Fancy Ballerina episode 9



🌻She’s my crazy dancer…he’s all I’ve got🌻

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What’s wrong with her? Why does she think so full of herself all the time?

” Look… ”

“Hush and don’t even open your mouth and talk to me at all”she hushed me getting up and then strolled out of the room in a magical style.

I gulped and then went out to go see what she’s going to do there on the stage,


🗣Our main girl is here!!

🗣Show us what you’ve got in there for us!!

🗣C’mon dance for us!!

🗣No one is upto your legs!

🗣Just love your legs! Your amazing dance steps!

🗣Woowooooooooh! No one can dance like you do!

I felt a little jealous seeing everyone go crazy over her,

No one was ever like that each time I danced for them,

🗣 Woooooo!!

“Riley Mason is… ”

The crowd didn’t even allow him, the speaker,to finish before they went crazy at the mention of her name.

Her face was full of smiles as she saw the whole audience dying for her.

Placards, T-shirts, inscriptions were all made in her name, her face, her dancing motions and her smiles,

🗣We love you!

🗣You’re my first love!

🗣She’s got some good legs!!

I nearly choked seeing them go crazy over her,

“Can you really do this with her? “Someone said from behind me while I tilted my head backward to know who spoke to me,

It was Rachael who was speaking,

“Hey”I cooed at her while she smirked,

“No time for heys Riele, this girls might win all of us can’t you see that? ”

“Psst! She’s been into this for long, we’ve got no chance around her in the first place”I said shrugging while she sighed,

“I just hate her, her aura and her fuvking face! “She spat out looking at my face,

“Well, I can’t hate her, she’s my friend and… ”

“Oh damn! Don’t tell me you’re not thinking of winning her someday? “She cut me out staring deeply into my eyes,

“Well… ”

“Riele I want you to beat her off that stage sometime, you know…. ”

“Rachael what are you saying? ”

“She’s too proud of herself! I just hate her!

Gosh! Look at how she smiles like a piece of sh*t! ”

She scoffed with the both of us still looking at her,

“I wish she fails, I wish you can crush her out from that fucking stage!

I know I’m not so good at ballerine dances but I’m sure you can win over her”

“Rachael you don’t know what you’re saying do you? ”

“Psst! I’ve been hating her right from the first day she told me to my face that I’m not up to her level! ”

“Hey , I know she’s that way but she’s good if you know her so well”

“I know her so well! I mean…. “She smirked gesticulating with her fingers,

“like, she’s too proud! She’s just so blaaaaarrr like an a$$hole! “She spat out again,

“Rachael, she’s just okay and… ”

“Rachael! “Her mistress called her and she waved at me and then left,

I sighed turning to see Riley still smiling and flirting with her widely exposed legs ready to dance,

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She’s really too proud of herself,

But she’s still my good friend,

I know my dad might’ve messed up with her legs but…

She’s still gonna be my friend….




Three!! ”

A soft song started playing, it was so slow and lovable and then she breathed hard standing up on her toes but then started shaking,

She shook terribly, I noticed that like she was still learning how to dance,

I fretted.

She closed her eyes and then tried stretching out her left leg sexily and then stand on her second leg but failed.

She fell down on the ground which got the crowd gasping and murmuring almost immediately as everywhere fell silent,

🗣What’s wrong?

🗣What the hell is wrong?

🗣What’s with her?

🗣She had never fell before why today?

She stood up in a swift and tried dancing again,

She played with her legs, she tried dancing without having to stand on her toes but it was fruitless,

She was getting exhausted as I looked at her,

She fell to the ground the fifth time and found it difficult to stand on her legs again,

It appeared like she was giving up already,


🗣She can’t dance again?

🗣What’s wrong?

🗣is she drunk?

Her gaze went round the crowd while her long pony-tailed hair dropped to the side of her shoulder,

She kept looking around really ashamed from her expression,

🗣Damn! She can’t dance again!

🗣Oh my!

She tried standing again to dance but no! She can’t!

She was crying, she tried covering up for her legs with her hands,

Her swift flexible hands but it won’t happen at all,

And then, her gaze met mine as she shot me a glare,

I shook terribly and I didn’t waste time taking my eyes away from hers,

I was breathing heavily and I didn’t waste time leaving that place that I was,

I can’t bear to see her like that knowing that my dad was responsible for what is happening to her,

I ran to my waiting room and then slumped into my arm chair panting for breath,

“What’s wrong? “My mistress asked me while I shook my head,

“Everything is wrong ma’am”I sobered,

She held my palm squeezing it with hers as she looked into my eyes,

“You’ve got a long way to go about life,

Let me tell you, be bold and brave, don’t fret at any little thing… ”

“Ma’am I… ”

“I know, you think that you might not win over her right? ”

Why can’t they understand my heart? Why can’t they get that am so troubled?

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Winning is not the thing now but Riley! She’s all ruined up because of me!!

“RIELE BERTINELLI! needed at stage now!! ”

I shook when I heard that voice followed by few noises which can never be compared with what Riley got when her name was mentioned to come up to the stage,

“Go “she kinda ordered me softly and I nodded pushing myself out of the arm chair examining my short ballerina dress and my soft shoes,

I’ve already won! Riley have lost and am so sorry about it, at least this is my chance to show my dad that am capable of anything in this world…..


Will I ever stop crying?

Why couldn’t I dance?

The crowd expected so much from me but I pushed them to the edge,

I hate everything! I hate myself!!

I cried and cried…

My mistress couldn’t control me,

I even asked her out when she was being too buggy towards me.

What’s the use of my life without my legs?

I’d rather die than stop dancing for God’s sake!

Riley did this to me! She fuvking did this to me!

I won’t stop hating her and I will stop at nothing until am able to win her again!

I gulped hard swallowing some saliva really sad,

Maybe I shouldn’t have come, it would’ve been better to meet the press,

I would’ve told them about my accident and how much I was injured,

I would’ve told them that I don’t have my ankles anymore,my ankles that helped in my leg’s magic isn’t okay anymore for a while!

Gosh! What was I thinking! Why the fuvk didn’t I listen to my aunt in the first place?

I cried the more especially when I heard the results announced and I wasn’t even in the list of what the goddamn man mentioned,

I think I came fourth place, first time I dropped so low!

Fourth! Those badass b*tches won over me! I couldn’t believe it!




I went dumb as everything around me stopped moving,

Everyone was calm for a while before they went wild,


🗣Oh my Gosh! She danced greatly!


🗣Olla from my side Riele, you danced so good!

With anger and as depressed as I was,

I stepped into the stage amidst chaos, shouts, loud murmurs,

My names which were on placards, signboards, T-shirts, caps, etc was quickly replaced with Riele’s.

She stepped into the stage almost same time to receive her price and we both met,

Her smiles suddenly dissapeared on seeing me,

“You did this to me Riele!

You fuvking did this to me so that you can win for your a$$hole dad!! ”

I screamed in a loud voice which got everywhere silent,

“Riley I… ”

🗣What’s she saying?

🗣She has gone nuts too!

🗣Hmmm, I wonder what’s wrong with her that made her lose out to the fourth place,

🗣Look at how she’s shouting,

🗣She’s gone mad!

🗣She needs medical attention

🗣Oh gosh! what’s wrong with my crush?

🗣She’s insane!

“I’m not insane! Riele and her dad is!! “I shouted out to them when the comments was too unbearable for me,

“Guards!!! “I heard Riele say slowly but sternly and then they grabbed me out of no where while I struggled to get away from them,

“Let me go! Let me go you rats!! ”

And with no one speaking up for me, I was led out of the stage like some unimportant person….


I watched all that happened on my TV and I felt so sorry for Riley but she’s acting mad,

Who treats her own friend like that just because she failed for once?

I scoffed but then smiled seeing Riele carry the trophy,

I smiled more widely seeing her speak to the whole crowd but it felt like she was speaking to me,

I sighed relaxing on the sofa when the door creaked open and Damien came in to the house,

”Hey, when did you come home? “He asked without courtesy,

I smirked,

“Few hours ago, why? ”

“Well, it calls for a celebration all the same Carson”he came close to me patting my shoulder,

“Yeah but why? ”

“My would-be bride won the competition!!

Riele Bertinelli! “He spoke with some ounce of pride and then a tiny bit of jealousy as he watched my face giggling,

But wait, hold on!

What did he just say?

Riele?? My own Riele Bertinelli??


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Damien and Carson😬😬