Fate Of Mirabel

Fate of mirabel 2 episode 19 – 20


Fate Of Mirabel

Season 2, episode 19

Francis already contacted his new gang since the rest relocated when Nora travelled. That evening Chris and Co sat down planning how to get Prisca, “what if eve talks to her instead? Jay asked. ” are you alright? Remember it was eve who ran away with Clara daughter. What if she raises alarm when eve shows her face? Chris asked. “That’s true, let’s go then, Joe said and they drove down to the guest house in a coll evening. They parked thier car scanning the environment to see if it’s safe for such act, then they saw Prisca coming out from a shop with a nylon bag. ” thank heavens, Joe said while they waited. as Prisca wanted passing by thier car, they opened the door and pushed her in while Jay fired in driving. Prisca kept screaming then she saw Chris, “you? What do you want from me? She asked. ” I’m very sorry for this, but pls we need to talk, he said. “About what? She asked. ” Nora, joe replied. “I know nothing about her ok, she said. ” I know you do, we need to get that lady down, please understand, Chris said and Prisca was calm until they reached home.

They opened the door and she sluggishly came out of the car and the first person she saw was Evelyn, “you this witch! She shouted and attempted to tear her into pieces but the guys held her. ” what do you want to do with me? She shouted. “Ma please forgive me, Eve pleaded. ” forgive you? After what you’ve done to that poor girl, tell me what wrong did Clara did to you? Prisca shouted.

“Please it’s Nora, I only did it to safe my mother’s life but she lied to me and still killed my mother without helping her as she promised, Eve said. ” which Nora is that? Prisca asked. “Clement new wife, Nora almost killed her after she delivered the child to her, Joe came in. ” Jesus Jesus, Prisca kept saying holding her head, “please ma I’m very sorry, eve said. ” don’t you dare say that to me, did you know what Clara passed through? Did you know! She shouted. “Where is Clara now? Chris asked. ” and where is her baby? Where is the girl! She shouted asking no one in particular. “I was given the baby to kill, but I didn’t. The girl is alive in a safe hands, Joe said and Prisca stood up, ” please where? Where is Mirabel? She asked in tears. “I took her to my village, there’s a old couple there who doesn’t have a child, Joe said. ” please take me there, God will bless you, Prisca said. “That’s no problem ma, where is Clara? Joe asked. ” that witch got her arrested, and we can’t find her till today, Prisca said. “The nerves of that woman eh, Jay said. ” you mean she got lost in the prison? Chris asked. “How did she get arrested? Joe asked. ” she mistakingly pushed Nora down the staircase and she had a miscarriage, her family insisted to get her arrested, Prisca said. “That’s a big lie! Is the baby even Clement own? Jay asked. ” ofcus, she drugged him and he slept with her, Prisca said And the gangs burst out laughing leaving Prisca and Eve confused. “What’s funny? Eve asked. ” are you sure it wasn’t Francis pregnancy? That bitch has been fvcking around with him and she claimed it’s Clement own just to pin him down, Jay said. “What! Prisca shouted. ” that girl is super smart ma, but we are going to make her foolish, Joe said.

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“How? Prisca asked. ” something is telling me you’re not safe there, she may come after you, we know her very well, Chris said. “We’ll advice you stay here, if you want I can bring down your properties here, Joe added while Prisca kept silent.

” hello boss, Francis called Nora. “Yea what’s up? She asked. ” seems someone needs Prisca too, I saw someone took her away when I was tracking her, he said. “Who was that? She asked. ” I didn’t see thier face, he replied. “And you didn’t follow them? She shouted angrily. ” I did but the driver was too good, such skills I do see it with Jay, he said and Nora became so weak. “Jay? What does she wants from her? Besides he doesn’t know her, Nora said. ” I’m not saying it’s Jay but the driver was so good, Francis said. “Don’t worry, just keep checking ok, she said and ended the call.
Chris and Co stayed back discussing about Nora until it was midnight. ” can I go pick ya stuffs? Joe asked. “Is it safe? I’m having a bad feeling here, Eve said. ” please if you know it’s not safe don’t bother. It’s just my clothes that is there, I went out with my purse and my important things is inside, Prisca said and they nodded and retired to bed.
That night Clara kept thinking about what Joy said, for the first time in years a strange feeling of Revenge came upon her, “I’m going to make you suffer, you all must feel my pains, She concluded cleaning the tears from her eyes.


next morning she left to Joy place and met with her friends all complete, ” how far Na? Why your eye red like this? Rose father asked. “U dey ok so? Another man asked. ” I thought about what Joy said, I want Clement to suffer including that bitch, Clara said and the men burst out laughing. “w€tin she talk so Na comedy? The other lady who was in prison with her asked. ” Leave me Tessy, this your friend dey funny oo, Rose father said. “You ready to revenge so?Joy asked. ” I’m serious about this, you all know what I passed through right? Clara said cleaning the tears already that flowed her cheeks. “That one no be wahala Na, shey Na Lagos? E no far for us make I call one of my friend who dey stay there first, Rose father said. ” you mean Joe? Another asked. “Yes o, make he track them for us, that guy Na super tracker, Rose father replied going through his contact. ” ah that guy been relocate oo, he replied and Rose father looked at him surprised. “You mean am? Make I confirm first jare, he said and dialled the number but it was switch off.
Shey this one long??

Season 2, episode 20

“Shebi I been tell you, the other man replied. ” you been tell me the number dey switch off? Rose father asked him back. “So what now? Clara asked. ” calm down, everything will be under control, Rose father assured. “w€tin you bring come? Or you carry your red eye come show us alone? Joy asked and Clara couldn’t help but laugh. ” eh at least she don laugh, Tessy said and they left the guys discussing their own matter.
Linda continued with her selling and even went ahead hawking fruits together with her chin chin and peanuts to make more gain. The stress was too much on her, until an old lady noticed her, “my dear come, she called her one day as Linda tiredly sat down under a shade after so much hawking. Linda was surprised at first but she looked at the age of the woman calling her and decided to go, ” good afternoon ma, she greeted. “Afternoon, I’ve been seeing you pass here so I noticed something. Are you pregnant? She asked and Linda nodded. ” aww too bad, where are your parents? She asked. “I don’t know them ma, she replied. ” oh sorry, so who are you staying with? She asked. “Alone, she replied. ” sorry I’m asking too much, it’s just that I’ve seen you’re not an happy girl that’s why I decided to talk to you. People here calls me a witch but I’m not, she said and Linda looked surprised. “But why? She asked. ” hmmmm sit down my daughter don’t stand, the old lady said drawing a stool for her which she sat down. “You see I had three children; three girls and a boy. My daughters all died before they got married leaving me with my only son. My husband already is late, so I took care of him alone. But when my son married, his wife convinced him that I’m a witch, so I’m left all alone now my daughter, she said while Linda kept looking in pity. ” I’m so sorry for that. If you want I can come here to keep you company, Linda said. “Are you sure about that? Thank you very much, she replied happily. ” no problem ma, let me go hawk again, Linda said getting on her feet. “There’s no problem, see you soon ok and be careful, she said to her and Linda left.

“What about Clara daughter, when are we going to your village? Prisca asked. ” ok, that will be tomorrow, Joe replied. “When you went into Clement house, how is the security? Chris asked. ” two guards and a gateman, Prisca replied. “Armed? Jay asked. ” I don’t know, I didn’t see anything, she replied. “Ok, how many kids does she has now? Joe asked. ” I didn’t see any, please the children are innocent, she said. “How many has she killed? Jay asked. ” Clement will be affected somehow in this, she said. “Next generation he will be careful of the women he meets, Joe said. ” have you met with him? Chris asked. “I didn’t see him and I don’t know where he works either, she replied. ” we need an insider, Joe said. “Who? Eve came in. ” maid, yes a maid, Jay said and they all turned to Eve. “Why are you all looking at me? She asked embarrassed. ” sorry about that, you know Nora was able to get her plans quick and safe when she had you as an insider. We are thinking of getting her maid, Chris said. “Her maid is close to her, I don’t think she will betray her, Prisca said. ” like seriously? Then we’ll use another method, Joe said pacing around.

“Is the maid pretty, I mean s£xy? Jay asked while everyone looked at him surprised. ” whst do you want a s£xy maid for huh! Joe shouted. “Hey calm down, I was thinking I could use my influence on her, he said winking at him. ” bad guy, Chris said hitting him on the head. “Cool idea, Joe said laughing. ” but she must be pretty oo, Jay said laughing.

“Ok, you know this idea is good and also dangerous. If you hang around her Neighbourhood, what if Nora or her guys sees you? Eve asked. ” not even that, what if the maid in question is so rude and tells everything to her madam? Prisca asked. “Ohhhhhh! What then should we do? We can’t just bash into her house like that, that will be suicide, Joe said in frustration. ” don’t worry, let me go scan the environment first. Let’s just hope for the best, Jay said and stood up to leave. “Jay! Joe called him which he stopped. ” anything just call or leave immediately, Chris said and he nodded and left.

“We can also use Clement you know, Eve said after Jay left. ” how? Prisca asked. “If we give him some hints that his beloved wife is fvcking around and that first pregnancy wasn’t his anyway, eve said. ” even with the kidnapping of his baby, Chris added while the rest nodded. “Now where does he works? Prisca asked. ” I was a maid there, I can still remember where he was working. Let’s just hope he still works there, eve said. “Ok, let’s wait for the car then, Joe said.

Jay drove the car to Clem place and parked some few miles away to avoid suspicions. He stayed there for about 15minutes without seeing anyone going out or entering. Then the gate got opened and a young lady walked out well dressed with a man on suit with dark shades. He was talking to her for some few seconds while she smiled and went further to wait for a taxi before the man entered locking the gate behind him. ” a fair skinned lady just left the house now, Jay called at home. “Fair? That’s the maid, Prisca replied. ” ok thanks, he said and dropped the call when she entered a taxi. He followed her and saw her stopped by a supermarket, he came out too and met her picking the things she needed. he romantically walked in with his powerful perfume and his dark shade which drew all attention to him and stood near her, “excuse me, where can I find the wine shelf? Jay asked the maid. ” huh? She swallowed the saliva she didn’t know she was holding. “Sorry you look sick, are you OK? Jay said touching her neck which almost made her faint. ” I’m fine please, she said and hurriedly left the place while Jay smiled to himself.

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