Fate Of Mirabel

Fate of mirabel 3 episode 3 – 4


Fate of Mirabel

Season 3, episode 3
Linda breathed in as Rose left, “why is she so different now? Or is it because of my condition? If it was the Rose I know she would have start shouting and mocking at me, Linda thought as she left to prepare for the next day.
I texted Jay and he has not replied yet which I know he will, Nora told Francis. ” are you sure he’s not scared because of what happened today? Are you sure he will come? Francis asked. “Seems you don’t know what love can do, Nora replied with a smirk. ” so should we be around? Francis asked. “Sure, he’s not gonna meet with Andrea but with you, I don’t want the RUBBISH your guys did to repeat itself again, Nora said angrily. ” I’ll prepare then, Francis said and the line went dead.

After the gangs finished their rest, and decided to eat the food the guys prepared for them, joy kept teasing them as she ate, “hey don’t mind her, you guys tried, Clara said. ” tah tried w€tin, abeg bring me water before I go die with pepper, Tessy said and Joy burst out laughing. “Guys if you wan follow them you go die young, no mind them oo, Eli said with his mouth full struggling with water and the guys burst out laughing. ” una dey follow laugh? Joy asked. “That’s Jay handwork oo, he cooked the food, Chris and Joe pointed at Jay and another round of laughter was heard again, this time Clara couldn’t help but join. ” yea yea yea I’m still a learner abeg, Jay said consoling himself as the laugh continued.

That night when everyone was asleep, Jay went out and dialled Andrea number. The phone was with Nora and Clem saw it ringing because he woke up to ease himself, he went and touched Nora, “what’s that? Nora asked. ” your new phone is ringing at this time, who is that? Clem asked and Nora looked and saw it was Andrea own. “Like seriously you don’t know Andrea’s phone? I was using it for something let me go return it, Nora said and left to Andrea room to see her awake,” so you’re still awake? Nora asked and sat down on the bed with her but she said nothing, just then the phone began to ring again and Nora showed her the phone, “your sugar boy is calling and you’re gonna act cool because I sent him a message you will be meeting with him today, now answer, Nora said and she picked it up. ” sorry I’m disturbing, how are you? Jay asked. “I’m I’m fine,she replied. ” are you sure about that? I saw your text what’s wrong? Jay asked. “Ermmm I ermm I just want to see you, Andrea said. ” is it that important? He asked. “Yes very important, what time are you coming? She asked as Nora was whispering it to her. ” I don’t know yet but I’ll let you know when I’m free, alright take care of yourself and goodnight, Jay said. “Goodnight too, Andrea said and the line went dead. ” Nora please I’m begging you, I’ll talk to him to leave you alone if you want, Andrea pleaded in tears. “Andrea you’re in love! Nora asked surprised looking at her. ” yes, please don’t do this, she begged. “Sorry darling, you fell for the wrong person because my life is at risk if Jay and his gangs is alive, Nora said and walked away with Andrea phone ignoring Andrea cries and calls.


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next morning Joy complained that she’s very hungry because she couldn’t eat Jay pepper food, ” ouch the small boy has suffered, Tessy said remembering how her mouth was on fire yesterday. “You’ll go to the market Na, Eli said giving her his ATM card, ” what’s that for? Joe asked. “She dey go market, Eli replied. ” and you’re giving her money for what? Please take this, Joe said stretching out 8notes to her. “Shuoooo for w€tin Na, abeg keep your money, we are here to help each other, joy said.” Guy leave that thing, if we take care of food Na bad thing? We are brothers and sisters now oo, Eli said hitting Joe and he laughed. “Who go carry us? Tessy asked. ” me, I will, Jay said. “Oh our honourable cook, Tessy said bursting out in laughter again. ” my dear don’t mind her let’s go, Clara said and they left the house. They arrived at the market and the ladies left while Jay insisted he wants to be inside the car waiting for them to return which they accepted and left. Jay then called Andrea and Nora gave her the phone to speak with him, “hello good morning, Jay greeted. ” how was your night? Andrea slowly asked. “Wait,are you sure you’re OK or is your friend maltreating you? Jay asked and Nora nodded to her. ” ermm yes, I’m just tired of everything, please take me away from here, Andrea said crying. “Is it that serious? I’m coming there right away ok, just wait for me I’m coming, Jay said and ended the call immediately. ” Nora why? Andrea asked in tears. “Wow I didn’t know you’re such a drama Queen, bye bby, Nora laughed wickedly and left. ” his on his way here, Nora called Francis. “That’s good news, he said and hung up. ” the ladies will be stranded, but I know they will find their way back. If I return with Andrea, I’m sure they will understand with me, Jay thought and drove off.

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The ladies kept buying and Clara saw someone who looked familiar buying too, so she went to her, “hello, good morning, she tapped her and the lady looked up, ” Ma, she whispered. “Wow Natasha Is this Really you, Clara said and she screamed embracing her. ” someone tell me I’m dreaming, Clara where have you been? Natasha asked. “Girl it’s a long long story, you still work there? Clara asked. ” your husband company Right? She asked and Clara mood changed. “Are you sure he’s my husband? Haven’t you been seeing his wife? Clara asked. ” that witch, I mean that bitch? Natasha said in anger. “Bitch too sweet, you for say dog, Tessy came in. ” you know what I’ll call you because we have a lot to talk about, I don’t want you to be late for walk, Clara said. “Sure, let me have your number, she said bringing out her phone to her which Clara quickly typed it down. ” see ya later, Clara said and Natasha embraced her and collected her stuff from the woman who already packaged it waiting for her.

“She go be link ba? Joy asked. ” We worked together collecting fruits for the processing but when Clement got married to me, I was able to lift her from that level at least since she didn’t go to school. In what I’m seeing, it’s like she went back to school and she’s promoted, Clara explained as they left to meet with Jay but he wasn’t there. “You sure Na this place? Tessy asked while they stood confused and decided to ask a woman who sells outside there, ” madam weldone oo, Clara greeted. “Yes o, w€tin you wan buy? The woman asked. ” madam no vex o, abeg the black car wey been dey there e don go? Tessy asked. ” the car been drive comot, the woman replied. “Thank you, Clara said and they walked away from there. ” why did Jay behave that way? Clara asked and Joy already dialled Eli number, “hello, he said on phone. ” that Jay guy don carry car comot leave us here oo, abeg help us ask for address make we enter taxi, joy said. “Ah Na, guy jay don leave them for market oo, w€tin be the number of this place, Eli said to Joe and he collected the phone and spoke with them.

Jay arrived there and called Andrea but Nora picked instead, ” I’m here, he said immediately. “Ok, Nora said using Andrea voice and ended the call. Soon a car came out from Clement house, ” who can that be? Jay asked not afraid because his glass was a tinted one, but he noticed it was approaching him. Since he didn’t killed the engine, he immediately reversed backward in speed and turned to escape but another car came by that way blocking the road making it impossible for him to drive pass, he searched himself and saw he was not armed, “shit, he shouted as he saw the men came out with guns from the car including Francis. Chris kept calling Jay but he ignored, but Chris called again and he picked, ” I’m at Nora place and I guess this will end it all because I’m surrounded, Jay quickly said and ended the call as one of the men started using the back of the gun on the glass. “No leave it, Jay just come out peacefully, I’ll take it slow on you as a long time friend, Francis said stoping the guy who wanted destroying the car. ” Andrea why? Jay asked himself and came out with his hands up. “You look good bro, too bad you couldn’t learn from Chris and Joe, Francis said to him. ” you haven’t learnt either because you’re still fvcking around with Nora, Jay said looking at him. “Take him away, Francis commanded and the guys quickly bundled him pushing him inside their car, ” they will come after you! Jay shouted. “I’ll be waiting, Francis said and entered the other car and they left leaving Jay car behind because no one can ride it without the code.” We have him, Francis called Nora. “Wow excellent, take him to your house instead because I’m sure where we normally meet will be occupied by now. I’m on my way, Nora said on phone and the line went dead. Nora smiled to herself and left the house immediately while Andrea hid somewhere eavesdropping on her. After she left she went to where she sat and saw her phone, she took it and dialled Jay number but it was switched off, ” what will I do now! Andrea shouted in frustration.

When Jay picked Chris call, the guys was mad and they quickly entered Clara car dropping the house key incase the ladies returns and drove to Clem place. They found the car parked with one of Francis guy trying to open it. Eli didn’t waste time to gun him down, “nooo! Jay will be in danger now, Chris shouted. ” if they do pimp I go finish them all, Eli said and Chris and Joe came out and took the car. They drove to where they do hideout with Nora but it was developed. “Where will we go now? Chris asked worried. ” the guy Eli shot would have given us the clue, Joe said and Jay phone began to ring because Chris switched it on, “it’s the stupid Andrea, Chris said. ” give me the phone, Joe said and collected it from him, “what do you want now? Joe asked. ” please is this prosper? She asked. “Didn’t you set him up? Are you okay now? Joe asked. ” no no please I swear I didn’t do anything. The last time we met Nora caught me and had my phone, whatever happened is only Nora plans please, have you seen him? She asked. “We haven’t seen him, where do you think they took him to? Joe asked. ” before Nora left, I heard her talking about Francis place, please take me away from this house I beg you. I want to help you find prosper, Andrea said in tears. “Where are you now? Chris asked. ” locked up here at home, she replied. “We are coming, Joe said and ended the call. ” you believe am? Eli asked. “I believe her, Joe said and started the engine.

Season 3, episode 4

Clara and her friends went home but found the key outside, “w€tin be this again Na, where dis people don go now? Tessy angrily said as Joy called Eli again. ” una don reach house? He quickly asked. “Where una dey? She asked with a angry tone. ” see eh, this Nora people don Carry Jay, so we dey find am, he replied. “Eh! Should we come? Joy asked. ” no bother, just be armed and prepare food for us, we never chop, Eli said and ended the call as the approached Clem house. Eli came out and stood by the gate with his gun, and Joe horned on the gate and a little place was opened where one of the guys peeped to see who it was but Eli gun penetrated pointing at the forehead of the person, “just open the gate no waste time, Eli commanded. Already Eli men were out and the man knew he was surrounded, he nodded at the gateman and he opened up the gate. Eli men entered and the other guards shot but Eli men missed but he was brought down by Eli. “Your hands up! Eli shouted on the guard who peeped with the gateman. Andrea who heard the gunshots outside was scared and she ran hiding herself under her bed, ” Andrea come out fast! Joe shouted. “Andrea! Eli men added and Andrea then remembered that must be Jay men, she ran out and they were all amazed at her beauty, ” are you Andrea? Joe asked and she nodded, “let’s go then, Joe said. ” ermm let me get my bag please, she said and ran in. Soon they saw her struggling with a big bag, “mehnnn girls Na wa oo, Eli men said and left to help her. They collected thier guns and left while the guard quickly contacted Nora.

” thank you, Andrea said to Joe and Chris who was in the car with her. “Don’t thank me yet, if this is a plan, I’ll kill you, Joe said. ” no this is not, Andrea said in fear. “Do you know Francis place? Chris asked. ” yes, she said writing down the address, I went there once because Nora sent me to him, she said giving Chris the address. “Ooooohhh I heard him once saying his planing to build a house here, that was when we were still gangs, Chris said and suddenly Joe parked which Eli parked too. ” w€tin happen? Eli asked. “You’re not coming with us, it’s dangerous. Here take this and traced your way, I’ll call a lady who will pick you OK, Joe said giving her a piece of paper, ” what about my bag? She asked. “It’s safe, he replied and she nodded leaving the car. ” abeg help me call your woman, tell am say we dey send person for house, Joe said to Eli, “no wahala, Eli replied and Chris stopped a taxi for her.

They reversed back to the address Andrea gave to them because they know the guards will alert Nora.
Nora arrived at Francis place and saw Jay already tied and with a red face, ” don’t tell me you’ve touched my handsome Jay? Nora mockingly said as she entered. “Seems Chris and Joe has taught him some morals, Francis said. ” hello Jay, long time no see. You know you should be comfortable because you’re back to where you belong, Nora said squatting beside him where he was tied but jay only laughed. “Seems you don’t know what is coming after you, don’t think I’m scared of you, he replied. ” ohhh that’s so brave of you, you think they will come for your rescue huh! Nora asked. “You have no idea, he replied. ” sure, she said standing up, “you also have no idea what you’re going to face now, you should know me by now. Now I’ll start with this, where is your base? She asked Jay but he smiled. ” is that all bitch? He asked and Nora was surprised. “Don’t let this be too hot for you, for the last time where is Chris and Jay and I’ll spare you, she shouted but jay surprised them by whistling. ” you think we’re joking here! A blow was sent to him by Francis men, he stopped whistling and looked at them, “stop wasting your time asking me questions because you will get nothing from me. I’ll advice you to think about yourself now because as for me, I’m not afraid to die, Jay said. And Nora looked at him with anger, just then her phone began to ring, ” hello, she said. “We are attacked and one of our men killed, he said. ” what! Nora shouted. “Yes and I’ve found Francis men killed, seems they used a silent gun on him, he continued. ” who are they? Francis asked. “I don’t know them and they took Andrea with them, seems she knows them very well, he said.

“Cover it up, don’t let my husband see it I’m on my way, Nora said and looked at Jay who was smiling, ” don’t be too happy, I’ll be back for you, Nora said and left with the gun Francis handed over to her for protection. Francis then squat besides jay looking at him, “Jay you know we can still be friends, will you let Chris and Joe corrupt you this way? He asked slowly but jay laughed at loud knowing it will make Francis angry, ” why are you pushing me to the wall jay, where are they?! Francis shouted on him. “Find them yourself, he replied him and Francis stormed out of the room leaving him to the care of his boys. Joe with his gangs arrived at the place and came out armed scanning the environment, ” I think we will surprise them, let’s not make a noise, you know Francis is a sharp man, Joe silently said to the guys and they nodded. They despatched and jumped into the compound in different angles, the men Eli men saw, they brought them down before they could do anything with thier silent guns, while Chris and Joe tactfully go behind them strangling them because they didn’t have the silent guns. Jay who noticed something was wrong kept drawing his chair not having a voice to shout because of the beatings Francis men gave to him. One of Eli men passed and saw someone watching TV with a mp3 player on his ears, “that must be the master, he thought and crawled away so he won’t be seen, he passed and heard someone dragging a chair, he held the protector and lifted himself to see Jay tied up bleeding on his face. he came down and ran to other side to trace the exact room then he met Chris, ” I’ve seen him, he said and they ran to where they will hear the sound of the chair. They saw it was bolt outside and they opened the door, “Jay! Chris ran to him while Eli guy brought a pen knife to cut the rope from him, ” fast, he will get us, Jay said as they carried him out. Francis felt something was wrong as he saw a shadow pass by his window which was one of Eli men who wanted turning to the other side of the building to meet the rest of the guys. Francis brought out his gun and opened the door to see Chris and a guy he didn’t recognise carrying Jay away, the guy who Francis saw quickly saw Francis about to shoot Chris but he shot rather and Francis missed. They turned and saw They were seen, “take him away, the guy attacking Francis shouted. Chris and the guy hurried up while Eli and his two guys with Joe defended. ” this guy is tough, Eli confessed as they kept missing Francis, soon Chris and Eli drove the car nearer and they ran in while Francis came out still shooting but it was useless. He turned to see his men in different positions dead, “it’s not over yet, he said with anger and called Nora. ” it’s true, they killed my guard and took Andrea away, Nora said immediately she picked the call. “That’s not even why I called, they came and took Jay away killing my men, he said. ” what! Who did that? She asked. “Who else? He said and ended the call in anger.


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