Fate Of Mirabel

Fate of mirabel W Episode 16 – 18



Season 2, episode 16.
Linda was on her knees still in shock, the words that came out of her parents mouth kept repeating itself times without number. A persistent knock on the door brought her back to her senses, “Linda! Linda! A male voice called out which she recognised the voice but kept quiet sobbing. ” if you like you answer, if you like remain dumb. Just know that you’ll be leaving this house in two weeks time because I’ll be bringing someone better to occupy this house, he shouted and Linda stood up to the door. “What did you say? She asked him. ” so you heard me? Just get prepared to leave from here, he repeated. “Leave from where? My parents paid for this rent one month ago so I still have more months to occupy this place, which means I’m not going to anywhere ok! She shouted on him and went in shutting the door behind her.

She looked at the almost empty house before her and couldn’t stop crying again, ” Linda, chi chi whispered knocking on her window and Linda hurriedly opened the door. “Hey what happened? She asked immediately she went in. ” there are gone, they left me, Linda whispered. “For what? That’s too wicked nau, chi said. ” they said I’m not thier biological daughter, I was already picked up Chi, I wish they left me there to die instead, Linda said in tears. “Huh! Then who are your parents? Chi asked surprised. ” are you asking me? Linda replied. “What will you do about the baby? Chi asked. ” I’m keeping it, my baby is the only one I have now, Linda replied. “Are you sure about that? You know what, I sneaked out from the house to see you which I don’t want my Anuty to know. Use this and do something for yourself ok, she folded some cash into her hands and ran out of the house while Linda looked not believing her eyes. ” thank you, she whispered shedding tears on the money given to her.

She sat there on the floor thinking about so many things; how she’s going to take care of herself and her baby. How she’s going to pay the rent, the shame already in the neighbourhood until she fell asleep.
Rose already was so disturbed and she kept dialling Donald number but it wasn’t reachable, “how will Linda cope now? She kept thinking and suddenly wanted to give her mum a surprise visit the next day.

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Frederick! Donald called knocking on the door violently. Fred who was busy with a lady jumped down in fear to the door. “Who is pursuing you? Fred asked Donald as he pushed himself in. Donald turned to see the girl who has already covered herself with the bed cover. ” we need to talk, alone, he said. “Now? Ok baby excuse us please, Fred told the lady on the bed. ” like this? She asked. “Ok let’s meet outside, Donald told Fred. ” like this? He asked too. “Like this what! Donald shouted. ” ok give me just 3 minutes I’ll be outside, Fred said and Don left the room.

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Soon they met outside, ” what’s the problem? Fred asked. “It’s Linda, Don replied. “Oh she finally called you? Is that why you’re shaking? Fred asked. ” she knows what I did to her, Don said. “Since then? And you accepted it? Fred asked almost laughing. ” it’s not a laughing matter Fred, because she’s pregnant, Don said and Fred looked up in surprise. “Pregnant? You mean carrying a child? Then you’re very stupid! Fred said in anger. ” what did you say? Don asked in anger. “You heard me right, infact you both are very stupid. Is she the only virgin that couldn’t feel something went wrong underneath her body until she got pregnant that’s when she’s telling you, and why did you release on her? Is that why you stopped my fun half way? Please go and carry your cross, Fred said and wanted walking away. ” you made me did this remember, Don said hitting him for a fight. “Did I force you? and did i you ask you to get her pregnant? Fred asked and a serious fight was about to take place but thier friends separated them and Don went back full of anger.

Linda woke up later thirsty and weak, she sluggishly got up to get a cup of water then she saw her cake pans. ” I think I’ll use the skills I learnt in my secondary school to help myself so I can survive, she thought to herself and opened the only pot her parents kept for her and saw a 8,000 note inside. She took it and added with what chi gave to her which summed up to #10,000. I’ll start with this, she said to herself.


2, episode 17.
“Hey! You left the house so early why? Christian asked immediately he opened up the door for Joseph. ” help me with something in the car, Joe said and Chris went out with him. They opened the boot of the car and brought out a box. “What’s in?, Chris asked when it was taken inside. Joe kept quiet and Chris mouth flew open when he saw the ammunitions. ” don’t tell me this is for Nora guy? Evelyn said coming out to meet them. “Who else? We’ll be leaving Niger to give her a surprise visit there in Lagos. Her break is over man, he said tapping Chris shoulders. ” hope I’m not coming too? I can’t risk my son life ok, Eve said and Joe looked at her in anger. “But you risked someone else daughter right? He asked. ” you’re taking it too far Joe, Chris came in. “So if you’re coming with us to Lagos, your baby boy is gonna die? Fine! he shouted and went in while Eve looked at Chris confused. ” don’t get mad, you should know him by now, Chris to Eve.

Linda woke up early and went to the market to get some flour and other ingredients for her business, she had this extraordinary strength in her that she didn’t mind what ever her Neighbours said to her. She started with chin chin and peanuts, keeping some little cash with her. She kept hoping chi chi will visit her but she didn’t come. She sighed and packaged the stuff with a local nylon and hawk it on the streets to sale. “Can you imagine, the princess is following us to hawk oo, some girls said to her but she ignored and sometimes answer them back. She had some sales that day and she tiredly returned home to prepare more for the next day.
Rose gave her mum a surprise visit, ” Rose! Her mum shouted getting on her feet when she saw her came in with her traveling bag. “Why mum? Are you seeing a ghost? Rose asked. ” did your house get burnt? Her mum asked and Clara burst out laughing. “Darling come here, don’t mind your mum, Clara said to her and Rose hugged her tight. ” you didn’t visit again as you Promised why? Rose asked Clara. “I’m sorry Hun something came up, Clara apologised. ” what could that be? She insisted. “Madam questioner! Her mum shouted. “Ok ok, I found my lost mum, Clara said. ” but I thought she was dead?, Rose Said. “Yea I thought the same thing too, but I was wrong. So how was the exams and the trip? Clara asked. ” it was fine and boring. Mum are you not happy seeing me? She asked. “Happy kwa, for what ni? She said in a tone that made Clara threw on her the pillow she was holding. ” hope you’re not here to tear my mouth oo if not I’ll package you back, her mum continued laughing. “That’s not fair oo, me that’s the only princess, Rose Said touching her clothes and they all laughed again. ” madam if you’re back, carry this truck out of my face, her mum said to her while rose went to pick her bag. “So anuty how is your mum? She asked Clara as she excorted her to drop her bag.
The gangs including Evelyn arrived at Lagos to set thier trap for Nora and to monitor her better. Prisca on the other side as been so worried about the disappearance of Clara, when she was disturbing Clement to look for her, Nora insisted she wants to leave the country. When she heard Clement is back to the country she decided to see his shameless face once again.

She arrived at Clement place and as usual Nora was always ready to embarrass her, this time Prisca was wild with her and Nora ordered her boys to throw her out of the house. Prisca still remained at the gate hitting it violently and raining curses on them, just then the gangs passed and saw Prisca reaction. ” seems she needs help, Chris told Joe who was driving. “Then go talk to her, Joe said to him and he came out of the car. ” ma is anything wrong? Chris asked. “No I’m fine, Prisca said and wanted walking away. ” we can help you, is it Nora? Chris asked and she stopped. “What do you know about her? She asked. ” a lot, she is our greatest enemy, Chris said while Prisca kept looking at him. “Please come in, we have a lot to talk and plan, Chris said pointing to thier parked car. ” is this some kind of kidnapping? Sorry I’m not interested in whatsoever plan you have ok! She shouted and walked away.

Season 2, episode 18.
“Hello Boss, Francis picked the call. ” that woman called Prisca is back, she wants to bring back Clara to my husband and I want her out of this world forever ok! Nora shouted. “Hmmmm that’s no problem then, how are you? He asked. ” I’m fine Hun, I’ll call you back, Nora said smiling and ended the call.
Clement went back to the car and they watched Prisca stopped a taxi, “let’s follow her then, Jay said and they waited for the taxi to take off before they followed behind. ” seems Nora has not changed, Jay said while they were driving. “Can a tiger change it’s spot? Joe asked. ” when will this come to an end? Chris asked and there was silence as Joe was concentrating on the taxi so he won’t miss.

“Eh eh, see me I forget to yan you something, Rose mum said as Rose and Clara was playing games. “What’s that? Clara said concentrating on the game. “My friend drop that thing first make your ears they hear me well, she shouted and Clara sighed and dropped it while rose looked with an angry look. ” what is it then? Clara asked. “That your bobo is returned oo, he don come back to Naija, she said. ” my bobo? Clara asked surprised. “Ok w€tin be that is name??? Ok your husband Na, Rose mum(Joy) dropped and Clara countenance changed. ” so what should I do? Clara asked in anger. “Chillax first, Na you be the main and correct wife for that house, or you no wan go back to your husband house? Joy asked. “Which husband? I don’t have a husband ok! Clara shouted and Rose held her. ” mummy is OK Na, it’s not by force, Rose said. “Shut up! Is your mate discussing here huh? Her mum shouted on her. ” see Clara, so you go allow those people win you like that? Won’t you pay them back especially that useless woman for that house? Joy continued. “Pay them back? After that what next? Go back to Clement after all he has done to me? Clara asked. ” no no no pay them back for all your suffering, you no understand me sef, infact make Rose papa come back, we go discuss well, Joy said and stood up leaving them. “Anuty don’t mind mommy, I don’t know her problem sef, Rose said to Clara whose eyes was already filled with tears.

” I’ve been thinking of paying her back too, for the sake of Mirabel at least, Clara said. “You’re lost daughter? Tell me about her please, Rose pleaded. ” oh no, I don’t want to remember it, Clara said and her phone started ringing. “Hello mum, she said on phone, there was silence for some seconds. ” ok mum I’ll be there, Clara said and the line went dead. “That will be a discussion for another time ok, I have to go now, Clara said and Rose nodded.

Francis knew Prisca very well when she was staying with Clara, on the other hand Joe and co followed her until they saw her dropped in front of a guest house. Jay tactfully snapped her using his phone camera and they drove away to return another day. ” how did it go? Evelyn asked as they returned. “Nothing much, just that we saw this woman outside the gate raining abuses on whosever was inside, Jay said and showed her the picture. ” my God, this is anuty Prisca, Nora said. “You know her? Joe asked. ” sure, she’s Clara aunt, Evelyn replied. “Why was she outside? Or is Clara not married to Clement again? Chris asked. ” yea I’m thinking so too, where is Clara? Jay asked no one in particular. “I think we will go back there and get her, we don’t mind doing it in a bad way, Joe said. ” are you sure we’re not the only one who wants her? You know Nora doesn’t tolerate nonsense, we have to get her this night, Chris said while Joe nodded.


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