Fate Of Mirabel

Fate of mirabel season 2 episode 1 – 3


Fate Of Mirabel

Season 2, episode 1.
15years later.
Rose: hey big head, come over here.

Linda: what’s that?

Rose: pick your bag, we’re leaving school now.

Linda: but why? Where are we going to?

Rose: sshhhh keep your voice low will you?

Linda: ok, we are not done yet in school Na.

Rose: I’ll let you know later ok, just follow me. Linda obediently followed her and they left the school.

Linda: will you tell me where we are going to now?

Rose: sure, I met a handsome guy on social media, so he invited me to meet up with him. I took you along because you’re my friend, consider it as a honour. She said with a grin while Linda just kept looking at her.

Linda: so you mean you took me out from school to meet a social media guy, and you take that as an honour?

Rose: so? Don’t sound as if I’m gonna sacrifice you or something, it’s just for fun ok. besides school was so boring today.

Linda: please Next time don’t take me along oo abeg. Rose giggled, “don’t sound like a village girl, trust me, you’re gonna like it.

They reached a relaxation park, Rose brought out her phone and dialled a number. ” yes, im there ” she said and hung up. Few minutes later two young guys were seen coming out.

Frederick: hi ladies, he said stretching his hands for an handshake.

Rose: Hi Frederick, she replied smiling.

Frederick: I’m glad you recognised me. This is my friend Donald. Donald meet the girl I told you about; Rose. Donald stretched his hands for an handshake with her. “Beautiful name for a beautiful lady” he told her.

Rose: thanks, she replied blushing.

Frederick: let’s go in please.

Donald: what about her? He pointed at Linda.

Rose: ohhh I’m so sorry, meet my friend Linda.

Frederick/Donald: nice to meet you. Thanks, she replied and they all went inside. They were asked go make orders but Linda only requested for water. While discussing, Donald kept looking at Linda but Rose was more interested in Donald.


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hope school wasn’t stressful?

Rose: nah, just that we’re just doing revision for our upcoming waec exams.

Donald: so Linda, what’s your plans after secondary school. Linda was so surprised to hear her name in the discussion and she wasn’t expecting any question either. “Actually ermm…ermm.


you see she gat no plans at all.

Donald: why?

Rose: are parents is so poor, they won’t be able to afford her University, that’s impossible sef. Linda was so embarrassed that she stood up immediately telling Rose she’s leaving. Rose tried to make her stay but she insisted and left her with the guys. Not too long, Donald asked to leave too. Rose wasn’t happy with that because she wanted more time with Donald.

Frederick: alright bro, thanks for your time.


it’s nothing, he stood up to leave.

Rose: will we meet again?

Donald: that will be no problem, he said and left. He quickly rushed into his car to meet up with Linda” I pray I meet her on the road, he Said gently while driving, then he sighted her and stopped.

Donald: Linda! He called out. Linda froze when she heard her name, afraid someone has recognised her.

Donald: hi, I’m glad I found you. Why did you leave? He Said when he came close to her.

Linda: I had to go.

Donald: I know. I just wanna tell you that you shouldn’t let your family background stop you from having a dream for yourself and don’t let anybody words intimidate you.

Linda: thanks anyway.

Donald: where are you heading to? Let me drop you off, he Said leading her to the car though she tried to reject the offer. She did the direction and he insisted to drop her right in front of her house. She thanked him for entering her ghetto.

Donald: it’s nothing, you don’t mind me come visit you anytime?

She just stood there scratching her head, Donald understood that and smiled. “Ok, what about I pick you from school?

Linda: no, please don’t bother. I and Rose will find our way back home.

Donald: then I’ll drop you two then, go and have your rest. He Said and drove off.
Joseph had pity on the baby when he wanted killing her, he shook his head and drove to his village. He remembered a happy couple who didn’t have a child, though they were poor and age was really telling on them. He arrived there at night and dropped the baby on their door post. The next morning they woke up hearing a cry of a baby, they opened the door to see the baby wrapped neatly but they found no one.


see God has blessed us with a baby girl, she told the husband who kept looking not knowing what to do. ” let’s get out from here please, the owner might come back.

Peter: that’s stealing you know.

Nancy: no it’s not, I found her on my doorpost. Let’s get out from here before we get caught.

Season 2,episode 2.
Linda went inside and noticed there was no food in the house, she sighed and left to the little garden outside to pick few things she can to prepare a poor man food. While picking she thought about Donald, “I thought rich people are arrogant just like Rose, just look at the way she spoke so rude as if the question was directed to her. Frederick has pride in him, but Donald drove his expensive car into this ghetto to drop me. She chuckled as she thought of how her neighbours looked at the beautiful car entering and how Donald opened the door himself for her to step down. She felt like Cinderella at that moment, then she remembered her background, she shook her head from thinking about such fantasies. She went inside and quickly prepared the food, ate and took her books to revise then her parents walked in.
Her parents Nancy and Peter relocated immediately Mirabel was given to them. They relocated to Enugu and they quickly found a job as a labourer in the coal estate. They usually come back dirty and weary because age was really telling on them badly.

Linda welcomed them when they entered, and she quickly left to bring the food she prepared to serve them. ” how was work today? She asked them while preparing the table.

Nancy: stressful as it has always been. By the way where did you get food from? “I picked few leaves and made the concoction, it’s manageable sha, she replied.

Peter: oh my daughter we are so sorry, we forgot to drop money when we left early to work. ” dad for what nau, please come and eat, she replied leading them to the little wooden table.

Nancy: I heard that Abigail is pregnant and she ran away to cover her shame. Children of now a days are so corrupt and disappointing.

Linda: that’s so bad, I pity her o.

Nancy: pity who? I can’t stand it if my child will paint my face with such disgrace, that’s why I took my time to train you so God won’t say I didn’t do the roles of a mother.

Peter: Linda is an exception, she can’t misbehave that way because she gat eyes to see how we are struggling.

Nancy: I’m just telling her now oo so she won’t say I didn’t warn her. Let her leave guys now and face her studies do she can lift this family. Linda: mummy why are you talking like this Na? “Dear dear don’t mind your mum, just go and rest, her father said to her. She nodded and smuggled her self to her little room. Her mum words kept disturbing her badly ” God forbid I get pregnant, that will really hurt my mum. Why should I be pregnant anyway? My teacher had advised me in school enuf and she said it’s a very disgraceful thing to get pregnant at a teenage age and when you’re not even married. The guy might deny it and that may destroy your career. I reject it! She said to herself and slept off.

Season 2, episode 3.
The next day she woke up early to do her chores, and hurried off to school. Rose then went to her seat on their free period. “Hey!, she called out. Hi, she replied coldly not raising her face from the book she was reading. ” are you avoiding me?, Rose asked. Why? She replied. “Are you still angry I took you out yesterday? Rose asked more distracting her from her book.

Linda: won’t it be better if you only took me out rather than broadcasting my poverty to your friends? What was that for huh?

Rose: calm down, you should get used to the way I talk na. I didn’t mean to hurt you and I’m sorry if I made you feel bad.

Linda: you better start counting the words you spit out. Rose laughed a bit,” ok ma, I’ve heard you ma, she joked hitting her playfully.

Linda: Donald dropped me off that yesterday, she said and returned her attention to her book. “Which Donald?, she asked surprised. Hmmm Donald Na, your friend friend we met yesterday, she smiled but she didn’t notice how Rose was furious. ” so you mean he drove into that God forsaking place?, she said in a irritating manner that made Linda looked at her with an annoying stare. “Any way, that’s good of him, excuse me, she said and left Linda. Rose went to a quiet corner thinking” how could Donald leave us to pursue Linda, even entering her ghetto to drop her off. No way, Donald is mine, what I want I always get! She thought for a while. when it was time for going home, she stood up and left.

Linda heard the bell and wondered where Rose left to, so she decided to check outside the school gate and to her surprise she met Donald and Frederick standing by their car smiling.

Frederick: hey, where’s Rose? He asked after she greeted them.

Linda: I don’t know, I’m equally looking for her. Why are you here?

Donald: have you forgotten what I told you? I’ll be picking you up from school, just then Fred sighted Rose about to stop a taxi. “Isn’t that Rose? He pointed to her direction and they all called her name. She turned and was surprised to see all of them. ” what’s this girl doing with them? She said to herself as she walked up to them. “Hey, what’s up, she greeted the guys. Linda you’re already here?

Linda: yes, were you going home without me? ” I should tell you that, because I looked for you in school, so I thought you must have gone home already, Rose said. “Actually I was doing the same thing so I decided to check outside the gate and I found your friends who are here to take us home.

Rose: what! Wow that’s so sweet. ” it’s nothing, let’s go, Fred said and they hopped into the car.

When they arrived at Rose place, she dropped and was still surprised to see Linda still in the car. “Aren’t you dropping? She asked.

Donald: I’ll drop her at her place. ” what! She can go home from here, Linda right?

Linda: if they want to drop me at my place, then I have no problem with that. “See you tomorrow dear, Fred waved at her and they drove off leaving Rose burning in anger.” Watch out Linda, enjoy for now cos it won’t last. She said and stormed into her apartment.

Donald dropped Linda at her residence, she came down and thanked them, waving at them until their car was out of sight. Did you really have to drive into such dirty place?, Fred asked.

What are you trying to say?, Don asked. I mean the place doesn’t look good and the car is messy, Fred replied. “The car can be washed, besides it’s not your body that is messy anyway, Don replied. Hmmmmm I see someone is in love, Fred Said and winked.

What did you say?, Don asked. If you like deny it, but it’s so clear. Why not let her know how you feel so I won’t take her away from you, he said laughing but Don just kept concentrating on the road.


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