Fancy Ballerina episode 43 – 44



🌻She’s my crazy dancer…he’s all I’ve got🌻

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I drove to my parent’s house by the middle of the night.

I have to end this with Riley once and for all.

I hopped into my daddy’s study room where I found him reading.

I panted grabbing the book he was reading and tossing it to the floor and that’s when he turned his attention to me.

“What? “I asked.

“Fix a dance with me and Riley! “I ordered and he looked at me startled.

“Really? ”

“Just do it for me! “I said in a pleading voice.

I should’ve known earlier about what my father have been trying to teach me about that girl!

He began to laugh staring at me surprised.


Now you understand what I’ve been trying to tell you about her? ”

“Just do it for me!

I want to end her once and for all”


The girl I gave birth to is out now,

I’m gonna do that for you… But what do I get in return? ”

“What do you want in return? ”

I heaved as he nodded his head in a thinking mode.

“What do you want in return? ”

“You’re going to marry Damien, ”

“What’s so special about marrying that man? “I snapped.

“He’s fit enough to take care of my business when am gone! ”

“Fine… I will only marry him if she wins over me once again,

If she throws me down,

I will come back and marry him”

He smiled nodding his head and tapping his fingers on his table.

“I like the idea”

“And if I win,

Forget about Damien for good! “I finalized and he stamped the table.

“Deal!! ”

He shouted and I concurred with my head.

Riley… Get ready for me….


“I wish I had my guitar so I will play for you all night”I spoke into the cold night.

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I heard her smirk,

“Really? “I heard her say and I nodded as if she could see me.

“Yeah”followed my lips after the nod.

I heard her muffles,


I wish I had a gun”

I turned to the door as if she was there frowning my face,

“Gun??”I asked.


I really wish I had a gun with me right now”

“Why? “I asked,

“I would’ve shut that man down after what he said about my dad,

It got me thinking cuz my dad had been a cop all his life till he lost it… “I heard her scoff,

“Speaking about my dad like that got me so angry even though I kinda hated them for abandoning me all alone in this world”


“Yeah”I concurred with her.

“I wish I had a gun too”I repeated after her,

“Why? ”

“To shoot my parents and be sure that am an orphan rather than be with them when they don’t act as if I existed afterall”I shrugged.


We wish we had a gun “she generalized.

Silence and then,

🎶If ah.. Had a gun,

I heard her soft voice,

🎶With me,

🎶I was never gonna be in pain,

🎶I was never gonna be insane,

🎶I was never gonna cry again,


🎶I was gonna end the life of those pretty souls that hurt me,

🎶Its nor fai—r,

🎶That they gotta make someone feel so broken-nn-n.

🎶If I had a guuunnn,

🎶I was gonna protect the love of my life from getting hurt,

🎶If I had a gun-nnn,

🎶I was gonna shoot death before he catches my momma, papa and my auntie for himself.

🎶If I had a gunnnnn,

🎶I was never gonna get in this crappy hole called a cell!

🎶If I had a gun,

🎶I will….

“You have such a ballerina kinda voice! “I admired cutting her short from what she was singing.

“Never knew you can sing this way! “I exclaimed.

Hearing her voice…. I won’t lie… Gaht some tears on mah face.

It got me thinking about all the things a gun would’ve done for me if I had one.

“Add yours let’s make here look lively,”

“Really? ”


I want to hear your voice “she urged me and I cleared my throat imagining myself to be playing my guitar.

🎶If I had a gun,

🎶My momma, mah poppa would’ve been long gone.

🎶If I had a gun,

🎶It will be my only fu-u-n… Cuz I would’ve got those rats who broke my heart into shelly piece-s.

🎶I can’t really think of nothing but to protect the love of my life from running into a ditch.

I stopped for a while…

“🎶And we are gonna li–ve t-o-g-e-t-h-e-r!!!

🎶We gonna stay forever!!

🎶We gonna tell the world that we are okay with a gu–uun

🎶With a gun,

🎶With a gun! “We chorused together drawing the last words.

After that,

We breathed hard,

I leaned my back to the door and wished she was doing same as I closed my eyes and soon fell asleep….

Next morning,

The crackles of the door opening gaht me opening my eyes and rubbing them to know who was doing that.

I heard voices,

“Oh my Gosh!

How can you lock her up?

How can you lock my girlfriend up just like that?

Do you have any shame!

Do you even know yourself!!

How dare you!!

I will make sure you loose your job when I talk to my father!

Lemme see a scratch on her skin and you’re dead!!

Rubbish cops!!! ”

I stood up and looked closely at the person who was firing all these words.

Oh my bad!

It was Daniel again.

I scoffed.

“I’m sorry sir”the cop cowered before him opening the door with frightening hands.

“I didn’t know she’s your girl… ”

“How will you know!

You let her sleep in the cell without a coat to cover up her slim hands!!

What if she gets cold?

I’m gonna sue you!!

I’m gonna make sure you rot in jail!! “He reigned on him as the door flew open.

The cops still cowered before him.

“I’m so sorry”

He slapped his face.

“Look at her!! “He pointed and I rushed in to meet Riley.

I touched her,

She was freezing!

She was ice cold.

Oh no!

I had no idea how much she was going through in here alone.

“Why didn’t you give her a cell meant for rich famous girls like her?

But these,

Meant for the poor!!! “He yelled the more and other cops came in bowing at him.


That word is a strong influence on men but I don’t have to worry about that now,

But about my girlfriend who’s in danger,

I shook her lightly and she opened her eyes weakly,

She brought her weak hands to my face beaming,

“Carson… “She called and I felt her temperature,

She was cold.

Like an ice!!

“We have to see a doctor now Riley!

We have to!! “I said to her really scared and she shook her head.

“Are we leaving?

Who’s shouting out there for us? ”

I scoffed.

Saying his name alone is creaking my throat.

“Daniel”I grinned in between my teeth,


How did he come? ”

“I don’t know but you don’t have to worry about that,

I’m taking you to the hospital.. ”

“I’m going to be fine”

I shook my head at what she said.

I don’t want to hear that.



When she looks like she’s gonna die in my arms??


The whole place went calm,

“Riley”I heard Daniel call coming into the cell and squatted too.

With our head almost touching as we both looked into Riley’s face.

I wanted to push his head away.

Why would he look at her?

Who asked him for help?

I scoffed.

I hate to think that its so good that he helped otherwise Riley would’ve frozen inside this God-forsaken cell of theirs.

“Are you okay? “He asked her,

“I’m fine”she nodded smiling at him,

“Thanks for helping us”she appreciated holding his hand and smiling harder at him.

That hurt me.

“Let me carry you to my car,

You need to be treated… ”

“I can take care of her… “I snapped at him.

What does he think that am her boyfriend for?

“Her health is at stake now mr. Carson… “He rattled,

What’s this one trying to do now?

He’s my girlfriend and I don’t see reasons why he’s gonna butt in to this.

We glared at each other… I wanted to poison him with my eyes.

I wanted to pluck out those eyes,


Carson…. He can…. ”

Oh gosh!

She chose him!!

I bite my lips even though she never finished the sentence yet,

“He’s got a car and… ”

“We have yours to ride… “I interrupted her,

“You can’t drive or can you? “She snapped and Daniel smirked.

I wish I know how to drive… I thought sadly as I let them go with him carrying her in his arms….



🌻She’s my crazy dancer…he’s all I’ve got🌻



I woke up hours later in the hospital.

Daniel was by my side.

I sat up and his eyes came to me.

“Are you okay now? “He asked me helping me sit up roughly.

I pushed him away slightly so he won’t touchme.

“I’m fine “I said as I pushed him away.

He shifted back and then brought out the foodies he got for me.


Have some food ”

He placed it on my laps but I wasn’t comfortable with him around me.

I wish Carson was here… Sitting down on that chair and caring for me.

I smiled at him trying to eat up the food but I couldn’t.

“Good right?

Let me feed you myself”he suggested shifting closer to me but I refused;


I’m fine”I rebuked.


I can do that”he pressed further but I shook my head still,

“Where’s my phone? “I asked and he pointed to where he kept it.

He helped me with it.

Oh my gosh!

Carson paged me ten missed calls!

I gulped looking up to Daniel’s face,

“You knew he was calling? ”

He smirked and then shrugged.

“He shouldn’t disturb you”

“But he was… “I tried saying when Carson came calling again.

I picked up immediately,


📲Oh my gosh!

Which hospital are you into?

I’ve been calling you!

You made me so super worried!!

He sounded so frustrated.

I felt so guilty.

So guilty of making him suffer this much.

“What’s the name of this hospital “I asked Daniel who rattled the name for me.

I said the name, my ward number and location to Carson.

📲I’m coming there right now!

I hung up breathing hard.

I miss him already.

Daniel smirked.

“Why do you always like choosing him over me?

What can he give you?


He can’t give you money,

He can’t give you… ”

“He gives me time, he gives me attention and he gave me his heart”I snapped into his throat.

“I can give you all that”

“When everyone turned their back on me,

He stood by me,

He was there all the time and I love him so much”

He scoffed.

“I’m scared one of you is gonna leave the other,

He’s too poor for someone like you”

“You shouldn’t worry about that”I replied him and we fell silent.


Carson ran in panting.

Our eyes met and he rushed to my side.

He sat beside me,

“Are you okay now? “He asked and I nodded.

He hugged me fluffing my hair and then pecked my forehead.

My heart beat faster than normal.

“I’m so sorry “he apologized and I scoffed.

“What for? “I asked and he rubbed my nose,

“I got some bad news “he said slowly looking at my eyes,

“Bad news?? ”

He nodded cupping my face.

“Riele fixed a ballet dancer with the Uk Got Talent show and… And its next Monday… You can’t run away from it… She made it in a way that its famous around the whole world. ”

I shook terribly.

“But… I can’t dance!! “I voiced out,

“She wants to tell the whole world that you’re indeed a fancy ballerina”he caressed my hair.

I’m scared.

“Why did she do it? ”

“I don’t know ”

I sprang out of the bed unfixed everything put to my skin and in my hospital clothes,

I ran out weakly,

What’s Riele doing?


I smiled looking at the trending news everywhere.

💬Oh my gosh!

💬That will be great!

💬So cool!

💬I can’t wait to watch the live video.

I smiled still going to my bar stand to get some wine… A toast for myself.

A toast for my love life!

Halfway into drinking,

My phone buzzed and began to ring,

I smiled.

Someone I wanted and hoped to call me finally called at last.

I smirked picking the call.

📲Hello Riley,

I called majestically laughing and I heard her scoff at me.

📲I’m outside your house now!

Let’s talk!

She hung up..

Outside my house?

I cant believe that!

I rushed to my window and saw her really standing outside in a red dress.

I wore my slip-ons and rushed out.

I beamed when our eyes met,


Won’t you come inside? “I asked smiling,

She rolled her eyes walking closer to me,

“What’s the meaning of what you did? “She asked and I laughed.

“Your legs should be good by now,

Next week,

We have to show ourselves again to the world don’t you think? ”

I asked laughing friendly and she gave a weird smile.

“I can’t dance,

I won’t dance either”

“How’s that my business?? ”

“Take it down”she snapped and I shook my head.

Fears were written all over her face,

I saw them in her eyes.

“Take it down”she repeated and I shook my head acting childishly for her.

“I can’t,

Unless you’re going to leave Carson for me then I will take it down with a snap of my finger ”

She began to laugh.

“Is that what all these is all about? ”


Carson solves the whole problem! ”

“Only Carson and you will take it down? “she asked sounding convinced and I nodded.


I will take it down,

I won’t bother you again,

I will apologize to you for what my dad did to your legs,

Am going to… ”

She turned and left even before I could finish.



Waited till night over her place to meet her since she left the hospital to God knows where but she never came back.

I called her line many times but she wasn’t going through.

I became scared,

What’s she doing?

Is she in danger again?

I paced about the whole of her living room still waiting until the door creaked open sluggishly and she walked in.

I sighed in relief.

“Where have you been? “I asked as she walked past me not saying a word to me.

She stopped turning to look at me,

“Practicing, “she replied.

“Practicing?? ”

She nodded.


I’ve got to practice my legs again,

Riele means business and am up to the task”

“Did you meet her? “I asked and she nodded again.

“Yeah “she nodded again slumping into her couch.

“What did she say? ”

“She said she wants to… “She stared at me critically and smiled,

“Never mind”she brushed off and that got me thinking,

There’s something fishy about everything,

I sat down beside her and made her lean her head on my shoulder.

“I will never leave you Carson no matter what!

Don’t even think of leaving someday Carson”

She mumbled.

“What’s wrong? “I asked again.

She’s acting strange.


She just want us to dance and… ”

I fluffed her hair and she relaxed the more on my hands.

She held her hands into mine and interlocked our fingers,

“Are you okay? “I asked but she won’t speak about anything.

“I’m okay,

Just that I can’t dance,

I tried so hard but I can’t,

I’m scared,

I’m scared… ”

“Its okay”I pecked her forehead,

“Its okay Riley,

It doesn’t matter if she wins over you,

You’re the only crazy dancer I ever know and you will always win in my heart”

She nodded.

“What if… What if there’s a way she can stopped? “She asked,


Did she say there’s a way? ”

She shook her head still looking at me as if I was gonna run away.

“Let me assume that she wants you… I mean if she gets you… She’s going to get everything stopped… Will you still… ”

“That’s not gonna happen “I interrupted her.

“She’s not going to say something like that ”

“What if she says so? ”

I frowned.

“Did she say so?”

She shook her head denying it.


I’m just assuming “she said and then kept quiet.

“We will practice together tommorow,

I have a feeling that you will win”

“What if I don’t? “She flared up.

“I’m gonna be advertised in the whole world!

I will never be same again!

What if I don’t win?

This is my last chance to prove myself again but I cant!

She wants to tell everyone once more that am nothing but… ”

I kissed her….