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Fate Of Mirabel 2 episode 7 – 9



Season 2, episode 7.
Rose walked in to see Linda sleeping on the bed and Don sitting on a single sofa with his head bowed. She walked in and touched him softly on his shoulder and he lifted his head. “What’s wrong Don? Why is Linda sleeping? She asked. “She had headache, but she’ll be alright. Excuse me, he stood up and left Rose confused. Rose stood there looking at the room suspiciously and noticed the bedspread changed and how Linda slept was extraordinary. She shook her violently but she didn’t move so she followed Don outside.

Don matched outside angrily and met Frederick on the way. ” hey what happened?, did Rose catch you? Is she awake? He asked all at once. “Will you just shut up Fred! I don’t know how I’m feeling right now, he said scratching his head violently. “Hey calm down, I don’t know why you’re this soft, Fred said. “She doesn’t deserve this, don said. “So?, who deserves it now?, what did she expect when she was busy parading in a guy house, Fred said mockingly. “Why are you this hardened Fred, she was a virgin! Don shouted.

“Thank God it’s Was, so don’t kill yourself. What’s wrong with you and small small girls sef, fred said almost laughing. “Shey Rose is not a small girl ba? Don asked. “She is joor, I just wanted little fun with her but she’s playing tush for me even when she’s not even a virgin sef. Seems the enjoyment fell for you bro, so cheer up, he Said patting him. “Why are you like this Fred? You’re not even touched a bit, Don said. “Touched for w€tin like say Na me been do am, abeg let’s go joor before that mad girl will suspect something, he said and dragged him away “you’re so stupid Don, that’s just a sleeping drug and was no charm,he smiled to himself but unknown to them Rose heard everything they discussed.
They came back and found Rose sitting on the sofa Don left, “what’s wrong with Linda? She isn’t responding, she asked immediately they walked in. “Are you sure about that?, Don asked looking at Fred. “I’m sure about that Na, check it out urself Na, she pushed more further. “Let her be, she’ll wake up by herself, Fred said and moved forward to the little fridge to get water for himself. Rose just kept looking at Donald which he ignored her eye and sat on the bed watching the movie. They didn’t even notice when Linda got up after sometime. ” are you feeling any pain? Don asked after Linda called his name when she got up. “What type of pain, Rose quickly asked. “Is the headache gone? Don asked Linda again ignoring Rose question. “No, not anymore, I’m thirsty, Linda replied. Fred stretched his hands to the fridge and got her a bottle water. Rose kept watching them with anger burning in her, ” It’s time for the examination if you’re done sleeping, Rose quickly said immediately after Linda finished drinking. “Won’t you wait a bit? Don asked. “No, look at the time, she took the whole time sleeping forgetting to wake up, rose replied.


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did I take much time sleeping?, Linda asked still not believing the time. “Maybe you should look directly to the wall clock and ask that question to it, she took her bag and was ready to leave. Linda came down too quickly from the bed, ” don’t forget the gift Linda, just register the line that’s in the pack so I’ll reach you with it, Don said. Thank you so much Don and please take good care of yourself, with you too Fred, Linda said. “Thanks darling, Fred replied. “Hey won’t you tell them goodbye?, Linda asked Rose. “I thought they will drop us off, Rose replied looking at them. “Hmmmmm please not today, we have a lot to do. Please manage this for your fare down to school, Don stretched a clean note to them. “Alright thanks and safe journey to you guys, Rose said and was about to go but Linda stopped. “What about this house, I mean the whole compound. I’ve been longing to ask you but I keep forgetting, Linda asked. “Uhmmmm it belong to my uncle Pius, soon he will start renting it but as for this room, he prepared it for his son which he asked us to use it, Don explained. “Ok bye and take care, Rose immediately said and left while Linda followed Behind still waving at them.

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On the way back to school they didn’t discuss anything but Linda was feeling so uneasy. They arrived the exam hall quite late and they hurriedly entered to get thier papers.

“How do you feel? Rose asked Linda as they finished their exams. “I can’t tell, maybe I slept too long or maybe I’m already missing them, Linda replied. “Hmmmmm missing him and slept too long ba? was all Rose said until they found a taxi that took them to their different destinations. Rose reached home and threw her bag angrily on the floor, “so is that all they can do by drugging Linda and even sleeping with her, which is all Frederick doing just to get me on his bed. Too bad Donald you won’t get Linda, never! She took her phone and messaged Frederick “I heard it all and I know why you did it. Seems you don’t know who You are joking with because I’ll make sure you regret it!


2,episode 8.
Linda went home still feeling uneasy ,”is it because Don will be leaving? I don’t understand how my body is doing me, she murmured to herself.

The next day Fred saw the text from Rose when they were on the road back to Lagos, he smiled and replied, “I’m glad you heard it, try to do anything little fly, I’ll show you the stuff I’m made up too”. Rose saw the text and called her mum ” hello mummy, she said immediately she picked. “How is everything? She asked. “Not fine mum, Someone is stepping on my toes, Rose replied. “Heyyy if that’s why you called, just hold it! She shouted on phone. “But mum I need your help nau. “Step on the person toes back, she said and ended the call.

Clara: is that Rose? “Yes o, can you imagine she’s asking me to deal with someone who stepped on her toes,Rose mum replied. Clara laughed a bit, “she’s still a child, won’t you visit her? She asked. “Visit who? Abeg make that madam stay there o any time her money finish I’ll send her money, she replied. “Remember her exams will soon be over… “So University no dey? She go live for campus oo that girl is giving me hard time, She interrupted Clara. “Hmmmmm I wish my daughter is here to disturb me too, don’t worry I’ll visit her tomorrow since you don’t want to, Clara replied. “How that one take concern me, no be your money you wan waste so, abegi, she said and Clara laughed.
Rose dressed up and left to Linda place since they had no exams that day, she walked on the road cursing the bad Street. Finally she arrived at Linda place, because of what she came to do, she swallowed her pride and entered her hut. “My God, what a surprise Rose, she said leading her inside. Rose faked a smile and went it” hey it was boring at home so I came to visit, Rose said. ” Hmmm it’s like I’m dreaming oo, Rose entered my ghetto today just to see me. Rose laughed, “stop saying that joor, What about that gift?, she asked. “Gift?, Linda asked back. “Don gift Na, the one he gave you yesterday, rose replied. “Can you imagine, I even forgot about it. Let me bring it, she said and walked to where she kept her school bag and handed it over to her. Rose removed the phone and trickily removed his phone number, “it’s nice, let’s go register the sim card, she said to Linda and she happily accepted.
Rose mother was one of the prisoners who helped Clara escaped from the prison. They escaped and relocated to Benue state where Clara realised that “Mercy” was nursing a baby before she was arrested, which is Rose.

Season 2, episode 9.
The assassins broke in and escaped with Clara, Clara wanted showing herself to her Aunt Prisca, but they didn’t accept it. Rather they took her to Benue state with them. They tried putting Clara into the business but Clara was too weak for that, though she was taught how to shoot guns. Clara decided to take over her late mum business, which is fashion designing which she employed many workers in it and it was blooming well.

The assassins helped in making her forget about her family which she really owe them alot.
After the discussion with Rose mum, Clara already determined to see Rose since she equally took care of her while her mum keep going for her runs. But a call came through from an unknown number which the caller told her she’ll be coming to her plaza the next day to see her. Clara wanted declining but the lady insisted, saying she’ll be travelling soon. Clara had to postpone the traveling and meet up with the lady who called.
The next day Clara arrived late but her receptionist told her a lady has been waiting for her. “What’s her name?, she asked. “Benita, she said she called you yesterday and you accepted to meet her today, the lady explained. “Ohhhh that’s true, bring her in please, Clara said to the lady and she left.

Clara was busy opening the fashion album her workers made which they submitted to her, she heard the door clicked open, she raised her head up and instantly got shocked.

Benita: hello, you came late why?, she said to Clara and sat down opposite her but Clara kept looking at her dumbfounded. ” what’s wrong? You don’t mind I can leave if you don’t like me?, the woman said embarrassed.

“Eunice!, she shivered in shock, stood up drawing her chair backwards “so you’re still alive?, she continued. “Sorry I think you’re wrong, I’m Benita not Eunice, she answered confused.

“Mum you can’t recognise me?, it’s me Clara, mum you’re alive, she ran and embraced her crying bitterly. Benita or Eunice just stood there confused, “what’s going on? She asked. “Mum you can’t still recognise me your child! Can you also remember daddy who you had the accident together? Mum please say you remember me, Clara cried. Benita just stood there looking at her and for the first time in years, memories flashed!
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