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FATE OF MIRABEL episode 1 – 2



Episode 1

In the beautiful and big edifice of Mr and Mrs Anthony, entered a young, light skinned and handsome man with a trembling lady held firmly in his hands whose name is Clara. From her looks, she was not from a wealthy and presentable family Like that of the couple.

Mrs Anthony: Clement what’s the meaning of this? She asked her son and looking at Clara with an annoying eye.

Clement: mum! I just entered and you’re already throwing questions. Good morning mum, good morning Dad, he bowed and sat on the sofa, while Clara greeted also and sat afraid.

Mr Antony: good morning son, and how was your trip?

Clement: it was fine dad, I’m so sorry I didn’t inform you that I was coming. Mum how is your health? He asked his mum who was quiet all this while looking at Clara.

Mr Antony: as you can see I’m fine, so why are you back soon and why is she here? She asked referring to Clara.

Clement turned and looked at Clara and her face was bowed. “Erm… Dad, mum, actually this is Clara and she is the girl I want to get married to.

Mrs Anthony: what!! She exclaimed standing up. What do you mean by that Clement? She turned and faced her husband who was just looking at the scene before him. ” he said he is getting married to this thing… She said pointing at Clara.

Clement: mum please! She is not a thing but a human being Like us. Mum what’s wrong getting married to her.

Mrs Anthony: no no no Clement you can’t do this to this respectful family. You will be getting married to Nora ok and you can’t change that not even this scvmbag sitting here.

Clement: mum I wont watch you disrespect Clara this way. For Christ sake she has a name right or is her name too difficult to be called? And this scvmbag you say is about to give you your first grandchild.

Mrs Anthony: what did you say?

Clement: yes! You talked about being respectful and that’s what I’m doing, taking up my responsibility and not even you or your engaged bride;Nora can change that.

Mr Anthony: hmmmm son wait a minute. Come to think of it, you never introduced any girl to us as your fiancée and now we’re already grand parents to be. How can we accept such sudden change and I never knew you to be a guy that can impregnate a girl out of wedlock, what came over you?


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dad I’m so sorry….

Mrs Anthony: I don’t believe my son wanted doing it in the first place, who knows if this wretch bewitched my son. Clement can’t you see, she is a gold digger coming to….


mum please I beg you that’s enough!! He shouted.

Clara got up as Clement shouted ” it’s OK Clem, please don’t get mad at them because of me. They are right, it’s not so easy to just accept me like that into this family. I’m sure they need someone they can trust to be a daughter in-law. And sir, Clement is a responsible man and as you said it’s not his nature to impregnate a girl but.. Er…it was an accident…..

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Mrs Anthony: shut up and spare me those trash will you! Accident you say right? It this a home or road accident? And who is the victim that….

Mr Antony: ohhh Pamela please that’s enough. These people are not kids anymore and Clement has made his decision to marry her. Besides there is nothing we can do because she is carrying our grandchild…

Mrs Anthony: I can’t believe you are this weak, that this girl can come out from no where with a bastard claiming it’s Clement seed and you’ll just accept her to be Clement wife.

Clement: I did it or do you want the whole details how it happened? I knew this will happen and I purposely did it. For once why can’t you accept the things that makes me happy? All my life I spent it pleasing you and dad but when it comes to something that’s makes me happy, you take the decision even if I don’t want it. Ok fine! The ball is in your court. Kick her out and my unborn child and I Promise you I will never get married!

He stormed out of the house leaving his parents and Clara shocked and mouth open.

Episode 2.

Mr Anthony: Pamela calm and take things easy. Clement is right, we keep forcing things on him and bend him to do our commands. We are talking about marriage here and you should understand it better that it shouldn’t be arranged and programmed like our business meetings. If they love each other then they should go ahead.


Anthony: I only want whats good for my only child, don’t you understand?

Mr Antony: I know and ofcuz every parent wants the best for their children. If Clara is not good and presentable the way you want her to be, she is a human being. She can be polished and taught everything she is to know to meet the standard and quality of a daughter in-law you need. Please give the child a chance to prove a good daughter in-law.

Pamela turned her gaze to Clara who was shivering and sweating profusely despite the powerful air conditioner on.

Mrs Anthony: Margaret! She called out to one of the maids.

Margaret: yes ma, she answered running.

Pamela: take her upstairs, prepare one of the rooms for her, give her something to eat and clean her up. I’m I clear?

Margaret: yes ma. She said and led her away.

Clara: thank you sir, thank you ma. She said with a trembling voice as she followed Margaret

How it happened…..
Clara was the only child of Mr and Mrs Ephraim, her dad was once a permanent secretary of a ministry in Ghana while her mum was a big time fashion designer. At least they were wealthy and didn’t lack anything.

One fateful day her parents attended the wedding of Mr Ephraim younger brother in Nigeria and they were involved in a fatal accident. Clara didn’t attend the marriage because she was about to write her waec, so she was left behind with her nanny, a lady of about 25years while her parents embarked on the trip and promised to return soon.

The death of her parents came as her shock to her in Ghana and her mum body was not seen. The accident took place on a bridge where a big river which is linked to the calabar river was, and there’s every possibility that her body was thrown into the river when the vehicle collided with a big luxurious bus. Clara was subjected to nothing as her uncle, Mr Robinson went to Ghana and sold everything her father owned in the name of giving him a befitting burial.

She managed to finish her exams and relocated to Nigeria to stay with her uncle who never treated her as his niece. He kept saying her late father didn’t establish him and perhaps given him a good job or open a business for him because no one knows tomorrow, but he enjoyed alone with his family and giving him penny.

There was no magic that will be performed for Clara to go into the university but she was rather forced to hawk fruits on the road or sell along the roadside. She continued this way and endured the maltreatment of her uncle wife until she was 19. Then her uncle wife introduced her to an elderly man with wives and children older than her for marriage. Clara swore over her dead body not to marry a man already close to his grave for a chicken Change. The maltreatment grew so unbearable for her, that she had to steal from the uncle and took her little properties she had to Lagos, where she knew no body. She arrived Lagos late and slept in an uncompleted building and prayed endlessly for morning to come so she can find a house to stay.

Morning came and she saw a little place where she can afford to pay, she cleaned the place up and dropped her only bag of clothes. She was tired and hungry and she had only 500naira left with her. She hurriedly left the house to look for a job so she can survive and pay her monthly rent.

While she was walking on the road, she saw a little girl of about 6years old trying to cross the road without looking, with fear she ran and caught up with her. Unknown to Clara the parents of the girl was in the supermarket buying something, but the little girl; Anabelle complained she didn’t like the place but she was ignored, so she went out without them noticing. Soon Mr and Mrs Albert came out looking worried and was shocked to see their daughter held by the hand near the road.

Mrs Albert: Ana what are you doing here? She asked and grabbed her from Clara.

Clara: sorry ma, she was almost hit on the road because she didn’t look before crossing.

Mr Albert: oh my God! Ana why are you like this?

Annabel: I told you I don’t like that place but you insisted.

Mrs Albert: and I told you I won’t stay long right? Why do you have to leave! She shouted.

Mr Albert: thank you so much my dear. What’s your name?

Clara: I’m Clara by name sir.


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