Fancy Ballerina episode 28



🌻She’s my crazy dancer…he’s all I’ve got🌻

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What’s wrong?

Why did he leave like this?

I swallowed hard watching his back until he was out of sight.

A car pulled up immediately in front of me.

It was Riele.

I scoffed.

She came out of her car and removed her sun glasses smiling at me.

I scoffed walking away while she followed me from behind.

“Do you like Carson? “She asked me making me stop in my tracks.

My heart skipped and I smirked turning my face to her.

“Why do you ask? “I asked and she scoffed stepping closer to me until she stood in front of me.

“I need to know ”

“Why? ”

She cackled.

“I really need to know if you like him or not”

I gulped.

“You like him? “I asked back and she smiled.


So much,

Even before you knew him,

I like him,

Not only do I like him but I love him so much”

I smirked.

I rolled my eyes and then shrugged.

“So? ”

“Do you like him? “She repeated her question.

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“He’s all yours if you want him too,

How’s your husband? “I mocked laughing and she scoffed.

“Stop changing the topic Riley”

“Hmmmm.. What topic exactly? ”

“Carson”she replied.

“And what happened? ”

“Stop acting dumb!

You know what am talking about… Do you like Carson? ”

I didn’t reply her.

I just sighed and walked away from her.

“I know his habits more than you do Riley!

I know how much his family detest him more than you do!

I know how good he tries to be and how much he hates to be called a blockhead!

I know how he eats, sleeps, smiles and laughs too Riley!

I will always ask you this question until you’re ready to answer me,

Did you hear me!!! “She yelled from behind as I kept walking away.

To the point,

Do I like Carson?

What do I feel for him?

I have to figure that out first cuz I don’t think am sure about what I feel for him.

I don’t think I do like him at all.

An hour later,

I was home,

I had eaten,

Have a nice bath and ready to have a nap before leaving for the library when my cell phone buzzed twice.

A message..

I scoffed realizing who sent the message to me.

💬Do you like Carson?
From Riele.

I giggled.

And what if I like him?

Why will I tell her?


Do I like him?

I don’t think I do,

I dialed his number instead but he didn’t pick up,


He’s even ignoring my calls.


Did I make him that mad?

What did I do?

Which part did I go wrong?

Why am I so worried?

I dialed his number again and he picked up,

📲What was the meaning of what happened earlier today?

📲I will call you back later,

📲Where are you?

📲Am on a show with my friend,

📲Where? I want to come.

📲You needn’t come…

📲And I said that I want to come.

📲Okay, New house city behind the famous BACK MAN gym house.

📲I get it, I will be there soon.

I hung up taking hold of my car keys and left my house for the location.


I was there.

New house city stood infront of me but it was filled with people.

“Hey Mrs. “Someone tugged at my clothe.

“Yes?? ”

He stretched out his palm in front of me,

“What? “I asked confused.

“Your ticket,

You can’t get in without a ticket”he explained.

“Tickets? Give me one”I said and he gave me a ticket while I paid him.

I walked in and by the door,

“Let me see your ticket please”an officer asked me while I showed my ticket to him.

He saw it and then handed it back to me.

I came in and everywhere was just as bubbly as ever.

I heard Carson’s sharp voice from the stage singing and playing on his guitar.

🎶Come again,
Another day,

🎶I will be there
For the fair…

🎶Lady I met on the street,
She was.. She was pink on the lips.

🎶I didn’t know she was a fair lady but…
When I saw her legs dripping down,

🎶Like a hill slopping down,
I… I… Don’t know what happened to me but…

🎶I know… I know… Oh oh oh…


I never knew he has such a nice voice.

His half closed eyes which filtered out all the pain in his song were out.

His ever dancing hands on the strings and his legs which tapped on the floor occasionally.

He was really a sight to behold.

For first time since I knew him,

I was proud of him.

Everyone cheered for only him.

I wish he could see me.

I wanted him to see that am happy for him.


He stopped singing and everyone were clapping for him.

Buzz.. Buzz.. Buzz… Buzz.. Buzz

A message popped into my phone again,

From Riele…. When I checked,

💬Do you like Carson?

I wanted to type something but someone snatched my phone from me.

I looked up.

“Carson”I beamed calling his name with joy.

I jumped into him giving him a very tight hug.

I disengaged after a while to see the surprised and how reddish his cheeks were.

He checked my phone and then looked up to my face puzzled,

“What’s this about? “He asked and I took my phone away from him.

“Nothing… You didn’t tell me you were that amazing!

How did you find me here? ”

He smirked,

“I saw you clapping for me and I think I knew when you entered”

I beamed clinging to his side.

“You were so great!

I didn’t even know that you are such a great singer! ”

Oh gosh!

I can’t stop admiring him.

“You love that song or the guitar? ”

“Both!!! “I yelled laughing and he began to laugh too.


She didn’t stop talking and praising me for my nice song.

“Why don’t you start writing songs? ”


I have been writing.. ”

“You never told me that and you said that we’re friends”she interrupted frowning at me.

“You told me that you hate songs didn’t you? ”


I like them now!

I think I do”

Buzz… Buzz… Buzz.. Buzz..

Her phone vibrated again,

She checked her phone and began to stare at me,

“What’s wrong? “I asked her and she looked away.

“Nothing “she shook her head but that didn’t stop her from looking at me.

I wonder what’s going on in her head.

“Carson, ”

“Yes?? ”

“Can you play your guitar for me”she requested.

I was surprised.

Whenever I asked to play the guitar for her,

She will refuse and rain all her abusive words on me.

And here,

She’s asking me to play it for her.

“Now? “I asked nervously and she nodded.

“But… ”

“I can go get one from my house ”

My cheeks got all heated up,

Is she by any chance wanting the both of us to go to her house?

“I don’t get you”I said getting over nervous.

“Come here”she beckoned to me to come close while she got busy with her phone.

“I’m going to order for one online and have it delivered to us here ”

“That’s going to be pretty expensive! “I argued.

One disgusting thing about her is the ability to spend excessively.

Everything she wants,

Either she gets it online or she buys it from where ever its sold.

I don’t know if there’s anyone in town who wears latest designer clothes like her.




She’s way more materialistic but she’s perfect!

Cuz every girl seems to have that similar disease.



The guitar arrived,

“Let me give you some dollars for your trouble “she said to the delivery man who bowed collecting not less than $3,000 Us dollars she offered.

“That’s pretty huge! “I grinned when the man was out of sight with his bike.

“Well, he feeds on that and his family are probably waiting at home for him to provide food.

Its nothing!

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I wish I can do this all time for people like them ”

She’s humane.

“You know sometimes,

I wish my mom and dad are here with me,

When I see little children running about or being scolded,

I wish I was the person cuz I grew up on my own”

She smiled and then turned her gaze to the new guitar she was carrying.

“Here”she stretched out her hands,

“Have it, ”

I gasped.

“Riley this is pretty expensive and you’re… ”

“Asking you to take it! “She began to laugh,

“Have it and play for me all night “she laughed harder and I beamed carrying it from her.


I touched the shiny surface.

“Its so sharp! ”

“Play it”she said impatiently sitting down on a lowly stone beside her.

I cleared my throat closing my eyes.

Her phone began to ring just as I began to sing,

📲What’s it Riele… Why do you want to know?….

She was mute for some seconds, looking at me,

📲Riele….. (Scoff)… Are you scared?… (She chuckled)… Why are you concerned about me liking him or not?…. She hung up scoffing and digging her hands into her hair.

“What’s wrong? “I asked.

“Its nothing, ”

“Nothing?? I saw your phone earlier and… ”

“She’s asking if I like you but its nothing to worry about ”

“Do you like me? “I asked even before I could withhold it….


Wahala be like wetin again? 😅😅😅😅😅😅