Fancy Ballerina

Fancy Ballerina episode 35 – 36



🌻She’s my crazy dancer…he’s all I’ve got🌻

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The whole day was spent on having fun.

From the ski park,

We left for the swimming and from there,

We went to a restaurant to eat and that’s all.

We went home hand in hand looking at each other smiling.

Dating was fun after all.

“Why are you looking at me like that”I asked him as he kept looking at me non stop.

“Why you are so good at everything ”

He replied and I giggled pushing my self to him.

“I’m so good at everything, “I said egoistically,

“I can do everything… ”

“Except cooking “he completed nodding his head at me and I frowned.


So? ”

“The basic quality of every girl is to know how to cook and you know about everything except cooking “he pressed further and I scoffed.

“Its no problem,

I have a boyfriend who can do that ”

“And do I look like am going to be cooking for you?


You’re the one to be cooking for me as your boyfriend ”

I rolled my eyes.

Why didn’t I learn how to cook?

I didn’t want to.

I thought it was something you can employ someone to be doing for you everyday.


Carson is making it clear to me that girlfriends are supposed to cook for their boyfriends and I can’t.

I can’t even boil a simple hot water.

“Riley can’t cook… Don’t worry,

I don’t love you less just because you don’t know how to cook, “he tried soothing me but I didn’t want that,

I drew away from him as he made to touch me,


Let’s go, its getting late! ”

“I don’t want to, “I shook myself,

“Hey”he held my hand pulling me into himself,

He hugged me while I placed my head on his chest.

He held my head with his hands and smiled.

“I love you so much even though that you can’t cook”he said smirking and I hit his hard flat tummy.

“Ouch! ”

“Stop saying it out like that”I scowled.

“Are you so shy about it?’he asked peering into my face and I kissed him.

His cheeks went in flames again,

I giggled.

“Gotcha! You’re blushing! ”

“I’m not! “He held his red cheeks and I laughed the more.

“You blushed and I saw it!

See!! “I pointed at his cheeks which he kept hiding away from me.

I laughed while he twirled me around.

And then he caught me in his arms,

He twirled me again and I stood on my toes waiting for him to catch me with confidence and trust in him.

“Oh my gosh!

Riley!!! “He called in surprise as he caught me in his arms with my arms wrapped around his neck.

“What? ”

“You just danced!! ”

“What? “I asked confused looking at myself,

“You did that ballet style of… “He demonstrated but I didn’t want to believe that.

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He twirled me round and round and holding onto my waist,

He lifted me up while I stood on my toes in the air with my arms spread in the air too.

Oh my gosh!

He dropped me to the ground carefully and before I could feel any pain in my legs he was there to support my weight by sliding his arm around my waist and lifting me up a bit.

I gasped.

I was more than surprised.

What just happened?

I’m dancing!!

But… With Carson’s help… I’m dancing.

“Carson… I’m… I’m… Did I… ”

I stuttered short of words.


You just danced Riley!! “He said those words for me and I felt like am going to stop breathing.

I wanted to do it again but happiness won’t let me.

I really lost my legs but with someone’s help,

I can dance!!

“Let’s do it again”he held my hand but my nervousness won’t let me free my mind.

“Trust me,

We can do this”he assured me as he placed his two hands on my waist.

I closed my eyes a bit recalling the old times,

How I used to dance back then,

“Ready? “He asked me and I nodded.

“Wait… My leg is going to hurt… ”

“Just trust me,

I will catch you even before you can step on your feet,

What you have to dance to now is the air and not for the ground or floor”

He said to me assuring me the more.

I’ve never done or tried this in many months now.

“Ready? “He asked for the second time and I nodded my head.

He lifted me up a bit and then dropped me slightly on my feet.

I closed my eyes leaving my whole self to him,

I felt him twirling me around as I rotated before I got tired standing on my toes and a little pain cringed around my ankles but he was quick to lift me up from the ground while I let one of my legs flying in the air.

Oh my gosh!

I’m dancing.

We might be slow but this is my first attempt of trying out with a partner!!

I let my flexible legs flying in the air but it was obstructed cuz of the jean pants I was wearing.

I can’t move freely in them now,

I wish I’m on my ballerina wears now,

Its like a miracle to me.

Carson himself is a miracle.

I did most of my styles with my feet not touching the ground and before I could land on the ground on every flying styles I did.

Carson was there to catch me,

I felt so flexible in his arms,

So secure,

I felt like his arms and feet were the legs I lost now.

I began to cry as we stopped.

“Why are you crying? “He asked me but I couldn’t speak as I went into his arms.

Does he know how much I’ve suffered for this?

I felt his hands on my hair,

“You don’t have to cry”he consoled me but that’s not what I needed.

I can’t believe i’m dancing!!

Not like am really dancing but at least I can lean on someone and dance.

I wish I was close to Carson all these time,

I wish I had listened to him all these time that he kept asking me to try my ball dancing out.

I didn’t want to listen.

“Riley, stop crying “he consoled still but I didn’t want to stop”

He held me to himself as I sobbed endlessly….


Two hours later,

“are you sure you’re okay now? “I asked as I tucked her under her duvet.

She nodded.

“Then I’m set to leave,

See you tomorrow in school”she held my hand as I made to go.

“Don’t leave just yet ”

“Its already late”

She smirked.

“That’s the more reason you can’t move alone this night “she insisted.

“What do you want me to do for you now? ”

“I want you to stay by my side all night”

My hairs stood on my head.

I gulped.

Staying by her side all night in this cold night is like comitting murder,

How does she expect me to stay by her side without touching her?

“Huh? “I asked trying to get what she meant but she pointed to her bed signaling me to get in.

“No”I shook my head feeling so terribly hot all of a sudden despite the cold.

“Why? “She sat up frowning.

“Urm… I have to read my books and… ”

“I have a bookshelf stuffed with all kinds of books… Which one do you want? “She asked interrupting me and I gulped again.

I began to scratch my head without words.

What’s she up to?

“Urm… I have to wash.. I stink! And I have to… ”

“I have clothes… ”

“All you have is women and not guy’s clothes”

I argued thinking that I’ve won but she smirked,

“I have every kind of, even your sizes ”

My bad.

“I… ”

“Why are you so bent on going home? “She interrupted getting down from the bed and I shifted earnestly on my chair not wanting to have an eye contact with her.

“Carson… ”

“I… ”

“I thought you said that you will always stay by my side? ”

I heard her say pouting,

“I can’t stay alone in this whole large room when I have a boyfriend ”

“Please let me go home”I mumbled feeling all my sexual hormones standing out….



🌻She’s my crazy dancer…he’s all I’ve got🌻




Why is he acting so weird cuz I asked him to stay by my side?

Is something wrong?

“Okay.. “I nodded sadly at what he said and he stood hurriedly and left,

Without giving me a peck or even a kiss.

What’s wrong?

Did I say something bad by asking my boyfriend to sleep by my side?

Is my room smelling?


My room can’t smell.

I give my house an extra care so its not my room that did this.

Google…. My mind told me and I rushed to my phone.

I went to my Google app sitting on my bed.

I typed,

*Why a boyfriend acts weird because you asked….*I deleted the whole thing again.

“What am I to type? “I soliloquized tapping on my phone softly with my fingers.


I typed once again.

*What if your boyfriend sleeps by your side… *

I deleted and used voice message instead.

🗣What if your boyfriend sleeps by your side in the night?

It made a notification sound and sent me answers,

—-S3x might occur…. My eyes popped looking at the first answer,

I read down ;

Two people of opposite sex who are not brothers mustn’t share a bed bla… Bla… Bla…

I scrolled down,

——Its so improper and uncultured.

I heaved dropping my phone on my bed beside me.

I closed my eyes and soon I fell asleep.

Next day,

I dressed up for school smiling after receiving a sweet morning text from Carson.

I can’t wait to see him again.

Missed him so much last night,

Soon, I was good to go so I took up my car keys clicking my heels on the floor as I cat walked out of the house.

I flung my hair aside before I pressed my car button before entering into my car.

I ignited the car engine through the ignition and less than ten seconds I zoomed off to school.

Five more minutes later,

I was in school.

I looked around for him at the spot he told me that he will be when I come to school to see that he wasn’t there.

I tried calling him on my phone when I saw him so far away with Riele.

My phone almost slipped off my hand,

Looking at the two of them made me feel somehow,

Like I was angry to see Riele around my boyfriend.

I stuttered turning my back on them and then walked away through another direction.

I was so excited when he requested for the both of us to see each other before we go in for today’s lecture and coming here,

She’s talking to him, she’s taking his attention!

I bumped into Daniel as I tried making my way into the class.


Got to see your beautiful face again today,

Aren’t I lucky? ”

“Leave me alone “I mumbled getting his hand away from me.

“Don’t be in a hurry to leave”he said grabbing my hand trying to pull me back but I wriggled my hand away from him.

“Don’t touch me again! “I warned and he smirked.

“My crush is being so stubborn and you look cute in it”

“Mr. Daniel… ”

“Carson is a flirt,

I saw him with Riele… “He said beaming at me.

I scoffed and made my way into the class while he followed me behind.

“Look pretty dancer”

I stopped turning my front to him,

All eyes were on us,

Even the lecturer who was lecturing the student stopped looking at the both of us.

“Will you go out with me for a date this evening? “He asked loudly and everyone gasped.

I couldn’t say no.

Not in front of everyone like that.

“You’re doing all this on purpose right? ”

He smirked at my question.

“Carson doesn’t deserve you at all”he whispered and that’s when my eyes caught Carson standing a few feet away by the door side with Riele tugging at his side.

I looked away from him immediately.

Not like I don’t trust him,

I do trust him…

I believe him and I know that he loves me and not her!


He’s got to stay away from that bi*tch!

I hate seeing her around him.

I nodded my head.

“Yes, I will go out with you”I replied and everyone gasped.


🗣Hmmmm, they’re so perfect for each other.

Were what I heard everywhere though some of the student spoke against the both of us being couples.

He smirked at me touching my cheek and I allowed him touch me.

I looked to Carson’s face and he was all angry.

He was managing to hold himself since the whole place is so full to cause a scene.

I want him to feel the way I feel seeing this bi*tch beside him.

She’s getting married and she should just leave with the fact and leave us alone!!

Why won’t she leave him alone?

“I will pick you up later “he winked,

“Arent you going to ask me my house address? “I asked him as he made to pull away.

“House address? “He smirked.

“I was gonna track you “he laughed and patted my shoulder before leaving.

He hit his shoulder into Carson’s as he walked past him to the exit door….

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I churned in hate.

Untold hate which I can’t say was inside of me before.

And Riley accepting to go out with him added to it.

I gritted my teeth.

“Are you okay? “Riele asked me and I nodded my head trying to appear calm and undisturbed but the hell!

I couldn’t act that out.

She’s my girlfriend and no one has the rights to even talk to her not to speak of smiling at her.


Why do my heart hurt so much?

Why do I feel like she’s doing this on purpose to hurt me?

He brushed past me hitting my shoulder and our eyes glazed into each other.

I wanted to pluck out his eyes with my own eyes with the way I was looking at him.

I wanted to place my two hands on this neck of his and squeeze out life from it and I imagined myself doing it while he gasped for breath.

*die! *die*die*die *for talking and hitting on Riley, you have to die*…. I imagined myself doing it but it wasn’t real.

He beamed at me,

“I will make sure I take her away from you cuz you don’t deserve her at all”he whispered and I withheld myself from hitting his face.

I really wanted to punch his face but I kept telling my adrenaline that its too early to do so.

Let’s be a little patient.

Let’s calm down and watch him for a while before beating him into a pulp.

Before beating some sense into his senseless life.

He needs sense and I will definitely beat some of it into him.

“Go to hell! “I mumbled at him lowly almost spitting on his face and he giggled walking out.

The class resumed once again,

I sat down with Riele who kept asking if I was okay,

I will nod my head but my eyes will wander to where Riley sat,

Our eyes will meet and we will look away as if we were strangers.

Is she angry with me?

What did I do wrong?

I brought out my phone and checked our last message;

💬Come to school,
Am in front of the school hall waiting for you,

Gonna come soon.


My eyes almost popped out as I ruffled my whole hair.

I screwed up!

How did I forget about it?

Riele caused all this when she came running to me crying that her father hit her.

She was so pitiful that I couldn’t push her away,

She’s been a good friend to me and I can’t just push her away like that.


How long did she wait for me?

Riele held my hand patting it,

“Maybe Daniel was right”she said and my eyes went to her.

“About what? ”

“You don’t deserve her”she added.

I scoffed.

“No one deserves her except me Riele,

I love her!

My heart… “I hit my heart area on my chest violently,

“My heart beats so violently for her and I didn’t realize it sooner until this past two months Riele,

She’s someone I love so much and want to be with ”

She patted my hand still,

She nodded looking away from me.

“I might not love you Riele but I love her,

She’s the perfect girl for me”


Perfect you say!!! “She screamed standing up on her seat while all eyes came to her.

She turned to the lecturer,

“Get the hell out of this class now!!

Get out or you loose your job!! ”

🗣What’s wrong with her?


Murmurs filled the whole class and in my state of puzzled expression about how she shouted,

My eyes met Riley’s again…

Daniel 😡
Riley… Big madam😔

Another loading….

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