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Fate of love episode 13 – 14


🌺 EPISODE 13 & 14 🌺

“Yes I will take the job,,,I will become Sharon’s driver”. Jesse said with a smile on his face.

“Okay then,,,,,,you are hired,,,, so when will you be discharged”. Don Roman asked.

“Today”. Jesse replies.

“That good to hear,,,,so when will you like to start your job,,,if you want you can stay for a week before…..”

“I can start tomorrow Don Roman”. Jesse answers sharply.

“Tomorrow,,,,that fast,,, aren’t you going to recover first”.

“Am totally fine Don Roman, I can start working tomorrow”. Jesse answers, but who was he kidding, he knows he wasn’t that sound, but he just wants to see Sharon again.

“Okay,,,,Jesse if you say so inform your family about your job, and I will inform Sharon about it too”. Don Roman said.

Jesse nods with a smile, he badly wanted to ask him, how Sharon was doing, but he choose to wait still he sees her tomorrow.

Anna enters Liam’s room and quickly took off the Head phone he was putting on.

“Hey,,,,,Anna what was that for”. Liam said taking the head phone from her.

Anna giggles and sits beside him. “I just wanted to have some fun, but there again I forget you are not the playful type”.

“Whatever Anna,,,,,,so what are you doing here”.

“Come on Liam,,,,, can’t I pay my dear cousin a visit, and beside am so excited that you will be going to the same high school with me, atlest am always going to have a free ride”.Anna said smiling.

“Oh really Anna, is that why you recommend Kings high to my mom, so you always get a free ride”.

“of course Liam, what else will I want you to go to my school,,,,I always want the whole school to look at me when I come down from your car every morning”. Anna said smiling.

“You are so silly Anna, I should have just stayed in France, rather than coming home to Korea”.

“Come on Liam, you don’t know how happy I am to have you back here,,,I missed you so much,,,so when are you going to start,,,I badly want you to meet my friend Joanna”. Anna said smiling.

“Joanna,,, really,,are you both twins, what with the Joanna,,,and Anna”.

“That why we are best friends Liam,,, and she is so pretty”. Anna Said smiling

“And what does that got to do with me”. Liam answer rudly.

“Oh my Liam,,,,I swear you and my best friend are so much alike,,,,so rude”.

“And thinking of being rude, I meant a crazy girl today,,,, you know, she was the one who ran into the road from no where, and i even tried my best not to hit her, but this crazy girl still blames me, are poor people always that crazy”. Liam asked.

“My best friend is from a poor background too,,,,,but I assure you she is not crazy,,,,a totally beautiful girl”. Anna said smiling.

Liam sighs and looks at her. “And what does your so called Best friend have to do with what I just told you”. Liam asked.

“Am just telling you about her, because I want you both to be friends when you meet”.

“Not interested”. Liam said and puts back his Head phone,,,,, Anna looks at him and scoffs folding her hands.


“What!!!!!!, You are going to be Sharon’s driver”. Violet asked, the moment Jesse tells them about his job.

“Yes Violet”.

“Why!!!!!”. Violet asked.

“Is a job offer Violet,,,I can’t turn it down”.

“Oh maybe you just want to see that Sharon girl again”. Violet said in an angry tone.

“Of course not Violet, I just want a job, why are you getting so cooked up over this”. Jesse asked, and Violet just looks him.

“Is okay if Jesse takes the job Violet,, since his wine making is actually not working for him, so when are you starting the job”.


“Tomorrow!!!!!!, That fast!!!, But you just got out from the hospital”. Violet said,, she so getting angry by the whole thing.

“Jesse Violet is right,,you just got from the hospital, and you want to work already”. Janet asked.

“Am totally fine mom,, and beside I can’t waste time in accepting the job,,,what if he gives it to someone else”. Jesse said,, because he doesn’t want to miss the chance of always seeing Sharon.

“Okay Jesse, if you say so,,,but be careful okay”.

“I will mom”. Jesse said with a smile.

“Well,,,,, even if I say I don’t want you to become her driver,,,,,you won’t agree to it anyway, and besides Sharon is a good girl, so am sure she won’t be so bossy”. Joanna said and Jesse smiles, and Violet looks at him.

“Is that it,,,you both are just going to allow him work for her, you both are so unbelievable”. Violet said and walks away in anger.

“What wrong with Violet mom,,,she has been acting so weird this pass few days”. Jesse asked.

“I don’t know Jesse, she is your best friend,,,,so you should be the one to talk to her”. Janet said, and Jesse sighs, he was so worried about Violet’s new behavior,,,but he was also happy that he will be meeting Sharon again.


“Dad you called for me”. Sharon asked as she enters Don Roman room.

“Yes Sharon Because I want to speak with you”.

“About what dad”.

“Is about your new driver”.

“My new driver,,,,,,but dad why will I want a driver when I already know how to ride a car”.

“Really,,,, Sharon,,,,then why did you almost killed Jesse with a car”.

“That was a mistake dad,,,,,is never going to happen again”. Sharon said not liking the idea of a new driver.

“You can’t tell me what to do Sharon I already made up my mind,,I just wanted you to know,,,,, Jesse will be here tomorrow”. Don Roman said, and Sharon looks at him with shock, did her dad just call Jesse’s name.

“Did you just say Jesse will be coming here tomorrow,,,but why”. She asked anxiously,,just to know why he was coming.

“Because he is going to be your new Driver”.

“Jesse is going to be my driver!!!”. Sharon asked in shock.

“Why you don’t want him to”.

“No I really like the idea,,,,,,, hmmmmm what I mean is that is okay if he becomes my driver,,, since I can use that to make it him for landing him in the hospital”. Sharon quickly said when her dad looks at her.

“So you want a driver now”.

“I never said I don’t want a driver,,,,and beside is better if I don’t drive a car for now”. Sharon said trying to hide her excitement, and Don Roman looks at her raising his eyebrows.


“What!!!!!, Your dad offered Jesse a Job as your driver”. Millet asked and Sharon nods with a smile.

“Wow, I think this is FATE Sharon”.

“What do you mean by FATE Millet”.

“You wanted to stop seeing Jesse because of Violet,,,,,,,but FATE is now trying to bring you too closer,,,,he is going to be your driver,,,that FATE Sharon”. Millet said giggling.

“Is not FATE Millet,,, is just a coincidence”.

“And why will you even say that Sharon”.

“Because he already have a girlfriend,,, and that Violet,,,I wonder if she is okay with it,,,,I don’t want any trouble”.

Millet sighs and said,,,,,”can you for once stop worrying about that Violet girl, if she tries to do anything stupid,, am here,,,,and besides I know you are happy that Jesse is going to be your driver”. Millet said smiling and winkles at her.

“Of course not Millet”. Sharon said with a smile.

“You can’t denie it Sharon, is already written in your face, that you want to see Jesse again, right,,,, right,,,, right”.Millet sad raising her eyebrows smiling, and Sharon chuckles with a smile.

“You are so crazy Millet”. Sharon said between smiles,,,,as she couldn’t wait to see Jesse again.


Jesse keeps looking at himself checking if he was okay in his outfit.

“Aren’t you going to be late,,,,,you have been staring at that mirror for hours”. Joanna Said, and Jesse looks at her.

“Aren’t you going to school today”.

Joanna scoffs and said folding her hands. “Today is Saturday Jesse, should I be in school,,,,beside why are you so concerned about your looks,, you are just going to be a driver,,, not a banker, or else you just want to impress Sharon”.

“What are you talking about Joanna,,, am just making sure I look good,,,,that all”.

“Wow,,,so now you care about how you look because of Sharon right”. Joanna asked smiling,,and Jesse threw her a book.

“Just get out Joanna”.

“I was going to anyway,,,,I just want to ask you if you have seen Violet when I saw you pouting at the mirror”.

“No I haven’t,,,,she didn’t spend the night here”. Jesse asked looking concern.

“No she didn’t,,,,you really have to talk to her Jesse,,,,I think she is going through something”.

“Fine I will, when I get back”.

“Okay,,,I will be going,,,,and your outfit looks good on you”. Joanna said and leaves. Jesse looks at himself in the mirror and smiles, he takes the diary and looks at it.

“Am finally going to see you again Sharon”. He said and smiles so broadly.

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Jesse keeps gulping down nothing as he continues looking at Don Roman’s sitting room.

“Why is only the sitting room bigger than my house,,,,,,yes I know they live in Gangnam,,,,but I never knew they were so weathdy”. Jesse said to no one in particular.

“Jesse”. He heard someone call his name, and that quickly brought him back to the land of the living, he looks at Sharon,,,and she was looking beautiful as always, he looks at her and smiles.

“You are already here”. Sharon asked with the sweetest tone ever.

“Yes I am,,,,,,so where is your dad”.

“He already left,,,,,so how are you”.

“Really now,,,,,,,if you were that worried why didn’t you visit, I waited everyday for you”.


Jesse clears his throat and said. “Well,,,,what I meant was that,,,,I,,,,,was looking forward for your visit,,, since you said you were going to make up for it”.Jesse said,,, and he caused himself inwardly for almost admitting he miss her.

“Oh,,,,,I understand Jesse,,,,,,,I was just busy, that why I couldn’t visit”. Sharon said.

And both looks at each other, not saying anything to each other,,both were just bitting their lips, folding their hands, matching their toes to the other, and just looking at one another.

“Actually……I have something to give to you”. Jesse said after a long moment of silence.

“What could that be”. Sharon ask curiously.

“This,,,,I should giving it to you before,,,,but I was in the hospital”. Jesse said as he brought out Sharon’s diary from his bag.

And Sharon was so shocked to see her diary again.

“You have been with this”.

“Yes, it fell from you unknowly,,,,so I picked it up inorder to give it back to you.”

“I thought I totally lost it,,,thanks Jesse, for bringing it back to me,,,, thank you so much”. Sharon said and happily hugs Jesse, Jesse smiles and hugs her back.



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