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Fated To Love Episode 11


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πŸ’žEPISODE 11πŸ’ž

πŸŒ€ Jade’s POV πŸŒ€

I walked slowly to my seat still shocked about what just happened, i can’t believe Ethan just said all that and I kind of feel bad, I never knew his mum was dead

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Addisson walked up to me looking angry

“What did Ethan ever do to you Jade, why are you bent on making his life miserable?, was it his fault he was choosing as your seatmate?, why are you so heartless?” Addisson asked

“Just leave me alone Addisson, I have no time for your lectures” I said but she kept standing

“Oh so am giving lectures now right, do you know you just hurt Ethan, for him to have yelled at you like that you must have really hurt him, why did you have to mention his Mom?”

“I had no idea his Mom is dead!” I yelled

“Like you’ll care if you knew earlier, but I do care about Ethan, Jade so the next time you ever say or do anything that hurts Ethan I won’t let you off easily” she said and walked out of the class

Does she really have to say all that and make me feel more guilty. But why do I feel guilty, I wanted to hurt him and I did so why aren’t I happy about it???

πŸŒ€James POV πŸŒ€

I walked out of the class and sighted Ethan walking into an empty class

I went to the class and met him sitting on a chair with his hands on his head and I walked up to him

“Are you okay?” I asked

“It was on the 23rd of August and it was my birthday, mum went out shopping just to get me gifts but instead of birthday gifts what I received was the news of her death, she had an accident on her way back home and that was how I lost her. it was totally my fault, if only I had stopped her from going, if only I had told her I don’t need any gift, if only it wasn’t my birthday, she will still be alive” Ethan said with a sob

“Sorry man but it wasn’t your fault so you shouldn’t blame yourself” I said as I sat down beside him and patted his shoulder “Everything’s gonna alright bro”

“We should probably go back to class” I said as I heard the bell ring signifying the beginning of classes

“Okay” Ethan said as he stood up

We walked out of the class and bumped into Addisson

“Hey, I was looking for you guys, Are you okay Ethan?” She asked and Ethan nodded

“Am sorry for Jade said” She said and Ethan nodded again

“Where are you guys going?” She asked

“Back to class” I replied

“Okay, let’s go together” she said and we all walked to the class

πŸŒ€ Jade’s POV πŸŒ€

The bell rang for beginning of classes and moments later, James, Ethan and Addisson came inside the class

Everyone sat on there sit and Ethan came to sit on his

Why do I feel uncomfortable as he sat down by my side?
‘Because you’ve hurt him Jade, you should probably apologize’ a voice said in my head and I scoffed

Why would I apologise, I can’t apologise to him, am Jade Prescott and I don’t apologise to anyone, well except am forced to by Mom

The chemistry teacher came into the class and lesson began, but I wasn’t concentrating, I was still debating on whether to apologise to Ethan or not

We had 2 more classes and the bell ranged for a break

Addisson came up to Ethan and asked if they could get lunch together and Ethan agreed so they left the class

My friends walked into the class, along with Cole and we went to the cafeteria together

“What’s wrong Jade, you don’t look happy” Cole asked as we sat down to eat

“Yeah, were you able to deal with Ethan for not covering up for you yesterday?” Daisy asked

“I did, I actually said something that hurt him” I replied


why aren’t you happy?” Emma asked

“I don’t know, I just feel bad for him”

“Why would you feel bad for that jerk” Cole asked

“Because Cole, I opened up his emotional wound, while I was yelling at him, I kinda mentioned his Mom and I didn’t have any idea his Mom is dead. He was really angry, he even yelled back at me”

“What!” Emma exclaimed

“Ethan yelled back at you?, I never expected that” Daisy said

“Then you should plan on how to get back at him Jade, for yelling at you” Cole said

“No Cole, I think I really hurt him” I said

“But this is not the first time you’ve hurt someone Jade, why are you feeling bad about it now?” Emma asked

“I don’t know” I said

“Come on Jade, this is not a new thing, in case you don’t know, we are known for hurting people in this school that’s why everyone fears us, so cheer up and stop feeling guilty” Daisy said

I know they are right but why do I feel like I have to apologise to Ethan, I might have bullied a lot of people but that was physically, I’ve never hurt someone emotions and I never planned on doing that to Ethan

“Excuse me guys, I don’t feel like eating anymore, am going back to my class” I said and walked out of the cafeteria

I went to the classroom and met only a few people in the class
I saw James and I walked up to him

“James” I called and he quickly stood

“What is it?” He asked agitated

“Umm…..can… can you….. help me tell Ethan that I didn’t mention his Mom deliberately, I didn’t know she is dead” I managed to say

James looked at me suspiciously “You want me to tell Ethan that?” He asked and I nodded

“Am sorry I can’t” he said and I was surprised



sorry Jade but I think you should tell Ethan yourself, he deserves to hear it directly from you” he said and sat back on his seat

“And please” he said looking at me “Don’t punish me for what I’ve just said, am just trying to be a good friend”

I stood there for a moment and then walked to my seat
Do I really have to apologise to Ethan?
Can I apologise to Ethan willingly?

The bell soon ranged and everyone returned to the class

Ethan walked in with Addisson and I looked up at him, it’s obvious he wasn’t happy and it’s all my fault, I hurt him

“Ethan” I called as he sat on his seat and he looked at me

“I…. I…..am…” I was still stuttering when the English teacher came in and I was forced to keep quiet

We had 2 more classes and the bell rang for end of school

“Eth…” I couldn’t complete my words as he stood up and walked out of the class
Is he that angry at me??

I walked out of the school, entered the car and the driver drove home

I met Mom in the sitting room busy with her phone

“Am home Mom” I said but she didn’t reply

I guess she’s still giving me the silent treatment, she’s been doing that since morning

I walked to my room and laid on my bed, my life is a mess
I should probably apologise to Ethan when he comes for the tutoring lesson, am sure I’ll feel a bit better then

There was a knock on my door

“Come in” I said and a maid came in

“Ma’am, your Mom said I should inform you that your tutor won’t be coming today” she said

“Okay” I said and she left

I guess apologising to Ethan will have to be tomorrow then


I woked up to meet my alarm clock ringing and I checked the time, 10:00am!!!

Why didn’t Mom wake me up

I quickly stood up from the bed, brush my teeth, showered and wore my school uniform
I took my backpack and I walked downstairs

“Where’s Mom” I asked one of the maids cleaning the sitting room

“She already left” she said and I was surprised

Is Mom so angry with me that she didn’t even wake me up for school?

I walked out of the house and got into the car and the driver drove off

Then I remembered Ethan, I’ll definitely apologise to him today


driver dropped me in front of the school and I met the gate locked

I knocked and the gate man came out

“Miss Jade, why are you so late today?” He asked

“Just open the door” I said raising my voice and he quickly opened the door

I walked into the school and went to my class

Luckily there was no teacher in, so I walked inside

Ethan’s seat was empty, where could he be, he doesn’t seem to be the type to miss school; I thought as I sat on my seat

The class was disorganized and there were many side talks, seems like something happened

Time passed by and there was still no teacher, I stood up and went to meet James

“Hey” I said and he looked up at me, he looked sad

“What’s wrong, where’s Ethan?” I asked

“Suspended” he said

“What?” I asked

“Ethan was suspended” he said in a sad tone “He was suspended by the principal, your Mom”

“What!!, Why will he be suspended?” I asked suprised

“He was accused of theft” he replied

“Theft?!, How” I asked still surprised

“Finn reported his money missing…”

“Who’s Finn?” I asked interrupting him

“I guess you don’t know your classmates, there he is” he said pointing at a boy in the classroom

“Okay, so what happened?” I asked

“He reported to Mrs Logan and she searched all our bags but the money was found in Ethan’s bag, the principal was called and she had no choice but to suspend him for the main time” he said

“What did Ethan say?” I asked

“You know how Ethan is, all he said was ‘I didn’t’, he didn’t even defend himself” James said sadly and I walked out of the class in anger

Is everyone nuts, how could they think Ethan stole, that boy is obviously too timid and innocent to do such a thing, this is definitely some kind of set up

I walked to the principal office and opened the door without knocking

“How dare you barge into my office Jade” Mom said

“How could you suspend Ethan Mom, did you really believe that he stole?” I asked

“The money was found in his backpack Jade and Ethan didn’t even defend himself, I had no choice but to suspend him” she replied

“But Mom, you know Ethan, he’s too innocent to commit theft, he doesn’t have the guts to do that, he was obviously framed!” I yelled

“I don’t know why you are getting so angry Jade but I think I should remind you that you are speaking to your principal and unless you bring a valid evidence that Ethan didn’t commit what he was accused of, he’ll remain suspended” Mom said raising her voice

“Okay Principal, I’ll prove to you that Ethan didn’t commit any kind of theft” I said and walked out of the office

πŸŒ€ Mrs Prescott’s POV πŸŒ€

Now am confused, when I heard that Ethan committed theft I had thought that Jade framed him as an act of revenge and I had no choice but to suspend Ethan for the time being till I find an evidence proving him innocent

But it’s quite obvious that Jade isn’t behind this, I wonder who it is that framed Ethan
Though am surprised at Jade’s actions, this is the first time she’s doing something entirely for someone else’s benefit, is she really changing now Or am I wrong again

……….to be continued………..


Did Ethan really commit theft???

And is Jade really changing???

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