Fate Of Love

Fate of love episode 5 – 6



“Will there be a reason for me to be happy here in Korea”. Sharon said between tears.

Sharon later came downstairs and joined her dad in the dinning table, staring at the food in front of her.

Don Roman looks at her and asked.

“What wrong you don’t like the food”.

“Is not like that dad, this is not what am used to”.

“Who cares Sharon, you are here in Korea, so get use to the food here, eat now and stop staring”. He ordered.

“Okay Dad”. Sharon said taking the cutleries, she took a spoon of the food, and it wasn’t bad as he thought it will be.


“What do you want”.

“What business do you do now, I noticed you are much more richer than before, do you run a new company now, can I assist you in the company”.

“No you can’t, and you don’t have to know the business I do now”.

“But dad I….,..”

Don Roman hits his hand on the table and Sharon flinched in fear.

“Are you nut!!!!!!!!!, Were you deaf when I said you don’t have to know the business I do, and besides what can a useless daughter like you do!!!”. Don Roman yells.

“Am sorry Dad”. Sharon said trying to hide to fight back the tears in her eyes.

“You know what, just get out of my sight”. Don Roman said and Sharon looks at him.

“Now!!!!!!!!”. He yells

Sharon quickly ran upstairs and sits in her room and Millet enters.

“Sharon are you okay, I and the other maids hear your dad shouting at you”.

Sharon quickly cleans her tears and looks at her.

“Am okay Millet, I just want to be alone, I will call when I need you”. Sharon said in a sad tone.

“Okay Sharon”. Millet said and leaves.

Sharon lays in the bed looking so sad, why was she given a strict person as her dad, and she wished she had someone she could lend on.



A group of students gathered f around Joanna as she was busy selling her brother’s photos to them.

“He is so cute Joanna, can I have four pictures of him”. A girl said smiling.

“Sure you can, but it will cost you 800 won”.

“Sure give it to me”. The girl said happily giving her the money.

Joanna gives her four pictures of Jesse, and the girl jumps in excitement.

A lot of high school girls continues gathering around Joanna just to have Jesse’s picture.

Joanna sists outside the school gate, courting the money she made from selling Jesse’s pictures.

“Wow, I really made a lot of money, is so good to have a cute brother, if he was a celebrity, am sure I would have made more money”. Joanna said smiling.


Joanna looks forward and sees her brother approaching her, she quickly stood up to her feet, and hides the money behind her back, faking a laugh.

“Oppa (brother), you are here”.

Jesse looks at her and asked. “What are you hiding behind you Joanna”.

“Nothing Jesse, am not hiding anything”. She said faking a smile.

Jesse, without saying a word, turns her around, and sees the money she was hiding behind her back. He looks at her and she quickly buried her face on the ground.

“Where did you get all this money Joanna”.

“Well……I……”. Joanna stops and sighs.

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Jesse looks at the basket beside her and sees few photos of him inside, he sighs and looks at her.

“So you were selling my pictures at school”.

“Am sorry Jesse, but a lot of my classmates have a crush on you, so I thought I could make money from selling your pictures”. Joanna replies.

“So you are selling your brother off”.

“That not true Jesse, I just happened to have a brother who is so cute and handsome, so that why I thought I could use it to make money”.

Jesse run his hands through his head and said. “Joanna you know how crazy these girls are right, and come to think of it they are just minors, and still in high school, what will their parents say if they see a picture of me with daughters, they will see it as child abuse, do you want me to go to jail”.

“Am so sorry Jesse, I never thought about that, I only thought about the money I will make, am sorry”. Joanna said in a pleading tone.

Jesse looks at her and sighs. “Fine you have been forgiven, but if you do this again, you are going to get it from me okay”

“I won’t promise”, gumawo oppa (thanks brother)”. Joanna said and hugs Jesse. Jesse chuckles with a smile and caress her hair.


Don Roman’s Mansion.

Sharon sits alone in her room writing in her diary, and Millet enters.

“Sharon”. She calls and Sharon looks at her.

“Do you need anything for the mean time”.

“No I don’t why?”

“Because am stepping out for a while, is it okay with you”.

“Sure Millet”. Sharon replies with a smile.

“Thanks alot Sharon, I will be going now”.Millet said and turns to leave.

“Wait Millet”.

“Yes Sharon”. She answers facing her.

“Where are you going?”

“Am going to Guryoung”.

“Where is that”. Sharon asked wondering what she meant.

“Is a neighborhood in Korea, I want to say Hello to someone there”.

“Is it okay if I come with you”.

“Am afraid you can’t Sharon”.

“Why not Millet”.

“Because is a poor area Sharon, and is not a place you familiar with”.

“I don’t care Millet, I just want to step out, I don’t know anywhere around here, so can I come with you”.

“Okay Sharon, I can’t say no to you”.

Sharon smiles and puts her diary in her bag and stood up.

“So shall we”. She said with the coolest smile ever.



Sharon keeps looking around the place as she walks with Millet, wondering where they are.

“Millet are we still in Korea”

“Yes Sharon, why?”

“Because this place is so different from where we just left”.

“That because you live in Gangnam Sharon”.


“Gangnam district is one of the expensive area in Korea, only the rich gets to live there, and yes we are still in Korea, is just that Guryoung is where the less privilege lives.”

Sharon nods trying to understand what Millet just said.

“Are you tasty”. Millet asked and Sharon nods.

“Fine, just wait here Sharon, I will get you something to drink”.

Sharon nods with a smile, and Millet left.

Sharon looks around and sighs,. putting on her headphone, and she gave out a smile enjoying the music coming out from her headphone, she keeps noding her head smiling, and was so lost in the song, that she didn’t see a truck coming towards her with speed, she was almost hit by the truck, when Someone pulls her out from the road, and both fell to the floor, Sharon fell on top of him, with her eyes opened looking at the beauty before her.




Jesse keeps sighing as he was on the phone with his mom.

“Come-on mom, why will you even believe Violet more than me, am your son, remember”.

“Yes you, but Violet is the only one who tells the truth, you and that little sister of yours are the same, you are both liars”. Janet said from the phone.

Jesse ran his hand through his hair and said.

“Believe me, am not with those crazy girls, I have my life too you know”.

“Fine if you want me to believe you, then come home immediately”.Janet said and ended the call.

Jesse sighs and said. “Am so tired of all this, you are also at fault here mom, why did you give birth to me with this face”. He sighs again and made a step to walk when he sees Sharon noding her head smiling.

Jesse chuckles with a smile and said. “I wonder, what she is listening to, that is making her smile so wide”. He looks at her from head to toe.

“She is dressed expensive, I guess she is from a rich home, but what is she doing in Guryoung”. Jesse asked looking at Sharon.

Sharon turns around smiling still noding her head, and Jesse smiles, forgetting he was upset, he was still looking at her, when he saw a truck coming her way, and she didn’t even notice.

“Is she crazy”. Jesse said and quickly run towards her, pulling her from the road, both fall to the floor, and Sharon falls on top of him looking at the beauty before her.



Sharon continues looking at Jesse as she was still on top of him.

“Gwaen-cha-na”(are you okay)”. Jesse asked as looks at her and it was as if his voice brought her back, even if she didn’t hear what he, she quickly stood up from his body.

Jesse stood up too, looking at her. “Gwaen-cha-na”. He asked again, and Sharon looks at him with a confused face, wondering what he was saying, and Millet approach them.

“Sharon I got you……oh my God, what happen to your clothes Sharon”. Millet asked when she saw the stain in her clothes.

“A truck almost ran over me”. She answers, and Jesse raised his elbows in shock. *I thought she can’t speak*. He said inwardly.

“A truck almost ran over you, are you okay, are you hurt anywhere”. Millet said checking her body, looking worried.

“Am fine Millet”.

“I thought you can’t speak”. Jesse finally said and both Sharon and Millet looks at him.

“Dogusayo (who are you)”. Millet asked and Sharon looks at her with a face of what was she saying.

“Me???…..I happen to save her life when she was so lost in her song”. Jesse said looking at her, and Sharon quickly buried her face on the ground.

“Thanks alot for saving her, I would have been in big trouble if something bad has happened to her”.

“And why, is she that important”.

“Yes she is, I work for her family, she just came back to Korea, after living 18 years in America, she knows nothing about Korea, and that why she had no idea that Guryoung is a busy neighborhood”. Millet explains.

“So that why you couldn’t speak when I asked you if you were okay in Korea”. Jesse said with a smile on his face, Sharon just looked at him without saying a word.

“Aren’t you going to thank me, if it wasn’t for me, you would have been dead by now”.

Sharon looks at him and said in a low voice that can hardly be heard. “Th….Thank you”. She said burying her face on the ground, Jesse looks at her and chuckles with a smile, this was the first time he has met a shy girl, the crazy girls that always chase around him, were always out spoken, and as for Joanna and Violet they aren’t the shy type.

“Thanks alot once again, for saving her life”. Millet said. Jesse nods and looks at Sharon who was still burying her face on the ground.

“Let go Sharon, you should get some rest”. Millet said and Sharon nods picking up her back and she didn’t know when her dairy fall off her back.

She looks at Jesse with a glance and leaves with Millet.

“So She grew up in America”. Jesse said and smiles. He was about to take a step when he see Sharon’s dairy.

Jesse picks up the diary and looks at it. “This must be hers, she still write a dairy at her age”. He said and chuckles with a smile.

“This must be so important to her, I guess I will have to find a way to give it back to her.” Jesse looks at the dairy and smiles again.



Joanna enters the class and a group of girls surrounds her.

“Joanna!, Joanna!, Joanna”.

Joanna sighs and looks at them.

“What do you want”.

“Do you have your brother’s photos with you, we will love to buy some”. A girl said.

“No I don’t, and I won’t be selling his pictures to you anymore”.

“Why Joanna”. The girls girls at once.

“Because he is going to kill me if I do, so no more pictures okay”. Joanna said and went to her sit and the girls frows.

“So you won’t be selling Jesse’s pictures anymore”. Anna asked as she sits beside her.

“No I won’t Ann, you know how Jesse is when he is mad right, he might just fling me away in a second”.

“That because you are so slim Joanna”. Anna said, and Joanna looks at with angry eyes, and Anna giggles and held her arm.

“I was just joking Joanna,you don’t have to be so fussy about it”.

“You know I hate it when am being reminded that am so slim right”.

“Am sorry Joanna, but guess what”.

“And what could that be Anna”.

“My cousin will be starting this school soon”.

Anna scoffs and said . “And what does that got to do with me Anna”.

“You don’t have to be so mean Joanna, am only telling you because you are my best friend, and he is so handsome Joanna”.

“And so?”. Joanna answer rudely.

“Come-on Joanna, sometimes don’t show that you you have a nasty behavior, my cousin Liam is from a weathdy home”.

“So why is he transferring to this school”.

“For a change, I hope you too can become friends”. Ann said smiling

“Never Anna, I don’t befriend guys and you know it, and that cousin of yours is not exceptional”. Joanna said rudely placing her head on the table and Anna scoffs.


Jesse keeps looking at the dairy in front of him.

“What should I do with this, how can I return this to her, I don’t even know where she lives”. He sighs and Violet enters his room.

“Wow, I never knew you will be home this night, I thought you went out again”.

Jesse looks at her and sighs without saying any word to her, and he looked back at the dairy he was holding.

“What that”. Violet asked and took it from him.

“Wow is a diary, I Know you don’t write stuffs like this, so where did you get it”.

“Is for someone Violet”

“Who Jesse, is she one of the girls who crazy over you”.

“No Violet, she is different”.

“Whatever, let check what is written in it”. Violet said and tries to open the dairy, but Jesse quickly took it from her.

“You can’t read it Violet”.

“And why not”.

“It a diary it can’t be read by someone else”.

“It doesn’t matter Jesse, is not as if you are going to give it to her anyway”.

“I will Violet, am going to try my best to find her, and give it to her”.

Violet looks at him . “Who is she and why do you want to find her Jesse.

“I don’t know Violet, all I know is that I want to see her again”. Jesse said, and Violet looks at him.



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