Fancy feast Ballerina episode 13



๐ŸŒปShe’s my crazy dancer…he’s all I’ve got๐ŸŒป

Nnenna’s campus series



I was bathing when someone barged into my room making a whole hell of a noise,

“Who’s there? “I screamed to whomever was inside my room but I received no reply,

I washed quickly and came out later with a towel tied loosely around my waist,

“Now can you please tell me the reason why you’re breaking up with me? “Jenny’s voice greeted me when I came in,

She was the noisemaker after all,


I ignored her going to my wardrobe to get my clothes,

I have to get to work before nine O’clock and it seems like am running out of time already,

“I’m talking to you Damien and don’t you dare act dumb with me! “She screamed again closing in on me from my back,

I ignored her still, taking out my blue pants and white long-sleeve shirt from my wardrobe,

“Are you gonna ignore me all day Damien? You’re making me so angry! “She screamed again and I looked to her face,

She was really angry, scared and her lips shaking by what I saw from her face,

She stared into my eyes while I scoffed throwing down my towel standing naked infront of her.

She looked away from me and then turned her direction to somewhere else,

I wore my under pants and then began to get my legs into my long pants struggling with them until I sat down on my bed,

“Damien,”she called softly as she turned her front to me,

“Why? Why don’t you love me anymore? “She asked softly but I still ignored her putting on my long-sleeve shirt and then buttoning up half way up to my chest area,

I left the other buttons so I could leave my chest bare for some crazy girls to look at.

“Here let me help you”she came close to me trying to touch my shirt as I stood to my full height,

I stepped away still not talking to her,

I wonder how girls understand or hear English,

When you say:



They seem to understand it in a very disgusting way otherwise why can’t she get it when I said that I don’t love her anymore?

I really don’t love her anymore and she should learn to leave him alone!!


I combed my hair vigorously watching her from my mirror as she looked at me non-stop,


She was crying,

Like the hell!

What’s in there for her to cry about?

Why is she acting babyish all of a sudden over something that doesn’t make sense?

I need space from her and she should learn to appreciate it!



I remember when you told me that you love me Damien,

I was the happiest woman on earth and up to now I don’t want that to change,

I really do love you!

Understand me Damien… “She strolled upto where I was by the mirror treating my hair and then she stood holding my shoulders from my back,

“I love you Damien, tell me what I did and I promise to mend my ways ”

I scoffed.

I didn’t even turn to look at her,

I did my hair and then lined my lips with the pink lips balm and stood up again going over to the other side of my bed to pick up my briefcase.

“Damien! Damien, are you gonna go on ignoring me? ”

She screamed following me up and down even when I was wearing my perfume on my body,

She was there, when I was wearing my shoe, she was there too!

Almost at everything I did inside my room, she was fuvking getting in my way!

“Damien! Speak to me!!

Talk to me Damien!

Fuvking talk to me before I go crazy in here!

Like the hell! What’s wrong with you to even ignore me!!

Speak to me now!!

I’m talking to you Damien!!

Speak to me!!! ”

“And say what!? “I yelled back when her noise became too much,

How can I be in my own house and don’t have peace?

For fuvk sake why?

“And say what!? Huh! What Jenny? ”

I yelled still and she parted her lips ready to say something but no words came out of those lips of hers,

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“You ain’t gonna say anything again? Huh! And you wanted to deafen me with your voice!? ”

“Damien… ”


What part of I DON’T LOVE YOU ANYMORE didn’t you understand?


I’m talking to you b*tch! What part of it didn’t you understand? ”

“B*tch? Damien you dare call me a b*tch? For God’s sake why?

Did I do something wrong in loving you? ”

She sobered,

She wiped her tears,

“And that’s why I said you should stop loving me already,

I don’t love you again and you must know it now! ”

“And that’s how you gonna treat me? ”

Oh sweet Jesus!

What’s wrong with this silly woman?

How does she want me to treat her?

Like a princess? Like a queen?


I rolled my eyes at her, looked at her from her feet straight up to her head before grabbing hold of my briefcase once again as I proceeded to my door,

“Damien!… “She backhugged me shaking terribly on my back,

I sighed half closing my eyes,

“Why don’t you love me anymore Damien? ”

“That’s because I love another and I’m getting married soon!

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Don’t you get it! Don’t spoil things for me! “I shook her off my skin turning my front to her,

“I’m getting married Jenny so you’ve gotta move on with your life without me”

“Married?? “She gave a chuckle of pain “married?? Really? You promised me forever? ”

“And you believed me?

You mean to tell me that you believe every word every guy tells you? ”

“You’re a monster Damien! “She fired angrily at me wishing she could hit my face,

“I am and I won’t disagree with it,

Every guy is like that even your brother to some other girl”I smiled sheepishly at her before walking out on her,

She’s gotta suit herself the way she wants,

I won’t care!

All I know and should think of having no matter how hard she’s gonna prove to me is Riele….


LANX… one of the biggest ballet dancing company in america wants me to dance for them?!

Though, I’ve done many dances with them,

This one seems so different from the rest,

So different!

My aunt got me two private ball dancing teachers aside my mistress to guide my legs again,

Even though I knew I can dance more than them,

I didn’t mind, I want to win this real bad!

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“Riley, dance using your two feets on the ground ”

one instructed while I cleared my throat standing straight and then began to dance with my two feet on the ground,

It was painful!

Oh my! my legs is in flames!

I tried harder to dance but it was no!

So I gave up, sitting down on a chair near me,

“You have to try harder! “One of the tutors ordered in a fit encouraging me but I didn’t get it that way so I ended up mouth lashing her;

“Try harder! Really?

Do you think you can dance more than me if not that I had some problems huh!

Who are you to tell me about… ”

“Riley! “My mistress called my name in a bid to stop me from talking which I did glaring at that so-called tutor who was mad at me but couldn’t say it out.

Who cares!

“Riley, keep your mouth in check sometimes ”

“Alright Mrs. Mistress thank you! “I scoffed after that,

We all sighed,

I know being with me is really tiring and annoying but that’s me!

And I can’t change me for anyone!

Not when I can buy anything with my money,

Make people bow down for me and make guy’s heart flutter so much even though they can’t have me!

I’m just someone who can’t change for anyone and that’s me!!

“Its okay, I’m. …”I wanted to say sorry but the word just stuck in my throat, unable to come out so I changed my mind,

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“I will do whatever you ask me to do”I said instead and it seemed to soften her face a bit,

“That’s fine “she smiled a bit,

Solved it!

“Now try relaxing on your legs, try and withstand pain no matter how hard it is”

“Pain!? ”

I wanted to mouth lash her again but I kept quiet,

“Yes pain, withstand pain first, no matter how painful its gonna be,

Just endure it, its gonna make you stronger ”

It made sense tho.

I should withstand pain?

I stood on my toes and a sharp pain found its way to my head and I groaned badly,

I didn’t mind.

I endured it.

I danced for close to ten minutes with pain,

I could hardly concentrate but I tried harder,

I’m doing this!

I’m going to do this!

I must win over Riele!

I must!

I danced the more even when I started vomiting blood I continued,

“Riley stop!

Stop! Its okay!

You’re bleeding around your ankles!

Blood!! ”

I was loosing myself, can’t I really do this?

It was pain!

My whole body was in flames especially when I tried stretching my foot ,


Only myself knew what I was going through,

Does it mean I can’t really dance again?

I gulped trying to dance one last time when I slumped and fell to the floor unconscious…..


She’s bad but I like her๐Ÿ˜”

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