Fate Of Mirabel

FATE OF MIRABEL episode 15 – 17



Episode 15.
Christian: why so fast? Is there anything you’re not telling me?

Evelyn: nothing, just that I don’t want that evil woman to see you. Let’s go okay, she said holding his hands. Christian nodded and followed her.

After some minutes the gangs appeared. One kick from their heavy boot made the door flung open, They entered to see no one inside.

Francis: seems they are gone, he told the others.

Jay: but his properties are still here.

Francis: fvck properties! with the money given to us he is able to get a more better one ok.

Nonso: ok ok then we have to go now. It’s possible they wont go far.

Jay: to where?

Francis: sometimes you reason like a fool Jay, let’s go the nearest park here.

Nonso: first call Nora. Francis stared at him for a while then he dialled her number.

Nora: what’s up?

Francis: his gone, but not too far if we can make it early.

Nora: what do you mean by that? She shouted.

Francis: make them delay, I have a feeling they are in a park right now.

Nora: that’s not possible you know! It’s too late for that, just go after them now!

Francis: alright fine. He hung up.

Francis: let’s go.

Nonso: that’s not a good idea, let’s split.

Joe: yea that’s right.

Francis: fine! Jay come with me, while Nonso go with Joe. Anything just give a call, he said while the they ran out of the house immediately in twos.

Evelyn and Christian arrived at the park, they got in waiting nervously for the bus to take off.

Evelyn: why did you choose Ibadan?

Christian: no one can get us there you know.

Evelyn: do you have any idea where Joseph is?

Christian: he won’t dare tell anybody, but I’m glad his Safe now.

Evelyn: at least for now. But as for that Nora, I swear she will pay.

Christian just looked at her without saying anything.

Christian: hey why is the car not moving?

Driver: oga look the car if e don full, two person still remain Na.


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looked in frustration and he was tempted to pay for the seats remaining.

Evelyn: I’m pressed.

Christian: not now nau

Evelyn: I can’t hold it again o, let’s just stroll a bit please.

Christian: is there anywhere I can ease myself? He asked the driver.


we no dey pee any how here o, go downnnn there, turn left u go see one place they write toilet dey, but u go pay o.

Christian: hmmmmm let’s go then, he said to Evelyn. They stepped down and followed how the driver directed them. The persons the driver was waiting for arrived immediately they left. Evelyn finished urinating, on their way back Christian sighted Francis. Shit! He said and dragged Evelyn, running fast to the bus. But unknown to them Francis saw them already and pretended Like he didn’t. The bus took off immediately they entered and they all breathed in thinking they have escaped him.


called back Jay and they followed the bus tactical, making sure Christian doesn’t notice them. Nora and the rest of the gang was informed and the gangs joined them in the journey. Nora told them she won’t be able to meet them because of the wedding preparations at hand, but she gave them instructions on what to do.

The bus finally arrived at Ibadan. Though the little break they had on the way, Christian kept looking if they were followed but he saw nothing.

Evelyn: what now?

Christian: we’ll book an hotel while I search for a good place we will stay.

Evelyn: alright, as they were about to go Christian sighted Joseph.

Christian: this can’t be, he whispered.

Evelyn: what?

Christian: isn’t that Joseph? He said pointing at a direction.

Evelyn: Joseph! She shouted without knowing. Joe heard his name and turned to see Chris and Eve. At first he wanted running but seeing them with bags he summoned Courage and drew closer.

Christian: guy what are you doing here? He said shaking hands with him.

Joseph: I’m staying here now, I need to pick my girlfriend, she just arrived, he said pointing to a lady nearby who probably was waiting for him. What are you doing here too?

Christian: ohh nice, I and Evelyn will be staying here too.

Joseph: isn’t she the maid? Christian only nodded while Joseph started laughing.

Christian: yea go ahead, I know is funny.

Joseph: seriously, I now understand the migration.

Evelyn: we have no place to stay.

Joseph: that’s no problem, we will be together in my mansion till you get a place. You know it’s bored living alone.

Christian: yea you can say that again. While speaking they suddenly saw people running with no reason, Joe attempted running to his girlfriend direction to protect her, rather, he met the gangs dragging her forward with a gun pointed on her neck.


what are you doing Francis? He said in shock.

Francis: all thanks to Christian for making our family complete.

Joe turned to Christian who couldn’t still understand what’s happening. “So it’s your doing right?

Christian: what! Not me, I didn’t know we were followed I swear.

Joseph: please she’s innocent I beg you.

Francis: why una dey fall my hands like this? Why una dey mumu for woman huh?. You, he pointed to Christian ” Na the first time you don enter woman wey make you risk your life like this? And you, he pointed at Joe “why you no kill that pikin huh?

Joseph: but I did, I drown her as I was commanded.

Francis: you drown her Shey? And Joe nodded fearfully. Francis smiled and shot at Joe gf. The rest of the gangs pointed their guns on each of their heads. ” next time, don’t joke with Nora! Take them in, he commanded. The gangs bind them up into their cars and they drove off.

Episode 16.
At a point there was struggle among them, the gangs had to hit their head with the back of their guns to made them weak.

Nora was updated and she instructed them to tie the bastards up at her hideout. Nora arrived there immediately the guys told her they were around. She went first to Evelyn and gave her a dirty slap in anger.

Nora: you think you can escape from me huh?

Evelyn: is slapping me all you can do?

Nora: no darling, I still gat more surprises for you. She turned to Joseph whose eyes was red with anger, ” why did you betray me Joe?

Joseph: I was the one who wronged you not my girlfriend!

Nora: where is the baby?

Joseph: so you’ll do what?

Nora: for the last time, where is she?

Joseph: I’ll never tell you where she is OK, so do your worst.

Nora face turned red, in anger she turned and shot Christian. Evelyn screamed as she saw Christian fell. “How many people will you kill you beast!

Nora: I’ll be right back, you better get prepared to die, all of you!. She said and stormed out of the building. The rest of the guys just watched the drama going on, after Nora left, Francis drew near to Joseph.

Francis: why did you do this to yourself?

Joseph raised his head up and spat on his face. Francis was so pained, he beat up him that the rest of the guys feared he might beat him to death. The gangs was able to take Francis away leaving Jay to watch over them until they return.

Joseph turned to Jay with a pleading face” save me Jay, I know among us you are the only one who is kind. Please help me get out of here.

Jay: how do you expect me to do that when you know my life will be at risk if I dare.

Joseph: don’t you want freedom? They treat you bad here and you have no respect, leave this business and do something better for yourself.

Jay: it’s hard you know, an orphan like me won’t want to die just like that. I think I’m protected here.

Evelyn: no you are not, because if Nora evil deeds is finally exposed, I know she will bring you down with her. It’s better you safe yourself now it’s not too late.

Jay: where will I go?

Joseph: I know a place we can stay, we’ll stay together.

Jay: Joe you should know I’m not a smart type, what you are asking of me is so difficult.

Joseph: will you watch me die? Is this how you will repay me with all what I’ve done for you?

Jay looked at him confused not knowing what else to say. “I’ll try my best, but if it’s not good enough and we are caught, you know what that means. He said and was about to go, Evelyn turned to Christian body. ” Jay! She called out.

Yes, he replied.

Evelyn: is he dead? Jay went and checked him, “no, he can survive if his treated.

Joseph: get me out now so I will treat him.

Jay: I’m coming, he said and ran out of the room.

Minutes later he brought a bus, untied them from where they were kept. Joseph tried his best lifting Chris but he was so weak to do that, Evelyn had to help him.
Nora: dispose that bastard body.

Francis: I’m not there right now, but I will when I get back.

Nora: who asked You to leave? And who is there at the hideout?

Francis: Jay, I’ll be going there now. He hung up and told the guys to follow Him. The gangs actually took him to a beer parlour where they can drink and probably cool his temper. The beer parlour is not too far from the hideout, when Nora called him they left immediately but while they were approaching they saw a bus driving out from their hideout.

Nonso: who is that?

Francis: that’s Jay, I hope it’s not what I’m thinking. He said and drove in speed to meet them.

Episode 17.
While driving, the gangs kept calling Jay number but he didn’t pick.

Nonso: you know Jay is best when driving, can we catch up?

Francis: we just have to try, call Nora.

Nonso: what! She’ll be so mad at us, let’s do this ourselves.

Jay knew he was followed so he drove and diverted into many Street that made the gangs loose their way.

Joseph on the other hand was busy treating Christian, Jay brought along everything that will be needed with some clothes and food. Of course he knew he won’t be going back home again.

Evelyn: finally we are free, she gave a sigh of relief.

Joseph suddenly dropped the bullet he pulled out from Christian. “How is he now?

Joseph: he needs rest, he replied coldly.

Jay: where exactly are we going to now?

Joseph: Niger state and we are passing through water.
Nora was told what happened, despite all their search they couldn’t still find them.

Nora was suppose to get married the next week, she made sure security was tight so her enemies won’t ruin her day. She finally won and the wedding was done peacefully.

It was war between Clara and Nora now at home, Nora didn’t stop to make Clara uncomfortable; she wanted Clement for herself alone.

One night Clara passed by Nora room and she overheard her speaking to someone on phone.

Nora: any news about them? There was a little silence as Clara couldn’t hear the other person on phone. “Make sure you find them, no matter where they are, find them and kill them. Do your job properly because you are paid for that. Clara was shocked on hearing that. ” is Nora that evil? She asked herself.

The next morning, Clara was woken up with a loud music playing from the sitting room. With anger she rushed down to see the mad person who disturbed her sleep.

Clara: are you insane or what? Why playing the music so loud?

Nora: who are you to tell me what to do in my husband house?

Clara: husband house? She scoff and let out a little laugh. Does he knows you as his wife? Should I remind you who you are in this house?

Nora: say whatever you like baby, as soon as I put to birth, Clement won’t think twice kicking you out.

Clara: in your dreams, she let out a loud hiss and turned off the home theatre.

Nora: seems your prepared for me today right? She said approaching Clara.

Clara: what will you do? Pay your assassin to kill me? Nora was shocked on hearing that.

Nora: what do you mean by that?

Clara: whatever you’re doing, remember you will be caught one day. I can’t wait to celebrate your failure you loser.

Nora: like seriously, we’ll know who will win this battle.

Clara: let’s see, She hissed going to her room.


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