Fate Of Mirabel

FATE OF MIRABEL 2 episode 13 -15



Season 2, episode 13.
While trekking to the hospital, Linda and her closest neighbour was discussing in front while her parents walked behind. “What type of test will I be doing Chichi?, Linda asked. “With what your mum explained, it might be pregnancy test o, she dropped. “God forbid!, Linda exclaimed. “It depends if you’ve not done anything stupid Na, Chichi said. “No Na, I don’t even have a boyfriend sef, Linda said. “Linda look at your body. Ok, when last did you see your period?, Chi asked. “AHhh it has stay ooo, Linda replied. “Jesus! Chi shouted so loud. “What are you discussing there?, Linda mum asked. “Nothing ma, Chi replied and stared at Linda, “if you’ve never prayed before so hard, start doing so now, chi said to her while Linda looked at her with a confused look until they arrived at the hospital. Chi, Linda father and Linda sat down while Linda mum was explaining things to the Nurses. Later Linda was called to the laboratory and the necessary samples were taken from her for the various tests needed. “I pray it should be malaria or cholera, Linda whispered to Chi when she came back but Chi didn’t say anything. Linda then looked at her mum and for the first time in her life, she had a look Linda has never seen before which made her so scared. “But how is that possible?, have I also turned to Mary I do hear of in the Bible?, Linda thought to herself worried.
Minutes later, they were called by the doctor. They all entered his office except Chichi who refused to go in saying it’s a family matter. “But Chichi you’re more than a family to us Na, please don’t behave like a stranger, Linda dad said calmly. “No sir please don’t bother, I want to sit here looking at people. It’s my first time here you know, chi insisted. “Ok if you say so, but don’t leave this place oo, Linda mum said and they all went inside.

“Good morning Doctor, they all greeted as they took their sit opposite him.

” good morning, Ermmmm is she the one who just had the test? The doctor asked. “Yes, it’s my daughter, Linda mum replied. “Ok, how old are you? The doctor asked. “16 sir, Linda replied. “Ok, here is the result ma. Linda right? He asked and they all nodded as they collected the result from him.” can you help us read it doctor? Linda dad asked. “Mummy I can read Na, Linda said and collected the test from her. ” oya read it here let me hear, her mum said to her.👇


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positive. Malaria—-positive. “My God!! Her parents shouted. “That’s not all, the doctor said as Linda suddenly went mute. ” eh! What is remaining? Her mum asked. “Pregnancy test— positive! Linda dropped. Chimooooooooooo! They all shouted with their hands on their head. “Linda why? Her father asked. “This girl has killed me oooooo, her mum shouted as Chi ran into the office wondering what the problem is. “Ma please keep your voice low, you’re in a hospital, the doctor said. “Heyyyy heyyyy heyyy, was all she kept shouting as the doctor demised them. Chi tried to make Linda mum keep her voice low, but she hit her hand and left the hospital leaving Linda and Chi behind. All this while Linda still couldn’t believe what the result said. “Linda!, Chi called out shaking her. “It’s not true right? Chi tell me it’s not true! Linda asked and broke down crying on her.

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“Now is not the time for crying girl but to let the father of your baby know about this, Chi said. “Which father? Chi I swear I don’t know, I am innocent, maybe that angel that appeared to Mary in the Bible should do same to me now ooo, Linda cried. “Stop saying nonsense, won’t you still say the truth? Or will you and your parents be able to train the baby you’re carrying? Chi said in anger. “Chi so you don’t believe me when I say I don’t know? I don’t know please!, Linda shouted. “Ok ok ok little girl let me explain to you. Can you in anyway remember sleeping with a man?, she asked. ” No! Linda said. “Ok, what about sleeping on a guy bed all alone? Or feeling uneasy.. Girl wake up, Chi shouted on her and immediately Linda recalled when she slept on Donald bed. “Wait! I can remember I visited my friend and and… And what! Chi asked. “And I felt dizzy after he offered me a glass of juice, Linda said. “Were you alone with him? She asked. “I went with my friend but she went out with Donald friend, Linda said. “And who the hell is this Donald? You have to go there right away, Chi ordered. “He no longer stays there and I don’t have his number anymore, linda cried.” Let’s go, maybe we can get some information about him, chi said and they hurriedly left the hospital to Donald place.


2, episode 14.
Chi and Linda arrived at the place Don and Fred lived before, and as Don told her before he travelled, that the building belongs to his uncle which he will soon pack in with his family. They knocked on the gate praying Someone should at least occupy the building so they can get information about Donald. A lady came out rather with a teenage boy. “Goo goo, Linda stammered not knowing what to say. “Good morning ma, Chi saved her ass. “Yes, looking for someone?, the lady asked. “Yes ma, we are looking for Donald, Chi said. “Donald is not living here, the teenage guy replied. “Yea I know but can you please help me with his number? I need to talk to him please it’s very important, Linda said. “Hmmmm I hope there’s no problem? The lady asked. “Sorry to ask ma? Are you Donald mum?, chi asked. “Donald is a nephew to my husband, I am Christabel by name and this is my son, Fidel, she said. “Ok ma, thanks so much, Chi Said and collected the number Fidel quickly wrote down for her. “Bye ma, Linda said and they left. “What will we do now? Chi asked. “You know we don’t have a phone but my friend does, and her place is not too far from here, Linda said. “Let’s rush to it, chi said and almost led the way. “But wait, Linda stopped her. “What? Chi asked. “My spirit is telling me to go home, maybe my parents are looking for me and it will look more suspicious if I’m not yet back, Linda said. ” I thought you said your friend house is not too far from here? We can get there, use her phone quickly and come back, chi said. ” I have a little money with me, let’s take a cab to be faster, Linda said. “Good idea, chi accepted.

They arrived at Rose place and met Rose about going out. Rose was shocked and wondered why Linda is coming to her house with a stranger and with such haste. ” Ah thank God I came in time, were you going out? Linda asked. “Why? Rose asked still wondering. ” Please I need to use your phone, Linda said. “To call who? Rose asked. “Rose please stop it, I really need you to help me with your phone, Linda pleaded. “Ok, call the number while I dial, Rose said bringing out the phone from her bag. Linda called the number and Rose eyes bulged when she saw it was Donald number. “Wait! Is Linda pregnant?, she asked herself. “Tell me the truth, who has this number? Rose asked. “It’s Donald, Linda said sadly. “Why calling him and is everything OK? Rose asked. “Ok we don’t have time to waste here. If you know this Donald guy, he got her pregnant and he has to know about this, so call the number, Chichi replied. “Are you commanding me or what? Rose asked.” No Rose, please dial the number for me, Linda pleaded. “Well the number is not reachable, Rose said. “What! Did you even dial it?, chi asked. “Who are you to question me? Rose asked. “You didn’t even call the number, what’s your problem sef? Are you even Linda friend?, chi said in anger. “You know what, I gat a very important place to go now. You can help carry the pregnancy as a good friend, Rose said and almost walked away. “Rose if you want me to go on my knees I will, Linda said going on her knees. I really need to talk to Donald, please just a minute, Linda said in tears. Rose stopped and looked at Chi who was already in the mood of beating Rose up. She breathe in and dialled the number. “Hello Rose, Don said on phone. “Someone wants to speak with you, Rose said and handed the phone to Linda. “He he he… Linda! Donald interrupted her. How I’ve you been? and I’ve been expecting your call for a long time now.

“Donald why? Linda said in tears.” I don’t understand, are you okay? Don asked. ” Why did you have to do that to me? Why did you use me even when I trusted you so much and even took you as a brother. I saw you as a best friend I was so free with. Donald I trusted you and even now it’s still hard to believe you could destroy me the way you did, Linda said in tears. “Lin Lin I’m so sorry, please forgive me, Don said almost in a whisper. “You’re sorry? What you did months ago without me knowing is what everybody will soon be aware of it, Linda said. “I don’t understand, what do you mean? He asked. “I’m am pregnant! And please don’t ask me for who? Linda said. “What! Don shouted. “Are you surprise? Linda asked but there was no response. “Hello, hello, Donald are you there? Linda shouted. “Let me have it, Rose said and collected the phone from her. ” He ended the call, Rose said. “No, maybe your airtime got finished, Linda said.” Hmmmm ma I gat unlimited airtime on my phone, lemme call him again, she said and dialled his number again but he ended the call. She called again but the number was switched off. “Too bad, he switched off his phone, Rose said. No! Donald can’t do this to me, Linda cried. “Hmmmm guys are so evil, tufiakwa! Chi said in anger.

Season 2, episode 15.
Rose was shocked to her bones, the person she was crushing on so badly with his innocent looks was able to do such wickedness, but she pretended to be OK. “Ermmm I think I have to go now, please take care of yourself, she said and left. “Cmon Linda let’s go, chi said picking her from the floor. “No please just let me die here, what I’ve I done to deserve this, she cried. “No! It’s not the end of the world, at least you have your parents and they love you dearly. I know they are hurt but they have no choice than to accept you, let’s go ok, Chi said. “I’m a very big disappointment to them, what will people say now?, Linda said. “You know what, don’t let people words bother you so much, because they are not better than you. Let’s go please, your parents will be worried by now, Chi said holding Linda to her feet and they left.

They arrived at their ghetto and they heard little whispers or gossips with fingers pointing at them as they passed. “What are they looking at? Linda whispered to Chichi. “Who cares?, chi replied. “Chichi! They heard someone called out, they turned to see chi aunt approaching them. They stopped and went to her only for Chi to receive an unexpected slap from her. “What the hell are you doing with this prostitute here huh? She shouted. Linda turned around to see many people looking at them and she was filled with shame. “I don’t want to ever see you with this girl again, or else I’ll throw you out of my house, she continued. “Please don’t do that ma, we are very…. Get out!, chi aunt shouted on Linda that she found herself running in a way she has never done before.

She arrived home to see a man packing their properties into a car parked outside. She looked at the man in confusion and ran into the house to see her mum arranging things, “mum where are you going to? She asked. “God punish you there for calling me mum, you shameless bastard, she cursed. Linda fell on her knees holding her legs, “mum please forgive me, don’t leave me mummy, but she kicked her away. She stood up and ran to her father,” daddy please have mercy, don’t do this to me, Linda begged.

“We thought we were remembered when we found you. We took you and ran away with you because we never wanted you to be snatched away from us. We loved and adore you like our own, we gave our best and didn’t mind going [email protected] just for you. We had plans of going extra miles so you can get into the University and be the nurse you dreamed of. We didn’t want you to hawk like other girls here or to go to the local schools here, we worked hard, treated you like a princess and gave you the best in this neighbourhood. We looked on to you and had faith that one day, you will grow and bring us out from this shame and poverty. But what did you repay us with? A bastard child!, her dad said and cleaned the tears from his eyes. “We are so generous that we didn’t send you away but we are leaving instead so you’ll have enough space to grow your baby. But make sure you will hustle and pay the rent of this house when it expires or you pack to your husband house ok, he concluded. “No daddy, she cried and ran to her mum,” mummy please have mercy, please don’t leave me I beg you in the name of God, she said kneeling down. “You are not our biological daughter! She shouted. “What!, Linda exclaimed. “Yes, we found you on our doorpost and we ran away with you. Since it pleases God to punish us this way, we give him the glory, she said and ran out from the house in tears. “Take good care of yourself my child, her dad said and left, leaving her on her knees in tears and shock😵


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