Fate Of Mirabel

Fate of mirabel 2 episode 21 – 22


Fate Of Mirabel

Season 2, episode 21

“Hey wait, Jay met her outside and she turned. ” this is yours right? He asked stretching a kerchief to her. “I don’t think so, she replied. “Oh I thought it dropped from you. I’m prosper and you’re? Jay asked. ” sorry I don’t give my name to strangers, she replied. “But strangers can be friends, ok I’ll drop you off, he said pointing to his car. ” no, I’ll take a taxi instead., she replied while Jay smiled, “tough girl right? He said in his heart. ” ok I’ll wait for you until you get a taxi, I won’t leave until I see you’re safe, he said while she looked surprised. She ignored him and still stood waiting for a taxi, after few minutes of standing, still no taxi was going her way. “I’m still waiting you know, I’ll drop you off ok, Jay said and she sighed, ” ok, seems you’re the cause of it, she said while Jay smiled and drove her off. “Drop me here please, she said few miles away from the house. ” you stay here? Jay asked. “No, at the brown gate there in front, she replied. ” why stoping here then? Jay asked. “You won’t understand, she replied. ” ok can I get your name and number please? Jay asked stretching his phone to her, she declined at first but jay insisted. She typed in her number and handed the phone back to him, “thanks, so what’s your lovely name? Jay asked. ” Andrea, she replied with her hand on the door. “Thanks Andrea, I’ll call ya later, he said and gave her a peck which made her surprised. ” thanks for the lift, she whispered and left.

Jay drove home immediately, “what took you so long? Joe asked. ” hmmmmm I was with the maid, she’s Andrea by name and I got her number, Jay said taking off the shades from his eyes. “That’s nice, I think we’ll begin from her. Just continue to follow her up because I’ll be going to my village with Prisca tomorrow, Joe said.
Andrea went home and met Nora looking at her with a questionable look, ” what took you so long? She asked. “Sorry I couldn’t get a taxi back, she replied. ” and those smiles on your face, can you explain that? Nora asked. “Smiles? Andrea asked touching her cheeks, just then her kids came down and her attention was diverted.


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next day Joe took Prisca to his village as he promised, he was not able to recognise the place because of the development there. But after asking people he was directed to the place, ” oh it here I can remember, Joe said smiling as he entered with her. They knocked on the door for some minutes before a woman came out. “Good afternoon, they greeted her. ” afternoon, looking for someone? She asked. “Yes, please there’s a couple who stays here who doesn’t have a child, are they still around? Joe asked. ” that’s my sister but she relocated, she replied. “What! Prisca shouted. ” to where please? Joe asked. “To Enugu, but I don’t know if she’s still there, the woman replied. ” what made her relocate please? Prisca asked. “They found a baby on thier door post, they were scared the owner may come back so they left. Any problem? She asked. ” ermm actually I was the one who dropped the baby, Joe said. “What! Why did you do such thing? Now you want to get her back? She asked. ” no no no it’s a long story. But I’ll love to talk to them please, Prisca said. “I haven’t seen them since then, she replied. ” please contact us with this number please, thank you, Joe said handing a piece of paper to her which she collected and they left. “Whst will we do now? Prisca asked. ” I don’t know, Joe replied. “If she contact you just let me know, I’ll pass from here to meet my family, Prisca said. ” huh why? We are not done with Nora you know? Joe said. “I just want my family to know I’m fine, I know they are worried. I’ll still come back, Prisca said. ” alright then, safe journey, Joe said. “Thanks and you too, she replied.
Clara kept coming but they kept asking her to calm down.” Girl rest first, we need help for Lagos, person wey go level ground for us, Rose father will keep telling her. “That Joe number no dey ring? Joy will ask. ” if e been ring, i for no tell you? He will ask back.

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Rose father was going through his contact and saw a number he saved “Joe2, he wondered who has the number and decided to call. Rather Chris phone rang. ” hello, Chris said to whoever it was. “Hello is this Joe? He asked. ” who is speaking? Chris asked. “Ah if Na Joe Na your paddy oo, Na Eli oo, he said. ” sorry this is not Joe speaking, Chris replied. “You dey craze, why do like say Na Joe? He angrily said and ended the call. ” Eli Eli, Chris kept thinking where he has heard that name before, “sha let Joe return, he said.


2, episode 22

Joe returned to Lagos very late and Chris quickly told him of the person that called, “he said his name is Eli, Chris said. ” Eli? You mean Eli? He shouted holding him while Chris looked surprised. “Who is he? He asked. ” a bad guy, give me the phone mhen, he collected it from Chris and dialled the number. “Hello, Eli finally picked after several rings. ” Eli my guy, chai long time! Joe hailed. “Heyyy whatsup whatsup Na, I been dey try your number since w€tin happen, Eli asked jumping from the bed. ” guy your brother for die oo where you dey now?, Joe asked. “I dey Benue mhen but I go soon land for Lagos, I hear say you don relocate, he said. ” I been relocate but I dey Lagos now now, Joe said. “You go fit level ground for me or you don give your life to Jesus? Eli asked and Joe burst out laughing. ” that man no need person like me o, me sef i get my own problem here oo but w€tin you want make I level? Joe asked. “Na my friend oo, the lady don suffer setay the husband new wife put am for prison just like that. So she need revenge but I no sabi Lagos all that, Eli explained. ” wait the husband wife put am for prison? Eli asked again and made the call on loudspeaker so Chris and Jay can hear too. “Na so ooo, the lady don suffer I swear, Eli said. “w€tin be the lady name? Joe asked. ” Clara, the husband wife name Na something Mora I no fit pronounce am joor, eli said while Chris and Co kept exchanging glances at each other. “We sabi am well well, infact the ground don level already, Joe said hiding his joy. ” eh, you sabi am? Eli asked. “Why I no go sabi am, just show first for Lagos jare make show start, Joe said. ” heyyyyy I trust you Na, we go show soon jare, Eli said. “No wahala na, anytime I dey available, Joe said. ” you be correct man, infact I go call you tomorrow make Clara talk to you herself, Eli Said. “No wahala, goodnight, Joe said and ended the call. ” what! I’m dreaming! Jay shouted falling on the bed. “I’m shocked myself, things are going on so smooth, Chris said. ” you can say that again guys. I’m tired mhen, Joe said and fell weakly on the bed while Chris and Jay kept talking.
The next day Linda carried her stuffs for her hawking business and branched to the old woman house to greet her. The old woman insisted she must eat since Linda told her she didn’t eat at home. “Please when your pregnancy is 6months old, don’t stress yourself ok, just stay with me and I’ll take care of you, she told Linda but Linda only smiled at that. ” uhmmm ma, I have to go now, the food has digested by now, Linda said picking her tray. “Are you sure about that? Ok if you say so no problem, but Promise you’ll come back oo, she said and Linda nodded.

Clara was called by Eli that morning and she went there immediately.” When are we going? Clara asked. “He said anytime, Na my personal paddy be that oo, Eli said smoking. ” oh that’s good, what about next week? She asked. “I no get problem oo even if Na tomorrow I fit go my own, Eli said and Clara nodded. ” are you sure about this? Tessy asked. “I’m sure about this very sure, Clara confirmed.
” hello, Andrea said on phone. “Why are you whispering? Is everything OK? Jay asked. ” ya I saw your text this morning, thanks, she said. “Nah it’s nothing. So can we see today? He asked but Andrea was quiet. ” hello are you there? Jay asked. “Yes, I will love to but I can’t, she replied. ” why? You stay with your parents or??? Jay asked. “Don’t worry when I’m Free I’ll let you know ok, I have to go, she said and ended the call immediately. ” seems Nora has a great influence on her, Joe said. “Yea, she loves ruling everybody, Jay said. ” don’t worry, just take it slow, Eve said. “Yes that reminds me, Clement office, Joe said. ” yesssss let’s go, Eve said going inside to check herself properly.


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