Fate Of love episode 1 – 2



Fate of Love is a puppy love story of two people from different backgrounds.

Meet Jesse the handsome and easy going guy. He is from a poor background, but yet girls follows him around because of his cute and handsome face, and his smiles is enough to make a girl fall madly in love with him. With his cute face, and girls chasing after him, Jesse use it to his advantage, but not in the negative way.

Meet Sharon the only daughter of Don Roman, she is born with a silver spoon and has lived in luxity all her Life. She is beautiful and very quiet, a girl who does everything she is asked do by her dad without complaining.

Both will meet when Sharon comes back to Korean after living in American all her life.

Jesse will become her driver, both will become close friends and eventually falls in love with each other, but will the pressure from Sharon’s dad allow them to be together, will they fight for their love or allow Fate to decide for them.

🌺 FATE OF LOVE 🌺…….if truely we are meant to be together.



Jesse sighs again as two girls held onto him like he was going to run away if they don’t.

“Come on Jesse, I want you to be at my party this weekend”. The first girl said holding by the arm.

“No Jesse, don’t go to her party, why don’t we go shopping together, I can get you all the expensive clothes you need,is more great than going to a clumsy party”. The second girl said as she rest her head on jesse’shoulder smiling.

And the first girl pushed her head off from Jesse’s shoulder angrily.

“Hey, what was that for”. The second girl yells angrily.

“What do you think you are doing, Jesse is not your boyfriend, so you can’t rest your head on his shoulder like that”.

“And he is not your boyfriend either, so you have no right to tell me what to do with Jesse”. The second girl fired back.

The first girl scoffs and said folding her hands.

“Really now, how about I smashed that ugly face of yours”.

“You are the ugly one here not me, have you looked at your self in the mirror, you are no different from a monkey. The second girl said again.

“How dare you call me names”. The first girl said looking so angry.

Jesse look at them and sighs, this is happening again, he thought within himself, as he looks at the girls who were fighting because of him.

Being born with a handsome and cute face has always been very difficult for him, other guys said he is lucky to have been born handsome, but to him, he wish he wasn’t born with a handsome face.

Yes he knows he extorts money from these girls, but them always fighting each other because of him was tiring, and come to think of it, he wasn’t dating any of these girls.

He could clearly remember when a girl almost killed herself because he refused to go on a date with her.

And her parents came knocking on his door, agusing him of bewitching their daughter, and he spent two days in jail, when he clearly didn’t do nothing wrong.

And there was also a time, when two sisters almost killed themselves, fighting one another because of him, and when their parents discovers he was the brain behind why they were fighting, he was arrested and he also spent five days in jail, and the police even argues him of been a criminal when he was not.

And he was also badly beaten up by some group of thugs, and he spent a week in the hospital getting treatment, and why was he badly beaten…….,the leader of the group thought he was dating his girlfriend when he saw a lot of picture of him on her phone.

Sometimes he is grateful he is handsome because he gets money from these girls, and other times he wish he wasn’t.

Jesse continues looking at this girls who were raining abuses on each other, he sighs again and said.

“That enough, you both should stop arguing.

And the girls quickly obeyed like a dog.

“So are you coming to my party?”

“Shut up….. Jesse you should go with me for shopping”.

“No Jesse, come to my party”.

“Her party is always full of sluts, and you hate those kinds of girls right, so let go shopping together, she is Nothing but a whore and that why she is throwing a party”.

“Did you just call me a whore”

“Yes I did, and what are you going to do huh”. She fired back.

Jesse ran his fingers through his hair, looking so tired, how can he stop being so handsome, so this girls won’t fight, argue or even try to kill themselves because of him.

Jesse continues looking at the girls arguing, his eyes and ears were aching as he watch and hears them arguing, and he prays so hard in silence that someone should save him from the clutches of these girls.

As if his prayers were answered, Violet who happens to be his childhood and best friend walked up to him.

“Hey Jesse, where have you been, your mom has been looking for you”. Violet half yells.

“Am so sorry Love”. Jesse quickly said expecting to see the girls reaction.

“Love!!!!!!!!”. The two girls said at once looking at Jesse.

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Violet raised her eyebrows looking confused, did Jesse just call her love. She thought within herself.

“Since when did you have a girlfriend”. The first girl said looking so shocked.

“Yes I thought you said you never had a girlfriend”. The second girl said with her eyes open as she looks at Violet angrily.

Jesse smiles and wrapped his hand around Violet’s shoulder facing the girls.

“Well I do now, how are you doing love, did you Miss me”. Jesse said and winkles at Violet.

Violet gave Up a fake laugh toughing his cheeks.

“Am fine, and I miss you so much love, how come you look so cute today”. Violet said pinching both sides of his cheeks.

“Am always so cute, or did I grew more handsome”. Jesse said smiling.

“Yes you are so……..so…… handsome”. Violet said pinching both sides of his cheeks again smiling.

“I can’t believe this, I need to go home”. The first girl said in a crying voice and ran off.

The second girl just looked at them and without saying a word, she left.

“Bye girls”. Jesse’s said waving at them smiling, still wrapping his hands around Violet’s shoulder.

Violet looks at her shoulder and step on his toes with force, Jesse groan in pain jumping on one feet.

“What was that for Violet”. He said between pains.

“Am just teaching you a lesson”.

“Teaching me a lesson!, What did I do”.

“Are you seriously asking me that, you flirt around with these girls, and when you get stuck up in their madness, you use me as a bayout”.

Jesse sighs and painfully puts his other feet on the ground.

“I didn’t flirt with these girls Violet”.

“Oh really Jesse, then what were you doing just now”.

“Those girls chase after me, not the other way round”.

“And you answer them right”.

“And what will you have me do, these girls are crazy, they might want to kill themselves, I don’t want to spend another day in jail, and beside I know you always got my back”. Jesse said wrapping his hands around Violet’s shoulder smiling.

Violet scoffs and jerks his hands off.

“Don’t think I will be attracted by that smile of yours, yes other girls go crazy for your charms and smiles, but not me”.

“I know that Violet and that why am grateful you are my best friend, atlest I have someone who loves me for me, and not because of my handsome face.”

“Don’t get your hopes up Jesse, I don’t like you”.
Violet said folding her hands.

“Really you don’t”. Jesse said as he bend his face close to hers, and Violet shift back Ward.

“Yes I don’t, let say I like you because you are my best friend, but you aren’t the type of guy I want to date” Violet said.

Jesse smiles and rough her hair.

“That so good to hear”.

“Stop doing that Jesse, we aren’t kids anymore”. Violet said arranging her hair.

Jesse chuckles with a smile.

“Really, you think so, I don’t see you as a woman Violet”.

“Whatever Jesse, you should go home now, because your mom needs you”.

Jesse sighs and said. “Fine let go home together”. Jesse wrapped his hand round Violet’s shoulder and smiles at her.

Violet looks at him, she couldn’t lie to herself that she is attracted to him, how could a human be born so handsome, God is really unfair, it was impossible for her not to fall in love with a beauty like him, when they have lived so many years together.

Ever since her parents died, Jesse’s mom Janet, took her in and she has been living with Jesse and his family ever since, and yes she has always have a crush on Jesse ever since they were little, and she knows deep down her, she loved him so much, but was trying so hard to hide what she feels for her best friend.



The sound of her phone wakes Sharon who was sleeping so soundly in the bed, and when she took her phone, and sees the caller, she quickly picks it.

“Hello Dad”. She answer fearly.

“I guess you re still sleeping that why you couldn’t answer your phone”. Don Roman said from the other end.

“Am sorry Dad I got so……”

“So tired of partying with your American friends right”.

“How did you know that?”. Sharon asked looking surprised.

“Because I have eyes watching you Sharon, do you possibly think because you are in America, I can’t know what you do lately”.

“Am sorry Dad”. She said bitting her lips.

“Sorry!, that what you have always been good at, you are just like your late mom”.

Sharon bits her lips again looking so nervous, because she already know what her dad was going to ask her next.

“So how was your result, did you graduate with a distinction”.

Sharon bits her lips again, shaking so bad, as if she had a fever.

“Am I talking to a human being or a toy!!!!!!”. Don Roman yells from the other end, and Sharon flished in fear.

“Am sorry Dad, I could’nt make a distinction, but I had an upper”.

“Am upper, and you think because you got an upper you did well, you are so useless Sharon, I spend so much on your schooling and all you could do is have an upper”. He yells.

And Sharon could feel her ear aching from his shout, but didn’t say a word, because she couldn’t.

“You know what”. She heard her dad say from The other end.

“Wh…..at” she managed to asked shaking in fear.

“You should come back to Korea”.

“To Korea, why dad, I thought you wanted me to remain in san-fracico forever”.

“Are you questioning me now!!!!!!”.

“No dad am not, sorry”.

“Book the next flight coming tomorrow, and if I don’t see you here tomorrow in Korea, you already know what I will do to you right?”.

Sharon bits her lips and answers.

“Okay dad, I will be in Korea tomorrow”.

“Good”. Don Roman said and ended the call.

Sharon drops her phone shaking so bad, now she was going to live with her strict dad.


*South Korean-seoul*

Somewhere in Guryoung, Jesse sits with his mom sister and Violet as they ate.

“Violet told me you got stuck up with those girls again, is that true Jesse”.

Jesse looks at Violet and she pretended to be so forcus on her food. He sighs and said.

“That not true mom”.

“Jesse, I know you already of the age to have a girlfriend, and with this girls drowling over you, is something you can’t control, I don’t want you to get anyone pregnant”.

Jesse chocked on his food on hearing what his mom said.

“Pre……what, mom!!!!!, Is that how you think of me”.

“Am just saying okay, you know we aren’t rich, and we barely have enough to feed, you can’t get anyone pregnant okay, we don’t have the money to raise a child”. Janet said.

“Mom, I won’t get anyone pregnant, am not interested in any of those girls”.

“Then what kind of girl do you like Jesse”. Joanna, Jesse sister asked.

“Well, a girl who is calm, and who will love me for who I am , and not just for my face”. Jesse said and continues eating.

Violet looks at Jesse, is he indirectly referring to me, he likes me too… Violet thought within herself as a smile appears on her face.



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