Fancy Ballerina episode 53 โ€“ 54



๐ŸŒปShe’s my crazy dancer…he’s all I’ve got๐ŸŒป

Nnenna’s campus series



I saw an ice cream man very far away from us and Carson requested for one,

I ran out to the man to go get it and on my way back,

I saw Carson being bundled away by two unknown men,

I gasped.

My heart ripped apart.

I was shocked.

He was shouting out to me as he was led away by those men.

I ran after the car but it was too late.

Their car was faster than my legs,

“Let him go!! “I began to scream as they were now so far away from me.


I digged my two hands into my hair.

What’s happening?

I dialed his number but it was switched off.

Oh no!


I slumped to the ground,

My knees kissed the floor and my hands on the ground.

My eyes were so teary,

I could hardly think.

He shouldn’t be taken away from me,

He’s the only one I have!

I cried out.

“No oooooo!! ”

I began to cry….



My lips was open but no words could come out.

I rushed out of the premises and hurried away to my dad’s office,


I was in there,

I barged in not minding those men with him.

He turned looking at me devilishly,

“What’s the meaning of what you’re doing? “I yelled at him infront of those men and they became quiet listening to me.

He stood up and walked up to me,

A slap greeted my face and I gasped.

He was angry.

A deep rage was visible on his face.

“I should be asking you that question Riele! “He yelled at me and I felt like screaming into his head.

“Is that why you kidnapped an innocent guy? “I asked and he cackled.

“One more silly word from you and I will get him killed”he replied me and I gulped.

“What? ”


You heard me,

You have to undo everything that you did back there,

Calling me a murderer and all that stuff,

Get it down and dance that ball you suffered me to fix… Its coming up in five days now,

Dance it!!

Then you can stand infront of me and talk about getting him out of your mess!

Silly girl!!

You don’t even know when they’re trying to help you,

You don’t even know when am trying to be generous…. ”

“I don’t need your generosity!! “I snapped

“And that’s why you’re getting the bad sides of me daughter!! “He interrupted me.


Get the hell out of my office!! “He yelled at me,

I had no choice,

I have to go.

Everything I do will be on Carson’s head.

I blinked my eyes twice at him.

He’s definitely going to pay for whatever thing he did to me.

My last option now is to meet Riley.

I have to,

I stormed out and made use of my car.

Press men were all over me till I reached Riley’s house,

I know I made a big news to the world but am going to bring it down once again.

I won’t,

Or I may… Else he’s going to kill Carson,

That murderer has no shame!

He has no shame!!

I hate him so much!

I can’t stand him!

I want to kill him!

I want him to face justice!!


I was in Riley’s house,

I packed my car and came in through her gate to see her pacing about in her compound with her phone in her hands and tears in her eyes.

The moment she saw me,

She frowned.

She became angry and she stepped closer to me as if she wanted to hurt me.

I stepped back trying to keep a friendly face to her but I wasn’t sure if she wanted that at the moment,

“Riley calm down”

She began to weep.

“What’s all these am seeing everywhere on my news feed?

What’s this shock that I saw today with my eyes?

Carson was kidnapped in my very eyes!

I couldn’t save him!

I couldn’t even protect him!! “She teared up coming close to me.

“Where did you run off with him to?

Where did you take him to?

To your father??

So he could kill him just the way you guys killed my parents?

Injured my legs?

He’s all I’ve got!! ”

I heaved.

I pitied her.

Tears gathered around my eyes but I never allowed them to drop down to my face.

I didn’t want her to see my pain too.

“Riley calm down”I said softly and she began to laugh in tears.

“Calm down?

Calm down you say?

I don’t understand…

Calm down??

You’ve got to explain everything to me”she grabbed my throat choking me out of breath.

I began to lose it.

I gasped for breath.

“Riley? ”

“Talk to me b*tch!

What’s happening? “She screamed at me still at my throat and I struggled to speak.

I struggled to mumble a few words.

Words that might make her let me go.

“My dad did everything?!! “I screamed out and her hands loosened around my neck,

Maybe she wanted me to say more,

“My dad is a bad man,

He tried to kill me too”I mumbled out again crying and she let me go,

I told her everything.

Everything I’ve been passing through in the hands of my father.

She listened to me carefully.

In the end,

I was crying.

She was crying too.

Silence and sobs reigned in the whole room.

It felt like a heavy burden was lifted off my chest once again after I spoke to her.

“Maybe I didn’t trust you enough”she mumbled after many minutes of silence.

“I didn’t either”I replied and we both busied our noses with the napkins.

“I’m sorry “I mumbled and she scoffed.


Your dad is got to pay for everything he did to me,

He can do whatever he wants but he shouldn’t dare touch my Carson,

He’s all I’ve got… I will dance if that’s the only option to save him but I won’t ever forgive him,

For hurting me and hurting you too Riele,

I never knew you were in pains too all these while”

She said to me and I went closer to her giving her a hug….



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“I need to talk to someone please!!

She’s missing me and might be so worried!”I yelled as my phone kept ringing but they won’t let me have it.

I was extra worried.

Not for myself but for Riley.

How is she feeling now?

She might’ve cried so much.

She might’ve cried herself to stupor.

She might’ve slept without food.

She might be suffering herself,

She might not be able to sleep.

She might still be there,

Maybe she never left for home thinking that I might come back to her again,

I was worried that she might miss me so much.

Two night have already passed and I’m yet to see her face!

And she’s yet to see mine!


This is hell!

My phone began to ring again but the person guarding me scoffed serving my meal to me without giving out the phone to me,

I wonder why i was kidnapped,

Kept in a nice house and fed like a king,

And worst of it all,

Restricting my movements and my phone from me.

“My phone is ringing! “I yelled at him and he rolled his eyes at me.

“Riley?? “He mumbled as he checked the caller ID


You’re pretty popular guy but you can’t take this call ”

“How… ”

“Don’t talk else am going to smash this phone to the ground”he interrupted me in a threatening voice and I kept mute.

“She… “I tried to say to him but the phone went off,

He sighed.

“Eat up or you want me to feed you? “He asked sitting down on the couch beside me,

I scoffed.

I had no appetite for this meal… I creased up my face in a disgusting manner and then scoffed again.



You can’t die here mr. Man… ”

“Who asked you to do all these?

Why are you keeping me here?

Restricting me of my rights!!

I’m gonna get all of you sued to court for this!

These are my rights and you dare try to take them away from me? “I yelled and he began to laugh,


That’s your name right? “He asked me but I didn’t reply,

“You know…. This is not a matter of rights,

Just play along so that your loved ones won’t get hurt”

“What! ”

“You heard me Carson,

Anything you do,

Riley will pay for it,

All you have to do is be mute and don’t talk too much.

Eat up your food and rest your nerves,

Very soon,

You will be released”

I felt so uneasy after Riley’s name was mentioned.

Getting her into this shouldn’t be part of this plan at all…..


A slap greeted my face for the first time from my father.

“How dare you? “He raged as he gave me another one if not that I dodged it.

I gulped.

I tried to explain but no one wanted to give me a listening ear.

“How dare you Damien? “Mom was sobbing.

I thought no one cared about him.

Why all of a sudden??

Why did they come to be so concerned about him?

What the fuvk happened to them?

From childhood,

I’ve always been their speck,

Why all of a sudden,

They can’t even feel my existence in the house,

Every time… Carson… Everyday… Carson.

Does it mean I don’t exist in the house anymore?

“I want my son! “My mom cut in yelling at my father.

“Calm down… ”

“Calm down?

You better get my son back else I will expose you!

Else I will say out the whole truth to the whole world!

What you did!

I will tell everyone what you did!!

You made me hate my own son Greg,

I hated my own son because of you!!

I need my son else,

The whole world, Riley and everyone who got hurt will come and get you! “She nagged pointing at his face.

Something was becoming crystal clear.


Did my dad get himself into some dirty business many years ago?

Is it connected with Riley’s family?


What’s going on? “I asked and she shot me an angry glare,

“You have no rights to speak to me in this house until you and your father gets me my son!!

Get me my son Damien!!

Get him for me and fuvk out of my sight!”she thundered and walked out still talking as she was leaving.

I turned to my dad,

“Father…. ”

“Don’t you dare call my name Damien”he interrupted me looking so angry before he walked out on me,

I gasped and then breathed out.

I felt so alone.

Is this how Carson felt?

Feeling so empty inside of you,

No one wants you,

I gulped and then looked back to see Rudy standing there all these while,

I turned to her for comfort and she stepped closer to me giving me a warm smile,

I smiled back thinking that she was on my side.


You’ve always lied to mom and dad right from childhood painting Carson’s name all the time infront of them “she began still smiling at me.

I frowned as she reminded me of my dirty past.

She cackled.

“You told us lies all the time about him so you will smile whenever he’s going to be called a blockhead”she added and I was forced to defend myself,

“Most things I said about him… ”

“Were lies”she cut me out brushing herself past me with a scoff,

“Rudy wait”I called her name and that made her halt in her tracks.

She turned her head to me feeling less concerned about what I wanted to say.

“What? “She asked and I stepped closer to her.

“I know,

He wasn’t bad… ”

“Then why did you paint his name,

Taking whatever belongs to him and calling it yours”she interrupted again this time with a question.

I gulped.

“Rudy listen… ”

“Listen to what?

Your lies?? “She interrupted again getting irritated.

“Someone should at least listen to me!!! “I yelled at her pleadingly and she started off with a laugh.

“I realized so late that you’re not Carson,

I realized how much of a brother I was missing when I bumped into him several weeks ago,

You’re selfish,

You want most things for yourself! ”

“Rudy… “I cut in as she was going deep into me but she was quick to snap at me again.

“Oh please let me speak Mr. Damien! ”

I wanted to slap her mouth.

When did it get so sharp?

I held my anger.

I’m the one at the erring side and I must becareful not to get anyone extra angry again.

“I will find him,

I will get him back to the house… ”

“Suit yourself,

But let me tell you,

You’re a loser and will always remain one,

I was the happiest person on earth the first day you began to work… I thought everything will work out fine but I never knew,

Things will get this worse Damien,

I hate to say it so much but…

Mom hates you so much,

Dad hates you so much,

And, “she paused stepping closer a bit towards me,

Until she was almost gummed into me,

She raised up her face to mine since I was pretty much taller than her and then ;

“And I regret to say that I hate you so much too”

My heart sank down,

I’m in trouble….


Damien yaff not seen anything ooo