Fancy Ballerina episode 8



🌻She’s my crazy dancer…he’s all I’ve got🌻

Nnenna’s campus series


Three days later,


Long awaited day in my life! I woke up in a swift rushing to my TV with my toothpaste and brush in my arms,

I lined the paste on my brush and covered the tooth paste with the lid dumping the brush into my mouth and looking at the TV.




“Me!! “I didn’t wait for them to finish before I called my name.

Me! The unbeatable me and no one will really beat me today even with my bad legs,

I looked at my two legs sighing as I went into my massive bathroom to brush and wash myself,

I brushed my teeth thoroughly staring at my reflection at the bathroom rectanglular mirror,

I smiled at myself and then began to pull off my clothes going into the bathtub to bath,

Five minutes later,

I was out into my room, I strolled steadily to my wardrobe to get my towel and then dry my body,

I did that in a hurry before my cellphone began to ring,
I went to it to see my aunt written on the screen as the caller ID,

I picked up;
📲Hey aunt, what’s up?

I said excitedly strolling to my closet to get my clothes,

📲Where are you?

📲At home,

📲Are you really going for the competition?

📲Of course yes!

Why won’t I, I’ve planned so much for this,

I can’t throw my title away just because of some man,

I’m not like that and won’t ever be!

📲Oh C’mon Riley! I thought we talked about this?

📲And I said I won’t drop out of my competition cuz of some stupid man and her daughter!

📲Its for your own good Riley!


I was getting angry already,

📲Yes Riley?

📲You’re making me suspect you as one of those people after my life!

📲How dare you talk to me like that!

📲Yes Aunt!

I don’t even understand you at all,

Dancing is my life! My being and my beauty,

How can I give it up just like that!

📲Riley, what if you don’t win?

📲I will win,

📲Your legs are so bad! The doctor wants you for check up today!

📲I’m afraid am not going to come until after I take my rightful title from those useless girls who think they can beat me!

📲You’re too proud like a peacock Riley…

📲All I need is for you to support me,

I interrupted her and she sighed,


I hung up, I hate sermons where the other person keep on disagreeing with my point at all times,

I heaved and resumed with my preparations…


I paced about my room really nervous and shaking,

The d-day has come! A day which will bring my legs to a battle with Riley’s.

What if she wins me again?

“She can’t win you again daughter”my dad interrupted my thoughts as he came into my room,

“Dad… “I genuflected a little before greeting “good morning ”

“My angel”he hugged me and gave me a peck on my cheeks,

I sighed,

“She will never win you again my daughter, ”

“I’m not so sure, she can be really tricky… ”

“If she wins you daughter… I mean if she wins you ever again… “He glared into my eyes in a funny way which got me scared,

“Don’t ever come back to my house else you die”he threatened smiling at me,

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Fear gripped me as my joints tightened wherever they’re in my body,

He patted my shoulder,

“Don’t worry, I know you will win and when you do,

You’re getting married”

“Married?? “I became surprised,

What’s this beast saying all of a sudden?

“Yes daughter, your mom was your age when I married her so yes! I’m talking about marriage ”

“With whom? “I managed to ask him holding my anger,

He smiled sheepishly smirking,

“With a guy I will introduce to you to later.. “He checked his time,

“Oops! You’re late already, start leaving for the competition darling ”

I didn’t stir,

One thing kept ringing in my mind,

Kill this man and I will be free from his abuse and molestation towards me,

“Didn’t you hear me! “His voice thundered while I scurried out of the room in fear.

What’s with him? What’s always with him?

Me get married? How? I just turned twenty and he’s talking of marriage!


I came out of my house with my bodyguards to behold Carson’s face standing at our gate with a flower in his hand,

A rose flower actually,

My anger disappeared immediately as I ran to the gate to meet him,

He waved at me putting up a healthy smile for me while I smiled back standing infront of him,

“Hey”he cooed at me his cheeks getting red up as he looked at me,

“Hey”I repeated giggling,

“I.. I.. You look beautiful ”


He nodded and then shoved the rose flower to my face in a very funny way,

“I brought you this to wish you luck today”

“But you wished me yesterday… “I replied collecting the flower from him and smelling it,

“Mmmmmmmm…. So nice! ”

“You like it? “He asked me and I nodded my head,

“Yes! Yes! Yes and yes Carson,
Thanks so much! ”

“Its my pleasure Riele, always think of me when dancing,

Remember all that we’ve practiced together this past days,

The right turn and the left turn… “We giggled together recalling how we played like kids after school on the school dancing room,

He fell silent again before he looked to my face,

“Can I hug you? “He asked me and I nodded,

I opened my arms to welcome him into it,

He hugged me so dear that I felt like there was something inside me beating violently against his chest,

“You will win Riele, you will surely win”he whispered into my ears,

“Why? I don’t… ”

“Cuz you’ve got a good heart, you accepted the poor me without question and made me your friend,

You’re so nice that I wonder if anyone will win you over when you get there”

“Riley… ”

He cupped my face interrupting me from what I wanted to say,

How Riley’s legs are more flexible than mine, more loved and her cute face too!

But he interrupted me,

“Even if she wins over you, she still didn’t win cuz as far as am concerned… “He stared deeply into my eyes bringing out the courage in me

“You won, you win in my heart and you’re the most beautiful dancer I have ever seen”

“Carson”I blinked hearing what he said to me,

But hold on! Am I falling in love with this guy?

“You’ve got my back Riele, go there and make me proud ”

I nodded as he caressed my face with his fingers,

“There’s something I’m going to tell you when I make you proud”I said to him,

“What? Tell me now”

*That I love you*
I said in my thoughts smiling at him,

“When I win”

He nodded letting me go,

“Bye! “He waved going away and I felt like pulling him back to where I am and kiss him,

I smiled watching his back, he suddenly stopped and turned to look at me again smiling,

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I smiled back before he turned and left never looking back at me again.

I will win for myself, for him and for my useless father! So help me God!


I drove my car myself to the competition,

As soon as I hopped out, I realized the reason and the usefulness of my bodyguards to me.

Cuz everyone rushed to me almost pulling me down to the floor if not that securities here rescued me from them,

🗣Tell us! Where have you been?

🗣How is your ankle?

🗣We’ve been dying to hear from you our crazy dancer!

🗣Gosh! Look at my first love over there!

Press men were the next thing I had to deal with,

They clustered around me and those securities guarded me away from them.

🗣Tell us how have you been?

🗣Riley? People are asking questions about your leg and….

I pushed my way forward and away from them,

🗣Oh dear Riley!

🗣Speak to us!

They’ve got to be kidding me, I don’t want to talk to people like them!

Ugly fellas! Psst!

Three hours later,

After series of dancing the balls, it was my turn, the two other dancers have been eliminated leaving me with Riele to compete with.

Tho I haven’t seen him today but I wish I could see her,

I swear, I will tell her off on what she and her dad is upto,

I paced about my waiting room after my make-up artist were done with my face make-up,

Something bothered me, who’s on my side? My aunt isn’t in support of me being here at all,

I waved that stupid thoughts away standing on my toes to practice and dance the ball in any way I can,

Riele can not definitely win over me,

I cleared my mind and then put my two hands in motion to dance,

Ouch! My leg was hurting already,

I endured a little making a stretch of one of my leg while I supported my weight with the other one and then;

I fell to the ground panting, my leg hurts so much!

Ouch! Am I really sure about this?

“Wow! “I heard Riele’s voice say to me and then a clap before I looked up to her face,

“What are you doing here? “I asked rudely to her,

“I came to see you”she said in a friendly voice which got me scoffing,

Am I stupid? Do I look like someone she’d spit onto and then say sorry the next minute?

“Get out! ”

“What? Are you angry with me over something? ”

“Yes! For making my legs this way?

You think I won’t know what you and your lousy dad was up to?”

“Riley I… ”

“Don’t you ever call my name in your worthless life again”

“My dad and me aren’t same thing! ”

“Cuz you’re sure you will win, but let me tell you one thing

You might win me today but not forever!

Challenge me when my legs are okay and watch me bring you to naught! ”

“Riley! Stop talking to me like that! I… ”


Followed by an uproar and then my heart skipped…


Love you guys! ❤