Fancy Ballerina episode 6 – 7

♦️He’s rich, He’s rude✊🏾

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🙇🏾‍♂️Chapter 6 {My feelings for two}🙇🏾‍♂️

Written by Ifeoluwa✍🏾💯

👱🏾‍♀️Tina’s pov👱🏾‍♀️

He placed his l-ips on mine, my heart flutters and my face broadened with surprise.

He k-ssed me, he just f*cking k-ssed me but, why do I feel so suprised with that.

Seyi did the same yesterday too, are those two planning against me?

“So… that’s the proof.” He stuttered slowly as his eyes blinked innocently.

“So, you did this to get back at him.” Abigail queried.

Here, she goes again, it’s as if she’s a messenger of frustration.

“What makes you think I did this to get back at him, because am his girlfriend?”

“Because, he just k-ssed you of course, it shows you are his girlfriend.” She boasted offensively.

“So if I kiss you now does that show we are dating? I k-ssed him the other night he pushed me down and his response clearly showed we weren’t dating, I won’t fall for your trick today, he was the one in the picture and he admitted to it, all other things doesn’t matter.” I said and sat comfortably on my chair.

“Wow, bravo.” Seyi applauded from the back sit. “She’s right, I think everything is settled now, feranmi it’s ok just forget it we all know you are not gay, it’s alright.” He said trying to appease feranmi but he wouldn’t succumb.

“No! it’s not, watch your back.” He said to me and left.

“Tina, how come you are beautiful and smart.” He said playfully.

“How come you two are such a jerk?” I replied sarcastically.

“Tina, would you like to date me?” He asked putting on a pleasing smile.

Date? And with that word my heart suddenly fluttered.

Tina, you are going crazy, don’t be crazy.

“Are you playing with me now?” I asked in response to his question.

“No, am not I really like you, I like your spirit.” He said and my heart fluttered again.

No, no, I won’t fall for this I can’t.

My heart fluttered when feranmi kissed me it’s doing the same with him too.

What’s going on?

“Well, I don’t so back off!” I said sternly.

“Are you sure about that?” He replied and drew his face closer to mine.

“Yes… Am… Sure.” I stuttered staring at his pink lips.

“I see, it shows with you stuttering and all, don’t worry I will take it easy on you, slowly I will get you to be mine.” He said and left.

Damn! He got me with those words.

👱🏾‍♂️Feranmi’s pov👱🏾‍

“Oh my God, what’s this, why is my heart beating for her?” I said confused.

But, it wouldn’t stop my plan, I will make sure to get my revenge.

Wait a minute though, why is seyi acting nice to this girl is there something going on between them.

After class ended, I saw her with seyi walking side by side and smiling at each other.

And for no reason my heart felt jealous, why am I jealous?

Is it the fact that my best friend smiles at the girl I don’t like.

Or the fact that she smiles at him.

But, do I really hate her, I have this uncertain feeling, I don’t know why my heart beats for her.

“Tina!” I called her approaching them.


“Hmm… Let’s go I will drive you home.” I said trying to find what to say, that is the only thing I could say.

I don’t even know why I said that.

“Hi.” Seyi said.

“Hi seyi, seems you guys are now getting close, Tina just like I said let’s go.”

“Don’t worry, have promised to drive her home.” Seyi protested.

Why would he drive her home.

“Why would you want to drive her home, let me relief you of the stress, I will do it.” I replied him playfully.

“It’s no stress I will do it.” He protested.

Why is seyi acting weird.

“I can decide for myself can’t I? I don’t know why you two are suddenly acting nice.” She said not too friendly.

“That’s because I like you.” Seyi snorted.

He likes her? He dare not.

“I forgot to tell you, am starting to like Tina and I want you guys to quit this game of yours my girl and my fr..” before he could finish I cut in

“She’s not your girl.” I replied sternly.

“He’s right am not your girl, and feranmi let’s go home my mom called, she said I should go with you.” She said and left us.

I and seyi just stood still looking at each other.

“She’s waiting for you.” Seyi said pointing towards her. “Seems like you are driving her home today, bye.” He said and left.

Now am confused why do I feel jealous seeing them together.

👱🏾‍♀️Tina’s pov👱🏾‍♀️

The next day in class, after lecture I brought out my phone, playing the game helix jump.

Such boring game, but at the same helps you relief some boredom.

It was then Abigail came out saying she has an announcement.

I really hate her guts.

“So, everyone there’s a rat among us who has been acting as if she’s one of us when she’s not.” She said staring at me.

What could she possibly mean.

“Who?” One of her friends Janet said from the back.

“It’s Tina Adebayo, she is not a rich kid, she’s from a very poor background.” She dropped the bomb.

Her words pierced me, a poor background? I couldn’t raise my head up, everyone around looked at me disgustingly as if it’s wrong to be poor.

“Is this true?” Janet her friend asked.

I knew it was a plan they cooked up, and am sure feranmi is the mastermind.

Am such a fool to have trusted that he sell me out.

“So, you are not a rich kid, how come you act mighty, you this low life.” A guy said to me.

Everyone Started murmuring looking at me.

Suddenly, someone poured oil on me.

“Oh my God!” I said lamenting.

What did I do wrong? Was it my fault I am poor.

I tried looking at the person that poured oil on me and I barely saw her face, it was Abigail.

I will make sure to pay her back.

“Stop!!” A voice shouts. And it was Seyi’s voice.

He approached me and stretch his hands straight at me.

“It’s ok, you can trust me.” He said sincerely but Abigail fired back at him.

“What are you doing seyi? She’s not one of us. Do you want to go against us all.” And with that he relented, drawing his hands back.

How can I trust he would save me, I have no one except myself.

But, I was wrong, another voice shone the chaos and it was a familiar voice, one I can never forget, and it wasn’t criticizing me, it was defending me.

“She’s not poor, and I have a proof.” Feranmi said and strech his hands towards me. “Hold my hand you can trust me.”

What’s this I thought he planned it why is he defending me?

Or is this another trap?

Who should I choose between these two?



🌻She’s my crazy dancer…he’s all I’ve got🌻

Nnenna’s campus series



A girl I always wanted to see my whole life,

I stood up on seeing her come towards the dining table,

My whole family paused themselves looking at her until she came so close to us.

My spoon fell off my hand as I lost concentration staring at the beauty before me,

“Hi”her voice flowed out and I couldn’t believe am hearing her voice for the first time!

“R.. R-i-e-l-l-e”my sister stammered really surprised just like me to see such a big figure in our house.

“Yeah, good morning father, good morning mother”she greeted my parents sitting down beside me on the dining table,

I shivered, I couldn’t take my eyes off her face,

“Morning my daughter”my parents chorused while she nodded bringing out one plate from the center of the table and serving herself food,

Huh… What’s she doing? Is she real? What kinda girl come to our house, sit down like she knew us before and then served herself food?

“Wow! I didn’t know you are going out with someone like her”my dad said winking,

I smiled seeming it to be true,

“You’re so pretty, I’ve heard so much about you”little sister said to her while she smiled without words,

“You didn’t tell me she’s your girlfriend “she nudged me afterwards while I smiled,

“Where’s Carson? Isn’t he coming out yet? “She suddenly spoke up after taking two bites of her food,

My facial expression changed,

My mom and dad just understood her to be my girlfriend and now, she’s speaking of Carson!

Where did she know Carson from?

“Wow! You even told her about your useless brother? “Mom chipped in smiling at me,

“Well mom… “I smiled taking a bite of my food with my gaze still on her,

“Well, my daughter, that my son is so useless , I don’t know how I got him but… ”

“Mom”Rudy caught her up,

“He’s useless?? That’s too bad but you can’t speak so ill of him like that,

He’s a nice guy “she defended him so much as if they’ve known each other before,

How? Where did they meet? Did he meet her before me?

“Awwwwn, you have a humane girlfriend Damien”mom said while she turned her gaze to me,

“Girlfriend?? Damien? Carson never told me that he had a brother! ”

Oh sh*t! Little game bursted!!

I looked from my dad to my mom and then to my sister to see that puzzled expression on their face,

“You… You know Carson? “I stuttered while she nodded,

“Where is he? He’s supposed to be out of his room by now don’t you think?

I came here to fetch him”

Oh my gosh! Carson never told me that he had started rowing with celebrities especially this girl!

“Oh… “I sighed,

“Yeah, I told him I will pick him up to school”

Pick him up?? Did she mean picking up my brother to school?

That useless thing? Blockhead!! She wants to take him to school?

Are they dating?

“He doesn’t live with us here “I mouthed while she heaved,

“Oh my gosh! You guys should’ve told me earlier”she breathed out getting up from her seat,

“I’m sorry”

“Where does he live? ”

I gulped at her question, for no reason,

I found myself being so angry over the fact that she knew Carson and not me.

“I don’t know, he never told anyone”I lied,

“Oh… I will sort that out bye “she waved at all of us before leaving the house again with her bodyguard,

Every attention came back to me again,

“What was that about? Dad asked,

“I thought she was your girlfriend! “Rudy put in,

“I thought I was gonna be having a daughter-in-law!”

“And she came here… She came all the way here for Carson!

My big bro is a real guy now! Gosh! This popular girl came to look for him! “Rudy feeling so excited said,

I didn’t speak,

Carson, what game is he playing this time around??…


C’mon don’t fall again! Please don’t!

I landed on the floor again, I gave up going to the door to open it for my aunt,

“Hey aunt!”I greeted as she came into the room,

“Hello, how you? Your legs are… ”

“Fine “I snapped smiling at her,

“Okay eaten anything, ”

“Nope”I said shaking my head,

“Why? ”

“Cuz I can’t cook a thing, I mean… I can’t get my hands and time all screwed up for hours cuz of cooking “I said with a disgusting face and she sighed,

“Okay, I will make something nice for you now”

“Thanks aunt, how’s your family and my cousins? They don’t wanna see me yet? ”

“Yeah, they said you are an annoying cousin sister”

“Psst! Who cares if they are there or not, I don’t need them either aunt, “I replied sighing.

“The press really want to meet you”

“I can’t meet them ”

“Why? “She asked going away to the kitchen,

I followed her,

“That’s because I don’t want to,

if I meet them now, the whole world will know about my condition and my chance of dancing will be dropped”I explained following her into the kitchen,

“Look Riley”she turned her face to me after she might’ve turned on the gas,

“What makes you think you can win again? ”

“I can… ”

“There’s something I didn’t tell you, ”


“I investigated about how that accident happened and was told that it was planned”

“What! ”

“Yeah, drop out, I don’t wanna lose you!!, “she cried out soberly,

It dawned on me immediately that some guys are after me by what she said,

“I can’t back out for anyone, its my talent! ”

“That person won’t stop coming after you until… ”

“I don’t care! I don’t care at all!

That person might’ve succeeded in breaking my ankle but.. ”

“Do you know one thing with you Riley is that you’re too stubborn!

Do you think that they can’t plan your death? Someone who set you up into an accident can do anything!

Do you know who did it? ”

“No”I shook my head,

“Riley’s father! ”

Oh my! My eyes widened with shock as my jaw dropped almost immediately too,

“What did you… ”

“Exactly Riley, pull out of that competition,In three days time the game will be on,

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Don’t go there, first your legs aren’t okay and you might not win again with your legs like this… ”

“They’ve challenged me to do the competition more aunt,

I never knew that Riele was this bad!

And she acts around like my friend! She… Fuvk!! “I stared at my legs,

Not like what my aunt is saying never made sense to me, she’s hundred percent right!

I’m scared myself that I might not dance the balls,

My legs can’t move flexibly any more,

I’m so scared too that I might not win but the fact being that I was set up into this by Riele’s father hurt me the most,

People are like chameleon, come to your face they act like an angel while at your back, they’re beast!!

She came closer to me and hugged me,

“Its okay, its really okay”

I sighed,

“Aunt, i’m so scared, am really scared aunt

Each time I try to strengthen my legs, I can’t move it, I can’t stand on my toes

My legs is so useless!! I’m so fuvking scared!! ”

“That’s okay, huh, its fine”

“It won’t ever be fine with me if Riele ever emerges as the winner!

I will hate myself forever!! “I spat out….


“How did you find me here? “I asked when I opened my door to see Riele standing infront of it,

She smiled pushing her way into my small house,

“Well, I went to your house first”

“House?? ”

“Yeah”she nodded her head,

“I mean… “I got nervous, they might’ve said something nasty about me to her and am so sure of it,

“Hmmmm, I went there, you never told me you had a big brother and a little cute sister! ”

“Well… “I shrugged looking at her sit down on my small rickety stool with her gaze traveling around the whole little living room,

“And you never told me you’re a useless guy and a blockhead too “she said winking at me while I gulped,

“Its funny “she added as she started laughing,

“What’s funny? ”

“Being a blockhead and a useless guy ”

I cleared my throat not finding anything to say to her,

It was rubbing my head or biting my lips, that’s what I did,

She sighed,

“Aren’t you gonna prepare for school?”

School? I looked at myself and clothes,

Can’t she see that am already prepared or are my clothes that poor not to be noticed?

“I’m.. I’m already dressed”

Her eyes traveled to my clothes too and down to my shoes,

“Dressed??… Oh.. I.. Didn’t look at you properly ”

“I see”

“Yeah.. “She stood up, “let’s go”
She said leading the way while I followed suit locking my door as we went out….


I reported to work, I went to meet my boss in his office and was ushered into a chair,

“Wow you’re so handsome! Whom did you take after? Mom or dad? ”

I blushed greatly looking at him,

“Well, I can’t say”we both laughed while he signed my papers and handed them to me,

“Thanks sir”

“Don’t mention, I like you already,

You see, this is one of the famous company in Washington and I want you to always keep that image up okay? ”

I nodded my head,

“You’re really so handsome! Do you have a girlfriend? ”

He asked me and I shifted nervously on my chair,

What’s he upto? Why asking me that question?

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“No sir”I lied and he nodded smiling at me,

“Well, I like you and I think I’m gonna fix you with my daughter Riele ”

My eyes widened and I gulped hard looking at him,

Which Riele is he talking about?

“She’s such a good dancer, you might know her,

And she might like you too, I’m going to fix you guys together,

Hope you like my idea? ”

Riele?? So this is her father? So, I’m working for Riele’s father??!

“Uhm… ”



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