November 29, 2021

Fated To Love Episode 10


πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“FATED TO LOVEπŸ’“ πŸ’“πŸ’“ πŸ’“


πŸ’žEPISODE 10πŸ’ž

πŸŒ€ Jade’s POV πŸŒ€

I changed from my uniform into a short gown

So in the end, Ethan is still going to be my tutor, I won’t make it easy for that shrimp, am gonna frustrate him so much he’ll quit by himself

“Jade!” Mom called “Come down your tutor is here”

I sighed, stood up and left the room

I climbed down the stairs and met Ethan sitting on a couch with Mom

“Jade, won’t you greet your tutor?” Mom said and I rolled my eyes, does she really have to keep on embarrassing me

“Welcome Ethan” I said but he kept silent

“Okay, so where will you guys stay, here or the balcony or…”

“My room” I said interrupting Mom

“Your room?” Mom asked raising her brows, I guess she’s already suspecting something

“It was just a suggestion Mom, if you don’t like it, you can do whatever you want” I said with a shrug

“Okay, your room it is then, you guys can go and I’ll make some chips and bring it for you later on” she said and I nodded

I started to walk towards the stairs but Ethan was still seated “Aren’t you coming tutor?” I asked and he slowly stood up and followed me

We went into my room and I sat down on the couch there

“Sit” I said when he remained standing

“What will you be tutoring me today Mr tutor?” I asked but I didn’t get a reply and I laughed

I stood up took a cloth from my wardrobe and walk into the bathroom

πŸŒ€ Ethan’s POV πŸŒ€

I breathed a sigh of relief when she left for the bathroom


later she came out all dressed up in a black trouser, white top and a black jacket and as usual, her hair was packed in a ponytail, is she going somewhere?

“Am going out on a date with Cole, so you’ll have to cover up for me till I come back” she said and I looked at her wide-eyed

“But” that was the only word that came out of my mouth

“But nothing Ethan, did you really think you were going to teach me when you came?” She asked and I kept silent

“Anyway” she continued “I’ll be going now, so just stay here till I come back” she said and started walking towards the window

“Your mom” I managed to say

“Oh she said she’s going to come here, well you’ll just have to make up some excuse Ethan, you are intelligent you should be able to figure it out. And Ethan, if you dare to tell my mom about this, trust me I’ll make your life a living hell, Mom might be having your back in school but you should know that school isn’t the only place I can get back at you, so make your choice carefully Ethan” she said and climbed down the window, wow I never knew she could climb down windows


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what am I going to do now, what will I tell her Mom when she comes, should I just tell her Mom the truth?. Of course I can’t, Jade will definitely kill me if I do that

Oh God, why is my life suddenly so complicated, I miss those days I lived a simple life in Brattford High

I stood up and started pacing round the room, think Ethan, what are you going to tell her Mom

“Ethan, Jade” Jade’s Mom called as she knocked on the door

I quickly sat down on the couch and opened a book down on the table

The door opened and she came in with the chips

“Where’s Jade?” She asked as she dropped the chips on the table

“She…she just went to the bathroom” I managed to say

“Okay, is she coping up?” She asked and I nodded

“Thanks for doing this Ethan, am really grateful” she said as she left the room

Thank you God, I sighed as she walked out of the room, I wonder when Jade will be back

An hour passed and I was still seated on the couch praying Jade’s Mom doesn’t come back here till Jade comes


had some sounds and the window opened and Jade climbed in, finally!, I heaved a sigh of relief

“Did Mom come to check on me?” She asked immediately she climbed down the window and I nodded

“What did you tell her?, Wait don’t even answer that, I don’t care what you told her as long as she believed you” she said and went inside the bathroom

Few minutes later she came out in the dress she wore before, a short gown

“Let’s go downstairs tutor” she said as she opened the door and I followed her

We climbed down the stairs and met Jade’s Mom in the sitting room

“Hey, I was about to come check on you guys, done for the day?” Jade’s Mom asked

“Yes Mom” Jade replied

“So how was your first lesson with Ethan as your tutor?”

“It was fine Mom, though I hate to admit it, Ethan is a pretty great tutor, I learned a lot of things” Jade said and I almost coughed

Wow, this girl is a perfect liar

“That’s great, I guess you’ll be going now Ethan” Jade’s Mom said and I nodded

“Okay, the car is waiting for you outside, thanks for coming today” she said

“Bye tutor” Jade said as I turned to leave the house and I silently huffed, that girl is a chamaeleon

I sat down on the car and the driver drove off

He dropped me off in front of the house and I muttered a thanks and went inside

“Ethan” Sophie called as she hugged me “I woke up but didn’t find you, where did you go to?” She asked

“I told you am gonna start tutoring someone right” I said and she nodded “that’s where I want to”

“Ethan” I looked up to see Dad, I didn’t know I’ll meet him at home, he’s usually at work

“Yes Dad” I answered

“How is it, being a tutor, is it stressful?” He asked

“No it isn’t, it’s absolutely fine” I replied and he nodded

I left for my room but didn’t meet Josh there, I guess he went out then

I slumped down on the bed, am so tired from everything that happened today. Thank you God, for helping me escape that slaughter house in one piece, please continue to help me; I prayed and moments later, I dozed off


“Ethan!” James called immediately I walked inside the school

“How did the tutoring stuff go?” He asked and I narrated all that happened to him as we walked to the classroom

“Wow, you should be happy man, I totally thought you were going to be covered in bruises today” he said

“Why would I be covered in bruises?”

“Cause of Jade’s beating” he said and I scoffed

“But on a seriously Ethan, just continue to do what she asks of you, to be on the safe side” he said and I nodded

We entered the classroom and I took my seat

Minutes later, Jade walked in and sat beside me. She didn’t even talk to me or spare me a glance and I couldn’t be more happy

Mrs Logan came as usual and attendance was taken, we had some classes and soon the bell ranged

“Let’s have lunch together Ethan” Addisson said as she walked up to my table

I nodded and stood up and we went out of the class

We went to the cafeteria and ate our food while Addisson kept talking about her childhood, she had a really fun childhood and I laughed most of the time. At least it was able to take my mind off the pending tutoring class with Jade later in the evening

Break was soon over and we went back to the class


had a few more classes and soon school was over

I walked out of the school with James and we went to the bus stop

The bus soon arrived and we entered

Minutes later the bus stopped and James stood up

“You are going?” I asked suprised, I thought he was gonna stay with me just like yesterday

“Yeah sorry man but I gotta go, it’s family night tonight and I can’t be late” he said and I nodded

“Don’t worry you’ll be fine, I’ll pray to the Lord to protect” he said and I scoffed, he’s always dramatic

He went off the bus and the bus moved on


I came out of my room all dressed, ready to go to the slaughter house

Soon, there was a knock on the door and I knew it was the driver

I went out, sat on the car and he drove off

The gate opened and the driver drove into Jade’s house, I can’t believe am back to this nightmare again

I stepped out of the car and went inside the house

“Welcome Ethan” Jade’s Mom said and I bowed a little

“Welcome tutor” I turned to see Jade standing on the stairs with a wicked smile, oh God please save me

I followed Jade to her room

“You can sit” she said and I sat down

“You know the drill, you cover up for me, am going to a party and I don’t think I need to remind you of what will happen if my Mom finds out” she said and with that, she climbed out of the window

I sighed, here I am again, what am I going to say to her Mom if she comes this time

I was still the thinking of that when the door suddenly opened and Jade’s Mom came in

“Where’s Jade, her Dad wants to speak to her” she said as she held up a phone

“She…umm… the bathroom” I stuttered

“She’s in the bathroom again?” She asked and I nodded

“I’ll have to call her, I can’t put her dad on hold for too long” she said and walked towards the bathroom

Oh God, please save me cause am out of ideas

“Jade” she called as she knocked on the bathroom door
“Why isn’t she answering?” She asked and I kept silent

“What’s going on Ethan?” She asked looking at me suspiciously but I still couldn’t say anything

She opened the bathroom door and went inside and she came out looking furious

“Where is Jade?” She asked and I kept silent

“She sneaked out, didn’t she?” She asked but I still didn’t say anything

“Why didn’t you tell me?” She asked

“Sorry ma’am” I managed to reply

She sighed and shook her head “It’s okay, she probably threatened you, you can go home” she said and I bowed a little and went out of the house

Am in trouble; I thought as I entered the car and the driver drove off

πŸŒ€ Jade’s POV πŸŒ€

I quietly sneaked into the house and I climbed up the window, thank God my window isn’t hard to climb

I jumped inside my room and closed the window

“Am back Eth..” I couldn’t complete my words as I met Mom sitting on the couch

“Yeah, welcome back Jade” she said standing up

“Mom” I said in low voice

“You were grounded Jade but you still went out skipping your tutoring lesson” she said and I kept quiet, I have no excuse now

“What the hell is wrong with you Jade!” she yelled “when I saw how you behaved yesterday, I was so happy, you didn’t complain about Ethan being your tutor again and you said you learnt a lot from him, I thought you were finally changing but I couldn’t be more wrong. You threatened the poor boy and you deceived me, you deceived your own mother. Am so dissapointed in you Jade Prescott” she said and walked out the room

I slumped down on the bed, Mom must be really dissapointed, she never calls me my full name but she just did. This all your fault Ethan, you let my Mom find out that I sneaked out and am going to make you pay


πŸŒ€ Ethan’s POV πŸŒ€

I walked into the school

“James” I called as I walked up to him

“Hey, what’s up, how was the cover-up lesson?” He asked

“Am in trouble James, Jade’s Mom found out” I said

“What!, He found out that she sneaked out?” He asked and I nodded

“Oh God, what are you going to do?” He asked and I shook my head

“I don’t know”

“Ethan!” Someone yelled and I immediately knew I was in trouble, it was Jade

πŸŒ€ Jade’s POV πŸŒ€

I walked into the classroom and saw Ethan talking with James

“Ethan!” I yelled and he turned to look at me looking scared

“You told my mom didn’t you, I told you to keep quiet but you couldn’t do a simple job and you ruined everything!” I yelled but he kept silent

“You had just one job, don’t let my Mom find out but you couldn’t do it, you were too dumb to pull it off, now am going to ruin your life Ethan, I might not be able to do anything to you in school but am definitely going get back at you outside school, I’ll ruin your life so much even your Mom will pity you…”

“Enough!!!” Ethan suddenly yelled and I was shocked

“Enough of all this Jade, enough of your nonsense, that I’ve been silent doesn’t mean am stupid, and don’t you ever, don’t you ever dare open that hole of yours to call my mom or else, I promise you Jade, I’ll make you regret it” he yelled and stormed out of the class

I was surprised, shocked and amazed at the same time, did the silent Ethan just say all that, why?

“You shouldn’t have mentioned his mom Jade, his Mom is dead” James said and walked out of the class too leaving me in shock

……… be continued………


😱😱😱 Silent Ethan just yelled at Jade

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