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Fate of mirabel episode 18 – 20



Episode 18.
Throughout the day Nora has not been herself. She kept pacing in her room worried, “does it mean that girl heard me yesterday? Yes she’s having issues with Clem but I know if she makes any statement about me Clem will believe her. No! I have to act fast. But what should I do now? If I try anything funny, I’ll be the suspect. I have to turn the table round to that silly girl. She said and left her room.

She met Clara in the sitting room watching Zeeworld, Clara didn’t even notice her presence because all her attention was on the television. They heard a knock on the door and the gateman walked in.

Nora saw what he was holding so she stood up and got it herself. ” thanks, she said to the gateman and he left.

Clara: what is that suppose to mean? Is that package for you?

Nora scoffed, “for your information, every love, package, care and attention is suppose to be given to the pregnant wife in this house. What’s your problem Clara? Was I the one who stole your bastard child? Please leave me alone ok, she barked at her, hissed and took the pizza that was delivered. As she was climbing the stairs to her room, Clara rushed in anger and drew her back forcefully.

Clara: I have tolerated your nonsense in this house enough! Next time you open your rotten mouth to talk about my child, i will deal with you.

Nora: your nonsense child is a bastard, that’s why it didn’t last. Take that into your dump skull Clara. She said and One slap from Clara pushed Nora down from the stairs.

Nora landed down screaming in pains, just then Clement walked in to see Clara on her knees trying to get Nora on her feet.

Immediately Nora saw Clement, it gave her more inspiration to act a better drama at that instant.

Nora: what has my baby done to you? Why do you want to kill me., she cried. Clara always distant herself whenever she sees Clem but Clara was hurt when Clement ran to Nora to raise her from the floor. She stood there looking at them in anger, but the unexpected happened when Nora screamed pointing on the floor. ” blood, oh my baby, was all Nora cried until she reached the hospital.


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later the doctor broke the news that the baby is gone.. Nora cried and cursed, Clem was so pained that he has lost another baby again. He drew near to Nora and comforted her. She was asked what happened later,Nora told them of how Clara pushed her from the stairs because of Pizza.


Anthony: who sent the package?

Clement: it was me

Pamela: for who exactly?

Clement: Nora called me and she requested for a pizza yesterday.

Veronica: oh my God Clara! Ordinary pizza you’ve been eating everyday, you’ve killed my grandchild. Clara was speechless as she watched all the love, attention and care given to Nora and no one was there for her.

Mr Albert: justice must be given, you must pay for this.


please let’s not go far I beg you.

Veronica: shut up! Who are you to interfere in our matters. She will pay dearly for this.

Clement wanted saying something but Nora cried more, he took pity and hugged her tight.

Clara: I’m sorry please, I never expected it to be this way please, she begged on her knees. Pamela tried speaking on her behalf but Mr Albert has already made a call to the police station.

Pamela: please let’s settle this, she can get another baby.

Mr Albert: don’t tell me that. What if it was my daughter that died? Do you know how it hurts to see my daughter this way. She must go to jail!

Episode 19.
Mr Anthony: please let’s settle this I beg you.

Clement: sir for Christ sake she is still my wife, you can’t put her in jail just like that.

Mr Albert: listen to yourself Clem, how can you try to defend a woman who tried to kill my daughter.

Clement: but it was a mistake

Mr Albert: a mistake that has claimed your child life! He shouted. It’s either you choose Nora now or Clara! He dropped and Clement stared at him surprised by his words.

Mr Anthony: what brought all this?

Mr Albert: you think I’ve not been noticing my daughter has not been cared for in your son house? If Clem has been caring for my daughter this wouldn’t have happened. I can’t allow my daughter to continue this way, so he has to choose or I’ll take my daughter away forever.


you’re taking this too far please.

Veronica: no it’s not. Clement only got married to her because of the pregnancy which he didn’t want to, now the baby is gone, my daughter life will be most miserable. With this witch at home, she won’t stop reminding and mocking my daughter. I didn’t train her abroad to suffer in your son’s hands ok.

Pamela: but still you’re going too far…. The sight of policemen entering the room interrupted her as she stood still looking at them speechless.

Mr Albert: ah! There she is, he pointed at Clara. Prisca embraced Clara tight in a way of defence from the police men.

Clement: sir please don’t..

Mr Albert: who are you choosing? The ball is in your court. If it’s Nora, then Clara will be jailed. If it’s Clara, I’ll take my daughter and she’ll leave your life forever.

Clement: she won’t be jailed! I won’t let that happen!

Nora: Clem what about me? Are you going to let my dad take me away? Have you thought of how I will survive without you? I’ll just commit suicide I swear, she said and immediately removed the drip on her hands and attempted tying it on her neck. Clement and her parents rushed and stopped her but she struggled with them, not letting go of the drip.

Clement: don’t do this Nora, you’re my wife and nothing will change that. I won’t let you go either ok.

Nora; who will go now? Clement stared at her without knowing what else to say.

Mr Anthony: can you please beat down this bargain? Just let the police out of this I beg you.

Mr Albert: you should know me by now, I always stand on my word. If you want the police to go, fine! I’ll take my daughter with me.

Nora: no daddy I can’t live with out him, she cried embracing Clem tight. “Don’t leave me please, don’t let me go Clem, I’ll give you whatever number of children you want, please don’t let me go, she cried still hugging him. Clem was so confused as Mr Albert kept looking at him.

Clara went on her knees, “please have mercy sir, don’t let an orphan rot in jail. I promise to leave Clem life forever, please don’t put me in jail.

Episode 20.
Mr Albert: take her away, he ordered the men. Like robots they approached Clara and took her away despite her pleas. The Anthony’s just stood there not knowing what to do.

Prisca: is this how the poor are treated? And you Clement I’m highly disappointed, she sniffed and hurriedly left the room.

Nora was discharged two days later, while Clara was still in prison with other prisoners.

Prisoner: I know you, aren’t you the wife of a prominent…..

Clara: I’ve told you it’s not me, will you leave me alone, she shouted on her.

Prisoner: shuoooo see your face for newspaper Na, you still dey talk rubbish. Why you push rich man pikin for stairs comot am belle? You never chi chum chin, she hissed and went to another corner leaving Clara to continue in her tears.

Prisoner 2: why you talk to am like that na?

Prisoner: I talk bad thing? I been wan help am sef she come dey form nonsense. She think say Na her mansion be this? She shouted angrily. The other lady drew near to her and patted her back slowly. “Don’t cry, you shouldn’t have acted rude in the first place. Why are you here? Clara looked at her and told her story which they listened attentively.

Prisoner: that guy Na fvck up I swear.

Prisoner 2: you will get out of here very soon.

Clara: you don’t know what you’re saying, they have sworn to use their position just to make me die here.

Prisoner: tahhh e no go happen, infact we dey count days for here because we go comot weda they like it or not!
Clement had been moody since Clara was taken and he was so ashamed to go visit her in the prison. The night Nora was discharged, she used her influence again and he ended up sleeping with her again. The next morning Clem went to work even when Nora was still asleep, she stood up satisfied, went to the drink bar, picked a champagne and celebrated.

Nora: finally she’s gone! I don’t know why things keep falling in place for me. My first pregnancy wasn’t his anyway, Francis was responsible which he didn’t even know about it. It was so easy to make everyone believe it was Clement because he slept with me and I had all the evidence. She laughed again so loudly, sipping her drink again. Now the pregnancy is gone, at least there won’t be anything like DNA test in the future and now I’m thinking of expecting a new baby from the right source now that witch is gone! But, What if she comes back? She asked no one, I’ll finish the job. She took her phone and dialled Francis number.

Francis: hello boss.

Nora: yea, finish the girl.

Francis: that’s difficult, for Christ sake that is a police station.

Nora: do as I say, I’ll take care of everything OK. She ended the call, picked her car keys and drove to the station.

She did all the bribery and paid huge amount to the men in charge, “tomorrow they will strike!, she reminded them and drove off.

The ladies gangs already prepared to strike that same day without notice. At night they invaded the prison, burnt and killed some men who unluckily stood on their way and they escaped with them.

The news reached Nora especially Clem who was so scared.

Clement: who might have carried her, he said worryingly pacing around.

Nora came and held him but he pushed her away,” can you please let me be? He shouted.

Nora: what’s this for? Give your self rest will you!

Clement: rest? When my love is gone? Nora scoffed, love? Why did you let her go if you truly loved her. You’re just a confused man and you don’t even know what you want for self. Just accept it that you never loved her and she gone! She shouted and stormed out of the house leaving Clement with a heavy heart.


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