Fate of love episode 8 – 9



“Maybe I should just die, since I have no reason to live, I hate my life, I should just die, no one loves me, I should just end it”. Sharon said as she increase the speed of the car ready to die.

Jesse keeps falling to the floor, as he walks home, he got drunk to forget about what that useless man said to him, but despite getting himself drunk, he could still clearly hears the man voice echoing in his ear, that he was nothing and will always be nothing, he could feel his heart cut into pieces in pain, and he wish God has given him riches not this cute face of his.

He keeps falling to the floor, as his tries his best to walk home properly. Meanwhile, Sharon continues to speed up the car crying so painfully, riding to nowhere in particular ready to die, and Jesse was in the center of the road, not even know he was going, and Sharon who keeps speeding the car ran over Jesse with her car, and that was when she came back to her senses.

“Did I just hit someone”. Sharon asked her self, her heart beat could clearly be heard.

She comes down from the car, shaking so badly, and what occupied her mind was, what if this person is dead, she keeps breathing so hard, as she walks to him.

Her breath almost stopped when she saw the person who was lying on the floor, trying to caught his breath and was in a pool of blood

“He is the guy that saved me earlier, Sharon what have you done,,,,, someone please help me,. pleaseeeeeeee”. She said between tears as she looks at Jesse who was trying to breath, and there were lot of tears in his eyes.

*Maybe this is the end of me, maybe I should just die to end all of this*.Jesse said inwardly, even if he couldn’t move at that moment he could hear a crying voice.

“Please don’t give up please, someone please help me, I don’t want him to die, anyone please help”. Sharon said crying.

Jesse tries to look at her with his teary eyes, first his vision was blur, but gradually it became clear, and he discovered it was the same girl who he wanted to see again.

“Maybe there is a reason for me to live”. Jesse said inwardly looking at Sharon with tears in his eyes, as he slowly closed his eyes.

“What!!!!!!, You haven’t find her, how could you lose her you fools”. Don Roman yells at his bodyguards.

“We are sorry Don Roman, we tried following her, but she was too fast in driving”. One of them answers.

“You all are bunch of fools, you already know Sharon knows nowhere in Korea, and you couldn’t even tail her still the very end, you all bastards”. Don Roman yells and threw a flower vase at them.

And Millet quickly rushed inside his room. “Don Roman!, Don Roman”. She calls panicking.

“What do you want Millet”.

“Sharon is on her way to the hospital”.

“What happened to Sharon”. Don Roman asked looking so concerned.

“I don’t know, I didn’t clearly heard what she said over the phone, because she was crying, all I heard was she she got herself in big trouble, and she is on the way to the hospital”. Millet said looking so worried.

Don Roman sighs and said. “Did she tell you the name of the hospital”.he asked and Millet nods her head.

“Then let go, I have to see if my daughter is okay”. He quickly said leaving the house, and Millet follows him from behind.


*Seoul national University center*

The ambulance enters the hospital compound, and few nurses came out, bringing out a stretcher, Jesse was immediately put in it, and was rushed inside the hospital, Sharon follows behind sobbing in the tears, she tries to follow them inside the operation room, but was stopped by the doctors.

“We will take it from here Ms”.

“No i want to go in with him, I want to be with him, he can’t do this alone”. Sharon said between tears, trying to enter the operation room

“He needs to be operated Ms, you can’t go in with us”. The doctor said stopping her.

“Please doctor do everything to save him, he can’t die, he can’t die, please save his life, I won’t be able to take it, if he dies”. Sharon said crying.

“We will do our best Ms”. The doctor said and enters inside the operation room.

Sharon falls to the floor crying.

“Please God save his life, please save his life, I promise I will never try to kill myself again, pleaseeeeeeee”. Sharon said crying.

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Sharon was still on the floor crying, when her dad enters the hospital with Millet, and a body guard.

“Sharon”. Millet call her name, Sharon looks at her and quickly went to hug her sobbing in tears.

“I really didn’t mean to hit him Millet, I don’t want him to die because of me”. Sharon said between tears, and Millet patted her trying to console her.

“What did you just say, you hit someone with the car”. Don-Roman asked, Sharon disengage the hug with Millet, and looks at her dad.

“Yes dad, but I didn’t mean to…….” Sharon couldn’t finish what she was saying when a slap landed on her face, and Millet and the bodyguard was so shocked by Don Roman action.

“Are you by chance asked to Leave the house. you ran out of the mansion, just so you can hit someone with a car, if something bad happens to whoever that person is, you only are going to face the prepacaution , you useless child”. Don Roman yells at Sharon.

Millet looks at him in dismay.*is he a father, how can he treat his daughter this way*. Millet said inwardly feeling so bad for Sharon.

A doctor came out from the operation room and Sharon quickly rush to him, not minding she got slapped, who she cared about right now was Jesse and no one else.

“Doctor how is he, is he going to be okay”. Sharon asked hoping he will be fine.

“Where you the one riding the car”. The doctor asked Sharon, Sharon looks at him before nodding his head.

“What were you thinking Ms, you almost killed that young guy, but thank God his brains weren’t affected he will be fine in no time”. The doctor said, and a smile appears on Sharon’s face, as tears fall down her eyes.

“Doctor whatever treatment that boy needs just give it to him, I will double the price, as long as he comes out alive”. Don-Roman said and looks at Sharon scornfully.

“I will sir, but his family needs to be contacted right away, so they can be aware of what going on with him”.

“I will doctor”. Don Roman said and with this the doctor leaves.

“Jace”. Don Roman calls his bodyguard.

“Yes Boss”.

“Investigate on the guy that Sharon ran over, and contact his family right away”.

“Okay Boss”. Jace said and leaves.

“Thank you so much dad”. Sharon said cleaning her tears.

“Don’t thank me yet Sharon, because you are going to get it from me after all this is settled”. Don Roman said and leaves.

Millet looks at him as he walks away and scoffs.

“Is he really your dad Sharon, how could he be cold towards you, he didn’t even ask if you were okay, he is so unbelievable Sharon”. Millet said in anger, she has been holding it in all this while.

“Just let him be Millet, I don’t care if I get a million slaps for him, all I care about right now is for him to be okay”.

“Who is he anyway”.

“He is the one who saved me earlier today Millet, he saved my life, but I repaid him by landing him here in the hospital”.

“The one who saved you……you mean the cute guy with the cute face”. Millet asked and Sharon nods as tears falls down her eyes.


Janet stands outside the house waiting for Jesse looking so worried, both Violet and Joanna approach her.

“Mom are you still waiting for Jesse”. Joanna asked yawning.

“Yes Joanna, he is not yet back, and am so worried about him, Violet you said he went out to meet a client right”.

“Yes that’s what he told me Aunt, but I guess he might have just go out with one of those crazy girls again”. Violet said.

“That right mom, Jesse will be home soon”. Joanna added.

“No Joanna, something doesn’t feel right, I feel Jesse is in danger right now”. Janet said, and both Joanna and Violet laugh.

“Common Aunt, Jesse can never be in danger, what kind of danger can he possible be, just re……..”. Violet was interrupted by a phone call.

“Hello who is this, yes that me…….what!!!!!!!!!, What happened to Jesse!!!!”. She said in a loud voice and both Janet and Joanna looks at her.


Janet, Violet and Joanna quickly enters the hospital calling out Jesse name crying, and didn’t mind the people looking at them, Sharon and Millet hears their voices and approach them.

“Ma are you by chance, Mrs Williams”. Sharon asked innocently.

“Yes I am, where is my son, where is Jesse”. Janet yells in tears.

“He is still in the operating ma”. Sharon answers.

Violet looks at Sharon’s clothes and sees the blood in it.

“So you were the one who ran into Jesse”. She asked looking angry.

“Am so sorry, I didn’t mean to…….” Sharon couldn’t even finish what she was saying, when Violet bounce on her, pulling Sharon’s hair.

“You good for nothing improcate, how can you do that to my Jesse”. Violet yells pulling Sharon’s hair.

“Let me go please, let me go”. Sharon said in tears and in pain, and was also crying.

Millet got angry and push Violet from Sharon and yells at her.

“What do you think you are doing!!!!!!!”

“She is the reason why Jesse is in the hospital right now!!!”. Violet yells.

“She didn’t mean for it to happen, so you don’t have to treat her that way”.

“I have Every right to, you rich people will just pick up a car and start riding without even knowing how to drive, she needs to be thought a lesson”. Violet said and tries to attack Sharon, but Millet block her.

“I dare you, dare lay a finger on Sharon again, and am going to make sure you get admitted in this hospital as well”. Millet said, with all seriousness, and Violet looks at her.



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