Fate Of Mirabel

Fate of MIRABEL episode 3 – 5


Fate of Mirabel

Episode 3.
While speaking, Mr Albert phone rang.

Caller: hello sir.

Mr Albert: yes John, I hope all is well?

Caller: yes sir, just that one of our workers has resigned and we really need a replacement.

Mr Albert: oppss.. Alright I’ll be coming there now, and he dropped the call.

Mrs Albert: what’s wrong?

Mr Albert: John called to report that one of our workers has resigned and we need a replacement.

Mrs Albert: that’s no problem, we got lot of applicants to take the job so let’s go. Bye Clara and thanks.

Clara: ermm sir I’m sorry to say this, but can I apply please?

Mr Albert: you need a job?

Clara: yes sir, anything I’ll appreciate.

Mr Albert: alright.. Then he turned his gaze to his wife and she nodded. Ok come with us, they all entered the car and the driver drove them to the company “The Alberts flower company”. It’s a company that plants and supplies flowers for birthdays, weddings,burials and any kind of celebration.

Clara started working there, but her job was to collect the flowers from the field.

One month of her stay working in the company something happened. She was done collecting the flowers from the field, and on her way taking it to the storage room she bash into someone and her basket dropped.

Victor: gosh… Are you blind?

Clara: I’m so sorry please.

Victor: sorry for yourself, next time make good use of your eyes or I’ll pluck it off for you. Clara nodded in fear and hurriedly left and that was when victor saw her face and he was stunned at her beauty.

Mr Albert: ohh you’re here son, he said placing his hands on his shoulders.

Victor: yes dad, you have a new worker?

Mr Albert: who? Ok ok yes. She saved Anabelle.

Victor: oh I see, and what’s her name?

Mr Albert: Clara, let’s go see the field.

Victor: of course sure, and they left.
After victor encounter with Clara, he was determined to get her for himself at all cost. He was so full of lust but what he didn’t know was Clara was not just any girl he could buy with money to have her on his bed. Despite his advances and gift, Clara didn’t seem to notice him and this provoked him so much.


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company was celebrating their 15years anniversary 1month after the encounter between victor and Clara. Dignitaries were invited and of course a big party was thrown in the company big hall. Mr and Mrs Anthony were tight friends of the Albert’s and they were also present. Nora, the first daughter of the Albert who based in the states returned to join the celebration. Meanwhile Clement who came down from the states to visit his parents 1week ago decided to follow his parents to the party.

Mr Albert started by thanking everyone who honoured his invitation and he shared a little story of how he started his business. He thanked his lovely wife because she was the one who brought out the idea and his children except Anabelle, who was the first workers of the international company now. The crowd applauded as his wife and family came on stage. Tears filled Clara eyes and once again she was made to remember her own family after all this years. She left the party hall to a dark corner near the field to cry her eyes out. Unknown to her victor sighted her leaving. When pictures were taken and Mrs Albert and the children stepped down, victor was now looking for a chance to meet Clara.


sighted Clement and excused herself which her mum understood.

Nora: hello Clem.

Clement: hi.

Nora: I’m happy you came, though it seems you’re pushing me away. What’s wrong?

Clement: like seriously, you’re asking me that?

Nora: look Clem I’m sorry and let’s put it behind us. Besides we will soon be couples right?

Clement: and that will never be. Clement dropped the glass of wine in his hands and walked away. Victor on the other hand excused himself saying his pressed.

Then he started looking for Clara just then he heard some silent sobs.

Victor: Clara what are you doing here?

Clara cleaned her eyes and stood up from the floor she was sitting “I should ask you that, what are you doing here too?

Victor: I saw you left, so I came to see what’s up.

Clara: you shouldn’t have bothered because I’m fine. Please excuse me, she said and wanted leaving but victor drew her back forcefully and mistakenly their lips touched. Clara immediately drew back but victor still held her close so she started struggling with him.

Victor: ok since you want it the hard way I’m ready, He said and threw her down. Victor was so determined to get into her afterall no one will notice or hear her screams.


please sir don’t do this, she pleaded but it all fell on dear ears.

Victor: you won’t escape from me today because I’m going to see the gold you think you have right here, He said still trying to have his way. Just then they heard a voice behind them.

” what do you think you are doing victor! ”

Episode 4.
Victor: ermm…ermmm..Clem… U..u.came? He stammered.

Clement: yes I did, but what I’m I seeing?

Victor: you know what, just pretend as if you didn’t see anything ok.

Clement: of course I saw something and I won’t pretend because I’m going to say it out. How dare you try to force yourself on a woman victor!

Victor: oh please keep shut will you! What do you know anyway, I’m only trying to eat what’s mine from this bitch. She asked for it, so stay clear from what is not your business.

Clara: eat what is yours you say, was I your property and why are you turning the table around?? Why not tell him You saw me here crying my dead parents and you attempted to rape me. Because I know I rejected all your gifts and offers, I did all I could to stay clear from you, now tell me is that how a bitch behaves?

Victor: rape you? And who will believe such crap huh?

Clement: don’t forget I’m here, so there’s a life witness.

Victor; I told you to stay clear, at least for Nora sake.

Clement: I don’t care about you or Nora, all is care is doing what’s right ok. Come with me, he said dragging Clara along leaving victor watch helplessly.

While Clem was still dragging clara, Clara disengaged her hands from his and stopped.

Clement: why?

Clara; please sir, I don’t want trouble, Let’s just forget it. I’m grateful to God and to you he didn’t succeed.

Clement: what do you mean by that? Victor must be punished, what he almost did is wrong.

Clara: I know sir, but I’m putting my job at risk if I let it out. I have no other job for livelihood so please I’ll be more careful next time to avoid any kind of rape.

Mrs Albert: rape? What rape Clara?

Unknown to them, Mrs Albert sighted Clem dragging Clara and she was inquisitive to know why, so she followed them quietly and heard what they were saying.

Clara: hummm.. Ma it’s nothing.

Clement: ma it’s something. Clara tried eyeing him but Clem ignored. “I caught victor trying to force himself on her.

Mrs Albert: how come? You were supposed to be sharing drinks and food to the visitors as a worker. Why did you leave what you were supposed to do?

Clara: I’m so sorry ma, I’m sorry, she said almost getting on her knees.

Mrs Albert: oh sorry for yourself! Now you want to paint my son black as if everybody didn’t know you had something going on between victor. Why acting and making it look Like a rape when you had an eye on my son.

Clement: ma is this all you can say?

Mrs Albert: oh stay out of this, because you know nothing and I can’t believe you believed this girl more than victor, I’m ashamed of you! She barked.

Clement: I’m more ashamed of you and victor. Good you have daughters, how will you feel if one of your daughter get raped? Just because she is your worker doesn’t give you any right to trample on her dignity, have a conscience woman! He barked back at her. Mrs Albert couldn’t control herself and she gave Clement a resounding slap. Clara got between them crying and pleading. The noise became too much that crowd began approaching and the Albert and Antony family rushed out to see the commotion.

Mrs Anthony came to see Clement holding his cheeks with anger burning in his eyes. ” what happened son? She asked.

Clement: why not ask your friend who slapped me because I said the truth.

Mrs Anthony: what! You dare slap my son? She said facing Mrs Albert.

Mrs Albert: yes I did, maybe you can’t groom him well and teach him good morals.

Clement: I hope you taught victor the same good morals, I’m glad I’m not a rapist like him.

Nora: what do you mean by that Clem!

Clement: don’t you dare call my name. You are all shameless! Victor tried raping this young lady when everyone is celebrating. Congratulations ma, you’ve groomed your son well!

Victor got so mad that he pounced on Clement while the father’s tried separating them.

Mr Albert: enough of all this! What’s the meaning of this,can’t we all be matured for once? How dare you all embarrass me like this. And you clara, what I’m hearing now,is it true?. Clara who was crying all this while couldn’t find her voice to speak anymore, rather she took to her heels.

Victor: you see, she can’t say anything. How dare you accuse me, you fool!

Mr Albert: shut up! Will you keep your dirty mouth shut! Look at the crowd gathered to hear such dirty thing and all thanks to you Clement.

Mr Antony: why blaming it on my son, was it Clement that committed the act? He was only looking for justice to the victim and besides it was your wife who drew the crowd. She would have been so wise to handle the situation easy.

Mrs Albert: get out of my house, she screamed and called on the security to kick them out of here.

Mrs Anthony: I’m greatly disappointed in you, fine we will go. She said and took Clement hands and they left.

Episode 5.
The Anthony left the company with so much anger and hatred.
Back at the residence of the Albert.
Albert apologised to the visitors and the party was put to the end. Back home the Albert’s stormed into their sitting room after leaving the hall.

Mrs Albert: the guts of those people, she muttered angrily and threw her handbag on the sofa.

Mr Albert: veronica, I think you over reacted.

Veronica: why won’t I, how dare Clement embarrass my only son the way he did. Even if he attempted something like that he should have waited, I wanted calming him down but he flamed up more.

Mr Albert: and you victor, is that true?

Victor: dad so you believed it? Why should you even ask me that.

Mr Albert: how did Clement found you in the room when the celebration was still on?

Victor: dad after we stepped down from the stage, I was pressed and I excused myself from mum, I later went near the field to get fresh air when I heard someone sobbing, so I went to see who it was but it was Clara. I walked in and met her, and inquired why she was alone in the dark crying, but she wanted getting up from the floor she sat and mistakenly we kissed.we were carried away and Of course I took wine so I didn’t notice it was going to another level. Then she broke the kiss and I realised myself but she wanted leaving so I held her back to explain things to her that it wasn’t intentional but she struggled with me saying I wanted to rape her, just then Clement walked in and he stood on Clara side after my explanation to him.

Veronica: hmmmmm what was Clement doing there Nora? We’re you two not together?

Nora: uhmmm yes we were together, but he left me saying we can never be couple.

Veronica: what! He said that to you?

Nora: yea

Mr Albert: alright alright alright, we don’t need to allow a common worker scatter the relationship we had for years, we have to apologise to them to end this enmity.

Veronica: I can never do that after insulting us and ruining the party.

Nora: please mum for my sake, let’s just forget about everything that happened, I love Clement and I don’t want to loose him.

Veronica: alright, but I hope this won’t repeat itself again.

Mr Albert: no it won’t, thanks dear.
Back at the Anthony residence.
Pamela: I can’t believe veronica sent us out of the company after she slapped my son. Gosh! The nerves of that woman! She shouted angrily.

Mr Anthony: Clement for Christ sake you should have minded your business.

Clement: what business dad? You know me very well that I fight for justice and I hate evil. What victor almost did was evil and what do you think would have happened to that young lady?

Mr Antony: I know son, but you should have handled it more wisely and not causing commotion.

Clement: it wasn’t my intention to cause any commotion. veronica started it anyway by covering her son sins and piling it up on the young lady who was on her own crying her parents. That is wickedness.

Pamela: oh my God! I can’t still believe this happened today, she said rubbing her forehead.

Mr Antony: It’s ok, I don’t like enemies and it shouldn’t be with the Albert’s. We will forgive and forget all that happened today and pretend like it never happened for the sake of peace.

Clement: I have no problem with that, my problem is the poor should not be trampled upon.

Pamela: it’s OK son, please go to bed.

Clement: ok, he said shrugging his shoulders. “Goodnight!
Clara couldn’t go home that night so she decided to spent the night at the workers lodge. She couldn’t stop crying, she regretted ever leaving the hall in the first place. The shame was just too much for her to handle as she was the centre of the argument between the two families. some workers tried their best to comfort and console her, saying it wasn’t her fault but she couldn’t stop crying.

The next day at the field, while Clara was busy collecting the flowers she felt someone walk behind her, she turned and saw victor.

Victor: you are really a drama queen I must confess and very stupid too. Clara kept shut and continued collecting her flowers but victor passed her a slap which made her crashing on the ground.

Victor: next time I talk you answer me you fool!

Clara didn’t waste any time, she stood up and took to her heels, went to the workers lodge and picked the few items she kept there, and left without looking back.

Once again she started her life from the scratch, she walked around doing minor jobs to live. One day while she was walking on the road she remembered her uncle; Robinson. She didn’t really blame him for treating her that way because his Jezebel wife was the one feeding him with all of it.
Clement decided to visit his childhood friend; Pius. While driving, his mind clouded with so many things, how the Albert came and apologised. That was not his problem anyway, but he was asked to marry Nora to establish a lasting relationship between the two families. Nora is not the kind of woman I want to spend the rest of my life with, he said and hit the steering in despair and suddenly a lady crossed the road absent mindedly and she was almost hit.

Clement: God! Not another trouble, he Said and stepped down to see the careless person.

They are both shocked to see each other again “you? They exclaimed.


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