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Fate mirabel Episode 10 – 11



Episode 10.
The invitation card of Clement wedding was shock to the Albert family, most especially to Nora. Victor couldn’t help but get angry more why it should be Clara. Since Clara left the company, he secretly searched for her but he didn’t succeed, only to see an invitation card of her wedding soon.

Enmity started between the two families again.

Veronica: why should you replace my daughter with an illiterate Clement? My family will never accept this insult.

Mr Anthony: who are you to tell my son who he should get married to, after all your daughter did to him. This wedding is not negotiable and your opinion is not needed either. You are only invited but It’s not compulsory you should attend.

Mr Albert: let’s get out from here. We will never forgive you for this.
The wedding preparations were on and everything was going smoothly. Clara then brought in her uncle, Clement objected to it but she insisted saying everything happened for a reason. Robinson was filled with fear when he saw Clara, but when Clara made it clear she’s here to ask them to stand in as her parents on her wedding day they were so ashamed.

They both apologised for what they did to her but she told them she had forgave them already. She gave them every item and requirements necessary and she even took their son with them, saying his going to be the little groom.

Nora pretended to leave the country few days to the wedding but not even her parents knew she was in the country monitoring Clement. After she heard of the upcoming wedding, she swore to deal with Clem and Clara.

It was a double wedding for Christabel and Pius, Clara and Clement. They both decided to wed on the same day. Dignitaries were invited and the crowd present almost made Clara forgot how to walk. “Do I really deserve such respect? She kept asking herself.

Vows were exchanged and every where was so emotional as the couple’s poured out their heart to their partners. Then a chance of ” You may kiss your bride was given” which made the crowd cheered in excitement.


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Anthony gave Clem a visa to Malaysia for their honeymoon, but Clara refused to go, giving an excuse it’s risky to travel when pregnant. The visa was then given to Pius which he gladly accepted.

Mr Anthony then surprised them with a building of their own as their wedding gift, well furnished so the couple will be comfortable.


Robinson wife stayed back with Clara to help until she gives birth.
Few months later, Clara felt a sharp pain which she suspected to be the baby coming. Prisca rushed her to the hospital, the labour became to tough that the doctor asked Clement to sign, agreeing she should be operated.

CS was done and a baby girl was added into the family.

The Anthony family Joy knew no bounds, as Pamela was seen dancing and rejoicing.

Mr Anthony: congratulations son, thank you my daughter. what will my granddaughter be called?


honey answer

Clara: what about you?

Clement: you carried the baby, so name her.

Clara: ok she’ll be called Mirabel.
I week later after Clara was discharged already, the family was already making preparations for the baby dedication, little did they know they have a surprise package awaiting them.

A young lady suddenly appeared pleading to have a job.

Clara: sorry but this not a company, if you want I’ll talk to my husband who will give you a job.

Evelyn: ma please I can only work as a maid or a nanny because I have no place to stay, Please don’t send me away.

Clement: honey what’s going on here?He asked meeting them.

Clara: ermmm she want to be a maid here.

Clement: that’s no problem, your hired.

Clara: what! I can do the chores besides I have anuty Prisca here.

Clement: I don’t want you to stress yourself my princess, so let her do it. Aunty Prisca will go back to her husband so he won’t arrest us all.

Prisca: are you gossiping about me?

They all laughed and introduced the girl to her, Prisca looked at her for a while then nodded in agreement.

Prisca was taken back to her husband with enough gifts and provision which They promised to visit the family on the eve of the child dedication.

Weeks have passed and Evelyn gained Clara trust. She fed, bathed and took care of the baby which made Clara so relaxed.

Two days to the child dedication, Clem was called to travel to calabar for an important meeting. Clem took the available flight and promised to come back soon.


chance was given to Evelyn, she dialled Nora number and told her of the latest development. Nora arrived at the building at night, she sneaked out and met her, she was given something to make everyone asleep.

As the maid in the house, she took care of the cooking’s, the next day she prepared dinner and carefully dropped the drug in everyone food. It was not long everyone fell asleep, she packed her properties and took Mirabel with her, broke a taxi and met at the place Nora arranged.

The next day which is the Eve, Clement came back to see Mirabel crying bitterly.

Mr Anthony: what happened to your line?

Clement: my line? Seems I mistakenly switched off my phone. What happened?

Mr Anthony: Mirabel is gone, the maid took her by making everyone asleep. Clement ran to clara, “where is my baby? Clara couldn’t reply but was still crying bitterly.

Let’s go, Mr Anthony said to Clem and they left to the police station. Despite everything they did, they couldn’t find Evelyn or Mirabel.

In frustration Clement cried out, ” I wish I never left”

Mr Anthony: what meeting was that anyway?

Clement: it was even cancelled, I attempted returning the next day but the weather was bad.

Mr Anthony: this is a setup, but who could have done this?

Episode 11.
Evelyn: how long will you keep me hostage Nora?

Nora: don’t be stupid, the police eyes are all on you.

Evelyn: why tying me up this way as if I am kidnapped. This wasn’t our deal.

Nora: I won’t let you expose me ok.

Evelyn: let me go I beg you. It’s five days already, I really need that money to pay my mum treatment please.

Nora: no need for that.

Evelyn: what do you mean?

Nora: I killed her already, so you have nothing to worry about.

Evelyn: you killed my mother you bitch, I swear I’ll kill you myself, she shouted struggling on the chair she was tied.

Nora started laughing, “I just solved your problem. Prisca knows you and besides your mum would have been caught, so I just took care of everything. You killing me? You’re too little girl.

Evelyn: I only accepted this evil offer just to save my mum. I should have told Clem about my predicament, You’re a monster, now I know why you were replaced! Nora turned round and hit her on her face.

Nora: I had a listening bug on you already, if you had attempted any rubbish you would have been brought down without you noticing. I won’t waste time to kill you right now because you’re useless to me. Clement made me a monster by promising me all these years he will get married to me but he never loved me. He denied me the intimacy when I needed it but when I couldn’t control myself, I slept with one of the guys who has been troubling me for so long. The guy wanted my relationship with Clem to be over and unknown to me Coleman knew Clem very well. He texted Clem, asking him to visit him at that time leaving the doors open for him. I wanted leaving but he engaged me in another round and we were caught. But when I knew it was Coleman who informed Clem of it, I didn’t hesitate to bring him down. Clement belongs to me, and no one else will ever have him after all what I’ve done!

Evelyn: was that to make me pity you? Sorry bitch you can’t have my sympathy. Nora looked at her with her eyes red, full with anger. She brought out a gun and pointed it at her. As she was about to pull the trigger she heard her boys talking outside so she left to see what’s happening.

Nora: victor! What are you doing here?

Victor: can you tell your guys to let me in?

Nora: let him in, she commanded them which they quickly obeyed. “How do you know I’m here?

Victor: you’re my sister and I know everything, he went in and saw a lady tied to a chair. ” this must be the maid I guess?

Nora: yes she is.

Victor: what about the baby?

Nora: already dead.

Victor: I knew it was you behind all of it anyway but don’t worry I’m by your side.

Nora: thanks bro

Victor: dad has been worried about you ever since you left, no one heard any news about you. He even called your friends there in the states to ask about you.

Nora: I know he will, I’ll just tell him I went to a different country entirely to be alone mourning. I’m sure he’ll understand.

Victor: you better do that quickly because Mum has been worried sick.

Nora: I’ll do that soon.

Victor: and be careful, bye.

Nora: can you do me favour?

Victor: wah?

Bora: don’t come here again.

Victor: no problem, I’m gone.

Nora then sighed and turned to Evelyn who was looking at her with anger. She called up two of her men to pluck an electric iron for her which they did. “I won’t kill you but I’ll give you an unbearable pain.

Evelyn: do your worst bitch, I’m never gonna beg you.

Nora: design the hotness on her face, she commanded.

Evelyn went through unbearable pain as she sat on the floor where the guys left her after they were done.

Nora: tell me something Evelyn, do you feel my pain?

Evelyn: you know the pain I’m feeling right now, is the baby killed because of me. But one thing for sure is, I’ll kill you.

Nora: till now you don’t get it when I say you’re too little. You can never bring me down girl, here have it. She threw on her some bundles of money, get far away from here and never show your face.

Evelyn: is that to bribe me? You will forever see this face because I’ll be your doom! Nora stood up and shot her which she fell flat. ” dispose her body somewhere no one will see her easily. She commanded one of her guys who quickly carried her on his shoulder and left.

He drove to a thick bush and was about to drop her, but she coughed. He stood and looked at her more carefully.

Evelyn: please help me, she said weakly. He squatted beside her”you know Nora is evil, if she finds out I helped you out then she’ll kill me”

Nora: we will kill her. Some one evil like her shouldn’t be left to survive.

Christian: stay clear from her, she’s powerful and can do anything. I’ll take you home and treat you but you have to Promise me you won’t do something that will drag me into it.

Evelyn: I promise, but she has to pay.

Christian: it’s not the right time, he said and picked her up to his house.

He attended to the wounds and gave her something to eat. “I have to go now please, but I’ll be back.

Evelyn: thank you and be careful. She said to him and he left.


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