Fancy Ballerina episode 41 – 42



๐ŸŒปShe’s my crazy dancer…he’s all I’ve got๐ŸŒป

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Being on her four knees scrubbing the floor is not the problem but that slim thing which she was putting on,

That thing which she called a dress,

Hanging loosely many meters away from her thighs.

The more I looked away from those fresh laps which were so visible to the eyes,

The more I was drawn to it.

“Can’t you change your position? “I asked as she shoot her bum up as if she was having a dรธggie style.

I gulped as she ignored me.

Why can’t she put on something nicer than this one?

I endured.

I have to endure cuz am not going to help her out with the cleaning cuz I know that’s what she want me to do.

Thirty minutes later,

The whole floor was dazzling white,

“Whoa! “I gasped as she stood up with her front legs and the lower part of her clothe soaked in water .

She rolled her eyes at me and then rubbed her brow with the back of her palm .

She yawned.

“I’m so tired Carson,

Can I take a rest and start up later? ”

I shook my head still lingering my eyes on her wet dress.


She scoffed and then grumbled afterwards.

“Can’t you help me out?

After you will say that you love me? ”

I smirked.

“I will only help you with those glass walls…. I mean at those tall spot where I know your hands will never reach “I pointed many feet taller than her height.

She scoffed again getting a short towel and then got busy with the walls.

She scrubbed and scrubbed.

“You’re so wicked Carson!

I thought you said you love me?

Why make me work so hard like this? “She asked turning her face to me.

I saw the look of tiredness written all over her but I want her to work much harder.


There’s a dirt over there at the top “I said pointing to a leafy substance which gummed to the glass walls at the side she was cleaning.

“Where? “She asked trying to touch it with the towel but can’t.

“That’s why I asked you to grow a little bit taller sweetie”I said smiling as I stepped closer to her,

Took the towel from her,

Standing behind her,

I stretched and my hand was up to the little dirt.

“Look at it”I pointed as I removed it with my long finger.

She scoffed.

“Look at another over there”she pointed to another dirt filled spot,

“Where? ”

She jumped up to reach up to what she was pointing at earlier and her slim clothe kept jumping up in the process.

I was alarmed ,

“Hey will you stop jumping like that? ”


Look at that? “She pointed still jumping.

“Don’t worry “I said nervously clearing my throat trying to divert my eyes from her body.

I pushed her away.


Why are you pushing me away like that? ”

“Go wash the plates over there,

I will clean the walls and don’t jump!

I said: don’t jump!! “I warned and she scoffed going over to the sink to wash the plates

Twenty minutes… I scrubbed and scrubbed the walls… She washed the plates…. “Carson, is it clean this way? “She will ask after each plate she washed…. “Yes, that way and then you rinse it “…. Rinse it again? “… I will smirk rolling my eyes at her…. “Can’t you see that its foamy? “… She will nod and then do it correctly…


We were done with everything and even the cooking was done!

“Wow! “She stretched herself smiling.

“How’s today?”I asked walking out of the kitchen to the dining where we will eat our meal.

She came in and I almost coughed seeing her in that clothe again.

She looked sexier now cuz part of her body were visible due to the wetness of the clothe!

I cleared my throat,


Won’t you change that? “I asked and she gave me a shrug which I couldn’t quite understand.

“What? “I asked.

“I have to eat,

Am so hungry! “She sighed slumping into the dining chair and rushed for the fork and spoon.

I blocked her from touching the food.

She looked up to my face and frowned.

“What again Carson?

The dining is clean and I can’t… ”

“Change this dress”I cut her out.


What’s so bad in it? “She frowned struggling with me for food.

“You’re all wet!

Look at your self!! “I pointed out and she hissed.


Am in my house… Can I eat my food please,

I worked so hard for these food!

Haven’t you suffered me enough for today Carson? ”

“Change this dress first! ”

“You know what Carson?

We will really date and love each other but I don’t think we can ever stay or live in one roof Carson cuz you’re so annoying!”she gritted almost giving up on the food if not that I let her have it.

She scoffed digging in to the food.



I can’t believe Carson finally left.

On no account will I ever invite him to my house again.


He made me so tired all day.

I tossed around on my bed trying to get a wink of sleep before going to the library when my phone kept buzzing.

I couldn’t ignore it so I picked up anyway.


๐Ÿ“ฒHey crush.

I know that voice.

I sat up frowning my face.


I screamed in to the phone.

๐Ÿ“ฒStop shouting,

I just wanted to tell you where Carson is…

I gulped.

๐Ÿ“ฒHow’s that my business?

๐Ÿ“ฒBusiness?? … If you want to know,

Come to the lakeshore now!!

You will be shocked by what you will see.

My hairs stood on my body.

Even though I wanted to act out like I don’t care and his lifestyle isn’t my business,

It didn’t stop me from getting worried.


I hung up grabbed my coat since its cold and then ran out with my car keys.

What the hell is he doing?

Hope he didn’t get involved in any accident?… I kept asking as I sped to the lake shore.


I was there.

I hurried out of my car and looked around walking from one edge to the other searching for him through the crowd.

Where could he be?

After twenty whole minutes of looking for him,

I found him sitting down with Riele by his side.

The sight stunned me.

I gulped heaving greatly.

I walked up to them and stood infront of them.

“R.. Riley “he stuttered standing up from the sandy floor on seeing me.

“Is it what you told me about going home? ”

“Riele told me that… That her… ”

“So what!

Doesn’t she have a fiancee to run to? “I asked really angry and he made to touch me.

“Don’t you dare touch me!! “I warned.

“Why are you being so angry Riley? “That witch chipped in.

I squatted infront of her so she could look into my face properly,

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“He’s my boyfriend,

Leave him alone!!


Don’t play your pity cards on him!

He’s mine!!

Mine alone!!! ”

She gave a short laugh and then returned to me in whispers;

“You didn’t marry him did you?


I can take him away from you like we talked on when we last met”

“Really? ”

I bit my lips standing up properly and then grabbed Carson by his arm dragging him away.

“No one has the right to tell you that you’re handsome except me!!

No one has the right to tell you that you’re nice, kind, good except me!!

No one has the right to admire you Carson!!

Me and me alone has every right to do that!!! ”

He began to laugh,

“You think its funny right? “I asked standing once more infront of him,

Does he know how painful it is seeing him with her?

He hugged me,

A hug that seemed to quench my boiling heart,

I rested a bit on his chest half closing my eyes.

“I just came out to help her out as a friend,

I didn’t know I… I was going to make you this jealous! “He giggled while I pushed him away.

“Did I hear you say jealous? ”

Am I really jealous?

I’m not!

Its…no! I can’t be jealous!!

He cupped my face.

“I’m sorry,

I won’t go anywhere again without telling you where am going to”

“Even if you are going to the bathroom,

You have to call and tell me,

Going to the toilet… You have to call and tell me… I don’t want to lose you at all Carson even though you can be so annoying sometimes”I pouted while he hugged me again.

“I promise to tell you wherever am going to but… How did you come here? ”

I rolled my eyes.

“Daniel told me”


That Daniel?? ”



๐ŸŒปShe’s my crazy dancer…he’s all I’ve got๐ŸŒป



She beamed looking at me.

I don’t find anything funny in what she said.


Why him?

How did he even get her number?

I began to pout crossing my arms around my chest.

“I’m not rich “I said looking down to my feet and she scoffed walking away.


I wonder why am dating a poor guy like you”


I thought she was going to cheer me up afterall.


But… ”

“If you don’t give me plenty of money Carson,

I’m gonna leave you soon “she said smiling but I didn’t find it funny still.

“But… ”

“Hey bro!! “My sister came out of nowhere jumping into me.

“Hey Rudy! “I cooed back staring at her coldly.

She was never happy this way before when I used to stay in the house with my family.

What happened today?

Her eyes diverted to Riley and she did same thing… Jumping into a hug with her.

I just pray Riley never push her away.

“Hey… Oh my gosh!

I can’t believe I hugged you!! “She screamed taking out her phone to take a picture.

“Carson who’s this? “Was the first thing that came to her lips as she scrutinized her with her eyes.

“My little sister”I replied.

“Oh… The one who never respected you? ”

“I always respected him! “She chipped in.

“You’re still getting into his throat little sister”she snapped at her.

“Well…. That’s… ”

“Hush little… ”

Our voices echoed as we disappeared into the night….

Next day,

Her messages woke me up from sleep.

I didn’t stop smiling looking at the hearty goose bumps she gave me this morning before I dressed up and left for school.

Mid way into the school,

A car pulled up beside me and halted,

It was her!

“Hop in!! “She beckoned as I smiled turning my attention to her.

I went to her car and came in banging the door closely behind us.

She zoomed off with high speed.

We passed the school and that got me asking of where we were going.

“Where are we going? ”

“To the beach”

“This morning!!! ”

She smirked.

“I want us to have fun all day,

Don’t worry… we will catch up later with school work”she assured winking and she sped the more.

“Slow down!

I don’t want the cops to tail us soon! “I warned looking back to know if any cops were at our tail but no one was coming.

She swerved and only stopped where there is a road sign.

She will continue from where she stopped.

“Whoooo!!! “She screamed pressing the car horn .

She turned smiling at me,

“Fun right? “She giggled and I nodded.

It was fun after all.

Even though the car is moving too fast,

She’s so smart to get into an accident.

I screamed too.


She sped the more and then I heard a whoop…. Whoop… Whoop sound behind us.

Oh no!

I predicted this earlier.

I panicked.

I looked back slowly and saw their car with the horn blaring.

I turned to Riley.

“They’re here! ”

She laughed and sped off the more.

“They will have to catch me first!! “She pressed her accelerator and her gear and flew off the more.


“Riley stop!

There are more of them behind us!! ”

I was scared.

The more we sped and swerved through them.

The more we got into problem and not less than the next twenty minutes,

We were surrounded in all directions.

“Fuvk! “She grinned and I rolled my eyes at her.

“What you caused”I blamed as we came out of the car with our hands on our head.

“Oh! “One cops happened to smile looking at Riley.

“Hey “she cooed,

“Why are you such in a hurry disturbing the peace of the whole… ”

“I’m sorry “she snapped.


You have to get to the station first… “He said nervously staring at her still and she beamed.

“Leave him behind,

I caused it”she sidelined as hand cuffs were placed on her hands.


I made her drive like that,

I’m sorry but let her go”I butted in.

I won’t let anyone treat her this way.

Cuffs on her hands… Why?

I have to take the blame for her.


He was going to school and… ”

“I caused it!

I made her drive”I interrupted again.

She frowned looking at me.

“Shut up Carson if you don’t want to get yourself punished cuz of me!! ”

“And I won’t let you get punished cuz of me!! “I snapped.



Why can’t he just get it?

They’re going to get us in the cells for being so ignorant of the law!

I don’t want him to be punished cuz its entirely my fault and he’s pushing himself into it!

I turned to the male cop,


Cuff me and not him”I said and he took my hands away,

Placing his in return and I pushed them away too.

“Get your hands off and stop being annoying!! “I warned.

“I won’t let anyone harm you!”he argued.

I smirked.

“They arent going to harm me,

They’re just going to… ”

“I won’t allow that”he snapped turning to the cop,

“I won’t allow that either!! “I yelled.




Don’t fight!

You both are coming with me if that’s the case! ”

“No!! “We both yelled and it got me pissed that Carson still wants to butt into this.

“Carson! ”

“Riley!! ”

I gulped.

“They are going to hurt you Carson! ”

“They are going to hurt you Riley”he spoke softly.

“Then get hurt together! “One of the aggressive cops grabbed my hands and cuffed them while the other did same thing to Carson’s.


We were in the police station,

“Oh my God!

Whom do we have here as an offender?

Riley?? “One of the female cops asked melting on looking at my face.

I bowed and Carson came to my side.

I grumbled.

He’s so stubborn!

He won’t have been here if he’s obedient enough.

“Are you okay? “He asked me as a cop nudged me by the shoulder and I almost fell.

The cops apologized tho but Carson didn’t stop glaring at him angrily.

“I’m okay”I replied to get his eyes off the cops but his gaze lingered on him never moving away.

They got us chairs and a coffee and our hands were let open.

No interrogation or anyone dared speak to us at all.

They all minded their business as if we never existed until late in the evening.

Cops changed due to their times and new ones came in,

That’s when we were interrogated;

“I need a coffee and food before we can talk! “I argued getting pissed off for sidelining us for quite too long even though they know whom I am.

The cop-in charge smirked.

“Just like people say you’re “he muttered looking straight at me,

“Didn’t you hear her?

We’ve been here all morning and she’s quite hungry! “Carson put in,


This is not a place where you act all rude like you used to,

This is the police and… ”

“What! “I flared up.

Carson held my hand and it seemed to bring down my temper.

“Are you getting angry? “He asked and then scoffed.

I made to speak but Carson stopped me from talking.

“You know,

You’re like your father and I guess that’s why he died a very stupid death”

I began to boil.

How dare he speak of my dead father like that?

A slap struck his face from me and he rang the bell which got the cops holding onto me.

I want to scratch his face.

How dare him?

He’s a cop doesn’t mean he must utter nonsense to me!!

He was smiling .

“Take her away!!

Lock her up!

Until she learns her lessons!! “He screamed and they dragged me away.

Something no one had ever did to me before.

I was led to one of the tiny cells and threw me in and before I could rush out,

They locked the door.

“Let me out!!

Let me out now!!! “I banged and banged… till I got tired… Does he know how painful those words were like?

I sat down on the ground biting my lower lips when I heard Carson’s voice speaking through the key hole.

“Riley”he whispered and I sprang up to hear his voice since I couldn’t see him cuz of how the door was like.

“Carson are you okay? ”

“I should be asking you that Riley,

I got released but am going to get you out,

Okay? ”

I sighed in relief.

I was scared they might harm him.

And I won’t let it slide until I win him over in court.

They can touch me but not Carson!

“I’m sorry Riley,

I couldn’t protect you “I heard his voice so sober,

“I’m sorry for putting you in danger Carson”

“I did Riley… Stop blaming yourself ”

“You have to go home okay? ”


I won’t leave this place until we leave here together,

I can’t Riley so don’t tell me to leave you”