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Fate of Mirabel 2 episode 10 – 12



Season 2, episode 10.
“What did you say my name is again? Benita asked. “Eunice, mum your name is Eunice and I am Clara your only child, she said holding her hands tightly. She stood looking at Clara directly in the eyes and memories came flashing when she embraced Clara telling her to read well for her exams. “Mum you won’t stay long right?, Clara asked. “No darling, we will come back once the wedding is over, she replied. She remembered how she was discussing with her husband before they clashed. She held her head wincing in pain, then Clara made her to sit down.” Mum what exactly happened?, she asked her later. “Where is my husband?, she asked back. “His gone, Clara replied. A tear dropped from Eunice eyes, “it’s ok mum, I’m glad you’re alive but were where you all these years?, Clara asked.

“After we clashed I can’t remember anything but waking up in a strange house. A young man about your father age approached me and he was inquiring things about me which I couldn’t tell. He was so good to me and I accepted him when he proposed to me months later and we left the country. “Just like that mum! You got married even when dad was not yet buried? You forgot about me so easily? Clara cried. “I swear I didn’t remember anything Clara, if I did I would have returned to you. I believe fate brought us together my daughter, Eunice said painfully. “I wish the same fate will bring me to my daughter too, Clara said without thinking. “What do you mean?, Eunice asked. “Never mind, what about your husband?, Clara asked. ” Let me call him, she brought out her phone and called him, telling him to meet her right away at the address she told him.

“How have you been Clara, Eunice asked while waiting for her husband. “Not been good, she replied. “But you have a big establishment, why is it not good? She asked. “Nothing has been good for me since both of you travelled and never returned. Worst of all you’ve been alive and happily married while I’m suffering, Clara screamed. “Clara how will I make you understand, why can’t you just believe me when I say I didn’t know, do you know how I’m feeling now that I didn’t even have the chance to see my husband burial or cry for him Clara!, she screamed back.” No matter what you say, believe me you feel nothing because Dad was forgotten long ago, he was replaced so easily, Clara replied. Eunice stared at her and realised talking to her that moment was useless. She held her head in her palms, patiently waiting for her husband to arrive.
There was silence in the room as mother and daughter kept exchanging glances but saying nothing until they heard a knock on the door and the receptionist walked in. “Ma, a man is here to see one Benita……, bring him in, Eunice interrupted her. The receptionist stared at Clara and she nodded, then she left.


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fair well built man walked in briskly into the office as Benita and Clara just looked at him with an expressionless face. “Hey, why that face? He stood confused. “Johnson sit down, Benita said which shocked Him as he stood wondering why she should address him that way with his name. ” did I hear you right? Did you just call me Johnson?, he said looking stern.” Ok since you don’t want to sit, fine! She stood up from where she sat approaching him. “Can you now tell me, where is my wedding ring?, she continued. “What ring are you talking about?, he asked. ” The ring you took off from my finger when I was unconscious, cmon Johnson you knew very well I was married, but you kept me for yourself why? Johnson just stood looking at her, “why bringing this now after all these years?, he asked. ” Don’t you get it? My memories are back, so don’t you think you have a lot to explain to me huh? Eunice said.

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Johnson leg got weak as he drew a chair and sat down slowly still looking at Eunice, “did you just say you have your memories back?, he asked. ” Yes, I can remember my family and my name. I am Eunice not Benita and this young lady you see here is my only daughter,she shouted.

Season 2, episode 11.
“What! How did that happen? Johnson exclaimed. “Enough of the introduction! Do you know I can get you arrested this minute?, Clara told Johnson. “Arrest me? You must be kidding, he said. ” Do I look like I’m joking? Clara asked. “You should be grateful I saved your mum ok! Johnson shouted. “Grateful for leaving my dad to die and taking my mum for yourself huh?, Clara shouted back. “Your dad died at the spot, didn’t you see his corpse? How was his body? Do you think he would have survived it? He asked. Clara held her head in pain as the picture of her dad body came live in her memory. “The accident happened in the night if Eunice can still remember and whoever caused the accident escaped because the state was terrible. I was coming back from Lagos to calabar for an important meeting so I didn’t mind driving so late so I can make up. Then I saw the accident, I stopped to take a look at it even when I knew it was risky. I saw Eunice and checked her pulse, there was still life in her but as for your dad, he was already dead. I wanted rushing her to the hospital but then I thought the doctors might not give her the necessary treatment and attention she need because her chances of survival was so small. I took her and treated her my self for months and prolonging myself in calabar because I couldn’t go anywhere with her in her condition. When she finally woke up, she had an amnesia, Johnson explained.


you took her for yourself even when you knew she had a family, you kept her just for your selfish desires huh! Clara said. “I don’t know Eunice family ok, Johnson defended himself. “Her pictures was on TV because her body was missing, didn’t you see that too? Clara asked. “Whatever I did, I only wanted to safe a life ok, Johnson said and Clara bashed out from the office, slamming the door hard behind her. Johnson drew near to Eunice, “please dear, I know what I did is unforgivable but believe me…… Enough please! She interrupted and left the office too while Johnson followed her behind pleading for a listening ear.
“Clara wait! Bernard ran holding her hands behind as she wanted entering her car. “Not now please, I’m not in a good mood, Clara replied. “I know, let’s sit out please, Bernard pleaded. Clara saw her mum coming out, “fine! She shut the door and followed Bernard to his car while Eunice stood speechless looking at her until they were out of sight.

“What’s the problem? I’ve never seen you in this mood before, Bernard asked. “It’s nothing, Clara replied. “No, there is something, please tell me, Bernard insisted. Clara then narrated everything to him. “You should be happy your mum is alive, Bernard Said after she was done. “I know, but I don’t know how I’m feeling right now. It’s crazy right?, Clara asked. Bernard smiled,” I understand why you are feeling that way. Maybe because your mum is already married to another man Right?, he asked but Clara couldn’t say anything. “You shouldn’t blame your mum because it wasn’t her choice to have an amnesia, she has apologised, I know it’s hard but you have to forget and be grateful you still have a family, Bernard advised. “Thank you so much, Clara said.” I should thank you Clara for confining in me and for the first time talking to me in a cool way, Bernard said. “Ermmmm, Clara said scratching her head not knowing what to say next. “It’s okay, I hope it will continue this way. I’m not a bad person, please stop pushing me away from you. All I’m asking is a chance to be a good friend to you, Bernard said holding her hands.

Season 2, episode 12.
Days went by and Linda decided to visit Rose. “Hey longtime, she told Rose. “What are you doing here?, Rose asked. “You mean I can’t visit?, Linda asked. “No, just surprise to see you, Rose said. “What about the phone? You collected to register the sim card since the guy who does it wasn’t there, Linda asked. “The phone is gone, rose replied. “What! Gone to where? Linda asked. “I went to register the sim but some gangsters collected it from me, here are the scratches I got when I tried struggling, Rose said and showed Linda her arms the scratches she got when struggling with a guy who wanted to have his way. “Oh my God! I’m so sorry, Clara said. “Yea that’s it so you won’t think I took the phone for myself. But if you want to call any number you’re free to use my phone, Rose said. “Yea that reminds me, did you see Donald number in the phone case?, Linda asked. “Nop, why do u ask?, she asked. ” That’s because I’ve not seen it, I don’t want him to think I’m ungrateful or what, Linda replied. “Hmmmmm so you still think about Donald? Rose asked. “Not that, at least he was a good friend. Don’t you have his number? Linda asked. “Nop!, she replied. ” What about his friend? She insisted. “Yes I once had his number but I have nothing to do with him anymore, Rose replied. “My God Rose! Linda exclaimed. “Don’t worry, Don will come back. I have to go now, are you coming with me? She asked. “No, I have to rush home now, bye, Clara said and left.
“,That witch is back to the country, Joseph broke the news. “Who? Evelyn asked. “The bitch I’ve been monitoring for years now, he replied. “So you’re still after Nora? Christian asked. “Chris just hold it abeg, I must take revenge for the death of my fiancee. She was innocent ok! Joseph shouted. “Ok ok ok, so what will you do now? Evelyn asked. “We are powerful and rich now, so striking won’t be a problem. I’ll just give her a little time to relax, Joseph said while the rest just looked at him wondering what his next step will be.
“I don’t still get it, why we are back to Nigeria?, Nora asked immediately they arrived. “I can’t remember tying any rope on your neck and dragging you to Nigeria, Clem replied. “What is that suppose to mean? The kids ain’t happy ok, they were already used to Texas!, Nora replied. “Make them use to their country then, that’s your responsibility!, Clem shouted. “Mum, Dad, are you fighting again? Little Laurel interrupted them. “No baby, go meet your brother upstairs ok. She nodded and went upstairs while they kept exchanging glances at each other.
2months later.
“Linda! Won’t you wake up today? Her mum shook her but rather Linda ran out to throw up. “What’s wrong with you? She asked feeling her temperature. “I Don’t know mum, Linda replied slowly. “You don’t know? She asked and her dad drew nearer. “We are going to the hospital right away, she told her husband. “Ah mummy for what Na, it’s just malaria I guess, Linda said. “Malaria shey? You now select food to eat, your body is changing, you’re now lazy, you sleep alot and you’re throwing up very early in the morning… “Haba what are you trying to say? Her father interrupted her. “What I’m saying is we are going to the hospital! Linda get in and dress up fast, she ordered. “But mummy… My friend will you shut up and get inside immediately! She shouted.


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