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Fate of Mirabel 2 episode 23 – 25


Fate of Mirabel

Season 2, episode 23.
Eve left with them to the company “I hope I’m not entering too? Eve asked as they parked. ” sure you’re not, I and Jay will go, Chris said and they left leaving Eve with Joe. They went to the receptionist and inquired if Clement still works here, “You mean Mr Clement the president of this company? She asked. ” sorry we don’t know if he’s the president, but he left the country years ago, Chris said. “Yea he’s the president, she Confirmed. ” like seriously, please we’ll like to talk to him, it’s very important, Jay said. “Any appointment with him? She asked. ” no but what we want to say it’s very important please, Jay said. “Oppps then I have to book you to meet with him, he’s always busy. Oh that’s his wife coming, she said and pointed at a direction and they met Nora together with a girl of about 12 years old and they swallowed. ” oh thanks, but this information is for the president himself, Chris said. “Ok what’s your name? She asked. ” Philip, he replied.

“I’ll meet him then and tell him about you so I’ll know when he’s free ok, she said and left after showing them where to sit. ” was that really Nora? Jay whispered to Chris. “Yes, the devil himself, he said and he remembered how Nora shot him.

Nora went straight to her husband office and met a man just leaving his office, with pride she went in ignoring the man greetings. ” hello bby, she said giving him a peck while his daughter went to sit with him, “why are you here?he asked. ” I’ve warned you never to ask me such senseless question again, so you mean I can’t visit right? She asked back. “See this is my office and I’m always busy, anything just wait until I’m back ok, he said and a knock was heard on his door. ” come in, he said knowing who it was. “Please sir, one Philip is here to see you. He says he has a very important information to give to you, she said. ” Is that so? Give me one minute, he said and she closed the door. He looked at Nora who was just looking at him knowing what his going to say, “as you can see I’m busy, and in the next 30 minutes I have to attend a meeting. I think we will meet at home then, Clement said and Nora stood up in anger, ” Angel let’s go, she said to her daughter but she refused. “Leave her with me, I’ll bring her home, he said and Nora bashed out of the office. The lady went in, ” bring him in, he said to her and she left. Chris and Jay saw Nora approaching and they quickly faced the floor which Nora was blind to notice.


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lady came back and told them they can see the president which they thanked her after she directed them to where his office is, “what exactly will we say? Jay asked Chris who couldn’t answer until they reached the office. They knocked on it and Clement asked them to come in, ” good Afternoon sir, they greeted and Clement calmly asked them to sit down. “You’re welcome to the company, he said with all smiles which made the guys astonished. ” you said you have an important Information for me, let me hear it, Clement said checking his time. “Yea that true, Chris said and saw the girl who entered with Nora busy playing games. ” your daughter is pretty, Chris said, “thanks, please I don’t have much time. What’s the Information? Clem asked. ” it’s about your wife. I’m surprised a calm and loving man like you is having a Jezebel at home, Jay said. “What exactly do you mean? Clement asked. ” what about your first wife? Where is your first baby? Who did you think arranged with the maid who ran away with her? Jay asked. “Who are you! Clem shouted. ” Nora was the one behind the kidnap of your daughter and the miscarriage she had was not yours anyway but someone she has been fvcking around with even now! Jay said and Clement stood up on his feet. “We came to hint you a bit because her doom is soon, and if you’re not careful you’ll be dragged in it too because someone out there is seeking for revenge and you know who that is, Chris said and they left the office immediately while Clement kept looking at them speechless.

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Eve and Joe sighted Nora as she walked out of the building, Joe wanted strangling her that instant has he watched Nora entered her car, ” I hope she hasn’t seen them inside because she looks furious, Eve asked scared. “So If she does what will happen? Joe asked looking at Nora as she drove off. Soon Eve saw Chris and Jay coming out, ” hey they are back, she told Joe.


did it go? Joe asked immediately they went in. ” did you see that witch? Jay asked. “I saw her, I felt like strangling her, Joe said holding his fist as Jay drove off and Chris told them what happened inside.
Linda went to the old woman place and saw that she was not there, ” huh, has she travelled or what without telling me? Linda thought and left for her hawking business.

The old woman was already missing her son, she she left to visit him, “what are you doing here? Her son quickly asked. ” hey what I’ve I done to deserve this from you Na, after all the struggling you’re now calling me a witch, she cried. “So are you not a witch after you’ve finished eating the children in my womb and killing your children, his wife came in. ” I’m not a witch ooo if you want a child I know a teenage girl who is pregnant, you can get the child for yourself please don’t forsake me like this, she cried while they looked at her wondering if they should take the child when the teenage girl delivers. “Anyway I’ll think about what you just said, but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgiven you, her son said and left the house while his wife looked surprised at his response.

Season 2, episode 24

Festus wife quickly ran after him outside, ‘why are you accepting her offer? If we want to adopt a child can’t we do that in the hospital? She asked. “I can’t risk buying a child from a mad woman, who knows where the children were picked from. She says it’s a teenage girl which I must see her first before accepting to take the baby, festus said and drove off leaving his wife standing. ” where is this girl and how did you know her? Festus wife asked his mum. “She’s just an orphan who got pregnant, she’s a very good girl, the old woman said. ” then take me to her later, festus wife said and went in.
Clement still stood in his office still in shock, “daddy daddy, angel called shaking him which he turned to her. ” they have gone, she said and he nodded, “let’s go, he said. He drove home straight and didn’t see Nora at home, ” where are you now? Clem asked Nora on phone after several rings “Where else, didn’t you sent me home? Nora replied. ” where do you think I am now? Clem asked. “Aren’t you in the office? Nora asked but Clem ended the call.

” I have to go now, Nora said putting on her clothes. “So soon, Francis asked. ” Clement is at home ok, she said as she picked her bag and fled from the house..
“I’m thinking of something, though it’s not a good idea? Jay said as they went home. ” anything just spit it out, Joe said. “What if we get Francis? You know that’s Nora only hope, Jay said and Chris looked at him. ” you say Francis? That’s suicide ok! Eve shouted. “It’s just an idea ok, Jay said. ” yea we know Francis is powerful but he can’t be more powerful than all of us, that is if we are careful and wise, Joe said. “Ermmm when are your friends coming? Chris asked. ” that will be soon… And Jay phone started ringing. “It’s Andrea, Jay said. ” seems someone is in love but please be smart, Eve said as Jay picked. “Hello Angel, he said winking at Joe who was smiling at him. ” yea I didn’t hear from you today, she said. “Are you sure about that?? Oh I was so busy I’m so sorry about that, Jay said. ” oh no problem then, take care, she said. “Are you free, can we see please? Jay asked. ” ermmm I’m not chanced now, I told you when I’m free I’ll let you know, she said. “Wait, tell me are you working or what? Or your parents don’t let you out? Jay asked. ” ermm actually I’m staying with my friend and she doesn’t like it when I go out, Andrea said. “You mean your friend is locking you up like a slave? That’s so wrong, Jay said. ” but I’m ok with it, she is a good friend, she said. “It’s still very wrong, she doesn’t have to do that to you. Please we need to see, Jay said with a serious tone. ” ok let me see what I can do, I’ll call ya back, she said and ended the call. “huh, so she’s not a maid? Eve asked surprised. ” I can’t believe it myself, Jay said dropping the phone thinking. “nevertheless, we still need an insider, Joe said looking at Jay.

Soon Nora was back, she hurriedly went in to see Clement at the little wine bar drinking. ” hey so early, Nora asked and Clem looked at her, “where are you coming back from? He asked. ” just driving around, it’s lonely here at home, she said. “What about Andrea? Clem asked. ” the silly girl is so boring, why are you asking such irritating questions? Where is angel? Nora asked and Clement kept looking at her, “your wife has been fvcking around even now…. Her first pregnancy wasn’t yours anyway…. She kidnapped your daughter… Someone out there is seeking for revenge and you know who is that, Jay words at the office kept ringing on his head. ” Clem are you OK? Nora asked touching him but he pushed her down, “don’t you dare use your filthy hands on me, are you back from your boyfriend house or you think I don’t know what you did years ago to my daughter and Clara. Whose pregnancy had the miscarriage huh! He shouted holding her neck while Nora was struggling with him. Andrea ran in to see why there’s so much noise but saw Clem reaction, ” please sir you’ll kill her, Andrea shouted holding him but he still pushed her down. “Tell me who had the pregnancy! Clement kept shouting with his eyes red, Andrea got up and quickly informed Nora guards who came in and separated Clem from her. Andrea helped Nora who was coughing holding her neck in pains, ” are you OK? Can I get you water? Andrea asked but she ignored her and staggered to Clem. “Who ever told you that is lying just to separate us, you know I was not in the country when you got married until you had your first child. Why are you accusing me now remembering me of my dead baby now, Nora said crying which made Clem kind of confused. ” where are you coming back from then? Clement asked. ” I went to check on something, can I take Angel to my boyfriend house? Clem why are you doing this to me? Nora cried holding him on his shirt. “Oh my baby, she cried more and Clem had no choice to comfort her, ” I’m sorry, I guess I was wrong. I’m sorry, Clem said hugging her not knowing what to do.

Clara handed over her business to her mother, telling her to take care of it till she returns, “now you’re getting me confused, what are you traveling for? Her mum asked. ” mum it’s just for a leave, I’ve not had any rest since when I started this business please understand, Clara pleaded. “Just take care of yourself ok, her mum surrendered. ” thanks mum, Clara hugged her happily.

Rose came to her house to help arrange her stuffs so she can travel, “anuty where exactly is everybody going to without me? Rose asked and Clara smiled. ” sweedy we want a change of environment for a little time ok, Clara replied. “Then I’ll be going back to Enugu to stay alone there, Rose said sadly. ” don’t you have friends there? Clara asked. “Hmmm, no just a poor girl like that who got her self pregnant, Rose said. ” pregnant? Oh no! Clara exclaimed. “Yea that’s it, Rose said and a picture dropped from a cloth she carried which Clara didn’t notice. She picked it up and saw it was a picture of a baby, ” this should be your lost daughter right? Rose asked showing Clara which she collected it from her immediately, “where did you see it? She asked. ” it fell from this dress, she’s pretty, Rose said while Clara kept quiet with tears already in her eyes. “It’s ok anut, I know fate will bring her to you one day, rose said hugging her. ” how will that be? I won’t be able to know her anymore after all these years, Clara said. “Don’t she has a birthmark or something you can use to know her? Rose asked and Clara got up immediately. ” she had a birthmark, yes she did but I can’t remember where, Clara said hitting her head. “How is that possible? Rose asked getting up too. ” my anut Prisca and my maid was always with my baby, I heard them once saying something about birthmark, oh God!, Clara sighed in frustration.

Season 2, episode 25.
“How are you feeling now? Andrea asked Nora. ” did you tell my husband anything? Nora asked. “Me? No! Why would i do that? Andrea asked surprised at such question. “someone then told my husband something about me, wait! wait!! Nora said getting on her feet. “Is it the Philip his secretary told him was waiting outside? Nora asked no one In particular. ” but who is this Philip? Andrea asked. “I’ll be back, Nora said and left. “meet me in the company Right away, Nora called Francis on the way.

Andrea was just left alone in the house with her rude kids, she sighed as she looked at the place she injured herself when Clement pushed her down. She picked her phone and called Prosper, “hello are you free now? She asked. ” yes are we meeting? Jay asked. “Yes, meet me where you dropped me that day, she said and ended the call. ” who was that? Eve asked. Andrea, she wants to meet with me, Jay replied. make sure you’re armed ok, Joe came in. Cmon its just Andrea, Jay said. and who said it wasn’t Andrea huh? We have to be security conscious from now on, Joe said harshly. Ok ok ok, Jay said and picked up a gun showing them, see, he said putting it under his belt and left.
Nora arrived at the company first since Clement decided to attend a meeting after the incident that happened at home. “I want to see the camera, Nora said to one of the security who inquired why she returned. the camera ma?, no problem, the security said while Nora went straight to the secretary, “where is Philip? She asked ignoring her greetings. ” Philip? She asked back confused. “Are you this dull? The guy you brought into the office when I was in, Nora shouted on her, ” oh ma they left, she replied. “They? But you called only one name, Nora asked. ” that’s because it was only one who gave his name, seems they are brothers. Any problem ma?, she asked. “Shut up, Nora said and left. ” you’re very stupid, the lady cursed under her. Nora left to the security place and she told them the exact time she came to the company, the camera was rewind to that time and Clara saw all the people entering, as they kept watching Nora eyes bulged out when she saw Chris and Jay walked in. “Shit! Nora exclaimed. ” any problem ma? The security asked but she bashed out of the place, “I’m in, Francis called immediately. ” meet me outside the car pack, she said and ended the call. She went to the car pack and saw Francis approaching, she only opened the door for him and Francis understood what that meant. “What’s the problem? He asked as Nora drove but she ignored until she arrived at a restaurant. Jay and his gangs are back, seems they’re back for a revenge, Nora said. Francis scoffed, that’s not true you know, he said and Nora looked at him in anger. Do i look like i’m joking here? See my neck and tell me if I’m joking, Nora said opening her neck for him.”they did this to you? He asked. They told Clement things about me and he almost strangled me to death, we need to get them fast! Nora said. ” you saw them all? He asked. I only saw Chris and Jay on the camera, she replied. I’ll track them then, both in your house and in the office, Francis said not worried at all. You better do, Nora said while Francis laughed and tried to calm her down.
Jay stopped at where he dropped Andrea but he didn’t see her, hello you’re not there, Jay said. Ok I’m coming, she said and hung up. She sighed and boldly went to the gate and was asked by the guards where she’s going to. Have i ever left this house without Nora sending me? She asked and the gate was sluggishly open as they kept looking at her suspiciously. She stopped a taxi and dropped at where she saw Jay car, here, she paid the taxi man. no na, the distance is too short carry go, the man said. No no no take it, she insisted and the man collected. sorry I kept you waiting, she quickly apologised as she entered Jay car. Nah I understand, hope we’re not staying here? Jay asked. ermmm I didn’t want to stay long, Andrea said. I won’t stay long too ok, Jay said and took off. They arrived at a restaurant and Jay held hands with her in, your order please, a waiter said to them. Ermmm just water, she said while Jay looked at her. why that? He asked. And she replied “I’m filled” ok, ermmm Eva wine will do, Jay said. What about the water? The waiter asked. forget about it, Jay said. You shouldn’t have bothered, Andrea said when the waiter left but jay kept looking at her saying nothing. why, is there anything on my face? She asked. Let me see, Jay said touching her cheeks and smiled. oh you made me scared, she said. “You’re beautiful, Jay said while Andrea couldn’t help but smile, is that how you get girls? She asked. Me? I have no time fo

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