on my knees and began to cry.

This is not right!


Death why?

Why her?

My aunt!


Why her?

She was the only thing I have in this world.

I’m alone!

No one will protect me,

She promised to be my mom!

I didn’t even get a chance to tell her that I loved her.

I didn’t get a chance to tell her that I really did!

That I loved her to the extent that I took her as my mom.

I didn’t say that to her.

I cried harder.

I don’t want to be consoled.

I want to cry,

Cry out my pains,

I hiccuped holding onto my knees as I cried.

🎶I used to shut my door when my mother screamed in the kitchen.

🎶I turn the music off, get high and try not to listen,

🎶to every little fight cuz neither one was right,

🎶I swore i’ll never be like them but I was just a kid back then.

🎶The older I get,

🎶The more that I see, that parents aren’t heroes,

🎶They’re just like me,


I watched her from afar staring at her crying.

I knew she was going through pain even though she’s trying all she could to stand up tall and alright.

Deep inside her she’s hurt!

Deeply hurt!

I wished I could help her,

I watched her for a while and went closer to her,

I stood behind her squatting posture for a while, watching as her body shook terribly before I tapped her twice and she sprang up.

She turned to see me and began to cry harder.

“She’s gone! “She yelled shaking terribly,

I saw the pain in her eyes,

I didn’t know what to say to her,

“My only person is gone!

She’s gone!! I won’t ever see her again ”

“its… ”

She hugged me.

I was surprised but she held on tighter to me.

“She’s gone! I’m alone!

I’m finally lonely!

Death has given me the final blow!

Taking the last thing I had away from me”

I patted her back,

“I miss her! I miss her so much!

I didn’t tell her that I love her,

I didn’t tell her how much I love her!

I didn’t tell her that… That…. ”

“Riley its okay “I whispered consoling her.

She was shaking as she cried.

She didn’t stop crying for a second.

“Cry as much as you want,

Let those pain out by crying,

You will be fine,

You’re going to be fine”

After two long hours of her being on my body and hugging me,

She stopped crying but was weak,

She didn’t go back into the house,

She turned and strolled for her home,

I followed her still.

“Want me to give you a piggyride again? “I asked her and she didn’t even stir or talk back to me,

She’s really beaten by her death,

“She… She was the only one I had after I lost everything,

She’s the only one I had even before now,

She stood by me right from when I lost my parents,

Even though,

I was annoying… She stood by me protecting me.

I can’t believe she’s gone”she wiped a tear on her face.

I gulped.

I can’t find anything to tell her,

“She… ”

“Riley “I interrupted and she scoffed.

“The world is cruel to me,

I thought it was good when it took away my mom and dad but…

Its never been easy without my parents,

Its really never been easy,

I… I had her alone in this whole world.

Now, she’s gone!

I didn’t tell her that I love her and that’s what’s hurting me the most.

I should’ve told her back then when she told me that she loved me.

I should’ve told her back then when she told me that she was going to protect me.

I didn’t!

I didn’t tell her and she’s gone!

I won’t be able to tell her that forever!

Not in this world anymore!! “She began to cry again.

It was really touching.

I’ve never seen her cry and not this hard too.

I really haven’t seen her cry.

…. And I think I started seeing her more often cuz for the days that came after,

She never stopped crying and blaming her self.

She never stopped weeping even after she was laid to rest.

She would briefly smile and that was all.

But something really shocking after everything was that,

She became less rude, mean and talks freely with me.

I was always by her side.

I wanted to be,

I really wanted to support her,

And I did to the last day that she began to smile again and even go to school with me.

The one problem I began to have was Riele….

She hated me around Riley.

She wanted to please me and cause troubles each time she saw me with Riley.

She get mad over nothing.

She’s always being over protective of me all the time over nothing.

It was really frustrating and annoying that I told her off one day.

I told her to leave me alone and never talk to me again.

I was harsh and that’s because am angry but she should stop being so protective like she was my girlfriend when she’s not.

She became extra violent,

A side I’ve never seen about her until these recent days.

She always wants to get into a fight with Riley.

She wants to tell her off all time they came in contact with each other.

To the extent that I began to hate her,

Riley have been through a lot that I don’t want to see her sad again.

But she won’t want to hear or know of it…..

Even though when she knew that she was getting married ….


I walked into the class one afternoon and looked around for Riley.

We need to talk,

We really need to talk.

I saw her.

She was alone at a corner reading.

I scoffed.

I went to her and stood infront of her with all eyes on us… No me exactly!

“We need to talk”I said and she ignored me flipping her book to the next page,

A book am not sure she’s reading at all.

“I said we need to talk”I repeated but she ignored me still.

I gulped fuming more than before.

“Are you ignoring me?

Do you know whom I am that you are ignoring? ”

She smirked looking up to my face.

“Really? ”

I scoffed.

“We need to talk! ”

“About what exactly? “She spoke rudely to me.

“I don’t know what’s between you and Carson,

I don’t care to know if you guys are friends or not,

But tell me,

Do you like him? ”

I asked and I watched her face grow pale and serious.

“Why asking me that question? “she asked in a cackling voice,

“I need to know! ”

“Why will you know?

You shouldn’t ask me that!

If you like him… “She chuckled,

“He’s all yours, I won’t care after all, you and your dad took everything away from me and I never complained ”

I slapped her cheek.

Why would she say such a hurting word infront of all the students?

She didn’t hit me back,

Instead she began to laugh,

“Are you hurt that he doesn’t like you? “She laughed hard and I raised my hand to hit her face again.

Some guy held my hand in the air….