Fancy Ballerina episode 45 – 47



🌻She’s my crazy dancer…he’s all I’ve got🌻

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“Solved the whole thing right? “He asked he took his lips off mine.

I blinked my eyes twice.

“Partially “I replied crossing my arms around his neck and slid my lips into his again.

It gave me comfort.

It got my mind calm and kept my heart racing.

It sent down shivers to my spine and got me smooching as our tongue rolled against each other.

I forgot about my fears,

I forgot about Riele.

Who’s she?

Does she even exist in this world?

I asked my self as I tilted my head to another direction still kissing him.

Where is that spot in his lips that sweets me so much?


Is it the tongue?

I held onto it softly with my teeth trying to get the moisture I felt earlier when he kissed me.

It was sweet!

But it looks like his mouth felt sweeter,

I tried holding his whole lips with my mouth and lick off everything but No!

He won’t let me,

He wanted to hold mine,

Just the way I wanted to hold his,

It got fiercer as I struggled to get his lips all into mine,

I don’t want to suck onto his lower lips again,

I don’t want to suck onto his upper lips either,

Its going to be more sweeter if I get his whole lips into mine.

He was overpowering my little struggles to win over him,


We disengaged breathless,

Looking into each other’s eyes,

“How do you feel now? “He whispered and I looked at his swollen lower lips,

It seemed to have gotten more pinkish at the soft touch of mine.

He cupped my face staring into my eyes still,

I beamed,

“I feel okay now”I replied and he smiled.

“Don’t worry,

I’m going to always be by your side,

I’m going to help you win when I lend you my legs, ”


My jaw dropped,

“You are going to… ”

“We will be a perfect pair more than last time”

“I don’t think… ”

“Then you have to teach me what I have to know, ”

I hugged him,

Typical Carson!

He’s always trying to help out all the time!

He is always out there to stand by me.

I pressed him much more closer to me,

I soon disengaged looking at his chest,

“Why is your heart not beating faster? “I asked feeling his heart beat and he did feel his own heart by placing his right palm on top of mine which I kept on his chest earlier.

“Its beating”he replied after sometime of feeling his heart.


Not like I want it to be beating”I said holding his forehead,

I kissed it afterwards and felt his heartbeat again,


Its beating extra fast now! ”

I felt it in my palms,

His heart beat,

He smiled at me,

“I have to go home now “he said and I frowned.

“Arent you going to sleep over? ”

He shook his head,

I pouted.

“Nothing will happen”I said trying to take off his fears but he still refused on leaving,


I don’t want to stay but… ”

“What’s gonna happen when you stay with me? “I asked and he smirked staring into my eyes.

He began to shift himself closer to me,

I shifted back ward and he did same thing until my head crashed into the arm of my couch.

What’s he doing?

My heart raced.

“What’s gonna happen? “He asked loosing the belt of my shirt and I stopped him by holding his hands with my two hands.

What’s he doing!!!

I bite my lips blinking and flapping my lashes,

He smirked,

“what’s gonna happen? “He kissed my neck and then pinned my two hands to the couch,

He pressed his body into mine and I gasped,


Carson no!

You won’t stay in my house!


I understand!! “I yelled pushing him away and he began to laugh.

“I’m trying to avoid this,

This is winter remember? “He asked getting off me and then wore his shoes,


I felt my body temperature.

It have gone higher than normal.

“See you tomorrow in school”he waved as he walked up to the door.

I only nodded with my hands still on my chest.

He turned to look at me again as he held the door handle;

“Aren’t you going to see me off? ”

I couldnt move even after hearing what he said.

I went warm in a cold weather.

“Bye! “He waved as he went out and banged the door close after him,

I breathed out,

I never knew I was keeping in some of my breath in until he left.

I reached for my little fan and turned it on,


I blew it around my body and then kept it when I felt my body was dried of sweat.

Maybe I should get a bath instead,

I suggested,

I sprang up at the idea and took my stairs up to my room and then into my bathroom…..


“Why are you coming in so late? “Ben asked as I came into the house.

“I was at… “I was answering him before he cut me off completing my sentence.

“At Riley’s house,

What s3z style did you use this time huh? “He asked winking at me,

I scoffed knocking his head.



Why did you knock me? “He asked rubbing his head repeatedly,

“You deserve a knock cuz you’re being over stupid and foolish these days, “I replied grabbing a cup of water which was on the table.

“I said the truth! “He pressed further,

I gulped down the content of the cup eyeing him,

“What truth? ”

”Haven’t you slept with her? “He asked in a raw manner and that earned him another knock.

“Ouch! “He screamed girlishly and sprang up jumping into me.

“Carson! “He screamed my name charging at me with a punch,

“What! ”

I gave a small laughter looking at his face,

He had this funny face which made him look like a comedian.

“Why knock me twice?”he asked pushing me to the chair playfully.

I covered my face so he won’t hit me on my face.

“You keep saying nonsense Ben! “I giggled defending myself from his feeble blows,

He jumped into me as we tossed around the whole place giggling,

“Stop it!

Stop it!! “I yelled as he began tickling my sides,

“B-ben y-ou-‘ve go-n-ne ma-d?!! “I cackled as he tickled my sides still,

My legs were on the air flying as he kept tickling my sides.

“Stop!! “I screamed but he didn’t stop until my cell phone began to ring.

Buzz… Buzz… Buzz…

He let me go,

Helping me up with my phone,

“Have it”he said to me and I held my phone to see my mom’s name written on the phone’s screen,

I was shocked.

When was the last time she called me?

Or am I mistaken?

I gave the phone to Ben so he could read out what’s on the screen for me,

I can’t really believe she was the one calling me.

Maybe she dialed the wrong line.

I began to sweat.


I couldnt tell.

“Anna”he read out looking up to my face.

Anna… That’s the name I saved her with,

I felt she wasn’t a mother enough for me so I saved her number with her real name.

“Who’s Anna?


I’m gonna tell Riley that you’re cheating on her”he teased as I grabbed my phone from him.

He doesn’t really get the time for plays and time for being serious.

He loves mixing them all up together and that’s what’s so annoying about him!

I scoffed after rolling my eyes at him and then turned my attention to my phone again.

I allowed it to ring off,

It did and after two seconds,

She called again,

Buzz… Buzz… Buzz… Buzz…

My phone vibrated in my hands.

It was her again

What reason is she calling me for?

I clicked the green icon and brought the phone to my ear expecting the worst.


I heard her call my name in a tender voice.

My heart skipped a bit and my eyes became teary.

I couldn’t talk.

📲Carson are you there?

📲Why did you call?

I asked coldly and she was silent,


I miss you,

I really do so much!

I miss your face and I want to see you,

I turned cold….



🌻She’s my crazy dancer…he’s all I’ve got🌻


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Remember my childhood so vividly,

We were young,

It was raining.

Mommy was pregnant with Rudy back then,

She only had one umbrella,

She had me and Damien by her side.

We both ran into the umbrella and she hugged Damien closer to herself.

She walked briskly away smiling at Damien,

“Don’t worry,

Don’t get cold,

We will soon be home”she fluffed his hair as he nodded looking up to her face.

I clung to her trying to get the same attention from her.

I wanted her to look at my face,

I wanted her to fluff my hair,

I wanted her to hold me so near to her body,

I wanted to feel the warmness of her skin,

She didn’t even spare me a glance,

She hurried away holding onto Damien’s arm,

I tried keeping up my pace with them but couldn’t so I gave up following them,

I stopped walking and the rain hit on my head.

It touched my skin and I felt cold instantly.

She didn’t even look back to stare at me,

She just walked on smiling at him,

I shivered as goose pimples filled my skin cuz of cold.

I remember that day vividly,

It’s so fresh in my memory even though I was just five then.

I scoffed taking a deep breath.

Miss me?

Why all of a sudden?

Have she suddenly forgotten about how she allowed me sleep without food just to provide food for Damien?

“You’re a blockhead and he’s the bright one,

So he’s got to eat and… “She collected my food and gave it to Damien who gulped down my own portion of soup within a blink of an eye.

Have she forgotten that also?

Had she forgotten how she yelled at me just because I and Damien had a misunderstanding over my own drawing book?

Had she??

Must I remind her all about that on the phone?

Have she forgotten how she told me that she wished she never gave birth to me at all?

She wished I didn’t come into her womb.

Did she forget that also?

Why does she miss me?

Recalling everything I’ve forgotten got me so super angry.

I was boiling in utmost rage that I felt like killing her with my two hands if she was close to me.

I felt like chopping off her neck if she was ever close to me.

I brought down my phone from my ear and gulped hard trying to calm my temper.

“What’s wrong? “Ben asked me.

I ignored him going straight into my room.

It was a really a sour night for me cuz I cried most of the night,

Her pale voice sounding so real and the past haunting me got my mind entangled on whom to believe.

I slept like a log after many hours of crying and by morning,

My eyes were swollen,

I hopped out of my bed and washed my face,

I dressed for school sluggishly and then came downstairs to meet Ben in the dining room already eating breakfast.


Just dressed to go.

A knock came at my door,

I was confused at whom I saw as I opened my door,

I looked at her from her head to her toe wondering whom she was,

She smiled at me.

And I nodded.

She looked quite old… Maybe around her late forties.

“Morning”I waved still looking at her with my door still half closed with my head popping out.

She nodded once again,

“You look like your mom”she said smiling and I frowned,

My mom?

Why does she have to recall my mom now?

Does she know my mom?

Do they know each other?

I gulped.

“Can I help you? ”

I asked and she signaled me with her hands so I could let her in.

I did.

And I watched her stroll to my couch and then sat down,

“Thanks”she mumbled looking around my living room,

“You live here alone? “She asked and I nodded.

Who’s she?

Why is she asking me and speaking like a weird person?

“Your house is beautiful ”

“And who are you? “I snapped at her.

Why is she being friendly like we knew each other before when I don’t clearly know her?


Strangers everywhere!

She smiled at me,

“I know you’re my son’s girlfriend right? ”

I was blank,



“Who’s your son? “I asked her.

“Carson”she replied with a stress on Carson’s name.

I gasped cupping my mouth.

The witch of a mother is here!

But how did she come to know so much about me?


What are you doing here? “I asked hating her already.

What’s she doing in my house?

A wicked mother like her can’t be sitting down in my couch and smiling at me like a good woman when she’s clearly not!

I hissed crossing my hands below my breast area.

“I know you might hate me… ”

“Of course I do! “I snapped even before she could finish her sentence,

What does she want to say?

That she had a reason for being so partial with her kids?

If she were the kind of mother that I had,


It would’ve been better that she died,

“Its not him! “She said beginning to cry,


Why is she crying in my house?

What the…

She teared up shaking terribly,


Stop crying!!

Won’t you stop? “I asked but she didn’t stop.

I was moved,

I felt like she was my aunt,

I felt utmost pity for her,

“Stop crying! “I yelled softly going to her side and then sat down,

“Its not him! “She looked up to my face once more,


What are you trying to say? “I asked really confused by what she meant by what she’s saying.

Its not him??

What happened?

And why is he not him?

She cried the more and then stood up wiping her face,

She’s being weird!

Coming into someone’s house,

Sit down on her chair and cry!

Is that what she came for?

“What’s wrong? “I asked tenderly and she shook her head,

“Make me see Carson,

I want to see him,

I miss my son,

I want to feel his face,

I want to watch him smile at me once again in my life,”

What the hell is wrong?

What’s wrong with her?

She touched my arm,

“Please “she pleaded and then left my house still crying,

I gulped…..


I smelled the nice air of the whole place as I came into the school premises.

Missed school for some days now I think.

Eyes and fingers were pointed at me,


I’m used to it.

Wasn’t my first time since I started dating Riley.

Everyone in the school sees me as a popular person now but that doesn’t bother me at all.

I walked into the class and sat down quietly ready to read my books when someone closed my book with her long shiny fingers relaxing on it.

I knew whom it was,


I smiled at her,

She grabbed my hand and led me out of the class,

She didn’t stop walking until we reached a very quiet corner and she pushed me to the wall caging me,

“what’s this about? “I asked gulping staring at our awkward posture,

She didn’t speak,

Her eyes searched into mine,

What was she looking for?

Did Ben,

By any chance tell her that I was cheating on her?

I’m going to kill Ben for it!

I looked away each time she looked so intimately into my eyes.

I couldn’t speak.

Her eyes were bringing out those softness in me again.

“What’s wrong? “She asked me softly after sometime,

I shrugged and feigned a smile.

“Nothing ”

I replied and she scoffed.

She came closer to me,

I gulped,

“What are you doing? “I asked nervously,


Every lie earns a step closer to you “she replied me still looking into my eyes,

“Nothing really happened! “I pressed and she stepped closer again almost pushing her into me,

What’s she doing?

We’re in school!

“Every lie again earns you a kiss”she said seductively rolling her eyes and then crossing her arms around my shoulders.

“I… I… Nothing really happened,

I just… ”

She kissed me by the side of my lips,

I gasped.

It was brief but really deep,

Going so deep into me.

My veins reacted differently to the warm kiss,

It ached and stood out more.

“Tell me,

What’s wrong? “She asked again,

I was silent.

I looked searchingly into her eyes to know what prompted her into asking me this but I saw none reasonable.

She cupped my face.

I felt soft,

Her fingers rubbing all over my face made me feel so,

“I… My mom called last night after I left your house “I reported,

“That’s the only thing that happened “I mumbled afterwards trying to hide my pain from what I said.

“Do you feel happy? “She asked and I shook my head.

“Do you feel sad? “She asked again and I shook my head in the negative once more.

“How do you feel? ”

“I feel blank,

I went blank and its so painful”I said with a painful voice and she hugged me,

She pressed her body into mine while I smelled the sweet scent of her hair,

She wrapped her arms around me,

“Its fine”she said.

I petted her hair.

Silence reigned between us and after sometime she looked up to my face once more,

“Feel better now? “She asked and I nodded my head.

She smiled,

“How about if I tell you that your mom came to my house this morning?

She said she missed you,

She wants to see you smile for her once more,

She wants to see you laugh and … “Her face creased up in confusion,

“Its not you… I don’t know what she meant by that “she added.

I gulped.

She missed me?


“She doesn’t have to miss me”

“But she does,

Maybe you can…. ”


Riley don’t even go there,

If you know what I went through in my own family,

You won’t be talking about giving her a chance “I interrupted as if I knew what she wanted to say.

“I’m not going to say that! “She yelled.

“She’s your mom!

You can’t kill her!

Even if you had a gun!

You can’t end the life of the woman who made you!

I lost mine!

But… ”

“Riley… Tell me… Isn’t it strange?

How can she suddenly miss a child that she never wanted?


I want to hate her so much Riley”I mumbled feeling a deep painful hole which was somewhere in my heart…..


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